40K Black Crusade- Heretek First Play Through
     Hi there, so I have been playing 40k sense 3rd edition and i just recently picked up the Black crusade role playing rule book and gm kit. I collect almost every team but Chaos has always been my favorite so this book seemed the most interesting to me. So I have read through pretty much the whole Rule book and created a couple characters and I decided to try a game out with this awesome program by myself before I start a real game with my 40k playgroup. Also first time playing any sort of role playing game so yeah, learning experience.

    So on to the story, for this I will be playing my Heretek Character who is of course well trained in the tech skills, he also has some training in Medicae and is generally a melee fighter.

Stats: WP:45, BS:37, S:42, T:32, AG:32, INT:52 Unnatural Intelligence 2, Per:35, WP:33, Fel: 36, Inf:24

Gear: Best Las Carbine, Common Power Axe, Utility and Medicae/Torture Mechadendrites, Good Cerebral Implant, Luminen Capacitors, Light Carapace Armour, Data-Slate, Combi-Tool, Advanced Medi-Kit, Refractor Field.

       He also has a Servo-Skull Lesser minion with an attached Laspistol whom I forgot to include in my first play session so far. We will say he is stored away under my robes for ease of transportation.

      The only kind of story I had to start with was my backstory which reads:

"Cold and Calculating, Bulky with unnatural shapes bulging out from under his robes. Excessively heavy for his size and somewhat of a hunched stature. Keeps his facial features hidden under his robed hood. Prides himself on his knowledge of all things of a technical nature, and his skill with a scalpel. Lost his family to the inquisition before dedicating himself to the machine god. "

     Lets Begin.

The setting is binary system cortex involving vibro-blade and allied biolab. Your quest is to repair the damage at the mnemonic research station. Trying to stop you is the soldier skilled in seamstress/tailor. You are currently at the confederate freighter.
My current location is in space aboard a Renegade vessel headed for Mamon inside the Screaming Vortex. If I am to get revenge on my families killers I must first establish a base of operations so i have a place to store my gear and gather intelligence on this matter. Shortly after boarding this vessel I overheard some of the crewmen talking about a supposed abandoned research station on the far outskirts of Hive Hellion. This could be the ideal place to set up my base.
I awake in my low-class room (if you would even call it that) aboard "The Emperors Executioner" I wonder how close we are to Mamon?
I spot a fellow passenger walking down the hall corridor maybe I will ask him.
Cruel warrior.
He appears to be a harsh looking man, adorned with spikes and chains on his Armour and a large scar across his face.
"Excuse me warrior, would you by chance know our current proximity to Mamon?"
Does he answer me?
Yes, but...
He gives me a dirty look "Oh great another of you machine worshiping lunatics. Listen buddy do I look like a fucking navigator to you? Piss off you pile of scrap metal"
Well I am a little upset by his lack of faith in the Omnissiah but I decide it best not to start a fight on the ship. Besides this could be someones personal body guard or someone of some importance. Best not to kill him, or try to anyways..
What action do you want take?
I suppose I should look for someone a bit less preoccupied. Is there a map of the ship nearby?
Yes there seems to be a diagram on the wall down the hall that lists the locations of the diffrent sections of the ship.
After studing it for a moment I decide the hanger bay might be a good place to look for someone with a bit of knowledge on the matter sense i doubt i could gain access to the bridge of the ship. Is the hanger nearby?
It seems I will have to travel down a few decks and to the rear of the ship to get to the hanger. Maybe there is an elevator or a quicker route?
19 = 39[d100]-20
Perception Check
Ah yes there is a freight elevator just around the corner that leads straight to the rear of the ship and down to the hanger level.
I take the elevator to the hanger level
Now what is your next course of action next?
Do I spot anyone I could ask about our location?
Yes, but...
I see a worker but he seems busy loading crates into the lander shuttle. Maybe I will try asking him.
"Greetings, I was wondering if perhaps you knew our current location in the warp and about our time of destination to Mamon?"
(Somewhat Unlikely) No, and...
"No I don't, can't you see I am busy here? We got a tight deadline to get these crates loaded up, now piss off. I don't want the boss to see me talking to some passenger."
Ok well this is turning out to be more difficult than I expected. I am growing impatient with these meat sacks showing me such disrespect so I think I will ask him again less politely this time.
I let one of my Mechadendrites slip out from under my robes flashing the razor sharp bone saws and extra large injector needles as I begin to speak again.
