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40K Darky Heresy Forge Assassin/Hunter
Introduction & First session

PC = Venris Wolfe
Class = Assassin
Lv = 1 (Sell-Steel)
Home world = Forge World Orbital City
Backgrounds = Sons of Dispater + Pilgrimage
Divination = Mutant without corruption

Age: ~20 black slightly spiky hair with blue catlike eyes and ragged ears.

Well, introduction you say...I am told that a chatty warrior is a dead warrior. My fathers words not mine, bu I find them strangely appropriate. Well he came from a Feral world so they like to keep things simple. My mother, a bitch? No... she is an Administrator for a mining company on the Orbital city of Orios. I know strange love but it works for them. When I asked them how they have met, they said they had managed to mix business with pleasure. No more questions! I am proud of the both of them. Got the best from the  two worlds that could offer really. Physical prowess and intelligence with education.
Good genes for survival, also the ladies do love the cat eyes (snicker) and yes I did go to school so I know how to handle your machine spirits. By the way nobody will come, so you might as well stop kicking that hidden button. My eyes and ears did cause some trouble first but thanks to the Guild my father joined on Orios, the Sons of Dispater, I know from your eyes that you have heard of us. And thanks to a pilgrimage to one of the holy shrine worlds and a little surgery, I am officially recognised as a full HUMAN citizen. Of course there are always some idiots but at least they make life more interesting before they bite the dust. Well that's it for you...sweet dreams! (Tak)


The morning cycles are beautiful in Orios. Really short but beautiful. I get up get dressed and leave my capsule home. It was many years since I could enjoy a morning. On the pilgrims ship it was always dim. No days and no nights...it's refreshing to be rid of that whole mess. I mean blessed be the emperor. I look at the memento (Aquila pendant) I got from the Great Priest from the pilgrimage, then I look at the data-slate containing bills and more bills. Our journey did leave a dent in our families purse. So it's time for me to earn my keep as well.
I open my weapons drawer: an autogun and a full clip...this wont help much. Alas I need to start out small. I get my jacket, open the door and walk down the street to look for the contacts for our Guild. Father did leave me instructions. It's supposed to be a club on the lower levels of the city... I only have to find it.
(Perception/ challenging) 10 = 10[d100]

The club is not to far from the district gate. It certainly looks run down at first glance, but...if you take a second look, then it is clear that the damaged lights, bent, old furnitures are just decorations. Most importantly: there is no foul smell.

What is your next course of action now?

I need to find the contact, and after that I need a job. Nothing big! Just to get started. OK...it will not hurt if it pays good.

Do I see anybody who fits the description that my father gave me? (Perception/easy) 33 = 63[d100]-30

Affluent jack-of-all-trades who is slightly weaker than you and whose motivation is to fulfill military, administer expertise, and hinder medicines; who speaks of prejudiced doubts and is focused on your parents.

I see a man in his mid 40s. I almost dismiss him, but then I recognise a data-slate behind the newspaper he is reading. He is sitting at a nearby table with a cup of warm liquid. His clothes are that of an average club managers: black trousers and red shirt. His biotic left eye is scanning the contents of the data on the slate and perhaps more. I greet him with the usual guild-phrase to which he answers:
(Both perception checks were a success)

"Your Father has called me, and told that you will drop by. I had actually thought that you will need more time to get here... pity, seems like I lost the bet." his sounds friendly but his voice is strangely devote of mirth.

I decide to play it easy: "It is nice to know that I was able to provide entertainment"

"The name is Bennar." he continues and we shake hands " So what kind of job would would suit your fancy?" he asks, and I get a bit suspicious. That is an unusual attitude.  

(Motivation) Move towards goal

I decide to humor him: "I need something easy and fast." I answer "I need to settle in and take care of my bills...so it wouldn't hurt if it would pay well." A small smile creeps up my face.

"You are asking for a lot boy!" and the humour is gone " I meant the type of the work!" he is all business now. "Normally you don't have the luxury of...this, rather you would have to wait at the boards, but I have bills of my own..." he left the sentence open " So do you like shooting people in the face, or rather sticking a knife in their back. Or perhaps you are one of those get-backer types who can get their little fingers on things. You get my drift?"

Seems like the Emperor favours me "I don't like being on the front lines." I answer truthfully. " I can work with a group If needed, but I prefer support. Anything else depends on the job."

Is there a contract on the list that can full-fill my wish?

Patrol the mechanized space station.

Just then the slate "beeps".
"Well, well, the emperor is favoring you as it seems." he pushes some buttons on the slate and then shows it to me.
"This request just came in an hour ago. It's small...to small to be considered normally, but since you are here I might as well give it to you. It's a patrolling mission really. Some trader is setting up a new shop and she is coming to inspect. Simple security, and the pay is not bad."

Does it pay more than 1/3 of my usual income? (120 + 3d10 = 145)

(6[d10]) Yes, but...

I take a look at the data. The pay is good. (40 + 10 = 2[d10]+8[d10] = 50) Not much considering the job or the standard contracts, but for this kind of work it's too good. "What's the catch?" I ask. "50 Gelt for a day, with such conditions smells funny"

Dangerously / Feminine

Bennar closes the slate. He seems a bit put off. Then he looks back at me. "I happen to know that trader" he begins. "That woman is the devils advocacy. She is dealing with expensive stuff. So if something should break it comes off from your payment and if you break to much...you mentioned bills? In this one there will be many zeros. Secondary that woman is, unpleasant shall we say. She made many people angry with her behaviour, both business and personal.

"Anything else you could tell me?" I ask.

(1[d10]) No, and...


Bennar continues "No, and since we are not the only guild she made a request to. You have to give your answer fast."

I sigh "Well if its just patrol, then I take it. It's not like I have to be her personal bodyguard."

"Alright I register the contract under your name. The Inspection is due after tomorrow. Here is the location. I leave the matter in your hands then. Report back when you finished the job."

I thank Bennar, and decide that I will check out the site and the district of my "patrol". Getting the feeling of security, looking for hiding spots and generally familiarising myself with the neighbourhood. What kind of location do I arrive?

Lovingly / Scary
Binary system weapon array

I found the location. It is on one of the higher levels. Unfortunately this is the outer rim of the city. Not far from the customs. Here, every day problems occur. Contraband, stowaways, missing cargo, deposits waiting, deposits missing. It's a mess. And don't get me started on the night cycle...clubs, casinos, easy women and man. How do I know? Easy, I was on a pilgrimage with my father for years. We saw a lot of spaceports...the wrappings are different, but on the inside they are all the same. I can make out the building that the construction team is working on: A Fucking munitionary for the weapons array  "This job just got a lot more irritating" I declare.

End of Prologue

Main Quest = 1
Side Quest = 0
EXP = 0
Chaos = 0
Reputation = 0
Rewards = 0
  Session 2

My left eye is twitching violently. I am going to regret this...Hell! I am already regretting it. But the contract was signed.
I look around, inspecting the place. Do I see something out of order?

Setting is interstellar starport involving cheap phosphorescent lantern and desolate labyrinth.

Get Focus: PC positive, Cruelty

Servo-skulls are flying by me, some projecting advertisements of cheap pleasure, others deliver the holy voices of the machine cult. People are all around me, moving, speaking and drinking. The Port is in good conditions compared to the norm and security seems tough; Mounted sentries, battle servitors and Pict recorders are all around me . The whole thing looks like a living labyrinth and just like in a real one, there are corners you don't want to get into.
As I look around, something catches my eye. I see two servitors in the left alley, about 4m ahead. One holding 2 body-bags and leaving the scene with them and another holding a small backpack and smashes it in a garbage bin.

I look around nervously. 'I hate being penniless' Shame is creeping upon my face, but beggars can't be choosers, so I decide to swallow my dignity and after the servitors begin to leave I grab the bag form the trash.
Nobody makes even the smallest remark at my actions.

What course of action do you decide to take?

I leave the alley fast but not running, and in a less crowded place I open the bag. What do I see?

Ruin / Weapons, Energy

Common Lore Tech/normal:  63 = 73[d100]-10 (Fail)
Common Lore Machine Cult/normal: 54 = 64[d100]-10 (Fail)

Well servitors were never famous about they perceptiveness. In the bag there was a device. It looked like a grenade but there was no pin in it, only a button. Seemed pretty high tech and in god condition too. And it had the sigil of the munitiorum on it. It's for the best if I hide it for now.

(EMP grenade)

Is there anything else in the bag?

50/50 (9[d10]) Yes

There were some parts which were a device until the servitor probably got it in its hands on the backpack. Lookes like some communication device. Now, it is junk.

Excitedly / Defeated, Excellent neuolink

Anything else of notice?

50/50 (6[d10]) Yes, but...

As I was inspecting the contents of the pack, I could make out a symbol inside of the backpack. Unfortunately it doesn't give me any infos. Probably just two mercs who wanted to play ruff with each other, and 'gotten what they deserved.

I keep the bag on me, and scan the area. After all I am here because of work:

Security/challenging 46 = 46[d100] (Success)

Arbitrates patrol the streets in pairs, with above average equipment. Mounted turrets and Pict recorders at every corner. However there are blind-spots. How many do 1 see?

1 = 1[d4]

There is one major place, that stands out. It is hidden well on a small stair like roof and it gives a good viewing angle at The Factory which I am supposed to patrol. It is desolate of any surveillance, and gunpoint. A perfect spot to prepare an ambush or...a safe spot.

How would you like to proceed?

I decide to check out the security weakness, and after hat I want to find a pawn shop to get rid of the junk in the Backpack. Do I succeed unhindered?

Somewhat Unlikely (10[d10]) Yes, and... +Event: Carelessness / Goals

Calm craftsman

I found my desired shop in one of the lower levels. The craftsman is looking at me and asks "What can I get you?"
He is a small man in dirty clothes. He looks a bit older than me  but the years in the sub-levels had a toll on his body.
"I would like to sell some parts" I tell him
"Show them" he demands, and I give him the (Excelent neuorlink) parts. "By the Emperor a XM-22L portable head slate...and its...broken" he sounds a bit disappointed but his eyes are shining.

I try to haggle with the merchant.
Common Lore (Tech)/normal -7 = 3[d100]-10 (Success)

"I am sure most of the spirits housed in the case are still intact, but as of now I have no use for it"
"Yes you are probably correct, but I just have to ask: How did it end up like this" he begins to inspect the parts.
I decide to tell the half-truth. "My bag fell and a servitor had picked it up..." I grimace "The rest is in your hands

Fellowship test 52 = 52[d100] (Fail)

"Aha" he is looking me in the eyes. "Well, I can buy it as spare parts" he says.

Will he pay me better than half the prise?

50/50 (2[d10]) No +Event: Mistrust / Illness

He takes the device apart and counts the good parts. He also coughs frequently. He seems to be ill. No wonder his place is full of dirt, oil, and broken parts. The heating also seems to be failing. You are always remembered that there are people how have it worse than you.

How many good parts is he buying? 5 = 5[d10]

Well these pars look okay. I give you 12 Gelt for them. 12 = 3[d4]+2[d4]+1[d4]+3[d4]+3[d4]

"No deal" I tell him. How does he react?

Angrily / Mundane

He seem angry at my response. "What? You think that after I worked on them you can just leave?"
"I didn't say that, but your prise is to cheap. I can get that much just selling 3 parts! Don't try to fool me! Give me a better prise or I walk out with them"
"Only after you pay me for the work I already done."

I still have my gun at my side. I know that I need all the money I can get, but this is ridiculous. In my last resort I take out the other device in my hand (EMP Grenade)"No I don't"

Does he recognize the thing in my hand?

Somewhat unlikely (10[d10]) Yes, and...  Work hard

"What the fuck!" his Eyes become like saucers "Put that thing away you idiot! Do you want to get me out of business!"

"I see you recognize it." I smile "Give me a good price and we might actually end this day satisfying for the both of us"

He begins to calculate anew. 16 = 2[d8]+6[d8]+2[d8]+3[d8]+3[d8] "16 he says I really can't give you more than that" seems sincere. Oh what the hell... "16 it is."he pays me and I put away the device.

I go and get myself a ration pack for 1 Gelt. 15 is going to stay with me. I haven't eaten all day long. The pack is not much to look at and it tastes just like that. But its food. Even if it is the lowest form. I got my Intel so I don't wanna to stay in the lower levels when the night cycle starts. Tomorrow I will stop by a trusted weapon shop and see if I can get any info on that thing in my pocket.
Does something happen on the way to home?

50/50 (6[d10]) Yes, but... Proceedings

Two Arbitrators are currently in the middle of fining a citizen. Of course he pledges innocence, but they don't rally care. I leave them as it is. It is not smart to meddle with the keepers of the law. Somehow they don't appreciate it.  When I arrive home, I take a quick steam shower and get a good night rest.


In the next morning I get dressed and take my trusty gun, and the mysterious device to a respectable weapon shop.
Is there one which has closer ties with our guild?

Somewhat Likely (6[d10]) Yes +Event: Develop / Wishes

Industrial matrix

I know of a place not far from my own. Father and I always bought things form there, the shop was called "Gunport"  and the owner was always friendly with my father. I go to the Industrial zone. It is on the middle levels, with never sleeping factories and workers. It's a crowded district, full of compact apartments like my own. I Arrive at the doorsteps of the shop. I push a button on the wall over a vox caster. In a second, a voice is heard from the vox  "Yes?"

"I am here to do trade" I answer, and the door opens. I go in. There is a man in red robes waiting for me. He looks up and comprehension draws upon his face. He smiels at me.

Neglectful merchant who is much weaker than you and whose motivation is to attend faith, join racism, and suppress military; who speaks of hostile partiality and is focused on your treasure.

I remember the owner: Preparator Garret. He was an honourable merchant. whenever you can believe it or not he is actually a pacifist and refuses to deal with the scum of the city. Of course sometimes he gets carried away in his preaching, but he is a good person to have around.
"Venris my boy, I am glad you came to visit." He comes to me and shakes my hand with his prosthetic arm.
"Greetings uncle Garret. You look...shiny." I compliment his new robotic arm. Because his illness, his body couldn't handle the gifts of the Omnissiah. With his limited capabilities he had many free time on his hands. So he looked for a hobby of sorts, and became a merchant.
"How was your trip? Have some stories to tell?" he was always eager to learn form the stars. We begun to chat. One hour flew by then a second. Then I thought it was time I get to my point.

"Actually uncel" I started respectfully "I am here because I need some assistance. I have taken on a job but I feel under prepared. I have equipment I would like to trade, and I know that you are honorable in your dealings. So I came to you."

Will he pay me more than 50% ?
Fellowship Test 58 = 68[d100]-10 (Fail)
Selling Prises (%) 55 = 50+5[d20]

"You know that I do my business by the book. I will look at what you wish to sell, and I will give you the appropriate prize."

He looks at my thing the autogun is a bit rugged he can give 55G There is a clip with 30 bullets 4G. Then he sees the last item. "By the Omnissiah! Do you know what this is?" he asks, and I honestly don't know if he is angry with me or just surprised.

Does he know the specific use of the item (EMP Granade) ?

(7[d10]) Yes +Event: Care / New ideas

"I guess some kind of grenade. Can you enlighten me?" I ask hopefully.

He looks at me with very serious eyes "It is a spirit killer, very dangerous. It can stun, or in worst case even kill a machine spirit. I hope you didn't intended to use this inside the city." His tone is very serious and scrutinizing.

"No I didn't. But I found it at the spaceport. How deadly is it?" I ask.
"It's only harmful to machines. They are considered contraband in the city, because even the slightest mishap can cause catastrophic thing s!" He can read it on my face that he has lost me. "Think boy! What would happen if one of these goes off near a generator, or near the life-support vents at a district. And at the space port..."He shudders " Getting caught with one of these could earn you the capital punishment."
I begin to worry. "Okay you can have it! Can you use it for something else?"
"Actually I can. I will disassemble it. But first, let me calculate a prise for you" He disassembles the device. and presents me with 43G

In the mean time, I decide what I want to buy. Will he give me a discount?

50/50 (8[d10]) Yes

How Much?

20 = 13[d20]+7[d20]

"Since you were sincere with me, I shall give you better prices. 20% off. Choose wisely!"

I take a Lasgun with an Extra Clip a Telescopic Sight and a Combat Knife just in case. Total 104. I have 117. I pay Garret.
I leave the shop, buy myself another ration pack and go home with my pocket money. I will rest; Tomorrow I will have work to do.

End session

Main quest = 1
Side Quest = ?
EXP: Successfull tests = 2 x 10 = 20
        Tasks relevant for the main quest 5 = 5[d10]  5 x 10 = 50
Chaos: 1
Reputation: 0
  Session 3 - No Plan...
Some Combat dices will be rolled manually because of righteous fury and the multiple modifiers some situations give.

Morning came fast. I took my jacket and my weapons and went to the address provided to me by Bennar. I took the ray-line. When I got off I had to declare that the street at the customs never sleep. I made my way to the munition factory. Is there someone waiting for me?

50/50 (2[d10]) No

It seems, that I got here first. I bought a snack bar at the nearby stall, and started to wait for my would be comrades. After 30 min or so, a small hovercraft lands near me. It looks like a civilian craft modified: Some bulky armour plating added, and had a vulcan cannon mounted underneath the cockpit. The ramp on the back was lowered and 5 = 5[d10] 5 humans disembark.
Is there someone who looks like the boss?

VL (1[d10]) No, and...

They look all the same with matching flack vests. They are walking up to me and one of the asks me: "Are you the client?" I shake my head. What are they reactions?

Mockingly / Delicate
The guy who just asked me looks me over. I have no visible armour (unfortunately I really do not have any ) and my only notable weapon is a Lasgun., the standard issue. THe guy begins laugh "Dont tell me you are also here for the job." he turns to his comrades ad continues to mock me. "Get this boys! This little mommas boy actually want to play with us"
I narrow my eyes at him. Oh how I would like to kick him in the balls right now.The others are of course laughing with him, and make insulting gestures towards me. Does something happen to get my attention?

