“Suspicions” Version 2. NPC Conversation Engine
Hey guys,

I’ve updated the “Suspicions” engine. 
The core mechanics are the same but I’ve added some more random generators and tweaked a few of the old ones. 

Hey, I tried to download this, but it got deleted.
Yeah that hosting site will delete files after 100 days of no activity. If anyone knows a better site for hosting files let me know.

But I have uploaded it here anyway:
Although in all honesty, the “Suspicions” mechanic in the system can be played out using Mythic GME by using your suspicions as threads. That’s what I’ve actually been doing because Mythic allows much more scope for solo role playing. The NPC conversation engine and other random generators still work very well with Mythic or whatever solo system you prefer.
Hate to break it to ya, but it looks as though the upload you did is broken. The file won't open.
Hey, I really like the first version of your file ! I did a few fun conversation with it. Can you re upload the second version on maybe Google Drive or Dropbox ? All the link you posted are dead, it's a shame for such a interesting conversation engine. (and conversation engine are so rare on the internet)

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