40K Black Crusade - Marilla
Marilla “The Ocean Born”, never had there been a more apt name. She appeared one day on the coast of Surgub, a place seemingly under-utilized by its citizens. She had flaming red hair and eyes as beautiful and green as the sea itself. Like all true Q’Sallians she was beautiful and appeared to be in the prime of life. She set herself up immediately building a small tower created simply from driftwood and seashells at the water’s edge.

To those that took any notice she claimed all she needed came from the ocean by virtue of her personal God Olukan. Her food came from the sea and the seashells and seaweed she collected she turned into trinkets and clothing. She was adorned with little else, her hair tied with kelp and shells and wearing headpieces, necklaces, bracelets, belts, anklets and other assorted jewellery made entirely from seaweed, coral and shells.

She claimed the Olukan would send her messages from in the flow of the waves and she often alternated between peering at them for hours from either her tower or the beach or otherwise frolicking carefree within the waves, much to the consternation of other citizens who considered she might be mad or touched. She allowed her feet to touch the earth as no true sorcerer should and never seemed to get involved in the intrigues that gave the Sorcerer Technocrats their prestige.

Her words proved true however when a Tarnorese Sorcerer washed up by her tower, mysteriously drowned. From him she was able to salvage much, including his combat cloak, weaponry (the Q’Sal crystal caster she was able to incorporate into one of her shells), a beautifully crafted mimic mask and a strangely blank grimoire. Citizens started to take notice and think that perhaps her claims about the sea were true, small towers growing up on the beach over night as other would be sorcerers looked to the ocean’s depths for answers.

Using the wisdom of Olukan she was able to bind the drowned man’s essence into the blank grimoire and thus was able to communicate with it psychically to glean further wisdom on sorcerous arts as well as using it as a repository for all her accumulated wisdom and knowledge. The symbols on the pages of the grimoire flowed and ebbed like an ocean tide but she alone was able to make sense of it and use it to build her slowly growing power. During this time, she also penned verses and poems of such an exquisite skill and beauty that hinted at secrets tantalisingly close if only the reader had wisdom to understand. As with all things she gave credit to Olukan as the inspiration for her verses.

Although she did not seek it she was starting to gain minor fame within the city of Surgub for her works and deeds. Unfortunately for her, her idyllic lifestyle was to come to an end thanks to further visions from Olukan. It was time for her to finally follow the path to glory, whether she wished to or not…..

So that is the introduction for Marilla. She was created using the Q’Sal Magister Immaterium archetype and using the 100-point buy, where I have minmaxed her in reverse for social and mental characteristics (maxmined?). Seeing as she is Tzeentch themed I thought I might have a go at selecting a random quest and using it as inspiration for a compact instead of coming up with one of my own. Hopefully won’t get too violent or it could be a very quick campaign…..

For those of you that are interested these are her stats;

Name: Marilla “The Oceanborn” Orabelle
Archetype: Q’Sal Magister Immaterial
Pride: Charm, Disgrace: Deceit, Motivation: Perfection (Fellowship)
Characteristics – WS 22, BS 25, S 22, T 20, AG 45, Int 50, Per 41, WP 50, Fel 60, Inf 34, Corr 16, Wounds 9, Psy rating 4
Skills – Awareness, Charm, Common Lore (Q’Sal, The Screaming Vortex, Furia), Deceive, Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Psykers, Daemonology, the Warp), Inquiry, Linguistics (Low Gothic, Chaos Marks), Logic, Psyniscience +10, Scholastic Lore (Occult, Cryptology), Trade (Remembrancer).
Talents and Traits – Chaos Psyker, Magus Supreme, Jaded, Foresight, Strong Minded, Weapon Training (Primary, SP & Exotic – Q’Sal), Child of the Warp (Memory Worm), The Quick and the Dead.
Equipment – Good Craftsmanship Q’Sal Glass Dagger, Q’Sal Crystal Caster built into conical seashell (Noxious Discharge Downgrade), Grimoire containing the essence of drowned sorcerer, Mesh Combat Cloak, Best Craftsmanship Psy-Focus (Shell Necklace), Good Craftsmanship Tarnor Mimic Mask, Best craftsmanship Blasphemous Texts (Charm and Deceive). Pyschic Powers – Doombolt, Thought Sending, Delude, Mind Probe, Mind Over Matter, Precision Telekinesis Gift of the Gods – Warpsight (+10 Awareness, -10 Scrutiny)

Okay then lets have a look for this quest.....