50/50 (9[d10]) Yes
Move towards goal

Just when it looked like things might would go sour, another Craft lands behind us. This one was more refined and deadly. More sleek in the design and with 4 mounted Vulcan Cannons beneath the wings and a double barrelled under the cockpit, it demanded respect. The ramp lowers itself and 2 man appear. One simple soldier in Flack armour and another decorated Veteran in a navy uniform. I look at his straps. He seems to be of the lieutenant rank. His hair is grey and he has a scar on his face. definite signs of a veteran. His eyes are darting left and right then the settle on us.

Do we wait for someone else?

SL (3[d10]) No

"Well it seems everyone is here." he looks us over "Sunblade and Dispater" we nod collectively.

Do the others recognise my Guild?

L (9[d10]) Yes

At the name some of the mercenaries takes a second look at me, a bit worried. The lieutenant continues:
"Excellent" Your order are to patrol the fence of our factory. Do not worry about the security on the inside. We shall take care of that. We do not expect anbody today. All who whishes to enter the construction site, need to be turned around! No questions asked. Your duty ends at 1800 local time. Set your voxes on frequency 224 that is all. Any questions?"

I would like to get to my discovered observation point, so I speak up "May I speak sir?" I ask. Does he listen?

50/50 (3[d10]) No

Reactions: Mistrust

"No questions! Excellent Carrion with your duty!" he leaves us. I hear a snicker again behind my back. It's the same guy how mocked me earlier. "Look kid you are obviously over your head." he starts patronising me. I know why you're here. It's a relative easy job with with a nice pocket money, so just stay back and don't get in our way!"
It seem the think I'm a complete rookie on a first mission.

"Look I came here to work..." I answer him, but the his face gets all serious. He took a step forward leans in my face and continues:
"Okay kid here is the deal! You fuck with us and you get a bullet. But if you just craw into a corner and keep your head down, you can have your pocket money. Clear?"

"Yeah it's clear" its clear I answer. 'Okay but if the shit hits the fan your on your own '- I decide. They tune their voxes and split up in two groups

What course of action do you decide on next?

I carefully go to my discovered high-stand. I use the crowd to my advantage so I don't stick out. Does anything happen on the way.

50/50 7[d10]) Yes

Dumb spy

As I get closer to my soon to be position, I can see that someone is already occupying it. It is a man in a flack jacket. He seems to be fixated on something. I decide to sneak up on him.

Move Silently (unsuspecting + unremarkable 30+20 + AGL/2) 28 = 78[d100]-50

I use the crowd but even so slowly his head begins to turn my way. As fast as I can I go into the first joint on my left and pretend to be a customer.  Was I fast enough?

Spy Perception 25 = 20+5[d10] vs Agility 46
Spy: 69 = 69[d100] vs 21 = 21[d100] ( 0 vs 2 success)

The person look around nerously but he doesn't seem to have noticed me.

consequences: Mistrust / A burden

I make my way to him anew.

Move silently/ challenging: 21 = 21[d100] (Success)

This time I manage to sneak up on him. I took a little detour, behind the terrace, where the guy watches there is a narrow fire escape ramp. I use it to get behind him and make a last silent jump to get behind the observer. What does he do up here?

Positively / Abnormal

He is talking to somebody. His hand is up by his left ear, and in his right hand is a binocular. No wonder he didn't see me. He is currenty in a conversation giving information to a third party: "There is only five of them." he says "They look organised, but not that dangerous."
Well so much for the question friend or foe. What does he wear?

Deliberately / Beautiful

He does have some light armour...very good quality, not the kind you buy on a sales-off. His head head isn't protected.
Any weapons that I can make out?

5/50 (7[d10]) Yes
Worn-out homing missile launcher

There is a grenade launcher next to him at the wall. How the hell did such a thing even get here? - I think. Then I take a closer look at the weapon. It looks shady...to say at best. Almost as if somebody took different parts and then combined them for a  weapon that is for a one time use only. Still it would pack quite a punch if it delivers.

What course of action do you decide to take?

I ready my knife but wait till he stops his monologue. I aim for his exposed head...but then another idea comes to me, and I decide to let gravity take care of the sucker for me. I change my aim to his hips and make my move:

Full Action aim +20
Suprised +30
called strike -20

d100 WS: 01 (Successes: 6)

I feel that the Emperor is with me today. I swing my foot with all my might up in his ass and then push forward. He takes a step forward awkwardly and then falls over the rail, his momentum and gravity are taking over and finish the job for me. How high is the roof?

8 = 6[d10]+2 = 8m

Template Cult Initiate: Thg:3 Wounds 10 armour: 2
Dam: d10+8 -> I take the 6 success --> 6+8 -> 14 -3THG -2 AR= 9

I hear a small thump, and go and look down on the alley.  Is he conscious?

50/50 (3[d10]) No

"Well, that takes care of that" I am very proud of myself. I get down ad inspect his body. Hmm... still alive, well we can question him later.

Is the binocular intact?

SU (6[d10]) Yes, but...

Well one of the lenses is broken but the thing itself is okay. And this one is a digital and seem mostly intact. Garret can repair it I am sure.
Is the vox active?

SL (7[d10]) Yes

I take the vox and its  control unit for myself.  I attach the headset and listen in.  Did I rose suspicion on the other end?

L (6[d10]) Yes, but...

I hear in my ear"Hey is that all?" the voice ask. 'Shit' I try to conceal my voice with coughing and try to play it cool "Yeah that is all"

Fellowship routine: 40 = 50[d100]-10 (Fail)
Consequence: Failure / Leadership

There is a small pause then: "Shit!" And the line goes still. 'Okay I fucked it up.' I change the frequency to 224 and hail my "team mates".
"Sunblade team please answer. We have a situation."
Do they react?

50/50 (7[d10]) Yes

"What the fuck do you want now?" comes a gruff voice in my ear. "We are compromised. I just took out a guy reporting your movements!"
Do they believe me?

SL (3[d10]) No

"Yeah right! Fuck off! We told you to keep still. You weren't answering this long and now you throw shit like this! Get off this channel ore I make you." It's true I didn't have a vox. They didn't know that...but damn I must  look like a complete dumbshit. No wonder they don't like me. There were many times when I felt that Charisma was my dump stat... and it had  ticked me off more than I could count.

How is my victim. Is he still unconscious?

VL (1[d10]) No, and...
Get Action: Desert

The guy at my feet actually gets up and makes a beeline for the streets. 'That's a tough son of a bitch!' No time for me to loose! I ready my Lasgun and fire t on semi-auto

Roll BS: 18 = 18[d100] (Successes: 3) = 2 hits

I got in two hits on his thights: Dam:8+3 - 5 = 6 crit
The first shot burns through his jacket and staggers the fool. The left leg shots out of him.
THG: 22 = 22[d100]
AGL: 67 = 67[d100]
There is no actual blood to see, but the leg itself looks like as of a rag-doll's. But before he would hit the ground came the second hit

Dam: 9+3 - 5 = 8 crit

The effect second shot is more brutal: It severs his leg completely and it also seems to have hit something important because next there is a small explosion, and the whole body catches fire. Before he could even cream, the man is immolated and falls to the ground as a charred corpse. And of course there is nothing to salvage...no gear and no information.

What is your next action?

I take up position on the safe-spot. I take my gun and using its scope I look for suspicious movement. Any traffic on the vox?

(10[d10]) Yes, and...

I hear gunshots, and some comments from my co-workers: "Fuck we are under fire! Get here asap" I look for the gunfight:

Perception/challenging + heightened senses (eyes) + telescope: 25 = 25[d100] (Successes: 3)

I find the source, of the disturbance. There are (6 = 4[d10]+2) 6 enemies.
Are they commig from the same direction?

50/50 (2[d10]) No

They have split in two groups.  One on each side of the factory. I decide to help out the other mercenaries. I know there is only one thing mercs hate more than owning money, and that is owing someone because they saved your ass.

I ready my Lasgun again. Set it to semi-auto fire and take aim. I don't rush, Lasguns are may be the most common equipment among the guardsman but they have 3 thing which makes them one of the best choices you can make. First you don't have to calculate ballistics. So for long range the are your best friends. They don't punch as hard as some of his SP-cousins sure...but they make up for it with their second advantage. NO RECOIL! Combine the two and you can even make a farm-boy a deadly solider in days. The size of the clip is just a bonus.

Cult Fantic (THG4 wound 10 Armor 2)

I aim carefully. I provide cover fire to keep my "comrades" alive, rather than just focusing on killing the enemy. Are the mercenaries ijured?

(9[d10]) Yes

How bad?

First group:
(18 = 18[d20]) Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.
(20 = 20[d20]) Critical Injury: Requires immediate attention; clearly life-threatening if not immediately deadly.
(8 = 8[d20]) Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

From the first group one is down, the other is limping badly. But the third is in the game.

BS + aim full + semi-auto + high groud: 55= 55[d100] (Successes: 3) 2hits
Hove Injured is the enemy?

(7 = 7[d20]) Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.
(19 = 19[d20]) Critical Injury: Requires immediate attention; clearly life-threatening if not immediately deadly.
(8 = 8[d20]) Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

One of my enemy is also down in a bloody pool, but the other two are firing vigorously... 'Well lets remedy that':
Starting Dam: 3 = 3[d6]
Dam reduct: 4+2 = 6

Dam1: 2+5 -6 = 0 Although my first shot was spot on it didn't seem to have done anything serious. I muss check the capacitator later

Dam2: 6+3 - 6 = 3
Do the two mercs hit their target?

50/50 (7[d10]) Yes
50/50 (3[d10]) No

Only one of them hits. Is it the same as my target?

50/50 (1[d10]) No, and...
Expose / Evil

Laser or SP? = odd vs even SP (6 = 6[d10]) The mercenaries and the attackers both use Sold projectile weapons. It's hard to make out which tipe, and unfortunately I didn't take a good look at the at our first meeting. Just the the injured teammate decided to turn on us! I hear his voice and I remember that it was he how answered me on the vox when I transmitted my warning. He decided to shoot his fellow solider in the back:
(5 = 5[d20]) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

Fortunately the shots ricochets from his gear. And the affected merc turn around by reflex and shots him between the eye:
(19 = 19[d20]) Critical Injury: Requires immediate attention; clearly life-threatening if not immediately deadly.
He doesn't seem to understand first what happened, but the he gets shot at again so he takes cover behind his ex-comrade.

I line up my shot. (Aim: Full action) 89 = 89[d100]
I let loose another semi-auto burst, but this one misses my enemies completely. They ducked in time so my beams hit the stellbars of they cover instead.What happens on the other side?
Enemy condition:

5 = 5[d20]) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.
(2 = 2[d20]) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.
(12 = 12[d20]) Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.


(5 = 5[d20]) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.
(6 = 6[d20]) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

They have seemingly have pinned each other down. 'Good I got some time'
What doe the attackers do?

Consequence: Failure
Get Action: Delay / Attention

As it seems they attempt to overwhelm us in a fast attack failed. Their spy was neutralised, and also the traitor among our team as well.
They decided to pull back. It seems the are waiting for something. They seems content on staying put.

On my side I take aim again and also try to discern what they're up to.

unmoving/prone + high ground + semi- auto

PER: 86 = 86[d100]
BS: 96 = 96[d100]

Unfortunately I cant get a good picture about what they're doing,  and since I have divided my attetion I also miss.

On The Other side we seem to have the upper hand:

(19 = 19[d20]) Critical Injury: Requires immediate attention; clearly life-threatening if not immediately deadly.
(19 = 19[d20]) Critical Injury: Requires immediate attention; clearly life-threatening if not immediately deadly.
(6 = 6[d20]) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.
(5 = 5[d20]) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.
(18 = 18[d20]) Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.

Do my enemies make a move?

(10[d10]) Yes, and...

The attackers on my side begin to move: One is providing cover fire and the other is holding something in his hands. He begins to run toward the factory. I target the running one and focus on his hands. What does he carry?

Perception/challenging: Heightened senses+10, scope+5: 50 = 50[d100] (Success)

I can see two grenade-like things in his hands. I remember, those are like my EMP-thingy. If they can take down machinery, than here outside we are going to get fucked. I scream in the vox "You on the east! Kill that running guy fast!"

I shoot at the running man: 94 = 94[d100] but I just can't land a hit. Does the other guy shoot at him?

(6[d10]) Yes, but...

My comrade also heeds my words  but he also misses.

How much time until he gets close to the  factory in orde to use the grenades?

5 = 4[d4]+1 (Rounds)

I decide that I don't have the luxury to only rely on my Lasgun. I throw my reason out the window and grab the shady rocket launcher.
Let's see is this thing even operational?
Common lore (tech)/challenging: 21 = 21[d100] (Successes: 2)

Okay: I can use it and it looks like it wont explode in my hands. But I only got 1 shot. Fortunately it doesn't have to be a direct hit. It only has to stop my enemy in his tracks. Iaim and fire.

BS: 23 = 13[d100] (unskilled + full aim) (Successes: 3)

Does my enemy dodge?

50/50 (4[d10]) No

The rocket is on target. It flies straigt up my enemy hits him in the back...
Dam 2d10+4 -> 10+7+4-6 (No Fury) = 15
Starting wounds: 5 = 5[d6]

The sight is spectacular: The man explodes in a brilliant colour of red and glitter form sliver... the spreading resembles the opening of two wings...from a burned spot. The vox comes alive, and the guy who firs mocked me when the got here speaks with awe  = "Did..did you just fucking shot him with an RPG?"

"Seemed like a good idea" I answer.

Consequence: Truce / The public

Our enemies, seeing the bloody display decide that it was enoug. Their fighting spirit got broken. From the vox we hear a message from a voice we don't know: "Don't shoot wee surrender." The two enemy survivors come forth disarmed.

I look for the EMP Granades Do they wear any?

50/50 (4[d10]) No

I decide to call garret. If those grenades got involved then there could be more trouble coming our way. Garret arrived together with three of his brothers and  two dozen arbitrators. They took the corpses. And the priests went inside the Factory, with a group of arbitrators.
We were told to wait nearby the entrance...if we don't want to get shot that is.
Do the mercs see me mor favorable?

L (8[d10]) Yes

It seems my last shot has impressed them. One of them gives me a tap on the shoulder: "Not to shabby kid, especially that last shot"

Is our employer satisfied?

(10[d10]) Yes, and...

The Techpriest come out of the factory together with the lieutenant and a woman in luxurious clothes. They walk up to us:
The woman asks the officer on her left: "Are those our fearless soldiers?" She looks at us and seems to evaluate us even before her subordinate answers. "Yes ma'am they are" Her Eyes linger on me with and she has Interesting expression. "What curious eyes" she remarks, then as if I am not eve there she gives the normal moral booster: That we did a good job, it will serve the good of the imperium etcetera, etcetera...
The to survivors of the attackers are being led away by the arbitrates. All that left is to go home and get paid. I wonder do I get a bonus?

50/50 (10[d10]) Yes, and...

At exactly 1800 local time. My work is done. I go back to Bennar to give my report. He was already expecting me.
It turns out my pay was doubled (100gelt) but that's not all, I seems to have gotten an invitation...of sorts and a voucher.
I am honestly a bit lost here so I ask "Is this a business meeting?" Bennar laughs bitterly. "No. This one is of a social kind."

I blink, twice...
Bennar continues "Apparently you have made an impression. And everybody is talking about that bloody art you left behind at the factory. It does look like an eagle spreading its wings, from this angle." Bennar shows a picture of the site to me.
That I can understand, but then I look at my hand "And the voucher?"

"You can't get into a party looking like that son. You need to have class, and good quality gear. With that little voucher, you are going to get that, and of course you will be advertising your employer as well." He starts Smoking a cigar "The gathering is in 3 Days, so enjoy yourself!"

"It would be nice if I could really just do that"

Main quest = 100
Achievements = 9 = 9[d10] *10 = 90 Protect the factory
Opponents killed 2x50
Successful tests: 6x10
Total:350+70 = 420

- Rankshift to 2 (Shadesman)
- Gelt: 100
- Vox caster
- Damaged  digi-binocular
- Voucher for 1 main weapon + 1 side weapon + 1 armor (all good quality  / availability: scare)
Reputation: 1

Small Character bio:
Venris is a mutant without corruption... Divination 01 than 100 on minor mutation ->major mutation and then the Aberrat (32) was
rolled up. Because of this, the backgrounds: Pilgrimage and Sons of Dispater were choosen for protection purposes
This unfortunate roll-up was used because his stats were all above average. ~33
I wanted to play with him because he was powerful, but most of my GM had problems with his mutant side
His AGL and STR are in the 40s but his FEL took a hit at 27, and has lost some INT, but that was pretty hight to begin with.
I am pleased that I can try him out at least.
"Session 4 - It's a social thing...

Getting a good night rest was what I had planned on. I have spoken to mother, and she agreed to help me choose some clothes for the Gathering. I looked forward to it.  Father was offered a job off-world, which he took fast. Apparently if he's successful, then the money trouble of our family is over. But no plan survives the enemy.
My enemy came morning at 600 local time when my doorbell started ringing. I left my bed and went to my door. I Pushed the vox-button "Yes?"
Instead of an answer my door opened up and I got pushed back right onto my bed. It was the lieutenant form yesterday.
He came inside and looked around "How...normal" he said taking in the sight of my apartment. Behind him there were 2 servants a man and a maid, and I could make out 2 guards at my door. The officer addressed the manservant "Pack his belongings, except the weapons." the man bowed. And started on his task. My front door was closed by the gourd.
My own reaction could be summed up in one word "Heh?" Not the most intelligent answer I know. For my defence I was sitting on my bed in my shorts when all this happened. When the manservant went for my aquila pendant I got up "Don't touch that" and caught his had. The Officer took the pendant. "Don't worry we have dozens of trinket like this" he says.
"That one is real" I stress out and my hand tightens in a fist.
The man answers dismissively "I happen to know a couple of thing about these pendants..."