"Listen Meat sack, I am in somewhat of a hurry here and I think it would be in your best interest to tell me what I want to know."
12 = 2[d100]+20-10
Intimidation test
He pisses his pants and his eyes grow wide at the sight of my surgical instruments.
"Oh uh yes uh sorry sir, I'm just having a bad day you see nothing personal. The boss just told us we should be arriving to Mamon within the hour, that's why I gotta get these crates loaded up you see."
"Thank you for your cooperation" I let my Mechadendrite slip back under my robes as I walk away.
What are you going to do next?
I think I will recite the sacred incantations of the machine for the next hour in my room well i wait.
1 Hour later
I hear a load broadcast over the speakers in the ship declaring that we have arrived at Mamon and to proceed to the hanger bay to board the shuttle down to the surface.
I take the elevator back to the hanger and prepar to board the shuttle.
Rude Android worker.
A servitor carrying a heavy crate clearly not paying any mind to me bumps into me in a rush to load his box into the shuttle.
I think i will curse his machine spirit for not recognizing one of his betters. I begin to chant one of the many Machine curses of the Dark Mechanicus under my robed hood.
49 = 59[d100]-10
Intelligence - Forbidden lore Test
The servitor stops in his tracks. something is clearly wrong with him as the heavy crate drops from his arms landing on one of the other passengers feet who was waiting in line.
Beautiful female corporal.
The rather stunning female officer lets out a cry as the heavy box crushes her foot to a bloody pulp
A couple of the dock workers come running to see what happened. I smirk under by hood as I walk past on my way up the shuttle ramp, stupid human should be more careful about where she is standing next time.
I notice a small syringe on the ground near the bottom of the ramp. The woman must of dropped it in her state of panic. Seems to be a dose of some sort of drug. Can I figure out what it is?
29 = 29[d100]
Intelligence - Medicae Test
It is one dose of "Mortis" very nice. I drain the syringe into one of my own on my Medicae Mechadendrites.
I board the shuttle and sit down in one of the seats along the walls. As the doors close I hope the crew have properly anointed the machine spirit of this shuttle so we will have a safe trip to the planets surface.
So unfortunately I have to call it quits here for the night seeing as i need to go to bed but I will try and continue this tomorrow. I am having fun so far, looking forward to continuing my antics on the Planet surface.
Keep it up, i'll check for your updates, always like seeing play reports, helps me pick up good ideas for using the system and insight into how others manage.

I like how well you craft a picture out of simple answers Smile
(04-20-2016, 03:41 AM)ArgonautKing Wrote: Keep it up, i'll check for your updates, always like seeing play reports, helps me pick up good ideas for using the system and insight into how others manage.

I like how well you craft a picture out of simple answers Smile

Thanks Man I appreciate the compliment. I am really excited to continue with this character but after starting the Zombie Apocalypse scenario the other night I ended up really enjoying where it was going so I wanted to finish that up before coming back to this.  Hopefully I will be back at it soon (right after I am more than likely torn to bloody shreds by a pack of zombies) lol.
After a few long moments of waiting I am beginning to grow impatient.
Tongue-tied official.
I spot a member of the shuttle crew pacing back and forth up the center of the deck who looks like they may know the cause for our delayed departure. He seems to be nervous as he continually keeps checking the chrono on his wrist shaking his head each time. I unstrap the harness sitting up out of my seat and make my way over to him.
"Excuse me human. You look to be someone in charge of the takeoff and landing of this modified Arvus Lighter shuttle. I wish to inquire as to why we have not yet made planet-fall to Mamon?" Does he want to tell me the reason why?
(50/50) Yes.
After giving me a questioning stare for a moment the man finally opens his mouth. "Are you one of those Tech-Priest whatchamacallits?"
"Why yes I am a humble servant of the Omnissiah and my rank within the Dark Mechanicum is Magi. I am well versed in the heretical technologies and there sacred maintenance and operation. My serial number is 47B-961..."
"Whoa, hold on there buddy I don't even understand what the hell your saying. I was just asking because we are having a problem with one of the thrusters on the shuttle. Something is wrong with the Thermal coupling thingamajig."
"A model P-74 Atmospheric Thermal Coupling Control Modulator. It is a common component found on almost all Pre-Heresy Imperial shuttles capable of.."
"Yeah Yeah that's the part alright. I got a guy out there wrenching on it right now but he can't seem to figure out what the problem is. Is there any chance that you could maybe take a look at it, see what you think?"