The setting is refuse dump involving above average shield and engineering section. Your quest is to rescue the cyborg scientist from the relatively safe space station. Trying to stop you is the alien parasite skilled in marksmanship. You are currently at the liberated research facility.

Okay strange place to leave it as it's just starting but I think I will have a think about how to turn this into a compact. Any ideas from experienced players and readers on where to go would be much appreciated (especially those who might be familiar with Q'Sal). Look forward to playing!
Okay I think I have my compact sorted out (any suggested changes or amendments welcome as I am probably a little while away before I can actually play)

Compact (Undertaking) (Destroy the parasitic threat)
Secondary objectives

• Find a way off world to the orbital stations above Q’Sal and track down where the parasitic infection has taken root
• Discover what the parasitic infection is and stop it from gaining a foothold in Q’Sal
• Find out where the Xenos threat came from to make sure it cannot take hold again (maybe a salvage site or a crash site)
• Find any knowledge or technology from this strange race or her investigations to use to her advantage

Any complications?
4 = 4[d8]
Bad intelligence

Which secondary objective is affected?
2 = 2[d4]

Discover what the parasitic infection (this will be affected)

Okay this story will be a lot slower than most but I will get there.....
Okay this session didn't go quite how I expected it to go. That is the joy of having a virtual GM though, the story doesn't go quite where you expect it too. I think I need to learn a bit more about the system, I'll jump back into this adventure later.