Does he know what to look for?
SL (6[d10]) Yes

Is the pendant that I got from the high priest genuine?
L (10[d10]) Yes, and... Majestically / Horrible

"and if this one is real then I am a ... huh?... Who did you say gave this to you?"
"A high priest called Volgov"
"Is that so!?" - his voice changed and he eyed the pendant for a couple of seconds with a mixture of emotions . The he put it back on my table very carefully. Then he sighed "Well, apparently I am..." He begun to massage his forehead. "Violet, please help him get dressed and make him presentable! " Without a word I got dragged inside my shower by said maid.
The maid was in her 30s and looked at me impatiently. Looking at dumb face she decided to take matters in her hands...She liberated my shorts. I jumped in my wash-booth immediately.


"Okay, I think I am fine thank you." but then I hear a rustling sound. I turn around and the maid is in her undergarments her clothes are neatly folded in the corner. She has some shampoo in her left hand and a brush in her right.

"My orders were to make you presentable, and to help you get dressed, young sir. I shall execute my order to the fullest. Now please grant me some space..."

"You gotta be kidding..."
After the shower scene, I was dressed by the same woman. I was presented with 3 new set of cloths on my bed. The maid, whose name was Violet, helped me with the shirt and the garments. Now I am sitting on my bed again the officer took one of my chairs and is currently speaking with someone on radio. The maid is standing behind me fully dressed doing my hair and crooning happily.

I need to say it "I am not happy" My pride as a man got a serious blow in the shower. It felt like when I was four years old again and got a scrub from mother after I played in the dirt.

As the Lieutenant ended the call he spoke to us again. "I think we are ready. Your weapons are in the trunk and pendant is safe in the sedan. I spoke with your acquaintances, so they wont bother us looking for you."

We travel with a hover vehicle to the higher levels of the city. The acropolis is a place most of the humans living here never see. It is reserved for those who have to much money to even care. An impressive sight it is. Beautiful mansions, artful statues, depicting the divines of the imperium and the great lord of this word. We pull up at the garage of one of the bigger mansions. The officer leads the way, I amin the middle and the 2 servants are behind us. We got into a richly decorated dining hall, with a black ebony table  and cushioned seats.
There we got seated. Then dinner was bought in...7 courses.

Before we start eating the lieutenant speaks up: "My lady is smitten with your previous performance. " I look up but don't say anything "She can be quite eccentric. Which is good for business but it tends to cause the staff a bit of trouble, you see?"
"And I'm here because...?"
"Because I don't like unknowns. You are poor. That means less education, style and moral. Although you seem to be an exception, for that I am glad" He take a sip of his drink "Nonetheless you are ignorant of the fine workings of upper society, so it falls to me and the servants of this house to teach you proper etiquette, and prepare you for the gathering. Sebastian will guide you through the expected forms and Violette will teach you some basic interactions, and tact."
I look at the two servants who came in my house this morning. They bow this time to me. "And since we are going to see each other from now on I think introductions are in Order. You may call me Lieutenant Alexander Stratov. I already know your name, so instead of chatting let us eat." Needless to say I didn't had much of an appetite.

After Breakfast was done, I could finally see my room which had double the size of my old capsule flat. It was nicely decorated with blue curtains and the furnitures had silver linings. I had 2 big windows and a bed for at least four persons. I liked it very much.  In the afternoon I was bought to the armoury to choose my new representative gear.

I choose a Longlas as my Primary weapon. Second I found good looking Naval pistol...
Can I choose this one?

50/50 (1[d10]) No, and... +Event: Cruelty / Victory

"That is not part of the Armoury" says Alexander and he pocket the pistol. "If you want something like this then you gotta conscript boy"
"That's unfortunate I really like the design."
"How about a little wager then? There will be a small demonstration of our products. Nothing fancy, some target shooting, possibly a bit of duelling. I got two man lined up for the job. Beat them and I hook you up with something nice, but make and idiot out of yourself and you get nothing. Including the voucher."
"Double or nothing huh? Alright I can live with it."
"For now choose something more common will you?"
"How about that Trantner 54?" I ask

50/50 (6[d10]) Yes, but...

"You wanna compensate for something kid?" He asks in awe.
"I thought that I need something that has more punch. My Lasgun has good fire rate and a big clip, but for something more armoured I'll need something with an extra bite. What would you suggest?"

What does he recommend? Fusion batteries

He caresses his chin and thinks "I personally would recommend a laspistol. The Palentin has a reliable design and would look good together with your Longlas."
"Thats not really for me." I think a bit " I saw a Carnodon with some of the officers of the arbitres." Is this an option for me?

SU (8[d10])

"Well we can get you one of those, but I still think a a small arm should be you know small...but If you think you can handle it"
"Don't worry I'm stronger than I look" I still have 3 days until the gathering starts. I will need something to grab my attention.

Get Focus: Cautious slave

Later that night Violet had called for me and presented 3 women. "Young sir please choose. Who is most to your liking. "
"Okay, not what I expected,when you called. Violet please explain."
"As you wish. There is simply to many forms and to little time. One of these girls will be your consort for the gathering and also she will help you practice in the upcoming days."

I look at all the three girls. They are lovely to look at, but I decide that the one with the lighter build, and long black hair is more to my liking. Her skin is also a bit more plain, she would look gorgeous in a red dress. I blink and try to get the image out of my head. "Her." I decide out loud.
"Excellent choice young sir." Violet seems pleased with my choice "Taura, shall attend to you from now on until you are guest of this house. Tomorrow morning we shall begin with the practice"

Does something happen until the gathering?

50/50 (4[d10]) No

The next to days go by in a blink. Learning which fork to use, how to address someone politely, and also how to tell them to fuck off as a gentleman. My chosen escort, Taura also gave me little pointers. She was really good detecting my flaws and moving in just at the right moment to correct them. She also has all the major families and guild representatives in her head. She knows what topic they like, what jokes they laugh about, and also some topics you better not mention around them.
At the night of the gathering I finally met my employer:  Baronesse Mademoiselle Ophillia Jestilla
She was busy greeting the "important" quests a making announcements for the night. I had Taura on my side...and she did choose a red dress. I was wearing a blue young officer attire with silvery decorations. We arrived together with lieutenant Alexander in luxuriant sedan hovercraft and 'was introduced as Sergeant Venris Wolfe from XIII battalion. Apparently I needed a rank of sorts because just Venris Wolfe didn't cut it. Taura was keeping me up to date with information about the guests. Everybody who is here is showing off, whether a young consort or a new fabulous dress or an exquisite ornament.
I took a sip from one of the spirits offered to us and had to find out that these alcoholic drinks were to much for me.
THG/ challenging: 69 = 69[d100]
I decided to leave the drinks alone. Do I see someone I recognise?

50/50 (6[d10]) Yes, but... Waste

By the emperor if it isn't Garret, but he seems a bit odd... He is wearing his ceremonial robes but his behaviour is less than professional. he too seemed to have underestimated the power of the beverage spirits. I wonder why he is here?
Does something get my attention?

Ambiguous event

As I was about to take to the dance floor Alexander took a voice-caster: "Ladies and Gentleman, in the name of our grandiose host I would like to thank you for gracing us with your presence. For now I would like to invite you to the garden where a little presentation of ours will take place. Also one of our guest, Sergeant Wolfe has been so kind to join to the presentation and test and judge our wares himself. Tis way please. " Alexander came up to me smiling, then whispered in my ear "Don't screw up!"

The garden itself was nicely decorated as well. here you could also find some servitors together with some servo skulls occasionally flying by. A makeshift firing range was created in the inner gardens. Our target were holo-targets. I found the two guys I will be competing against. I looked around the crowd, and could make out multiple expressions:

Failure / Expectations

Is Garret there?

(10[d10]) Yes, and... PC negative

Seems like the announcement has sobered up the old man but he doesn't seem to happy that I am in the middle of attention. My competitors are also not your typical solders:

Tongue-tied helmsman
Battle-scarred female bounty hunter

The firs one is a quiet man. He is decorated but look very skinny. Almost as if he didn't even got basic training. He takes of his glows and I can see that his hand are pure white. 'Void born'  I conclude. I look at his movements and surely the are a bit awkward. I also had similar problems after a long voyage when I got off from our ship. The sudden change of gravity could be unpleasant.
The other was a woman. Now she, looks battle hardened. I can make out multiple cuts on her hand and also some scar tissue on her neck. Whatever caused it, she is lucky to be alive.
Both of them look at me whit a snare. 'What did Alexander tell them?'
There are three rifles on a table. two lasguns and a solid projectile rifle. All of us choose a weapon. I go for a gun that looks like a longlas.
Alexander gave the instructions. Three target middle, long and extreme range. The targets pop up and we ready our weapons.

I take my time and observe my targets.
Awareness/challenging + heightened senses (eyes): 10 = 10[d100] (Successes: 4)

Two of my targets are stationary an the third is moving easy to predict. The others shoot. Do the hit

L (9[d10]) Yes
L (10[d10]) Yes, and...

Nothing surprising the target are relatively close, although that bullseye was nice from the woman.

My turn since I know my target I forgo the targeting, and shoot the first three target in succession:

25 = 25[d100]
15 = 15[d100]
35 = 35[d100]

I also got a bullseye, and the other two shots also hit the inner circle. I managed to finish at the same time as the other two with this technique.  Now came the next group.

Do the other solders hit the targets?

L (8[d10]) Yes
L (10[d10]) Yes, and...

Again they hit and the woman scores another bullseye. But now they take their time to line up the shots.
I use the same method as before:

Awareness/challenging + heightened senses (eyes): 24 = 24[d100] (successes: 4)
Now all the targets are moving in a pattern. This wont be to hard as well.

10 = 10[d100]
73 = 73[d100] Fate: 59 = 59[d100]
66 = 66[d100] Fate: 52 = 52[d100]

The first is a direct hit but the other two barely scratch the targets... I got luck that my targets moved into my shots otherwise I would be a laughingstock right now. The woman seems to feel my discomfort and smirks at me.
I check the iron sight:

 Common lore (tech) / routine: 5 = 5[d100] (Successes 5)

'Interesting' the markers on the middle sight seem lover than in a normal rifle. I make a test and aim lower than before.

97 = 97[d100] Fate: 37 = 37[d100]

At first instinct takes over for me, but the just before I shot I correct myself. I hit. It seems I was Right. I take a full turn to aim again then shoot:

61 = 61[d100]

Barely a hit but a hit nonetheless.

9 = 9[d100]

Thankfully I get fully accustomed to the custom sights on the weapon and with the last hit I nail my target just as it was written in the book.

Do the other two hit?

SL (8[d10]) Yes
SL (10[d10]) Yes, and...

Same as before the took their sweet time just like me, but all of us hit our targets. The Show seems to be a success. Alexander gives special commentary for the guest. We also tell how well these weapons handle themselves. It is apparent that the majority of the people here has no clue what we talk about but the clap and the voice their opinion on our great marksmanship.

There is a small pause before the duelling starts. I get pulled away by our host Madam Jestilla.
"Preparator Garret let me introduce you Sergeant Venris fon Wolfe. He is the Promising man I was talking about"
Garret looks at me as were this the first time we have ever met. "I'm please to meet you. I have heard much about your accomplishments in the XIII battalion."
"Thank you Preparator. But there were many times when the machine spirits did the heavy lifting for us. They should be thanked to."
True. Tell me..." I could see that the baroness has lost interest our conversation alas she excuses herself.
Garret then speaks to me plainly: "I didn't expect to meet you this way."
"I didn't really had a choice."
"Maybe you didn't, still this can make things easier. Keep yourself sober tonight after the party is over we will have a discussion."
"Will it be of social nature?"
He shook his head "No." and went away.
Just the Alexander found me. "Two close calls kid, but you are still in the game. For the duelling we will use rubber rounds. Non-leathal but hurts like a bitch. Try not to get hit."

Alexander than announces the "duelling" and every eye is on us again. This time the weapons are identical. They are a single shot duelling pistols. However the give us a second round. We do a traditional stand-off duelling.

Do I start?

50/50 (7[d10])

Me: 8 = 4[d10] + 4 
Solder: 11 = 9[d10] + 2

He is faster than me. As I turn I can see him already holding the weapon, so I lean to the right reflexively

Dodge: 10 = 10[d100] vs BS 35 = 35[d100]

I manage to avoid the shot in the nick of the time, and  I shoot back on reflex.

BS: 45 = 45[d100] vs Dodge 56 = 56[d100]

He tires to twist his body  but the shell hits home. I got lucky again. The emperor was with me tonight but I get the feeling, that my luck will come to an end. Do the two solders duel next?

(10[d10]) Yes, and... +Event: Bestow / Lies

Te next match is between the two soliders.

Get focus: NPC positive

Taura comes to my side "Are you alright milord?"
"Yes the bullet just grazed my suit."

Awareness/ challenging: 52 = 52[d100] (Fail)

The duellists reloaded their weapons. Then they start.

7 = 7[d10] - man
1 = 1[d10] - woman

68 = 68[d100]
71 = 71[d100]

The man was faster again, but now they both fail to hit...or almost. Do they hit something important?

50/50 (4[d10]) No

The shot of the man hits home just beside me. It hits a concrete vase, which shatters. 'The fuck!'
Does anybody else notice?

SL (8[d10]) Yes

Honest empath

Someone screams in the crowd: "Live ammunition!" and points at my direction. The is a brief moment of silence. Then weapons are being drawn.

8 = 8[d10] - woman
2 = 2[d10] - man
2 = 2[d10] - me

The warrior woman reacts the fastest. She reloads and fires as fast as she could and hit the other guy Who is aiming again at me. Fortunately the hit he got has thrown him off balance. I got enough time to ready my weapon and shoot him.

Unmoving target + semi-auto: BS: 54 (Succeses: 3) 2 hits
Pen: +2 / THG -3
Dam: 7+4-1 = 10 wound
Dam: 4+4-1 = 7 crit
Fatigue: 5
I fire my hand canon. Three shots ring out. The first hits the man in the chest. The second hit his pistol effectively disarming him and the last shell hits him again in the chest. The man take a step back and coughs up some blood then falls to his knees. Then he collapses and starts to bleed out on the concrete. The guards arrive just in the nick of the time to witness the "duelling".
Is he dead?

  50/50 (4[d10]) No

Seems like the devils luck is with this guy. My first bullet must have found some soft tissue between organs, and the second by the looks of it was stopped by the sternum. The guard take the unconscious man away. I put away my gun and then prepare myself for a big apology. But then I hear clapping?
"Bravo, excellent. A middle aged man shouts. This is how you duel." And just like that everyone begins to clap...
Does something else happen tonight?


The guests enjoy the evening as if nothing happened. Maybe for them really nothing happened. Around 0200 local time the party starts to end. Everybody calls for their transport vehicle and travels to their mansion or Spaceship. Only five persons remain: Liutanent Alexander, Baroness Jestilla, GÍarret, Taura and me.

Garret then speaks to all of us: "I think it's time that we talk."


Main Quest: 0
Side quest: 1
Achievement: get the assassin
Successful tests: 3 x 10XP
Reputation: 2
Chaos: 2

- Better Gear/ upgrade
- Staying at a mansion

XP stored: 50
XP for Rank 3 needed: 150
Session 5 - The enemy of my enemy...

Blockaded hive

We relocate in a safe room. No windows and black curtain with a holodesk in the middle. Security was elevated for the remainder of the night. The baroness, Garret, myself and Lieutenant were alone nourishing a glass of good brandy. Taura was waiting outside. Garret was the first to speak up "How curious. Three day and a second attempt was made to ruin your expansion plans. Although I don't know who the intended target for this second attempt was."
"It is clearly no coincidence" stated Alexander "Fortunately the idiot was not killed by our trigger happy idiot, so tomorrow we will have some answers. I can guaranty you that." "Then we must make haste. Fortunately my candidate seems ready..." she gestures towards me. I look at Garret questioningly. Does Garret give me explanation?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

"As you know the possession of Spirit killer grenades is a capital offence in this city. However more and more are being found. The Mechanicus decided on a joint operation in order to find the source of these Grenades and purge any smuggling operations involving them. Baroness Jestilla has agreed to fund the operation because someone seems hell bent on sabotaging her business here on Orios. This is not an official Dispater contract, I have to add." Will I be staying here until the operation is done?

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

"Where is going to be the base of this operation? Here?" I ask Garret answers again "No. But I will provide you with a safe-house for your trouble. Since the Baroness will also be affected by your investigation she has agreed to provide us, and here I mean you with an adequate living building where you can prepare, live and make reports. I myself will be your point of contact for the Mechanicus."
Alexander speaks up form here "You will be given some equipment and a budget for... extra costs. You can use it how you like, but we expect progress..."
"Can I enlist others to my investigation?" I ask

(Likely | 3[d10]) No

"We would like to keep thing undercover" The baroness answers "We don't want the arbitrates to butt in, or a third party. That would be bad for business"
"I was actually thinking on enlisting one or two form your trusted men or women"

(Very Likely | 9[d10]) Yes

"That...is a possibility" Alexander says "Do you have someone in mind?"
"The woman who I performed against. She has both good reflexes and a steady aim"
"Karina huh? Not a bad choice." (Rank 1 Arch militant)"And since we want to avoid most of the questions, your military rank is officially Sergeant." I look again at Garret for confirmation. He nods his head.
The baroness speaks again "Your primary concern should be, where you should start your investigation"
I think back at the scavenger shop, where the owner recognised the device. I smile at her confidently and answer "I think I know where to begin."