"Do you by chance have a cogitator that is linked into the ships systems? I need to have access to the data-stream in order to determine what is afflicting the machine spirit of the P-74 Atmospheric Thermal Coupling Control Modulator before I can administer the proper incantations to sooth its ailing machine spirit."
The crewman gives me a strange look. "I want you to fix the damn thing not whatever the hell you just said."
"That is what I just said."
"Yeah whatever the cogitator is over there." He says well gesturing to the glowing screen on the wall behind him.
I make my way over to the cogitator and I begin to initiate the sacred incantations in order to start the boot up sequence of the machine spirit. After a few minutes of having the crew man watch me with a look of growing impatience I gain entry to the data stream containing all of the technical read-outs aboard the shuttle.
64 = 74[d100]-10
Intelligence - Tech-Use test
After a few minutes of searching I am unable to determine the nature of the problem currently causing the Thermal Coupling Control Modulator distress possibly due to incomplete data-banks or negligence of the crew in entering the proper maintenance logs into the system. It seems I will have to exit the shuttle and attempt a repair on the module myself.
"I seem to be having difficulties locating any useful information in your data banks. I will have to manually make the repairs myself outside the shuttle." I tell the impatient crewman.
"Alright well just make it quick alright." He says while lowering the rear ramp. "I think we can do without all your fancy mumbo jumbo magic incantations."
"You cannot skip the appeasement of the machine spirit without invoking it's wrath." I reply well I make my way back down the shuttle ramp.
"Yeah whatever just fix the damn thing already will ya."
Once I am back outside the shuttle and in the loading bay I spot the supposed Mechanic tending to the troubled Thermal Coupling Control Modulator. He is currently beating on it with a large hammer well cursing obscenities at a furious rate.
"Excuse me meatbag. What is it that you think you are going to accomplish by beating on that delicate piece of machinery with that primitive mallet you have there?" Does this make him angry?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes, but...
"Who the hell are you?" The grease covered man says turning to me. "Oh your one of those Tech Junkies. What the fuck do you want?"
"I am here to repair that sensitive component that you are currently violating. If you would please step out of my way so I can complete my task I would be much appreciative." Does he get out of my way?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes.
"You want to try and fix this rusty piece of junk? Be my guest." The mans says taking a step back.
I snap one of my Mechadendrites closed near the man's foot making him jump back a little further as I walk over to the Control Modulator to inspect the damaged equipment. Can I repair it?
85 = 95[d100]-10
Intelligence - Tech-Use test
The Machine spirit is unwilling to cooperate most likely due to the severe damage inflicted upon it by the fool mechanic standing behind me.
"You have destroyed this module with your lack of knowledge in the way of the machine." I say while turning around with an angry expression.
"W-What the fuck are you talking about? That thing was junk way before I did anything to it." The man replies defensively.
"If it wasn't for these large hammer dents in the outer casing that have now made it impossible to open, I could have easily removed the bi-thermal resonator within the vacuum sealed compartment and replaced it with a new one. Do you have a spare P-74 Atmospheric Thermal Coupling Control Modulator on hand in this hanger bay?"
(Somewhat Likely) No, but...
"Uh well no we don't, not here in the hanger bay anyways. They keep them back in maintenance."
"And where is that?" I say while growing more and more impatient with the imbecile standing in front of me.
"It's on B-deck. Take the elevator over in the back of the hanger bay and make a right once you are on B-deck you will pass 6 other chambers. Make a left and it will be the 3rd hatch on your right."
"Thanks, I will make sure you are properly reprimanded severely by your superiors for your negligence." I say turning away and leaving the man standing there with a worried look on his face.
Am I able to find the maintenance block without any problems?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes.
Upon reaching the maintenance room I find what looks to be a man in charge of inventory for the coming and going of new or damaged equipment. I explain to him what exactly I need and after he makes a call down to the hanger bay to speak with the crew chief in charge of the shuttle he looks around for moment before returning with a reconditioned P-74 Atmospheric Thermal Coupling Control Modulator. It has seen a fair amount of abuse but the Machine Spirit of the shuttle should be compliant in accepting the new module.
I make my way back to the hanger bay and over to the shuttle. Can I install the module?
6 = 36[d100]-30
Intelligence - Tech-Use test (Routine)
I successfully install the refurbished Thermal Coupling Control Modulator without incident, cleaning the mending the corrosion and debris covered connections that was built up from years of neglect.