Oh and of course the compact is dedicated to Tzeentch.... who else (+5 Intelligence for compact)
Sadly Mirella prepared to leave the only place that had ever been her true home but it seemed that destiny in the form of the Architect of fate had called.
She would need to make an impression if she was to secure transport off planet so it seemed that letting her feet touch the ground might be counter productive to her goals, such a silly superstition as it was. She had a plan to get around this.
77 = 77[d100]
Acquiring 4 slaves Infamy +50 (84) made it.
By sending word out to the denizens of the other towers she was able to acquire four strong bodied slaves, insisting that they wear only loinclothes for purely ascetic purposes of course.
Once these had been acquired she set about instructing them to take down her tower of driftwood and coral and began crafting it onto a simple litter. She couldn't help but let a sly smile cross her lips as she noticed the consternation of her new neighbours as she began dismantling her tower. As much as she loved this area of Surgub she would not miss the jumble of towers that now littered her once pristine and beautiful little area of coast. Once completed she loaded her sparse but valuable possessions into the simple litter and ordered her new slaves to take her into the city. She felt a pang of regret as she left her long time home but she knew better than to refuse the call of the architect of fate and understood that the visions he had granted her through her personal totem Olakun held dire warnings for the whole of Q'Sal.
Entering the streets carried by four slaves she noticed a difference in the citizens around her that usually looked at her with disdain. Though they tried not to show it she could see a certain respect to her novel method of not allowing her feet to touch the ground. She ordered her slaves straight for the district where she could attempt to get transport offworld to the docking rings, knowing her home city well.
Are there any events of note that happen before she reaches her destination?
The physical.
NPC negative.
Extravagant female Crystalline gambler.
Mirella lounged languidly on her litter, the rocking as she was carried reminiscant of the waves she loved. She was caught completely unawares and rocked out of her reverie as a mysterious figure barrelled into her slaves attempting to knock them over, her eyes filled with rage.
Sorcerer Techocrat Page 80
Mirella recognised the interloper as her rival Jaana Taru.She had cobalt blue eyes punctuated her crystal headpiece and numerous crystalline trinkets that she believed gave her power. Her eyes were filler the malicious rage as she spat curses "False sorcerer, you have no true power you should be ground ridden where you deserve!". Around her attendants and courtiers nodded their agreement.
Mirella stood up on her litter as her slaves regained their balance. She held her hands up placatingly, her eyes moving meaningfully to her rival's earthbound feet. "Come now sister, there is no need for this jealousy, you should know that innovation is a sign of power and greatness,in time your wisdom may grow to a point where you might understand this". She punctuated her sentence with a broad smile.
As her rival ground her teeth in rage she continued "however, I do have a pressing engagement of such importance as would be beyond the comprehension of one such as yourself. I would not waste my time to explain it to you, but should you please let me pass I would be most pleased to return upon its completion to instruct you in the proper manner of sorcery and its implications". Again she finished her sentence with a mockingly warm smile. A small crowd had gathered to watch the amusing spectacle.
Does her rival allow her to pass unchallenged?
MIrella sagged her shoulders in an exaggerated sigh, like one having to deal with an imbecile. "And how do you propose we settle this?"
NPC Action.
Then without warning Jaana suddenly turned tail and stormed off, glancing briefly over her shoulder meaningfully as she departed. Her attendants taken by surprise scrambled to follow her.
Mirella let her lips twist in a smile of amusement "well that was certainly an amusing distraction" she stated to the crowd at large. A scattering of laughter followed but it was clear the assembled throng were disappointed that the event had not escalated. Mirella made a mental note to keep an eye out for Jaana, she could not allow the inferior sorceress's pettiness risk her accomplishing her goal.
Though she kept an eye out no further incidents marred her journey. In her destination she was able to get directions from passers by to one who might be able to arrange transport to the docking rings for her.
Stubborn drone.
The man himself was a bureaucrat of the most banally mundane type. His piglike jowels were covered by rough sideburns and he were a brown and boring suit of office that matched his personality. "No unauthorised travel" was his constant bland response to her requests for transport to the outer rings.
Disposition -20
The dullard raised his bushy eyebrows quizzically as she pulled out her mimic mask, alert for any sign of trouble and confident in the wards surrounding his office would give him any protection he needed (not to mentioned a handful of trained guards)
Slipping the mask on Mirella gestured comically from on top of her litter "oh look at me" she said "I am Tarnorese I am not allowed to speak because I am so stupid, I bet you didn't know Khornates make the best sorcerers!" She continued to gesture comically
Charm roll -20 for disposition, +20 for Tarnorese mimic mask Target 60
98 = 98[d100]
4 degrees of failure
"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!" the man boomed angrily! "My mother was Tarnorese and she was a wise and learned woman, I'll not here her slandered by some second rate mime who can't even mime! GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!"
Mirella tried to salvage the situation but it was clear that the damage was done. As guards entered to check out the commotion she held her hands out and commanded the slaves to leave before things got out of hand. As she departed she could still hear the man bellowing angrily, probably the most animated he had ever been in his dull and uneventful life. As she left she noticed one of her slaves sniggering below his breath. "Is something funny?" she inquired with a cocked eyebrow. The man immediatly stood up straight blanching in terror "no Ma'am it's just that....well....well..." "It's okay" she said more to cut him off from his inane chatting. "It was quite amusing I am sure" she said with a sweet smile, in her mind though she had already marked this one......
Once far enough away Mirella stopped by a fountain to meditate on her next cause of action, allowing her slaves a moment to rest and feed themselves.
Mirella ran her hands through her long, red hair deciding to keep her mimic mask on despite the last farce that had occurred and when readied ordered her slaves up once more to look for an alternate method of getting off world.
Mirella searched the district for another who might be able to arrange transport, did she have any luck?

Dimly / Healthy.

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