Nicely / Horrible

My answer seems to have surprised her for a moment her features shift. "That is commendable." "Who am I going to report" Will Taura be my contact to the baroness?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

"Alexander will give you a dataslate with an encrypted line. You only have to write up a summary and send it to him." We all retire for the night. Morning I wait at the diner for Alexander. Around 1000 local he arrives together with the woman named Karina. We were formally introduced. "This is Sergeant Wolfe, and from now on he will be your superior." How does the woman react?


She narrows her eyes at me but I can't detect any hostilities. It seems she is fine becoming my aid for the upcoming mission.
Can Alexander provide me with the promised gear now?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

He doesn't even mention it.

We travel to the safe house which is on the middle levels.

Molten core

It is a place above the metal-foundry and. Behind the quarter of the operators, who are one step above the normal wage-slave. Which is not much, but still makes life here more comfortable. In the neighbouring sector there is a temple of the machine cult, and Garrets shop is just one floor down. It is a good place. It is quite close to the core of the city to the major transport lines. It is also a place less preferred because it's packed with pipelines and maintenance equipment for the city; mostly shafts, cranes and renovator stands. I contact Garret. Cab he take a look at our equipment?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

When I got hold of the old man he was already on route to us. He said that he packed a mini workbench for some fast repairs, and he is also helping to settle in in our new home with Karina. That last sentence was also delivered with a snicker through the vox. What did the old man do this time?

Cautiously / Empty

I get the keycard for my new home and open the door. The first thing that I see is nothing... This place was picked clean. Well at least there is no dust. There are three small rooms, a dining area with something like a living room. and of course the showering cabin with the restroom. Quite cosy I have to say. one of the rooms will be used as a store-room. The living room will be all purpose.

Garret arrives in an armoured van. I help him taking out our stuff. Te rest of the afternoon passes as we set in. Garret agreed to do a maintenance on our equipment. The lasguns are okay. Garret is able to repair my binocular. It not only has picture enhancement but also IR view. Karina gives him her bolters. Does Garret provide us with anything else?

(Likely | 7[d10]) Yes


He sets up a cogitator device in the back room. I ask him for 2 extra clips for my handgun and for some ammo. I also ask him for some weapon upgrades like a mono enhancement for my knife and a red-dot laser sight. Can he provide me those things?

(Very Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...


Ammo bandolier

Garret then brings in a weapons locker "Here the thing that are inside are free of charge" I open the locker and I see plenty of ammo for my pistol

2 = 2[d10]

Two boxes of normal .54 calibre ammunition.

10 = 1[d10]+3[d10]+6[d10]

There are also 10 bolter shells in it. Is there anything else?

(Very Likely | 7[d10]) Yes

Above average motion detector

I find a laser-sight alright, and it is a multi mountable. I can easily mount it on my pistol or lasgun whenever I want. For now I decide that my pistol should have it. I also take the Ammo bandier and equip it like a belt. It has to pockets for 2 clips and the rest is for shells.

20 = 7[d10]+6[d10]+7[d10]

Exactly 20 shells have room in it. That is a whole box. Nice. Is there anything else in the box?

(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

Hmm...nothing else of interest. I present the bolter shells to Karina. Then Garret is holding out his hand
"Yes?" I ask
"Your knife. I can make the necessary upgrade to its blade. Give me 3 hours and its done. Oh I have almost forgotten, your papers are here."
I take them from Garret and look at them. My teeth just drops. Karina also looks over my shoulder. The papers say that this home was officially commissioned to one Sergeant Venris Wolfe and to his legal wife Karina Wolfe. I look at Karina. She looks back at me and declares first: "We will not share a bed" I nod at her declaration. She seems satisfied with my reaction because she goes back to her room probably still unpacking.
I look back at the papers in my hand. 'So much for that idea ' Until Garret is ready with my knife a get the rucksack where I originally found the Spirit-killer grenade. If I remember correctly there was a symbol inside (Session 2). After I found it I go to our new cogitator unit, and start to look for sightings for this symbol across the city.

Common Lore (Underword/hard: 67 - Fail Common Lore (Tech)/hard: 41 - Fail

Unfortunately I cant find any information about the sign. The archives of the arbitrates probably has some Intel but, I am not good enough and not crazy enough to try and breach their system. Well Plan B it is... observation.


Next day I am sitting at a coffee shop in the lover levels. I remember the pawnshop whose owner recognised the device and then suddenly turned friendly. I decided to wait 3 days at most. If nothing happens till day 3 than I make my move. I have my pistol with me concealed under my flack coat. I also make some recording with my pict-recorder from time to time. In my ear there is a micro-bead with Karina on speed dial. "Are you enjoying yourself, Sir?" - I hear a feminine voice in my ear.
"Yes I do." I answer nonchalantly "Do you know how long it was that I could afford a nice warm coffee?" Is there any movement by the pawnshop?

(Unlikely | 5[d10]) No, but...

I take a look at my target again. Nobody seems to go in from the front door. Awareness/challenging: 72 - Fail
If there are no customers then how is this shop even in business? Okay maybe I just choose a wrong day. But that's why I gave choose to wait for 3 days. I repeat my routine again tomorrow. Any movement?

(Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and... +Event: Delay / Masses

NPC Action

On the next day things seems to pick up around the shop. Many times I see a man looking at the window, but then he goes away. Tomorrow is my last day I wont wast any more money to sit here. How many Gelt do leave here?

22 = 19[d20]+3

On the third day I look at my bill...too much. 'That's it! ' If I cant find something then I will sneak in around the night cycle. I observe the lock on the shop. Is it a mechanical one?

(Very Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

"Katrina" I call my partner "I will probably need a lock-pick for tonight"
"I don't think we'll need it. Yesterday I strolled by the shop. I couldn't see anyone but there is a back entrance with also a mechanical lock. It is in bad shape. should be easy to get it open even with improvised tools. "

Does something noteworthy happen today?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 9[d10]) Yes +Event: Desert / Opulance

Introduce a new NPC

Awareness/easy: 51 (Successes: 2)

I was just about to call it a day when I saw movement. It was a man in clothes more suited for a dry planet than for this city, going into the pawnshop. The thing is his That I got a glimpse on his dagger which he was carrying. Let's just say if I could sell that, then I probably don't have to work for the upcoming year.

Snobby female fugitive

I also can take out that under those robes is actually a woman. Definitely not your usual customer. She didn't spend a lot of time inside. I decided to shadow the woman. I paid my bill. and got down to the streets and waited for the woman to make some distance before I started to follow her.

Silent Move + crowd + unremarkable = 20 (Successes: 6) NPC Opposed test: Awareness/challenging: PER:25+2d10 = 34 --> 36 (Fail)

Navy tower

I manage to follow her undetected. Her destination is...The harbour. She hastens her phase and I have to make more distance but I can see that she goes into a Hotel reserved for void-men crews. The Place is Called the Scarlet Cove Hotel. 'Catchy name.' I contact Karina "Karina, I have job for you."
"I'm listening"
"I have a possible suspect in the Scarlet Cove Hotel. A woman, probably outworlder." I describe the apparel of the woman. "I need you to listen around, and if you can find out which ship she may have used."
"What will you do, if I might ask?"
"I get my self some tools and then I shall indulge myself in some thievery"


Late at night I get back to the lower levels. I packed my gear, my gun and I am currently wearing my darkest set of clothes.
How is security here?

4 = 6[d10]-2

It is bellow average, but still I have to keep my head down. Does something happen on athe way down?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 2[d10]) No

I get to the shop without problems. I go to the rear entrance. It is and old lock it is even rusted. Can I just bend it down?

(Somewhat Likely | 4[d10]) No, but...

Unfortunately this is a massive lock even if its old. So I have to try a different route. I probe the locking mechanism of the door itself.
Security/challenging: 100 - Critical Fail.

'Damn it'  The lock cannot be opened and the large metallic door has a latch built inside of it. I wont be able to get in this way. But I am not idiotic enough just to waltz in from the front door I look for a window.

Awareness/challenging: 21 - Success: 3
Security/routine: 04 - Success: 3

I get up to the window and us my crowbar to pry it open. Then I get in and drop down. Where am I?

There is nothing else of interest in here.

I am in a small empty corridor. If I am correct I 'll need to get in a smaller resting area or find the counter. I go left.

There is a Bed with a cabinet.

I find the resting place. There is a compact bed and a small self Is there something of value?

Awareness: 34 - Success

(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Sealed canister

I look under The bed and find a small metal case. It is locked. I try to be careful I use my screwdriver to take down the combination lock, then use my Mono knife to cut off the lock.

Security/challenging: 21 - Success: 3

Poor quality pocket computer

I open it up and find a small dataslate. Is the memory chip inside?

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

I find the chip but I wanna be sure so I start op the machine. Guess what! The owner muss be a real idiot because it isn't even password protected. I take the chip. And look inside the case. Is there something of worth?

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

I only find some purchase orders. One however looks familiar. It's about a makeshift grenade launcher. Not incriminating in itself, but enough but I think , I am in the right place. I take the orders as well.

I seal the case again and move it back to it's place where I founded it. I go to the counter. I am looking for a hiding place , a compartment, or a safe.box.

Awareness/challenging: 78 - Fail

Unfortunately I cant find anything. I search the desk Is there something of value?

(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

There is absolutely nothing. I even check the register but there inst even a single Gelt in it...not that I came for such thing 'Emperor guide me'.  I look at the scavenged items on the shelf do I see something relevant?

Awareness/challenging: 04 - Success 4

(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Power cells
Abnormally / Powerful

On the shelf I find some charge packs, but these seem modified.

Common lore (Tech)/routine. 48 = 48[d100] - Success

Even I can see that they are unstable and the locking mechanism was changed. No proper machine-spirit will accept them.
There are 4 = 4[d6] cells. I pack 2 of the cells but leave the other 2 here.
I think this is more than enough for one night I pack and get out of here. My first stop will be by Garret. I call the old man end give him the rundown of what I have found. He already waits for me at the entrance of his shop when I arrive.

We go inside. "Show me." he demands and I give him my bag with the charge-packs and the chip. He brings them to his worksop then after a couple of minutes he is back. Is this enough evidence?

(Very Likely | 8[d10]) Yes

"Good work. I never thought that a charge-pack could be modified for something like this. And the chip it has some very troublesome lintel."
"Can I see what's on it?"

(Very Likely | 5[d10]) No, but...

 Unfortunately there are some data I cannot let you look at. But I made a copy for you from the less heretical information. There are some  information that is could be used by the arbitrates, and of course by the Baroness as well.

"I will contact lieutenant Alexander then"

I go back to the safe-house. Does something happen?

(Unlikely | 2[d10]) No

The night is seemingly peaceful. I get home without trouble and contact the Lieutenant.  I give my report in the upcoming 30 minutes when I hear the door open. I instinctively reach for my gun at my side. Karina comes in the room holding a beer can. Did she find out anything?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 7[d10]) Yes, but...

Karina is not the most subtle, or at least this is what I saw from her. Than again she did find out something. The symbol on the bag that I found The contraband grenade is used as an insignia by some void-fahrer. Unfortunately she couldn't find out which crew they belong.
But at least we know that it's not a local gang we are looking for.

Rank Shift: 3 - Nighthawk
Main Guest progress: 2 x 100
Quest-related successful Skill-tests: 5 x10
All EXP: 1100
Session 6 - Gearing up...going down + Epilogue

I got a good night rest. Morning the first thing that I did was contact Bennar. I told him that I have discovered some nice information about possible bounties. Is he pleased?

(Very Likely | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

He promises that he will take the data up for auction. But it could take some time till I actually see some money out of it.

Then Alexander contacts me again.
"Greetings! I called you because I have news. The guy you have shot, talked."
"Anything useful?"I ask
"Hardly, or it would be nothing, but the attackers of the factory, who surrendered, also gave some statements. It turns out that The poor sap, who tried to shoot you simply made a big gambling debt. Since he couldn't pay, and if word have gotten out, then he would have been discharged; Again he couldn't have paid, and so probably would have been killed off, choose another option to clear his debt."
"By shooting me?" I asked
"By creating a ruckus on the gathering. And yeah by shooting you. He got a picture from a "stuck ass officer" that needed a bullet, and he was ready to deliver."
"This helps us how?" I frown
"He owned the money to a bunch of guys with the same insignia that you found inside that rucksack." Alexander continues. "Those goons who you made to surrender at our factory also had an interesting story. Their grenades supposedly came form people who had the same insignia tailored on they clothes."
"Do we know who they are?" I asks hopefully.

(Unlikely | 4[d10]) No

"Unfortunately, we do not have a warrant to search the ships of the harbour. Voidfahrer are also a tenacious bunch. It could be months till we find a lead, and many of the ships currently staying here will probably ship out within days."
"What about the shop clerk?"

Did they found the shop clerk?
(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

"Gone. Probably a loose end. It wouldn't surprise me if his body would turn up by the recycling reactor."
"Are we stuck then?"

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...
Inspect / Fame

"Unfortunately we are. We have of course information about a local crime lord, but moving against him would be unwise. We have to wait until the Adeptus Arbites makes his own investigation."
"Are the make any progress" I ask septically.

(Somewhat Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but...
Attract / A plan

"They have made some progress thanks to the Mechanicus. But their play is simplistic at best."
"Their wanna storm the place?" - I ask rhetorically

(Very Likely | 9[d10]) Yes

Alexander sighs "Yes. Preparator Garret is not amused. He does what he can to help the Marshall but it is a slow progress."
"Then I shall wait, for Garrets signal."

Does Alexander mention the upgrades he promised?
(Likely | 8[d10]) Yes +Event: Separate / Technology
NPC Action

Alexander speaks up again "Oh yes! I have almost forgotten. You remember about our little wager?"
"Of course! I am still waiting." I answer cockily.
"It took a bit of time for me to get the items, but I think you will like them. Of course only if you are ready to part with your current equipment. Meet me at the guardsman base on the third floor west sector, and you can see it for yourself... Sergeant."

Militarized destroyer

I decide to take up on his offer. I look up the base and take the monorail. The barrack on the third floor is next to the macro-cannon on the outer rim. This is a heavy militarised zone.  I walk up to the gate and present my ID.

NPC: Intelligent female law officer

 There is a female officer, behind a heavily fortified glass and bars: Chestnut, curly hair is pulled back to reveal a full, anguished face. Glittering hazel eyes, are set on me.
"What do for you sir?" she asks .
"I am here to see Lieutenant Alexander Stratov."
"Sergeant Venris Maxwell Wolfe?"
I sigh "Yes that is me." Maxwell is actually my baptised name. Although tradition demands that the Family name of the father is taken. The name Wolfe sounds to informal sometimes. Because of this I was Baptised with my mothers name: Maxwell.
"Please hold out your hand for the scanner." I do just that "Thank you sir. I shall call a solider immediately"

NPC: Optimistic warden who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to administer discrimination, prepare success, and access the downtrodden; who speaks of friendly requests and is focused on your recent scene.

In two minutes a young guardsman is pulling up next to me in a jeep. He salutes me 'Oh boy' "Privat Russel reporting for duty"
"At ease" I answer uncomfortably
"Private bring the Sergeant Maxwell to the quartermaster to Firing range 7." - the female office tells the guardsman.
"Yes Ma'am" he salutes again and opens the door of the car for me.
I step into the jeep and the young private begins to drive. Halfway to our destination he asks me a question:
"Is it true sir, that you took out a dynamiter with a rocket launcher over 400m as in... with a direct hit?"
I am surprised "I take news travel fast these corners"
"Only news like these sir. If you don't mind me saying this sir, you are a shining example for all of us. Sometimes it think that the regiment could choose its solider better."
"We all serve the emperor" I answer him.
"I know sir but..."
I try to play the wise-guy "Man are not equal. Some are smarter, other faster, and again others excel in different areas. The most important is that we serve the emperor as best as we can."
"Well spoken sir. Ah here we are." He seems to be impressed with my nonsense. Or maybe I am really that inspiring? Nah, couldn't be.

I leave the vehicle and go inside firing range 7. There, Alexander is already waiting for me together with the quartermaster. Behind them is a table and on it is a big weapons locker. I greet them "Well here I am, ready to be surprised."
The Quartermaster speaks up (with a bit of an accent) "You wont be disappointed sir. When Lieutenant Alexander told me that your gear was misplaced by the administorum, and you are currently using borrowed gear, I kicked my boys in the rear to speed up things for you." he takes the first weapon. "This is an officer short-sword, a mini cutlass. Its a good, balanced design, and compact enough for close quarter combat. Basically you can do same things with it than a combat knife. And of course it is mono preparated... Moving on; The dervish Las-pistol. One of the rarer designs. One could also look at it like a compact las-carabine. It has a smaller clip but has the same strength as a Lasgun and also has a fire selector for single and semi-auto shooting."
I immanently try it out, then I mount it with my laser-sight. I get 2 spare clips as well.
"I like it very much." I answer and smile like a kid in a candy store. I also give back my Carnodon.
"If you like that peashooter then this will blow you away. BGM Marine corp Anti-materiel Rifle." I whistle. "This guy kicks like a Grox and bites like a Stryg. Strong enough to take out even armoured targets in a bind, and with Manstopper ammunition it can even rival those Boltguns out there. Problem is that most can only use it with a bi-pod, but the Lieutenant here says that you can handle him without it...I would like to see it though, if you don't mind."
I decide to test it out.

Strength/challenging: 16 - Success: 3

I shoot at the target, and by the Emperor this guy was right: This thing really has a big recoil, but the shot itself was barely audible.

The  Quartermaster continues "As you can feel this is not a simple hunting-rifle with a scope. This has a machine spirit which accelerates your shoots faster for a bigger punch. It also has built in noise buffer, and because of the stabilisers its barrel is not that long as your usual sniper rifle, yet just as accurate."
I turn to Alexander "By the Emperor I am surprised."
"Then you accept the trade?"
"You can bet on it."
I say good bye to the quartermaster and the Private brings me home.