I head back into the shuttle and after filling in the crew chief on his mechanics dim-witted decisions I see him vox over to someone in security to come and take the foolish man to the detention block.
I gleefully watch through one of the view-ports as a pair of men dressed in riot gear armed with shock mauls come and drag off the screaming mechanic to his torture cell.
"Hey thanks a lot for fixing that modulator for me. I want you to take this as payment." The crew chief says well handing me a
Demolition Charge.
I sit back in my seat strapping my harness back on as the rear door closes and the shuttle rumbles to life finally lifting off from the metal grated floor of the hanger bay and exiting through the void shielded doors headed for Mamon.
--- I gain 25XP for my successful Perception check ---
--- I gain 50XP for my successful Intimidation check ---
--- I gain 25XP for my successful Forbidden Lore test ---
--- I gain 50XP for my successful Tech-Use check ---
--- I gain an additional 50XP for fixing the shuttle ---
After a short and relatively turbulent free flight, the shuttle finally touches down at one of the many landing pads of Hive Hellion.
Ambiguous event.
Agricultural nebula.
Once I step down off the shuttle ramp and onto the platform I realize that we must be on one of the many loading and unloading docks that takes in shipments of sustenance for the millions of inhabitants of the hive city.
There seems to be some type of event going on over at one of the adjacent landing pads as I can see people rushing around frantically loading crates and canisters into a large freight shuttle.
What action do you want to perform?
I am not very interested in what these farmers and dock workers are up too so I think I should try and find out anything I can about the abandoned research station and it's whereabouts. Is there anyone nearby that I could ask about it?
(Somewhat Likely) No, and...
Just as I am about to approach a dock worker who is standing around smoking a lo-stick I hear a loud crash followed by what sounds like a bunch of small animals scurrying around and men yelling. I turn to see one of the crates that was being loaded into the shuttle is now tipped off the landing pad and has broken open releasing quite a few of some type of large rodent and they are now running in all directions across the dock platform. I turn back around and the worker I was going to question has now ran over to help with the fiasco taking place across the dock leaving me standing there alone with no one else in sight.
What course of action do you decide to take?
I think I will take my leave of this loading dock and make my way into the hive city to see if I can find anyone with some information there.
After leaving the panicking dock workers to chase after there escaping cargo I am greeted by a very large gated entryway into the city. If I had to guess I would say it looks to be built big enough to allow the many cargo haulers and tractors to be able to make there way to and from the dock. From the rust and a decay built up on the massive gears that would normally allow the doors to open and close I would have to say that they have not moved in an immeasurable amount of time.
Do I see anyone I could talk to?
(Somewhat Likely) No.
Obnoxious tour guide.
There is a man in a small wheeled vehicle with rows of seats offering tours of the lower hive which we are currently located at. He is trying to reel in customers shouting obnoxiously at anyone who passes by telling them of the many grandeurs that lie within the city walls. I have no interest in taking any tours of this run down city and it is more than likely just a scheme to trick people into allowing him to drive them somewhere deep within the city so he can murder and rob them or worse. Do I see any signs or buildings nearby?
(Likely) Yes, and...
Cloaked production facility.
There is a large factory directly in front of me spewing great black clouds of greasy oily smoke into the air around it, most likely poisoning anyone who lives or works in the general area. The black filth is obscuring my view of the rest of the facility and I cannot make out the name of the building or exactly how big it really is. There are a couple workers standing around leaning up against the side of the building. I think I will go ask them if they have any knowledge of the Research station or a good place I could ask around for it.
"Excuse me, I wish to inquire if either of you would happen to know the location or any useful information regarding the supposed abandoned research station outside the city walls?"
(Somewhat Unlikely) No, and...
"Hey fuck off buddy, we are on break here and I don't got anything to say to some off world freak like you anyways."
Is there anyone around that would see if I where to kill these 2 men for there arrogance and impudence?
(50/50) No.
I think I will kill the worker who was stupid enough to insult me, and I will try to incapacitate the other for questioning.
-- Cult Zealot profile for workers --
My Initiative
8 = 5[d10]+3
There Initiative
4 = 2[d10]+2
12 = 10[d10]+2
The 2 men are directly in front of me no more than a meter away. Sense they are both surprised and caught off guard by my sudden aggression I will get to attack first this round.
(I am going to ready my power axe: Half Action) (and take a swing at the bastard I intend to kill. Half Action)
34 = 64[d100]-30
-30 for attacking a surprised target and I scored 2 degrees of success. Hitting him in the body.