Does something happen on the next weak?
(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

The next weak goes by without anything usual. I give back my first weapon pack, and familiarise myself with the new one. Fortunately my bullet harness could hold the shells for my new sniper rifle as well.

Get focus: PC positive

After 5 days Bennar finally called. He was able to sell my Intel and got my 145Gelt. With this my wealth is up to 210G

How long till Garret Answers us?
5 = 5[d10]

After 5 days, we finally get contacted by Garret.
He was using the Holodeck to create a conference between us and the Baroness with Lieutenant Alexander.
"Greeting. I am sorry that it took so long to contact you, but the arbites has finally finished his investigation."

What will we have to do?
Destroy the data at the liberated starship.

"We are sure that the schematics of the grenades are not form  the surface of our planet. Based on the information provided to us by Sergeant Wolfe, a local Ganglord was contacted, and was offered a deal. He could use the technology to strengthen his position if he sabotaged the expansion of a certain Sanctioned trader. The man of course agreed and got his magic bullet which could disable any security measure and grant him a massive advantage."
"It's more like advantage. It's is like he brought an RPG to a Gunmetal stand off!" I blurt out.
"Not...inaccurate." Garret continues "Because of the city's dependence of constantly working machine spirits the Mechanicus is keeping an eye out for anything that could disrupt it. EMP-Grenades as they are truly called are such things. If the scum was less greedy he could have probably evaded us for decades, but with such an offence; it was decided that he must be taken out, and any data about these grenades muss be eliminated. The main goal is to find information about the importer of the contraband and to end they little endeavour. But since we do not know which ships to look out for, we need the information from the man itself, or from his slates."

"Who is that we go up against?" I ask

Deceitful smuggler
Rogue observatory

"His name is Rothgar. He like to be called a businessman but in reality, he is nothing more than a smuggler. He isn't even among the bests. His base of operation is close to the docks so he had it relatively easy. The arbites decided to close his business."
"Why are we needed then?" I ask.
"The arbites will do its job. They will go in and shoot up the place. But as I said we need someone to secure the information about the schematics and the original supplier. This is where your role lies."
I scratch my chin thoughtfully "I am no stranger to the machine spirits, but this is a bit to advanced for me."
"Don't worry. I shall give you a datastick. Just plug it in a  terminal and I will take care of the rest."
The Baroness speaks up. "This will be your last assignment. Perform well and the Emperor and myself will make sure that you are profusely compensated."
"I would like to take Karina with me. No offence but she is more trustworthy than the most arbitrators I know."
Garret continues "Agreed. I told the Marshall that I shall brief you about the situation. He agreed to send an armed transport for you."
"Since this will be mostly close quarter fighting, could you ask some arbitrator-gear for me?"

(Somewhat Likely | 1[d10])
No, and...

"I see what I can do but the Marshall will have the last words on the matter."
I didn't like the sound of that."Can you call the law-men to your shop I wanted to stock up on some grenades."
Garret nods. "Sure I'll bee there tomorrow."

------------------------------------------- Day-skip --------------------------------------------------

We take the tram to Garrets shop. Our weaponry is neatly packed in a metal case. The old man is already waiting for us, and shows me a dataslate with fresh prizes. Will I get the same 20% discount as before?

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...
Boldly / Glorious

He has given me a slate with full prises, however all of the equipment here is mechanicus sanctioned and... Is that a Bolt-pistol for sale? Damn it! That would be so good to have...but for this situation I will need something more practical. I choose a pump-action shotgun, and 4 grenades form his list (2 frag & 2 fire).
"Please prepare these for me. Should the Marshall be less then helpful, then I will need these"
Garret nods.
I give the lasgun to Karina with the clips. I think my sniper rifle will be only for limited use, but I will bring along just in case.
Just as I finished browsing, the patrol-car of the arbites pulls up front garret shop. Two enforcers come to the shop.
"Sir, we are to bring you to Marshall Draud, for briefing." They are rigid, following orders to the letters. A bit dumb, but commendable people.
Me and Karina get into the car and we are driven to the sector station. Inside on the 3rd floor, a makeshift briefing-room was created.
Inside at a big holodesk is the Marshall Draud, looking like a medieval knight in his mesh plate. Around him are 2 officers of middle rank.
He looks at us "At last, our guest arrive." He says distastefully.
I greet him "Lord Marshall what is the situation?"
"The insolent scum has upped his operations. He knows that we watch. If we want to get him we must strike now."
"In the middle of the day?" I ask.
"Of course!" he shouts. "The scum is mostly active at night. I expect less opposition around day-cycle."
"What is your strategy sir." I ask again.
"By the mercy of the emperor! I will surround the main building of the scum, and give him ONE chance to come out and surrender unconditionality. When he refuses, we go in and make him surrender."He pauses. "Four of my men should be enough on the inside. The others will look out for escapees."
 I nod "May I propose a small change."
He eyes me dangerously. "You do not like my plan?"
"I actually do. But the plan actually lists me as one of the frontal assaults."

How many floor does the building have?
7 = 6[d6]+1

"This is a seven story building." I conclude. "That means it has both an elevator and a fire-exit on the roof. I would suggest that me and my partner, go in from the roof." I indicate a position on the map. "If we want to be sure that none escape than 2 arbitrators could secure the rooftop, until we go inside and secure the data. No offence Marshall but, taking data from intact machine spirits is easier than from ones, who have been shot up. And we both are expecting a shoot-out."
The Marshall looks at me intensely. I can see that he doesn't like that I butted in in his plan, but also he can't deny that I was right. Now how to sell it?
"This way" I continue "the Arbites will reap all the glory. And if we have the same commissioned equipment then the other team, none will be wiser."

Will he agree?
Fellowship/challenging: 01 - Critical success

"Yes that is a possibility. You will be given a standard Arbitrator armour and weapons. A hovercraft will take you to the roof. Secure it and then get your damn Data! My men will have the order to sweep the building, so don't get caught in the crossfire!"
I nod at him "I don't plan on that."

Is pump-action shotgun commissioned?
(Likely | 2[d10]) No

We get the standard enforcer armour and a double barrelled-shotgun. and an extra 12 shells.

Do we get grenades?
(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

And no grenades... I contact garret and tell him that I will be needing the 4 grenades (30gelt).

In an hour the operation starts. We are brought to a hovercraft. And lift of.

--------------------------------------- Scene Skip ---------------------------------------

The Arbites have created a blockade around the target building. And now the officer with a vox is presenting the ultimatum.
I take my binoculars and scan the roof:

Awareness/routine: 15 - Success: 4
Is somebody on the roof?
(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes +Event: Carelessness / Illusions
NPC Action

How many re there?
1 = 1[d4]

There is only one man there and he is sorely focussed on the blockade upfront the building. Doesn't even see us. I decide to test out my snipe rrifle.

Unaware+Prone+high-ground+Laser-dot+BS:  15 - Success: 7
Dam: Take 7+4 = 11 (Pen 3)

Goons: wounds: 5 THG/AP: 2/0
Elites: wounds: 8 THG/AP: 3/1

There is now way I could miss. My Bullett flies true. Hitting the poor man in the chest from the side. The impact actually carries off the goon a good meter. He falls down like a chopped down tree in his own blood. His eyes are open but he doesn't move (fatigue 5)

Does he bleed out?
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and... +Event: Abuse / Rumour
NPC negative

I must have hit something vital. He is bleeding is very strongly. "Damn this rifle sure kicks hard" I set my shoulder.
I talk to the pilot "Take us to the roof"
"But sir we didn't got the charge order yet." Just then the vox comes online. "All units commerce operation."
I look at the pilot expectedly. He looks back dejected "Yes sir."
I leave my sniper-rifle in the hovercraft. "I'll be back for him" I declare.
We jump down to the roof. I can see that the two Arbitrators who came with us are a bit wary of me. It seems I was a bit to eager to start.

I check the body I just felled. Man or woman? even vs odd
3 = 3[d10]

Anxiously / Hard

His body is in a state of shock. The bullet went straight trough him...her? A woman? She is alive but needs medical attention, which I cant spare, and the two arbitrators who came with me have already taken up positions. 'Tough luck missy' I shale my head.

I check the fallen woman.
Awareness/routine: 53 - Success
Does she have a radio?
(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes
Is it whole?
(Somewhat Unlikely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Seems like she really was a scout. Her radio is fully functional and I can even read the frequency. I activate my own radio.
"Assault troop" I hear shooting "be advised, the enemy radio has been breached. You can set your secondary channel to 381, to listen in. Over."
I hear a strong masculine voice in my ear "Acknowledged Team Beta. Carrying on with the sweep."

Does the scout have a weapon on her? What kind of?
(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...
Above average personal force field

She has a small Buckler with some nice carvings and a knife. Being a goon doesn't seem to pay well.

I listen in the channel do they know that we are coming?
(Unlikely | 4[d10]) No

They have no Idea that there are two teams. I take my shotgun.
Karina shots the lock on the escape door with the lasgun. Melting the lock down.

Awareness/challenging: 18 - Success: 3
With my shotgun drawn, I look at the hallway. What do I see?
Ferociously / Lacking
There is nothing else of interest in here.
There is a table with some food on it.

The entrance is clear and is lacking any security systems. We go in. We arrive in a small dining area. It is abandoned, but there is warm food on it. We might get company soon. I listen in the radio.

Can I make out how many enemies ar on this floor?
(Somewhat Likely | 4[d10]) No, but...
4 = 2[d10]+2

I can't get an exact number, but I can make an estimate: There are two groups. waiting for instruction from the Bossman. (4 Enemies)
We try to move silently and listen  in on the radio in order to ambush them.

You find 2 ENCOUNTERS in this room.
Awareness/challenging: 15
As we are about to enter the next room the radio becomes active: "Susan doesn't answer. Klay go and check it out - On our way" I hear steps

Karina Awareness: 05

We both move to the wall next to the door and wait. Karina signals that 2 are coming. I ready my shotgun to make a point-blank shoot.

Do the goons hear us?
NPC Awareness: 41 - Fail
(Almost Impossible | 1[d10]) No, and...

They walk in unprepared. I take a step forward, press my gun firm at the side of the man, and pull the trigger.

Damage: Full (Roll for righteous fury -> 1 miss)
Karina does the same. (No fury)

Two shots ring out simultaneously. Ribs are being brocken and the two enemies hit each other and fall down the doorway. Still they are probably alive, but will surly need a new set of lungs.

Toughness vs Bleeding
First: 99 - Botch
Second: 46 - Fail.

The first has no chance, I can hear his breathing beckoming more shallow...then it stops

Willpower test:
Venris - Jaded
Karina: 20 Success

Even if she is experienced Karina shivers a bit.

Did our shots alert anybody up here?
(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes

The vox becomes active again "What was that. Klay, was that you? Klay? Damn it!"
We reload.

I check the body, any weapons?
(Likely | 4[d10]) No
Anything else?
(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...
Laser scalpel

No weapons... curious. I look at the man in front of me, and find a... medical kit? Did I just kill a doctor? The kit is full and usable.

Can Karina use it?
(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes +Event: Ambush / News
Remote event

She nods at me.
"The vox does come alive again. Shit they came through. How are they so good"

NPC INT: 60 - Fail

"This is Alpha Team, we cleared the first fool. Going up."

Does the other fallen man has a weapon on him?
(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...
Tracking device

Karina presents me with a tracking device. It is on and showing dots moving. Did the Crimelord marked his own men?
(50/50 | 4[d10]) No +Event: Usurp / Messages
NPC positive

No these dots don't add up. "Then the vox speaks again. They listen in our radio idiots. Change the channel!"
'So much for our advantage.'

We press on.
You find 1 ENCOUNTERS in this room.

As we near to the next room we immediately get shot at.

Is it las or SP / even vs odd

2 = 2[d10]
Auto or single shot? even vs odd
7 = 7[d10]

Bullets are hitting the wall behind us. Its an auto-gun from the sound of it. Listen in does the enemy say something?

Awareness/challenging: 52 - Fail
Unfortunately I cant make out anything.

Karina takes out the lasgun and fires it on semi auto
BS+10: 63 - fail

The enemy returns fire: BS: 05
Semi or full auto? even vs odd
9 = 9[d10]
NPC: BS = 15+2d10 = 23
She is being hit twice in the head
Dam: 2+3 = 5
Dam: 9+3 = 12

The first shot hits her helmet and its struck doing no damage, but the second bullet hits home.

Karina THG/AP = 4/2
THG test/chalanging: 33 - Success

The second sot hits almost the same spot. Karia takes a step back disoriented, but then she catches herself.

Wound: 15-6 = 9

How big is the room I ask her on the radio?

Small she answers. From a couching position I look inside and fire my shotgun
2 = 2[d10]

"Small" she answers.
I crouch and go in.

BS: 07 - Success 4

The man inside had not expected  the hells coming from bellow.

DAM: 10+4+4-2 (Righteous fury: 25 - Success) 11 Crit
His head explodes like a melon in a spray of blood and brains.
AGL/challenging: 22 Success

Fortunately I got out of the way of the gore-shower. We go inside the room.

I take the autogun. How does it look?
Quarrelsomely / Lacking

Unfortunately it is of low quality. But I won't leave it here. I reload again.

Is there something of notice in this room?
(Somewhat Likely | 6[d10]) Yes
Decrypted data

Description:Coolly / Historical

This room is one of the nicer ones. Is nicely decorated and BEHOLD... on the desk there is a Dataterminal.
We use the desk as a makeshift cover, and I plug in the datatick.
"Garret come in!"
"Yes, I hear you."
"I just plugged you in."
"Perfect give me some time."

Does someone come in our way?
Awareness/challenging: 70 - Fail
(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

I cant hear anyt movement.
"I am ready" Says garret.

Did he find all that he will need?
(Unlikely | 4[d10]) No

"Unfortunately, this terminal is not connected to the main spirit."
"In human language please"
"I need you to locate the terminal of the crime-boss"

Are the arbitrators finished with the second floor?
(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes +Event: Spy / Realities
Get Action: Close an event

My vox activates again. "This is Alpha team: We were able to take all of them out. Only the boss and his personal guards remain on the 4th floor"

Are there any causalities?
(Very Unlikely | 3[d10]) No

"No causalities...on our side."
"We rendezvous with you on the 4th floor then." I answer

We make our way to the 4th floor.
7->6: There is a table with some food on it.
6->5: There is a table with trinkets.
5->4: You find 3 ENCOUNTERS in this room.

We got to the 6th without problems  then on the fifth we did find problems... 3 of them.
Weapons were drawn immediately and shots were fired.

NPC1: 01 - Hit
NPC2: 57 - Miss
NPC3: 92 - Jam
Venris: 10 - Hit
Karina: 68 - Miss

What kind of weapons do the goons have? Las vs SP / even vs odd
9 = 9[d10]
Guns vs Pistols vs both 1-3 / 4-6 / 7-9 / 10 = there is a blade
10 = 10[d10]

Sword or dagger? even vs odd
9 = 9[d10]

Bullets fly both-ways, but there is also a bladed opponent with a sword.

NPC1 or 2? even vs odd
9 = 9[d10]

The man with the blade misse us with a good margin.

NPC1 gun or pistol? Auto or single? even vs odd
9 = 9[d10]
1 = 1[d10]

who is the target? me or Karina / even vs odd
8 = 8[d10]

The first enemy fires a Revolver at my head.

Dam: 6+3-4-2 -> 13-3 wound: 10

My head rings from being hit. My helmet gives away. Fortunately it defected the bullet enough, so it only caused some minor concussion.
I shoot at my attacker by reflex returning the favour by also soothing him in the head:

BS: 10
7+4-2 = 4 crit
Fatigue: 2

The shrapnel hits the unprotected head of my enemy, tearing up flesh, but leaving it mostly intact. Still his head snaps back and he is falling to the floor.

What is the reaction of the other two?
Foolishly / Less

"Mother fucker" The first cries out and foolishly begins to press the attack. The other still fumbles with his own rifle:

BS for unjamming: 92 - Fumble

I fire at the melee attacker with my shotgun.
BS: 40 - Fail

The guy must be crazy fortunate because he gets out of the way in the nick of the time before I shoot.

Karina also shots: 77 - Fail

Does she hit the other goon?
(Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

Unfortunately the goon leaps to the side behind a table.
I let go of my shotgun. Use my other hand to ready my Las-pistol and fire it on semi auto. (Ambidexterous)

BS: 05 - Success: 4

My target clearly didnt expect that I will use my other hand, and comes face to face with the barrel of my pistol...

NPC Reaction: 44 - Fail

Four beams fly out but only 3 make contact...more than enough.

Dam1: 6+3-2 = crit 2 - torso
Dam2: 8+3-2 = crit 9 - head
Dam3: 8+3-2 = crit 18 - head

The first shoot burns him under the neck. The second shoot boils his head leting the brain explode from the inside. The third shot is not even needed.. but it successfully ignites the head and the cheap clothes catch easily fire. The corpse stumbles back to his comrade at the desk and falls own.

NPC: Will/challenging: 02 - Success
The last man is to focused on his gun to react to the burning corpse next to him.

NPC BS - 95 - Fumble.

But he gets erratic. Takes out the weapons clip, but cannot unjam his weapon.

Does the desk catch on fire?
(Sure Thing | 5[d10]) No, but...

The desk is from plastic and dont catch on fire, but the corpse limits the options of the last man in the room.

I walk up to him and fire semi-auto
BS: 37 - Success: 2 -> 1hit

The fire does hinder my sight, but even so I get a hit on his back:
Dam: 6+3-2 = 2 crit

Karina comes to my aid with her las-gun as well.
BS semi-auto: 54 - >succes: 1

She also hits him in the back:
Dam 4+3-2 = 7 crit

Her shot burns a hole in our enemy. The spine is burned to crisp. The man falls down his hands on his autogun which he couldn't even fire once.

I take my shotgun and reload it.
I also change the chargepack of my las-pistol.
I also take the Revolver and the ammo for it (2d10 = 8+7)

What condition is the autogun?
Combatively / Warlike

We change the autogun because this one is clearly in better condition. I quickly unjam it. It's spirit must be glad that it is in good hands. I give the gun and the spare clip to Karina and leave the other gun here in the room wich slowly starts to burn.
We get to the 4th floor and meet up with the 4 arbitrators. "About time you showed up" The leader says
"How many?" I ask.
5 = 3[d10]+2

"The big-guy and 5 of his guards have barricaded themselves inside"
There is a man with a chain-axe.
"Kovalsky here got lucky. It only tore his armour down."

Blaster carbine

"The others are using las-carbines."
"Is their boss with them?" I ask
(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes +Event: Ambush / Prison

The commanding officer nods.
"We were able to ambush them, and they retreated here, carrying their boss. We took the liberty and freed some of the woman held for pleasure."
I take a look at the tracking device "So those dots were sex-slaves"

Does the Leader know how big the room is?
(50/50 | 2[d10]) No
Are there any windows?
(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes +Event: Extravagance / Pleasures
NPC Action

There room they are in, is the pleasure-hole of their boss.
"Oak-Furniture and fabic" I ask?
"Probably, but I dont see the relevance."
I present him with two fire-bombs, and smirk.

How does he react?
Gratefully / Mature

He looks at the grenades and simply asks: "Plan?"
"Make way for me at the entrance of the room. I throw these in, and if they don't want to be cooked, they will come this way or take the window. If they take the former way out, then you are to shoot them dead."

Move silently: 23 - Success 3

I silently move up to the entrance, and throw in the Bombs.
Dam1+2 -> 19+13 = 32 pen 6

With a loud bangs both grenades explode inside

Anyone caught up in the fire?
(Very Likely | 8[d10]) Yes

I hear screaming from the inside. 'Good'

How many voices are screaming? d10/2
10 = 10[d10]

It is pure chaos inside.

How many die in the fire? (d10/2)
10 = 10[d10]

The screams are becoming quieter every second then nothing... I wait a couple of seconds. 'Could it be that I got all of them?'
I signal the arbitrators. They enter the room. I follow close behind.

Is the crime-lord inside?
(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes +Event: Care / New ideas
NPC Action
Opponent Will: 94 - Fumble

The man is truly inside. In a last attempt, he goes for the windows. Fortunately one of the arbitrators charges at him, and takes him down.
The crime-lord here begins to cry. "Please don't kill me! I give you anything, just please don't kill me please..." He is arrested for charges to many to count.

Leave the room and I look for a central terminal and let garret converse with the central hub spirit.
Then Garret speaks again "I'm done. Mission successful. "

--------------------------------- Epilogue ------------------------------------

Of course Marshall Draud got all the glory for planning the operation. The information I extracted was under investigation by the mechanicus and the local military. The field medic took a look at my head injury and gave me an ice pack saying: 'If it gets worse then look up  a doctor, but as I can see its not worse than a hit with a blackjack.'
After three days It was completely gone. Karina was also lucky, but she needed a week to fully recover She successfully got another mini-scar just above her eye-leash .

After a week, Garret called and told me that I have  been promoted because of my efforts, and my time as covert operative was over.
I didn't understand it first, so he took an hour to explain how I have becam part of the MP of the imperial army.
In the end in three days we'll have to leave the house.
Karina was to go back to her regiment.

"So... our last day as married couple" I speak up dramatically
"Did you expect more." she tilted her head.
"Actually I wouldn't have minded..." I leave the sentence open.
Karina looks me in the eye "Look, this was a job. I digress you are not bad looking, and you can take care of your self even if your rank was given to you."
"Am I not your type?" I ask
She tilts her head "I kinda like you, but I don't know if I like you that well..."

Is she interested?
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

She begins to think. "Okay here is the deal. If you can keep up with me... than you might get a chance to get a feel... of this" she point at her breast.
I perk up "Bring it on!"
The last things I remember are many bottles of booze, cards, and then warm...
When I woke up I felt like the bells of a cathedral were inside my head. I was naked and a bit drenched.
Karina was sitting beside the bed, wearing only a shirt... my shirt and sipping coffee.
"Did I pass?" I asked.
"Maybe..." she smirked but, didn't say anything else.
I don't know for sure what exactly happened yesterday night, but I was feeling good, even rejuvenated.
So it must mean something  good had happened. And that's all it counts.
I went to the shower cabin, and got dressed. Made a toast and some grox-snags.
While eating I looked at the dataslate with my updated "military record" and snorted. Really the ministorum does know how to make things sound grand. Special Sergeant of the MP doesn't sound that bad.
When I finished I brought my last luggage to the car that waited outside. I have driven us to the central Military base of the city.
I gave Karina a last hug, and we both went to our designated units.
I dare to say, that life is pretty good right now.

----------------------------------------- P.S:

Then my pocket-vox started up. It was my Mother... I took the call.
"Hello mother..."
"Venris, explain!" I heard her icy voice.
"Uhm...I got conscripted..."
"I don't care about that! This morning I came to my office and do you know what I found!?"
"Divorce papers! Waiting for approval! WITH YOUR NAME ON IT!!~"
"Language young man! Who is this hussie? Hitched? Divorced? Is this one of those tribal things your father forgot to mention...!?
Venris, are you there...? Don't you dare, ignore me!!"

Like I was saying: Life is good, if a bit hectic...


Rank 3
- main quest: 100
- Side quest: Rescue the imprisoned women: 0XP
- Enemy: 9 x 50 = 450
- Relevant Skill-tests: 5 x 10 = 50
Sum: 600XP
Chaos: 3
Reputation (Used for Requisiton): 3

Main Quest: 155 Gelt
Sold Data: 145 Gelt
Stub Revolver + 15 shells
Good Sniper rifle: Pen:3 Clip:20 Dam: d10+4 Dist: 200m Shot: S (Accurate, Reliable)
Good Dervish: Pen:0 Clip:20 Dam: d10+3 Dist: 25m Shot: S/4 (Reliable)
Good Compact Sword: Pen:2 Dam d10-1 (Balanced, WS+5)
Good Frag granade x2

ALL XP: 1700
ALL Gelt: 365
Arc 2 - Prologue and Setting
Since many Items in the late books do not have a set prise my character will begin to collect requisition point which will be like profit-factor.

I was in my quarter, sitting on a nice chair, holding a nice Dataslate in my left hand and a glass of water in the other.
On the slate were massive amount of information. There also was a metallic desk in front of me. On top of it was an opened plastic bottle of water, a bowl of apples, some documents varying in sizes and a holo-projector.
"Now tell me please, why you thought this was a good idea...Garret" I am holding a conference with "uncle" Garret, an old friend of our family, who has ties with the Mechanicus. Thanks to him I had to take a crash course in the last weeks in all kind of military stuff. The man had a sheepish look on his face.
"In my defence the papers were requested as a very good forgery. The scribe must have been to thoroughgoing, and keen to rise... by providing authenticate papers with a back door. Quite impressive actually." I narrow my eyes at him.
"Now don't be like that! I already got an earful from your mother. I think I'll need an auditory implant till she calms down."
"Good for you! I'll need a new neck when she gets a hold of me. I hope you got one of those in stock as well. But I actually meant me being here."
"I don't see a problem. We have a name, and you as a contracted investigator of the military got a free trip. Did you read up the profile on the system.?"

I look at the slate in my hand. "I have" I answer, and I truly did... There are 3 colonised planet in our star-system and a mining facility in the asteroid belt near the 6th planet. On the outskirts is the planet Gallifrey. It is an ice planet with breathable atmosphere and a slightly higher gravity. Although it has a considerable landmass it was never terraformed. Alone it cannot sustain life, because the temperatures are around 245K  (-25°C)...in summer periods. Throw in violent storms, 44 hour day cycles a constant thick fog and you can see that this planet is only good for a military outpost, or for water-mining...which it's currently used for. The planet closest to the star which is still habitual is Orios, where I came from. The Orbital city can be considered its capital. On the planet there are a half dozen Hives and many more under-hives. If Gallifrey is a frozen hell, then Orios is the exact opposite. There temperature, rages around 320K or higher. In the Hives most of the volcanic heat is being used and annulled by machine-spirits, draining it's power for industrial purposes. Dropping the temperature to a manageable 310K. Still not a nice place to live. Atmosphere is provided through special fungi and armoured greenhouses in the hive-domes.
And of course there is Rothia in the middle. A relatively small agricultural planet which provides the whole star system with food.
The 14 other planets are irrelevant for now, and the mining colony on the asteroid belt can be ignored as things stand.

But back to the focus of my mission: Rothia
A single day lasts 16 hours and a year lasts 489 days. The planet is made up of 2 continents, which make up 80% of the planet's landmass. 2 moons orbit the planet and Rothia itself orbits the red sun in an elliptic orbit.
The plant-like organisms on this planet are mostly many types of fungi, but there are a good amount of bushes, and shrubs  as well. Flowers, on the other hand, are almost non-existent, which is hard to tell, as many fungi species can be confused for flowers due to their shapes and colors, especially when looked at from a distance. There are very little trees, mostly because 90% of the landmass is used for strictly controlled agronomical  environments.   Life underwater has also given birth to a wide variety of corals and aquatic plants.
People here also have a unique standing. They are well educated in order to keep the crops and the natural ecosystem of the planet going. The Mechanicus has weaker grip on this planet because the Imperial Navy is keeping a constant eye on the planet and its traffic. No wonder if one considers that all of our food comes from this rock alone. The citizens on the surface live in peace and are well protected. It's almost a paradise compared to the other three places...almost. The Spaceports in the orbit (Three of them) and the Megapolices around the three Orbital elevators are the major nodes of trade and any other...less noble activities. Security is high and regular inspections are routine here. Still, sometimes someone gets lucky...

"I familiarised myself with the planet and the Spaceports, and I have mixed feelings." I look at Garret
"Do tell!"
"These men here seem to have to much freedom. Most of them uses slates for entertainment purpose only...and I don't see any Arbites outpost marked, only local lawmen, and a small, stationed military units"
"Ah yes...this could be new for you, but on most imperial words with high living standards the Mechanicus has much lesser pull, and machines are regarded less praiseworthy. They are considered valuable but not because of the Omnissiah. Then again the people here are scrutinised closely. Every traffic on the binary domain of the spirits is recorded for possible investigation later. And since the Navy is the primary defence line of the planet both in and out, local strike forces are minimised "
"A false freedom?"
"Not false per se...just monitored, but this illusion of self governing is an excellent moral booster and opportunity for the imperium to work with more finesse, considering this sector."
"Thanks, that would be all."
"One more thing! I won't be able to assist you there. Your only option is the military, but I would tread carefully. Internal  investigations have a bad reputation."
I nod at him and terminate the line. I decide to take a small walk to get the kinks out of my legs. I open my door and decide to go to the observation deck. The stars sure are pretty. Signalling small hope in the wast of darkness. 2 more weeks until I arrive on Rothia Central Station...a time spent on reading and relaxing


Main Quest: 1?
- Destroy the data at the liberated starship.
EXP: 0
Reputation: 3 -> 3x5 = 15 Requisition/Wealth point
Session 1 - Set anchor

The two weeks went by in a flash. I gotta say it is way nicer traveling on a navy ship than on a pilgrim. In addition to passable accommodations I was able to speak with the supply agent of the ship. After a drink or two and a card-game with bullets as bet...which I lost spectacularly, we begun to chat. In the end he agreed to provide me with some...extra "stuff that nobody will miss". For a price of course, but for a fair price. I decided take him up on his offer since I won't be able to use my rifle on the Orbital station without getting in trouble. But a revolver and a Las-pistol were passable...barely but passable. For better firepower I bought some man-stopper bullets for my revolver. 30pieces are more than enough (30Gelt). I was very fortunate to have found a multi-key in his arsenal. 'It will be only used for emergency purposes, of course' I took a flash light and 2 stummers.
With these I should be set for my mission.
As we arrived on outskirts of the planet, I took the smaller accessories and put them in the inside pockets of my cloak. I used my harness as a belt, and strapped my two guns on my thighs. I looked at myself in the mirror, My cloak was of a very nice design, It could even be mistaken for a nice long coat so I could wear it everywhere.
Our ship came into position, and the internal comm came to life.
"To all passengers and crew, who wishes to leave the ship for Rothia Station one. Report to hangar bay three at shuttle B2-V1."
'That's my cue!' I went to the shuttle, secured my luggage, and took my seat.. After 10 Minutes the shuttle took of to Rothia-one customs.

I took my weapon cache and decided that I will leave my grenades and the sniper rifle at a specific depository. It would probably cause to much commotion if I tried to clear customs with them. The docks are guarded well. Guardsmen were all around the place ,they were stationed at all gates, at the landing bay and even at the toilets... I had to smirk on that one.

I go to one of the clearance gates where I am spoken to immediately. There are two guardsmen at the gate itself and another behind a counter tipping on a dataslate.
"Name?" asks the officer in front of me in a bored tone.
"Venris Wolfe"
"First time visit?"
"Private contractor and... negotiator."
"Purpose of visit?"
"Market assay."
"Business...are you in possession of any weapons"
Here he look up "Please identify them!"
"One revolver and a Las pistol. Oh and a blade"
The Officer eyes me and declares "You need a permit if you wish to bring in more than one weapon for self defense. Papers if you would!"
I give him my passport with my permits. The man started to tip away furiously. "Papers are in order" he declared "Please be advised that you are still not allowed to carry around military grade weapons of any kind."
"What does it include" I ask just to be sure.
"Any weapon of high caliber and/or capable of auto fire. Compact las-guns are considered borderline. Please place all of your weapon on the counter sir, and step over there. We need to search you"
I sighed "When you must"
"We must!" The officer declared.
I presented my to pistols, cutlass and the ammo-belt, and let the guard do a quick searching. They were only interested in weapons, my other gadgets were ignored.
"Clear!" told the guard.
The officer nodded at him "Your papers sir and a brochure which contains basic information and special laws on the station. It also indicates some places of interest like the Administration or Hospitals. Please read it carefully for your own good!"
My eyebrow rises "Thank you." I take my passport. 'Strick, but the service is commendable.' I conclude and take my weapons from the counter.
"Please step through the gate, the exchange is right behind the corner on the right... NEXT!"

I clear the security gate and go to the exchange. A middle aged scribe looks up to me behind one of the free terminals. "Buy or sell?" The man asks.
"Currency exchange or wares?"
"Currency; Throne Gelt"
"How much?"
I decide to change 170 Gelt for local currency. the rest will be hold for reserve. I now look for a hotel to stay, I look for a middle class accommodation with possible dining. I don't want to pay more then the equivalent of 5TG a day if possible.

Do I find something like this?
Yes, and...
5 = 4[d4]+1

I was browsing my dataslate when I found an advertisement. 'grand opening: Holel Palerno. In the next week rooms including meals are offered at a prise of 50 units (5TG). The hotel is also between the spaceport and the trade zone. I went to the Hotel and asked for a room for 6 days (30TG) Looks like lady luck favors me.

I connect my Slate to the network and call up the list of the trading companies and possible ships who accept passengers. Since multiple members with the same insignia were involved. It is possible that a Rouge Trader or a rival Trading dynasty orchestrated the sabotage.

How many Registered are here?
Tracking/challenging: 23 = 23[d100] - Success: 2

10 = 5[d20]+5

There are 10 Big players who are big enough to pull off something like this. Maybe it's not their own ship which is involved, but the other small traders do not seem to gain anything by dealing with Rothgar or by sabotaging a munition factory. There is definitely a bigger fish here. I can feel it.

I decide to go to the trade zone, and contact Madam Jestilla's trade house. I decide to go on foot to get the feel of this place.
From the outside the Trade house is noting fancy, but the inside is very extravagant. It is decorated with statues and actual wooden furniture. There are multiple terminals and private boots for conducting business.
I pull a number for other business affairs and wait.

Do I get noticed?
No, and...

Unfortunately I seem anything than important. I wait patiently but hours go by and then an announcement comes that the house will be closed. 'Like hell I let that happen' I go to one of the scribes.
He looks up "I am sorry sir but for today we are closed"
"No your not" I stare at hime. "Give me one of your superiors. It is urgent."

Fellowship/challenging: 27 = 27[d100] Success 1

The man looks at me with mixed feelings. I can see his eyes roaming me. Then decides to make a call. "Who do I have the pleasure sir?" he asks me
"The Wolf" I answer.
"I am sorry but everyone seems to have gone home."
I lean in. "Alright! Tomorrow I will be back at opening time. Tell your superior that I am here regarding the Orios factory. If I'm not called then Baroness Jestilla might get irritated."

Fellowship/challeging - 100 = 100[d100] Crit fail.

---------------------------------------------- Next day -----------------------------------------

Next morning I come back, but at the gate two guard do not let me in. "Is there a problem I ask?"
"Yes you" - answers the first "Threatening a coworker will get this to you. Now you get out before we kick you out. You are not welcome Here."
'That does it asshole' - I will be back, after I investigated a bit. I still have a Line to Alexander and trough him to the Baroness.
But first I go to a saloon at the shipyard. I choose one that is a bit noisier. I go in and ask for a drink.

Is the saloon-keeper there?

Fortunately this place is not automatized. I try to speak with the barkeeper.
"A lovely place" I start.

Does he answer?
No, but...