14 = 3[d10]+7+4
-6 for Armour and Toughness bonus he takes 8 wounds.
With a flash I hack my axe down across the surprised factory workers chest tearing right through his armour and cutting a deep furrow in his chest spattering the ground with blood.
"Mother fucker!" His friend standing nearby suddenly shouts. The worker I just slashed is too stunned by the sudden attack to say anything at all as he stares down watching his life blood pour from the gaping wound in his chest. "Your gonna pay for that!" The unhurt worker yells (drawing his Improvised Sword: Half Action) and (swinging at me with it. : Half Action)
97 = 97[d100]
The attack totally misses me. It was such a terrible swing that I don't even bother to step out of the way as it connects with nothing but air.
"Pathetic!" I yell with a clicking metallic laugh. You fools should of given me the information I wanted! (I yell well taking another swing at the wounded factory worker. Half Action.)
54 = 54[d100]
He steps out of the way at the last second. (I will swing at him again with the back stroke of my axe. Half Action)
44 = 44[d100]
21 = 10[d10]+7+4
My attack hits him right in the body again bypassing his armour because of the power axes penetration which I forgot last time. Dealing him 18 points of critical energy damage seeing as he is out of wounds already.
"The target is completely encased in fire, melting his skin and popping his eyes like superheated eggs. He falls to the ground a blackened corpse."
(50/50) Yes.
His ammo he was carrying for his stub automatic pistol explodes!
Evasion Test for Me.
72 = 72[d100]
Evasion Test for other worker
15 = 15[d100]
15 = 10[d10]+5
-8 for Armour and Toughness I take 7 damage to the body from the resulting explosion of the ammunition the worker was carrying.
The dock worker standing beside the now immolated body of his friend manages to jump out of the way of the explosion dodging the lethal fragments. I am too slow and take the full effects of the explosion to the center of my chest.
Does the other worker flee at the sight of his friends now smoldering corpse?
(50/50) No.
"You killed him, You Fucking killed him! I'm gonna rip your head off for that!" The worker screams well swinging his improvised sword at me wildly. (Half Action)
26 = 26[d100]
7 = 5[d10]+2
The blow slashes across my chest but my Armour and Toughness bonus negate any damage it would have caused.
He swings again (Half Action)
26 = 26[d100]
Seeing as how his WP is 26 this is pretty impressive for the lowly factory worker.
3 = 1[d10]+2
Too bad the weakling can't seem to cause any damage to me at all.
Ignoring the blood leaking from under my chest plate I pull my power axe back and take a swing for the scrawny man. (Half Action)
64 = 64[d100]
He side steps the attack as I swing again. (Half Action)
58 = 58[d100]
I am not sure if the explosion possibly damaged some of my internal structure or not but I can't seem to land an attack on the puny worker in front of me.
He comes slashing for me again with his dull sword. (Half Action)
35 = 35[d100]
His attack misses and I laugh at his foolish attempt to harm me. This seems to anger him even more and he swings again with murderous intent in his eyes. (Half Action)
44 = 44[d100]
He nearly trips on the piece of scrap metal lying in front of him on the ground before regaining his balance. Wither way his attack totally missed.
Growing bored with the lowly factory worker I decide his time is up stepping closer and swinging my axe. (Half Action)
9 = 9[d100]
I score 4 degrees of success and there is no way he can dodge my attack!
18 = 7[d10]+7+4
My axe shears through his un-armoured face causing 8 wounds and 7 points of critical damage!
"In a gruesome display, the flesh is burned from the targets head, exposing charred bone and muscle underneath. The Target is blinded Permanently and suffers..
8 = 8[d10]
8 levels of fatigue making his pass out on the spot from the ferocious attack, hitting the ground like a sack of potato's.
7 = 7[d10]
His Fellowship is now 7 As no one wants to look at his hideous face. Not that I am going to let him live that long anyways.
I step over to the now grotesque dock worker who is lying in a puddle of his own blood passed out from shock. Kicking his sword away I grab hold of his collar and try to shake him awake. Does this work?
(50/50) Yes, and...
The worker suddenly wakes up coughing and choking on the blood filling his mouth and nostrils. "Oh god!" What have you done to me!"
"I put you low-lives in your place. Now if you don't want to end up like your buddy over there I suggest you tell me what I want to know." I say to him well pulling out my Medicae/Torture Mechadendrite and hovering the spinning bone saw mere centimeters from his already revenged face.