He notices me "What? Sorry what will you have?"
I decide to drink a tougher stuff "A glass of Fire-whisky...and maybe a bit of an advise."
He pours me the drink "You want an advise; Don't drink more than 3 shots from this, or you will be left here."
I drink the shot

Thg test/challenging: - 85 = 85[d100] FATE: [b]48 = 48[d100] = [/b]Fail
1 Fatigue

I can feel the liquid burning in my throat. I cough once. "Damn, this stuff's stronger than I remember"
"Because we don't water up the good stuff" The barkeep looks at me smug
"I can see it...may I still ask for an advice?"
"I already gave you one"
"Actually I need a direction, and hoped you could help me out?"
"What are you looking for?"
"I'm looking for a friend. He got a job on one of the ships. I don't know the name just that he had a uniform with this insignia." I show him the slate.

Does he know the symbol?
Yes, but...
Helpfully / Smooth
Awarenes/challenging: 90 = 90[d100] Fail

He looks at my slate.
"I might have seen something familiar, but I cant say for sure."
"I really need to find him." I spoke up "I am willing to consume extra" I take out 20TG.

Is he interested?

"Well I know a guy, that could help you. If you buy him some drinks that is." He pours me another drink an takes the money.
Then he speaks up "Sedrick, there is someone who is looking for work!"
A bronze skinned older man with a thick mustache looks up. "We ain't recruiting." The man answers back.
"I know." The barkeep replies.
The man named Sedrick, leaves his table after hearing this and comes to me.
"he sits down beside me. What'cha lookin' for lad?"
"I had a friend who joined a crew, and I didn't hear from him since. He sent me their symbol but nothing else since." I show the symbol.
He eyes it passively, but doesn't say anything.
"You must be thirsty! let me buy you something." I take out 30TG and buy a good bottle amasec.

Does he speak?

"I know of it. But you might wanna give up on meeting your friend."
I look at him expectantly
"They are not the best of people to hang around with."
"Then I have to get him out of there."
"Yer nat a Voidfahrer. Yet your friend is?" he asks me septically.
"He had bad luck and needed money fast." I answer back.
"Then he has the worst luck in the whole sector."
"Can you at least give me a name?"

(Likely | 9[d10])

He takes a swing from his bottle. "Sidan company. They have no ship of their own, but loan crew members for seasonal , and odd-jobs. But I am serious lad, keep away of them."
"Thanks for the warning, I'll keep it in mind."
I leave the bar but behind me I hear a last sentence "Damn youngsters."

I look at my chrono. It's supper time. I go back to my Hotel to eat.

Does something happen on the way?
(Somewhat Unlikely | 3[d10]) No

I got there just in time. Warm vegetable soup and meat is on the menu. I decide since I got a name
The Administration could get me some Intel about them. I look at my brochure for the address of the  Administration.
it took me a good hour to get there but at least I got in. I see multiple windows with scribes in it, however it also had a section which was divided in small reading areas. I liked it already.
After waiting only [2 = 2[d4]] 2 hours i got a hold of a scribe.
"Your business?" he asked
"I would like to look up a company. For assessment reasons. Do you also keep tab on the smaller firms."
"We have entry about all businesses on Rothia" says the small robed man in a haughty tone.
"The company I am interested in is called Sidan."
"You may request for the civil records, without a badge, or warrant."

How much will it cost?
46 = 30+2[d10]+6[d10]+8[d10]

"460+10% tax. In all 506 units." 50TG for reading the documents.
"I am ready to pay."
After the transaction the scribe continues "Please take a seat in the reading area. You may take notes for yourself but pictures are forbidden."
I wait patiently for the documents. It doesn't take long and an assistant presents me with small book and a dataslate, then bows and leaves.

Tracking/challenging 32 = 32[d100] - Success

I the document had, small seemingly unimportant informations about the company. But if you can link them in the right order you can get surprising results. The dataslate next to me helped enormously to understand the specific definitions as well.
First: I got the supposed address. Even if it is just an false front, it is a start.
Second: Following the register it is a small company with only 200 registered employees. So small tax charges and minimal control.
Third: No trading manifest. That meant that the company cannot legally trade physical goods, only services. Also no Space ship owned.
I leaned back. "Not enough." I said out loud. I opened the provided slate again and look up the company in the binary.

Do they have a site for advertisement?
(Very Unlikely | 2[d10]) No

Nothing. I looked at the papers again. I don't have much time until the building is closed for the night. 16 Hour cycles are a drag. I took a second look at, names of the supposed leaders.
Zachariah Savignano was the name Rothgar told us, but there was no mention of him in the papers. Still, I make some notices, and end my search for today.

Before I go sleep need to make a call...a very costly interplanetary call.
I called Lieutenant Stratos and gave a brief description of why I needed to talk to the Baroness. He agreed to patch me through in an Hour or so.

How much did it cost?
20 = 11[d20]+9[d20]

20TG went out of the window, but I was contacted by Baroness Jestilla.
"Did you find anything Wolf?" She asks
"Yes, I have the possible name of the company who orchestrated the sabotage. Got an address, and some  info about their activities. But they are backed up by someone bigger."
"That is not much. I was expecting more"

Common Lore (machine cult)

"Let me augment my statement!
"They have no trade manifest and no spaceship of their own. If they wanted to get an EMP-supply to Orios they needed a Rouge trader or a bigger trade company who is dealing in weapons. Companies who deal exclusively in food are out. Food shipments are highly monitored at Orios, because of its dependency on a constant supply. The rationing department of the mechanicus takes his job deadly serious. I doubt the grenades could have been brought in by a food carrier. And smuggling concealed supplies from the depot of the mechanicus, is suicidal. I don't think they got payed enough for that"

Fellowship/routine: 18 = 18[d100] - Success 2

"That's better! What do you whish from me?" she asks approvingly.
"I need to ask some questions in your house of trade, but one of your scribes kicked me out. I requested a meeting with one of the higher ups and even told him it is about the Orios factory. Not only did he felt "thretened", but after I went back today I was informed by your guards that I'm not welcome there. I even told them the nickname you gave me...but it didn't help"
She doesn't answer immediately. "Tomorrow you will be granted access. Get there around noon."
"What shall I say if they ask why I'm back?"
She chuckled "You came for some sheep."
She hangs up. Bennar was right, she could be infuriating.

-------------------------------------Nest Day---------------------------------------

I did as instructed and went back to the Trade house at noon. The two guards from yesterday were still there.

Do they recognize me again?
(Somewhat Likely | 5[d10]) Yes, but...
Slowly / Odd

As I get closer they block the entrance, but instead of being aggressive they ask about what business I have.
"I came for some sheep" I answer. They look at each other, and one of them takes the radio and calls in. "Gate guard calling, the Guest is here."
"I'm on my way." Replies a male voice from the radio.
I am greeted by a well clad man in his thirties with black, straight hair and a menacing face. "greetings I am Gregor. Seneschal of Baraones Ophelia Jestilla. Mister Wolf I presume."
"I am."
"Please follow me then" He gestures inside. I follow him. "We are sorry about the turmoil. Rest assured the scribe in question was punished accordingly.
"Good, I don't want to loose more time. Until the Sidan company doesn't know of the arrest of their contact on Orios, I have the advantage, but only until."

We reach a privet room. Gregor sits down at a table with lavish design. So do I.
"Then let us get to the point at once. I heard you have questions"

"How many companies are interested in weapon transport?"
4 = 2[d10]+2
"I know only of four"
"From this four how many would directly profit from building a munition factory on Orios."
His eyebrow roses "All"
"I ask differently. I'm sure that the mechanicus had some kind of competition about giving the right  and honor building the factory. Even if all for houseshad applied at least one would have been cast off coming in last in the race."

(50/50 | 5[d10])
No, but...
2 = 3[d4]-1

The man begins to think. "We had two competitors for the honor. House Seagull and Travelin didn't had the resources at hand to build  a facility till the given deadline. Weapon shipments are not they main focus anyway. The other two Houses, House Margerine and Sicardo were quite active, trying to secure the contract."
"Does the name Zachariah Savignano ring any bells?"

(50/50 | 7[d10])

Gregore narrows his eyes "Explain"
"It's the name we got from Rothgar after he was taken in for questioning."
"I knew the man. He had a small weapon emporium" I smile "But 5 years ago, he was imprisoned because of smuggling, and is now sitting in one of the under-hives of Orios working his ass off."
"Are you sure they got the right man?"
"Quite! It was me who got him in prison in the first place."
That was unexpected "Then an impostor?"
"Possibly. Shady background, a grudge against house Jetilla, and relatively unknown persona. I would do it."
"I think we can be sure of that at least one of those two houses is involved. I doubt the Sidan company would spend his resources to put a false trail so well fitted for this sabotage. Sadly this hardly counts as evidence."
Gregor nods grimly.
"I also have a secondary suspect. A woman. She was with the Sidan crew on Orios, and just before I could interrogate my third suspect she kinda made him disappear. Unfortunately she was to good hiding her tracks."
"You are stuck" Gregor declared.
"I have a last option. I need to make contact with the Sidan company directly"
"And how are plan to do that? Or, are you going to simply walk in?"
"Exactly" now I got his attention
"I got their supposed address. Even if it's just a cover front, there is going to be some data of interest." I drink a glass water and continue "If the place has heavy security then I know I am at the right place, and if not then it will be more easy when I go back for... an investigation."
"That is a risky plan."
"Of course I cannot go in like this." I indicate my attire. "I'm not dirty enough, and have to much firepower. I need some commoners garb and a plain Las-pistol just for show. If you provide them for me then I shall walk in and assess the situation. iIwold like to leave my gear here, till I'm finished"
"How are you so sure that they will let you in?"
"What I have seen, their usual employees are not the sharpest nor the most high tier. I only expect one maybe two overseer, the others are probably street rabble.
"I hope you are right. I'll get you the clothes. You can leave everything here. You have three days to come back for them."


Main Quest: 2
- Infiltrate the Sidan company
- Destroy the data at the liberated starship.
Side Quest: 1
- Look for incriminating clues
Relevan Skilltest: 3 x10
Total: 30XP
Chaos: 2 - no change
Reputation: 3 - no change
Days expired: 3
Session 2 - Cat & Mouse

After the conversation with Seneschal Gregor it was decided that I scout the preliminaries of the target building. It looked like, that the address I got from the documents was spot on. It had multiple  floors, and the entrance faced the main street. There was modest traffic at the building. I saw some men speaking with a guard and showing him something before going into the back.

Security/challenging: 80  - Botch

On the outside I couldn't detect any security measures. I was just passing the building a couple of times and looked inside but I saw nothing. They could have been hidden well or maybe they only had a couple of cameras on the inside. Since I didn't wanted to raise suspicion just jet I decided to come back tomorrow in my disguise.

------------------------------------ 4th day-----------------------------------------

I am currently standing before the same building. I wear dirtied workers clothes, my hair is messy and on my hip is a battered looking Las-pistol. I go inside the building.

Deceitful mercenary
Serious salesman

In a small  reception area is a man sitting behind a table and a guard is standing beside him. The man looks up, at dismissively but still asks:
"What do you need?"
"I came to apply for work." I say a bit sheepish
"And why do you think we have some?"
"This is the Sidan company or isn't?" The guard takes a step forward.
"And where did you hear that?"
"Some voidfahrer spoke about that your company. That you  loan people as temporary crew for ships. I came to apply."
"The man behind the desk leans in "And how did you find this place?"
 "I have a friend in the Administration. I told him the name of your company and he got me an address...and since I really need the money, I got nothing to loose."

Reaction: Fearfully / Mysterious

I can see the mans eyes widening at my mention of the Administration.
He collects himself quickly. "So you have a friend in the Administration." he probes me.
"He is just an assistant, but was kind enough to look your address up because I couldn't find it myself." My eyes start to roam the office.

What kind of security measures are there?
Awareness/challenging: [b]80  Fate: 32[/b]  - Success.

I can't detect anything, just the standard lock and the one guard in the room.

Does the clerk continue this audition?
(Likely | 1[d10]) No, and...

"Like I said; you came here for nothing. All positions are full!" he tells me harshly
"But I take anything!" I try to sound desperate "I have a loan by the Jestillas, if I don't pay, the skin me alive."
The guard is now right in front of me "Didn't you hear! He said no work, Aby!"
The clerk speaks up again "As I said we are full, and no requests have came in. Please leave!"

'Damn it! That didn't go well' I think. I leave the building and take a tram back to the trading house, to get my gear. I'll need a different plan.

Does something happen along the way?
(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...
NPC Action
Defensive outlaw
Intrigues + Overindulge

As I was traveling back to the trade house,  when a man suddenly sat next to me.
"Listen Aby! If you don't back off, your gonna regret it. We let you off the hook this time, but we don't wanna see you around, ever! The Administration is not worth your life"

Is he leaving the tram before I do?
(Somewhat Unlikely | 6[d10]) No, but...

He stays with me for the ride, but changes the seats and seems to believe that his threat has hit home. I have to think. 'Aby' short for Abhuman...I was wondering when meet people like this guy. Instead  going to the trade house I go a couple of stations to my hotel, and get off.

Does he leave together with me?
Awareness 22 - Success 2
(Somewhat Likely | 8[d10]) Yes

Does he try to follow me?
(Somewhat Likely | 1[d10]) No, and...

The man gets off  the tram as well  but doesn't try to follow me,. Instead takes off into a  another direction.

Tracking/ordinary: 31 - Success
Silent move/routine: 50 - Success
NPC Awareness: 60 = 60[d100] - Fail

I follow the man silently. The district we are in is the less sophisticated ones.  Apparently he thinks that he deserves a drink in a pub after he completed his job harassing me. I try to ambush him on the way.

Any spot devoid of surveillance or a darker alley?
(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Security in this part of the city is not priority. The man in front os me is probably some poor bastard who think he will make it big with a knife in his pocket if a cartel is behind him. There is also a good spot taking him out, but in the there is a woman at the back of the alley, sipping on a Lho-stick. She has very few clothes on, probably a prostitute.

Does my target have weapons?
Awareness/ordinary: 54 -  Fail
(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

I cant see anything big on him. I step up behind him and give him a big shove with my shoulder, directing him inside the alley.

WS: 31
NPC: 41= 41[d100] - Fail
Dam: 3

He didn't expected my move, and  falls to the ground.
I step up fast and kick him in the head when he is  still down.

WS: 03
Dam: 2+4 -3Thg = 3
NPC Thg: 32 = 32[d100] - 1 Fatigue
NPC Agl: 80 = 80[d100] - Fail (Can't stand up)

My kick hits home on his chin. His head snaps up. He tried to get up but my kick has disrupted him in his attempt, and he falls down again.
I give him another kick.

WS: 01
Dam: 3+4 -3Thg = 4
Possible Knock out:
Atk:3+4Str vs 3+3 THG -> Success

My knee connects with his head. You can hear a small crack, and the man falls to the ground unconscious.

Did the prostitute take notice of us?
(Very Unlikely | 4[d10]) No

I was very efficient if I can say so myself. The woman doesn't sem to have noticed us or she simply doesn't care. Quickly I tap down my opponent looking for a weapon.

Excellent blaster pistol

He had a very nice Las-pistol inside his coat. (Good quality)
I take my pocket vox, and call Gregor.
"That was fast" he answers me.
"Can you send a vehicle for me? I got a man for interrogation."
"Where are you? Third block from the docks, V-street alley."

Will he send a vehicle?
(Likely | 5[d10]) No, but...

"I cannot give you a ride from there" Gregor continues
"It's a traffic free zone, but I can get your gear back to you."
"Alright give me a sec." I look around, to find a cheap motel "OK! there is no-name motel. It has Blue-yellow sign. I will be there with the man."
"I'll send a courier." he cuts the line 'Oh joy'

I pick up the man and bring him to the motel. The clerk doesn't seem to be interested, but warns me if there will be vomit then I'll have to pay extra. I tie the man up in a chair with some of the sheets, and stuff his mouth. His coat I put on the bed. The courier arrives in 30 minutes giving me my stuff. I give back my borrowed "infiltration" gear. My captive is still out cold so I clean myself up and change into my own clothes. I take a glass water and hit my captive in the face. He groggily comes to his senses. 'Interrogation time'
"Hello" I greet him. I can see the confusion in his eyes. Of course he was tailing a sad sap, and now a well dressed man is in front of him.
"I have some questions and you some answers...that I want."

What is his reaction?
Excitedly / Harsh

He seems irritated and thugs on his restrains. I hit him again. Which seems to work for now.
"Easy boy!" I start to search his coat.

What do I find?
Cheap neurotoxin

I find a filled syringe, in one of the inner pockets. I don't know what it is but could come handy.

Anything else?
(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

Nothing else is in his pockets, not even an ID. Hmm...I smirk. "You fucked up" I tell the man. "You are going to give me answers about the Sidan company, and if you are good boy then you live."

Intimidation 90 - Fail

The bastard smirks. OK... I take a look at the restrains, then go and get myself some water. When I'm out os sight I drain the content of syringe in a glass and fill it back up with water. Fortunately it is a metal syringe so the color wont give me away. I go back and take a sip water.
"This is the script" I say in a neutral tone. "I'm gonna take that thing from your mouth, but if you try to scream then I will kick you in the head again, and stuff it back. I will ask questions and you answer either verbal or head movement. If you take the second option then I give this," I emphasize the syringe, "and ask again just to make sure you didn't lie. I think its some kind of drug...and if its not, well I doubt anyone's gonna miss you."

His reaction?
Ruin / Messages

He takes a moment then nods dejectely. I loosen the fabric at his mouth but prepare to strike out if I muss.

"Ask away." he tells me.
"Who ordered you to warn me?"
"Did I met him?"
"Yeah, in the office."
"The guard or the clerk?"
"Clerk. He had a hunch that someone is sniffing after him. Looks like he was right."
"Ever heard of Zachariah Savignano"

(Very Unlikely | 3[d10]) No

I am not impressed an it shows.
"Look, you probably found my pistol, and they're not paying me enough to get done in."
"I have doubts, it's a very nice Pistol easily wroth 1500units. If you can afford something like this..." I take out the pistol and level at him.