21 = 41[d100]-20
Strength - Intimidation Test (Routine)
I catch the strong odor of human feces well guessing that the man probably just soiled his underwear.
"I'll tell you whatever you want! Just keep that crazy buzzsaw away from my face!"
"I will repeat myself again. I want to know the location or any information regarding the abandoned research station outside of the city." Does he know anything about it?
(50/50) No.
"Research station? I Don't know what you are talking about. No one is allowed to leave the hive without first getting authorization from the Hive Municipal."
"And where exactly can I find this Hive Municipal?" I ask him well revving the saw ever closer to his face. Does he know?
(Somewhat Likely) No, and...
The stench of urine now accompanied the smell of feces as the man has totally released his bowels all over the blood stained rockcrete. "I Don't know I swear! I have never been to the upper levels of the hive, I haven't the slightest clue where it is located!" The man yells well starting to weep blood from his roasted eye sockets.
"Then I have no further use for you." I say releasing his collar and plunging the bone saw for his face.
"No please!" The man gets out before the spinning teeth on the saw tear into his already mangled face, sending bloody chucks of flesh and skull flying before burying itself completely into his ruined head.
I stand up pulling the gore covered saw from his corpse and letting it slide back under my robes. I study their mutilated carcasses for a moment before deciding that they have nothing worth taking. Inspecting the damage I sustained from the explosion I decide it would be a good idea to try and patch myself up real quick before moving on.
48 = 78[d100]-30
Intelligence - Medicae Test Bonuses for Mechadendrite and Medi-Kit
I heal 7 wounds equal to my Intelligence Bonus, stapling the lacerations closed and filling the puncture wounds with medical bio-foam.
Well I suppose I should start looking for a way to gain access to the upper tiers of the Hive so I can talk to these bureaucrats at the Hive Municipal myself.
What action do you take next?
I need to somehow find a way to gain access to the upper Hive so I will need to either fight my way in, which would probably be a bad idea or ask around for anyone that might know a way in legally or secretly for that matter. Is there a map of the hive showing it's layout anywhere in sight?
(50/50) Yes.
I see a large pict-display that is showing a diagrammatic representation of the different tiers of the hive. It seems to list all the notable locations and buildings within the lower and upper levels. The Underhive which seems to be devoid of any type of order or government is also listed however if you select it the screen flashes a warning telling you to enter at your own risk.
The Under, Lower, and Upper tiers of the hive are of a circular shape divided into different sectors each with it's own purpose in mind. The lower tier that I am currently on is divided into 16 different sectors. To the outside is the Agricultural Sector and the 2 Industry/Manufacturing Sectors which I am currently located at. There is a merchant guild sector devoted to nothing but trade, beside that is the Enforcer Sector. I have seen enforcers before and they are mainly made up of cruel renegade arbiters and militia now employed by whoever is in charge of this hive to try and keep some kind of order to things. The other 3 sectors to the outside look to be used for storage and stockpiling the different resources of the hive.
The Inner 8 sectors all seem to be different Hab-blocks all labeled A-H. This is where the inhabitants of the lower Hive go to sleep eat and die. In the very center of the hive is where the lifts to the upper and lower levels are located. There are 7 landing pads surrounding the lower hive each with its own purpose whether that be the importing or exporting of goods and raw materials or the transportation of the hive's denizens and off-worlders. There is only one gate that leads to the outside of the hive and it is right in-between the 2 Enforcer sectors so you can bet it is heavily guarded.
OK, and what course of action do you decide to take?
I think I will head for the lifts in the center of the hive and see if I can gain any information on what is actually required to enter the upper levels. The pict display listed the diameter of the lower level to be roughly 100 kilometers so my destination should be about 50 kilometers away. That is a pretty far walk so I should see if I can find any transportation to get there. Does the map list anything I can use for transit?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes.
Demilitarized production plant.
I can see that the map lists a number of tram stations that seems to link all the different sectors of the lower hive together. Is there a station nearby?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes.
It seems the closest station in only a few blocks away located in what appears to be a modified factory of sorts. Upon reaching the station I can see that it was once a stamping plant probably used for making weapons but now the machinery has all been scrapped and in it's place lies a bustling terminal with numerous intersecting rail systems all converging on this one location. After weaving my way through the mass of unscrupulous meatsacks I begin to study the different routes listed on the pict-displays I can see that I want to board the H-tram which will take me directly to the lifts. How long do I have to wait for the tram to get here?
1 = 1[d100]
Before I even have a chance to sit down I hear the announcement over the speakers that the H-tram has just entered the station. There is a rush of flesh trying to board and exit the ramshackle piece of archaic technology. It seems there is no line or order to who boards first as the weaker scum are dragged under foot and trampled by the rest. Can I make it aboard without incident?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes.
After a few minutes the doors on the tram slam shut. The interior is crammed full of degenerates and the stink of body odor and alcohol is overbearing. After a few long minutes of dodging elbows and stepping on toes I finally can get a view outside the windows of the tram. It seems the further into the hive we go the sunlight is less and less replaced by artificial lights and glow-globes lining the edges of the streets and alleyways. The city is in disrepair and the cracked and heaved streets are filled with garbage and rubble. I can see large sections of buildings that have collapses or been demolished with no-one bothering to fix or even clean up the mess. The only inhabitants I can see are dangerous looking men and the occasional enforcer beating on them with clubs or shock mauls. The ventilation system must no longer function as the air is thick with black smoke and toxins coating the tops of all the buildings in a greasy black soot. I can pick out the colorful shapes of graffiti on some of the buildings that we pass by recognizing some as symbols of the dark gods or different orders within there legions and others that must be gang symbols.
After 20 or so minutes we arrive at the lifts and the tram comes to a stop disgorging its passengers into the roughly lit streets. I exit the tram pushing aside any meatsacks that block my path.
So now what course of action do you decide to take?
Chivalrous gambler.
Affectionate duchess.
I can see a group of scum gathered by a run-down shelter. They seem to be in the middle of a game of dice being rowdy and causing a ruckus. The stakes are not a form of currency but it appears to a collection of random items and junk. One of the taller and less dirty individuals looks to be winning most all of the tosses and I can tell that the others are starting to grow angry with him. There is also a grimy scantily clothed woman standing to the side of the tall man with her hands bound and a gag in her mouth.
I think I will take a closer look to see if there is anything worth while that they are betting on.
(50/50) Yes, but...
<span style="color: rgb(65, 105, 225);">Drugs and Consumables - Plentiful Common.[/color]
It is mostly junk, I can see a unopened pack of Lho sticks and a couple bottles of unknown alcohol mixed in but nothing I am too interested in. I could however offer the Lho sticks to someone for information or possibly a bribe to get past the Enforcers guarding the lifts. I think I will see if I can join in.
I approach one of the sleazy men who are standing around waiting for there chance to throw "Excuse me, I wish to participate in your game of chance. Would that be acceptable?"
(50/50) No.
"Beat it ya weirdo can't you see we are in the middle of something here." The man says giving me a dirty look before turning back to the game at hand.
"What if I were to wager this demolitions charge as a my entry fee?" I ask the man holding out the charge in front of me.
(Somewhat Likely) No, but...
The mans eyes grow wide. "Where the fuck did you get that!? If the enforcers catch you with that they will kill you on the spot."
"I acquired it as a reward for completing a task that was assigned to me. If you will not allow me to join your game then I will take my leave of you." I say while turning to walk away.
Just then the taller man who is having the lucky streak shouts out to me. "I will bet you for that demolitions charge."
I turn back around and approach the man. "What is it that you are willing to bet for this charge?" I ask him
<span style="color: rgb(65, 105, 225);">Force Fields - Rare Very Rare.[/color]
"How about this Refractor Field I looted off a dead enforcer last week?"
"That is a very rare piece of technology and I am surprised you would come by it so easily. Unfortunately I already have one so I do not have any interest in acquiring a second one. Do you have anything else?"
(50/50) Yes, and...
<span style="color: rgb(65, 105, 225);">Grenades and Missiles - Average Scarce.[/color]
"I tell you what, I have this here Blight Grenade and for an added bonus I will throw in my sister too." The man replies grabbing hold of the bound woman behind him and dragging her into the center of the group.
A look of panic builds in the woman's eyes as I examine her for a moment beneath my dark hood. "The Blight grenade is something I am accustomed to seeing on the followers of Nurgle. Are you by chance on of his followers.?"
(50/50) No.
"I won this in a game from some sickly looking dude a couple nights ago. I need something that packs a bit more of a punch for a job I'm planning so I am willing to trade it for that charge of yours along with my no-good sister too. I'm sure you could find a use for her." The man says with a grin.
"Deal." I reply while stepping up onto the sidewalk and shaking hands with the man. "Now please inform me of how this game is played."
After a few minutes I think I have the game down. It seems pretty easy, the person with the highest total on the two 6 sided dice is the winner. What is this mans Intelligence?
33 = 8[d20]+25
I will throw first.
51 = 51[d100]
Intelligence - Logic Test
The man frowns a bit before picking the dice up. "Not bad but I think I got you beat." He says with a toss of the dice. Is he a cheater?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes.
42 = 17[d20]+25
Is the mans Agility
60 = 60[d100]
Agility - Slight of Hand Test
68 = 68[d100]
Perception - Awareness Test
Does anyone else catch the man cheating?
(50/50) No.
"It seems I have won the dice toss." I say well holding my hand out for the man to give me the grenade. Does he give it to me willingly?
(50/50) No.
"Hey fuck you pal, I think you cheated!" The man says taking a step back and pointing his finger towards me. "I'm not giving you shit!"
I take a step towards the man well placing a hand on my power axe. "If you do not give me what is rightfully mine I will have to take it from you."
(50/50) No.
"I would like to see you try!" The man yells reaching for his knife. Do the others join in?
(Somewhat Unlikely) No, and...
The others back away slowly content to let us fight over who the actual winner was. From the way this guy was winning before I joined in they are probably secretly rooting for me.
-- Scum Profile for the cheating gambler --
7 = 4[d10]+3
My initiative
10 = 7[d10]+3
His Initiative
The man suddenly pulls his knife from his belt (Half Action) and takes a swing at me with it. (Half Action) "Die!" He yells.
77 = 77[d100]
The pitiful attack doesn't even come close to hitting me as I pull out my axe from under my robes (Half Action) and take a swing at the pathetic cheater. (Half Action)
16 = 16[d100]
18 = 7[d10]+7+4
His toughness bonus absorbs 3 damage but his Threadbare clothing is useless for stopping my energized axe as it cleaves into his chest dealing him 10 wounds and 5 points of critical energy damage.
"The fury of the attack forces the target to the ground, helplessly covering his face and keening in agony."
62 = 62[d100]
Agility Test - to avoid catching on fire
4 = 4[d100]
Toughness Test - to avoid being stunned.
The clothing the man is wearing erupts in to flames engulfing him in searing hot fire. "Ahhh somebody help me!" He screams well running around in a circle flapping his arms around wildly.
5 = 5[d10]
The man takes an additional 5 critical energy damage from the flames at the beginning of his turn and 1 level of fatigue.
"The target is completely encased in fire, melting his skin and popping his eyes like superheated eggs. He falls to the ground a blackened corpse."
(50/50) Yes.
17 = 17[d100]
Evasion test for me
His ammo he was carrying for his stub automatic explodes!
5 = 5[d5]
Are the other gamblers hit by the 5 meter radius explosion?
(50/50) No, and...
What about the cheaters bound sister?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes.
11 = 6[d10]+5
Using the scum profile for the sister she takes 10 wounds and 1 point of critical explosive damage.
1 = 1[d5]
"The explosion flings the target backwards (1) meter. The target is knocked prone."
Suddenly the blight grenade the cheater was carrying explodes as well!
13 = 13[d20]
The already wounded woman is caught in the toxic blast radius hitting her legs for 13 points of critical energy damage!
"The force of the attack reduces the legs to little more than a chunk of sizzling gristle."
39 = 39[d100]
Toughness Test - To avoid dying from shock.
The loss of her legs is too much for the already injured woman to handle as her eyes roll back in her head and her remaining limbs go limp. Her head falls to the side as blood pours out from around the gag in her mouth and out her nostrils onto the still smoking pavement.
Staring at the mutilated remains of the woman and her dead brother I am very glad that I was able to dodge that this time though I am kind of upset that both of my prizes for winning where just blown up in front of me.
Do the other gamblers run away?
(Somewhat Likely) Yes.
I turn to see that the other gamblers are taking off down the street most likely horrified from the gruesome spectacle they just witnessed. I take one more disgusted look at the 2 blasted corpses in front of me before turning away and leaving them to rot on the street.
(Somewhat Likely) Yes, but...
Do they give a shit?
(Somewhat Unlikely) No.
I can see a few random low-lives as I make my way over to the lifts. I am pretty sure they seen the whole fight go down but they don't really seem to care just giving me nervous glances as I pass by.

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