NPC Willpower 89 - Botch

"Wow, wow, wow...man! 'Got it all wrong. I got it from a shop which we extorted. Owner had no money but some nice guns, so I took the gun and paid his due instead."
"A heart of gold, you have."
He tries to shrug.
"And what is this?" I indicate the needle.
"Just LP, makes thing easier with prostitutes" when he sees my blank stare he continues . "Seriously...Love Push? Makes you horny and docile. Sometimes hookers use it to get over some inhibitions."
"Can't you just drink it?"
"You could, but its less effective and doesn't help your...other responses. We usually water it up  before we use the syringe. If your good you can make 3 doses from one normal syringe."
I decide that I will keep this stuff, bottled up very well.
"Back to business. About 4 standard weeks ago there was a group of man in Orios Orbital city, with the marks of the Sidan company. There was a woman with them. Around this tall, and had an ornate dagger like this, with with some nice stone or crystals in it. How is she?"

Reaction: Oddly / Lean

The man pales and look at his side. 'Bingo'

Does he know who the woman is?
(Very Likely | 8[d10]) Yes +Event: Expose / A plan
Will he lie about?
(Unlikely | 5[d10]) No, but...

NPC Willopwer - 82 - Botch

"There are some women among us..." He doesn't want to talk.
I get up from the bed "break or shot" I ask?
"Which do you choose? Your finger broken or getting shot in your thigh." I go behind him and fasten the fabric before his mouth. "Just nod which you choose."

Does he choose?
(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

He is to dumbfounded to give answer at first. I Reach for the gun and take out the charge pack. "I throw you a bone. Half powered?"
He pitches his head, and I shoot him.

Dam: 4/2+1 = 0
NPC: THG - 100 = 100[d100] - Critical fail

Funny about Las-weapons is that the last shot is not that powerful. If you eject the charge pack but shoot immediately you get out a weak shoot which burns but is not that life threatening. Like now. Still hurts like hell, especially if it hits the sensitive inside of  your thighs. Like now. The man in front of me tries to scream but the fabric muffles the sound. I give him time to collect himself.
"Please don't make me do this again. I don't want the room smelling like a corpse." I loosen the fabric again. "You were saying?"
He takes some deep breaths. "Okay, just don't soot anymore. Fuck! I only heard of the dagger. Some of the older folks spoke about it. If you fuck up badly you're gonna find it in your back. It's our bogeyman."
"Who can contact her"
"How trusted are you?"
"I am considered dependable"
"If you told Fidelio that I needed to be removed would he call her or send some unfortunate goons?"
"Depends. If I stress it she might be called."
"Good you just saved your life."
He sighs
"Now lets see if you can save your limbs."
"Tell me all you know about the office Fidelio itself. All of it!"

He Talks. The office is a standard false front. There are 3 = 3[d6] three floors. First is the reception, second facilities, on the third there is nothing and is used for problematic people.

Is there a back door?
(Somewhat Likely | 8[d10]) Yes

There is a second entrance if one doesn't want to be seen.

Any guards for the night?
(Somewhat Unlikely | 7[d10]) Yes, but...

There is no actual guard duty but some business might require nightly activity...he didn't elaborate.
Then I changed the subject to Fidelio. First his address. Then I asked if he had personal guard at home?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

Fortunately everything considered, Fidelio was still a minor player. There were one ore two of his men taking care of him when he was in a club or on the streets, but he wasn't anything special to be protected 16/8. His real worth for his co-workers were his connections with drug dealers.
"So am I clear?" the man in front of me asks.
I don't answer immediately.

Are there any fire alarm in the room?
(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

"Yeah" Unfortunately I couldn't let the guy just go. It was getting late too.  There were multiple scenarios in my head but I had trouble choosing between them. Getting a hold of Fidelio would be my primary goal. Through him I could call the Assassin woman. Getting some incriminating documents after that wouldn't be a problem.
"What's the problem?" The goon in front of me asks.
"I am thinking how to leave you alive without problems for myself." That had shut him up."I think I have it. You said Fidelio has connection with drug dealers?" he nods "And he is also supplying you am I right?"he nods again. "Then you'll call him and ask if he can get you another dose for tonight! And get him to say where his gonna be. Play nice and I leave you here tide up. End of story." I started to dial, but my las-pistol was nailed to his head. "Don't mess up"
The Number was valid and a man took the call.
"Who is this?"  
"Aye Fidelio! It's me, Rode"
"What do you want?"
"I was wonderin" could you hook me up with some LP for tonight?"

(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

"I could. How much you need?"
"Three possible four doses?"
"Yeah no problem, when are you gonna come in for them?"
"Well I might be a little tied up now..." I push his head with my gun "...uhm how long are you there?"

Does he work till late?
(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes +Event: Betray / Attention
PC positive


"I'll be here till late, Colby called that my hoover is still not repaired. What about that Aby?"
"That little shithead! That sooter was just for show, he pulled his tail between his legs and run off to Low-port 2."
"So when I'm done here I go and get the stuff. Bye."
I cut the line and take the gun from his head. He looks at me waiting for my judgment. "You have done well. You get to keep your life and limbs." I step behind him and fasten the cloth at his mouth again I knock him out with the butt of my revolver again. And for the icing I also pull down his pants. When tomorrow the lodge-keeper comes up, things will get very lively. I go down and leave the motel without a word. My next stop is Fidelio's house.

What level of security is at his house?
5 = 3[d4]+2

Fidelio's house is on the other side of the docks. It's a bit further in the living district with average security. There are some cameras here and there and the occasional patrols. I was taking a hover cab. Vehicles here have small gravity countering spirits in them, they glide a couple inches above the surface. I got out a street before my target.

Is it a big house?
50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...
Defiantly / Modern

It's a modern apartment house. Its nice and big and has multiple tenants. There was a complex lock on the security fence. Magnetically coded, excellent again simple key copies. My Multikey is anything but simple. Street scum only gets his hand on mechanical multikeys. Better ones have adjustable parts instead of a key ring but in essence the are the same.  My has a small spirit inside that can also fool around with other spirit assisted locks, and its not bigger than a business-card holder.
I was thinking, asking the local lawmen about the apartment, but without a warrant, I might as well have gone to the governor himself.

Security/hard: 33 - Success

I take my key set the right type and voila~ I was in in the court yard.

Does have a different lock?
(Likely | 8[d10]) Yes
Security/hard: 21 - Success

The second door to the inside had a different lock, but after the first it wasn't to problematic to open.

Any extra security?
(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but... +Event: Take / Fears
Move away from goal
The public
Innocent philosopher

I saw no other technological security on the inside. I went to  the apartment, but met a man on the corridor. He looked at me and the color had drained from his face. I curse silently. I just got my self a countdown. I walked up to the room of Fidelio, took my Multy again.

Security/chalenging: 36 - Success

The door opened, and stepped in. I didn't cared for other security systems. All I wanted to find was some Documents or a Dataslate.
Do I find something?

Security/challenging - Fate: 24 - Success
Awareness: 36 - Success
(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes
Old bio-scanner

Anything else?
(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes

Book or Dataslate? even vs odd
2 = 2[d10]

I got in and started searching. There was an worn bio-scanner on his wall, after the first 5 minutes the alarm started to ring.
I kicked the drawer in my anger and behind there was a notebook. I took a glimpse inside. It contained names and numbers. I took it and darted out of the room.

Is there a building next to use where I could jump over?
(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

I looked left, and saw the emergency exit.

Is it open?
(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but... +Event: Return / Riches
NPC Action

Its closed so I take my Las-pistol and shoot the lock. I wont play nice anymore. I step outside one the fire escape. I take my grapnel and shot it on the roof of the next building. It fins home and I climb up. Down on the court I can see that Fidelio is speaking with the cops. It looks like that he doesn't want them to storm the his place. My grapnel was a one time use only so I get out of here as fast as I can.
I arrive back at my hotel with a tram. On the way I decided to take a look at the notebook, I took from Fidelio. Alas I got more that I was hoped for.
There were a dozen names behind of them were contact numbers, and drug names. By some of them were indicators for prices, and probably quality. There were also a column filled with entries of credit-units. Fidelio did indeed deal in drugs, but it was his private enterprise and not the Sidan's affair.

Any other information in it?
(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes
Introduce a new NPC
Rude teenager
Boy or Girl? (even vs odd)
8 = 8[d10]

I looked at the back, there were Numbers with names of women. An a Number which was named...Son? No entry for a wife though. This won't get me a warrant against Sidan, but should be more than enough for a questioning.  I get to my hotel.

Did something happen when I was away?
(Unlikely | 5[d10]) No, but...

I go in and greet the receptionist. No mails for me, but in the holocaster the news are running. Local law enforcement is looking for a man who broke into an apartment house... I tune out the news and go back to my room. I check my door and before I step inside the room itself as well. I find nothing unusual so I take a shower and go to sleep tomorrow I'll make some calls.

---------------------------------5th Day--------------------------------

I start the morning by copying the contents of the notebook. Then I decide to take a risk by calling the son.
"Yeah? Who is it."
"Do I speak with the son of Fidelio Sax?"
"Fuck you!" he cuts the line but I call again.
"Fuck off, jackass! I'm not interested."
"I'm afraid you are."
"No and tell my old man that he can go to hell!"
"He will, shortly! Question is if you want to follow him?"
"Your father pissed off the wrong people this time, but my employee will answers before he get his trip to the other side!"
"And since your his son..." I leave the sentence open.

How does he react?
Bestow / Stalemate

"See this is why he sould get the fuck away. I'm pissed that I get harassed by fucking idiots like you because of him. Wanna fucking kill me? Fine get it over, fuck I don't care so if you call again I play back the whole thing fo the cops fucker."

Well... quite a dysfunctional family. I decide to call the boy again after 2 hours or so.

"Would you like to see your father behind bars or executed?"
(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...
"Sure, at least I would get some peace."
"I can make that happen, I told you my employer want answers. Help me and he will be gone from your life."
"Look, I don't want anything to do whit this."
"You don't have to! Only need a name or an address which make him vulnerable, the rest will be done by us."

Will he answer?
(Somewhat Likely | 1[d10]) No, and...

The boy cuts the line, again. This is a stalemate. 'Shall I call the lawmen with this notice or Fidelio himself?'
 If I want to get to the true perpetrator of the Orios incident, then I'll have to work alone. So I decide to call Fidelio.
Time to start the play. "Listen asshole. I got something that belongs to you."

Does he know what I mean?
(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes
Description: Playfully / Empty

"My notebook." he answers
"So what? It's not like you could do anything with it!"
"Maybe motherfucker. But I can destroy our little network so you cant get stuff to your colleagues. And I'm sure when I present this to the cops, they at least will make your life miserable. Besides your  bosses will probably kick you out or kick your ass because you caused heat to your company. Feel my pain asshole! First you kick me out then you send your henchman! Screw you!".
"Ah you are that Aby from yesterday. How did you know where I live?"
"From your henchman, sucker. Apparently you didn't paid him enough, but you will pay me! I want 10000units in cash. Tomorrow I will be in a room at the Hotel Palerno you have time till 1400 local to get me the money and then I will take the first ship so you won't have any problems with me."
"And how do I know that you tell the truth?"
"You don't. But now I make the rules and if you don't pay then the lawmen and the Adminstration will make your life hell. I will look to it. Welcome to my world sucker. So what will it be?"
"So you want to get away? Then I hope you will run at least to another planet!"
"Tomorrow form 1000 till 1400, Wolf." I cut my connection. If I played my cards well enough he will send the assassin for me, because getting his goons here inside won't be easy. And if not well then I will send the data tho the safety department. I doubt he will pay. My price was high, and in his memory I was just a filthy Abhuman. Besides I was very disrespectful just now, and talked him down.
I will prepare the LP in case I can take the assassin alive. I decide that I won't dine in the lobby rather use the vending machine and take A good portion for two days. i set up my bathroom for sleeping and I will not call for room services! Then its waiting time.

----------------------------------6th Day--------------------------------------

Does Fidelio send the assassin for me?
(Likely | 7[d10]) Yes
Do I get a call from the reception?
(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

On the second day at 1300 my room phone rings.
I take the call "Yes?"
"Mr. Wolfe someone is here to see you." I hear the voice of the receptionist
"Is it a woman?"
"Send her up please." 'Show time'
I take up position at the wall nex to my door. I ready my saber and my Las-pistol,but don't draw them.
There is a knock on my door.
"Yes? Who is it?" I call.

Does she answer?
Awareness: 51 - Fail
(Likely | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

"I bought you package Mr. Wolf"
"I'll open the door." Still at the wall my hand the woman jumps right in, blade in hand. She probably Probably expected me standing right in front of the sliding door. I draw my cutlass and shot the door behind me fast. She turns, weapon already in her hand. In my left hand I draw the Dervish.

She reacts fast and wants to cut me up here and now:
WP: 43+5
BS: ---
Will: 36
Str: 39
Thg: 34
Dagger: d5+3
Wound: 10
Likely | 9[d10]) Yes +Event: Proceedings / Fame

NPC Attack:41 = 41[d100] - hit
Parry: 63 - Fail
NPC Dam 1+3-2-3 = 0

Her high speed was unexpected. I couldn't parry all of the blow, but got only the Blunt end of the dagger. My flack cloak is more than capable. This much punishment is nothing for its defense.

WS: 63 - Fail

I try to setup a downward slash in response, but she quickly moves away.

NPC Attack:44 = 44[d100]  -hit
Parry: 61 - Fail
NC Dam: 3+3-2-3: 1

She gets me again, her dagger is moving very fast. In close quarters she seems more at home than I.
This time she could pierce my cloak. I can now feel the nick of her blade. She still holds the initiative.

WS: 100 / Fate 21 - Success 2
NPC Dodge: 78 = 78[d100] - Fail
Dam: 4+4-2: 6

She is relentless in her assault. I try to make a break off but she is on my tail and my room isn't that big. I have no other choice then using my blade. I decide instead of cutting, I thrust my blade and her momentum brings her into my blade. Her side is bleeding but I didn't find anything vital.
She seems to become even more furious Taking me apart. She wants to finish it quickly giving up defence...I dont like it maybe her blade is poisoned.

Is it poisoned?
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

It probably is because I can feel the nick I got burning up. I can't let that dagger hit me. I try a feint maneuver. She lunges again.

NPC NPC Attack: 58 = 58[d100] - Fail

Feint 32 vs 79 - Success
WS: 64 - Ffail

I wasn't able to hit herbut at least could disrupt the flow of the combat.


10 vs 7 - Success - I have the initiative

WS: 08
NPC Dodge: 79 = 79[d100] - Fail
Dam: 4+4-2: 4 wound + 2crit [R. Leg]
Fatigue 1

She might ducked out the first time, but now I have  aimed lover, giving her a nasty gash on her nice thigh.

NPC Attack: 85 = 85[d100]  - Fail

She takes a step but her leg cannot hold her weight and stumbles forward. I can see in her eyes that she has second toughs now. I position myself at the door. I won't let her escape.
We move almost at once but I am still a bit faster.

Feint: 01 - Critical Success
WS: 51 - Fail

I take my gun as if I would shoot at her. She stops her attack immediately, unfortunately my own attack misses because of the sudden stop.

Initiative: 14 vs 5 - Keeping Initiative

I decide to forego the feints. They cost too much time

WS: 19 - Success 3
NPC Parry: 39 = 39[d100] - Success 1
Dam:6+4-2 8 crit [L. Leg]
NPC Thg test: 70 = 70[d100] - Fail

With her small dagger she cannot effectively cover her entire body only her most vital parts. So I go for her legs again. I swipe deeply and hack her left leg over her knee right off. There is a small scream as she falls down. Her blood pouring uncontrollably. She is already in shock. 'Fuck if she dies then I wont get my information.' But first I need to find the antidote, usually assassins always carry some with them just in case.

Awareness/challenging: 20 - Success 2

I search thoroughly. I find the small vial in a little pocket of her panty. I look for a second one. It would be pathetic if I would apply more poison to myself. Fortunately there is no other bottle. I use the chem on my small wound, firs a very small amount... fortunately the burning gets dulled immediately.

Is the woman still alive?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 4[d10]) No

When I was done healing myself, I rn to get my medical kit, but it was too late for the girl. Such a shame... she had a nice ass. My Room is a bloody mess. Now it is official, Plan B it is...I called the Law-enforcement. It's time to end Mr Fidelio's little business.
"Civilian protection" Answers the officer on the line.
"Good day!" I greet back "I have a dead assassin in my room"
"Could you repeat that sir?"
"Look there came a woman who wanted to kill me. She couldn't do it."
"Your name sir?"
"Sergeant Fenris Maxwell Wolfe. Please also send an investigation team because I got some evidence and a suspect."
"Hotel Palmeo, Room 39. I wait here."
"Right away sir!"

The cops got there within minutes. I was of course disarmed, and my papers were checked.
The assassin was called Nina Valkyrie. She specialized in silent killing with her blade. She was well known, or at least her ornament dagger was. I presented Fidelio's little secret...how I got it? I got it from my informant of course, but he had to skip town. I also told about the goon who tried to intimidate me. He couldn't be found. Probably suffered the same fate as my shopkeeper. My evidence was enough for Fidelio to be brought in for questioning. That is when I used my authority as investigator for the Orios incident, to be present:

The interrogator started, with basic questions. Name, Company, the Drug... then came the assassin and at the end Orios.
"Look I told you I have nothing to do with it. I just provide manpower. What they do is not my problem." Fidelio was denying everything.
It's the first time I speak up "It is... because now, you are charged with treason against the imperium. You tried to sabotage the cities defense system, and not only got contraband inside but sold plans of it as well. You will be executed if you don't talk. Are you Zachariah Savignano?"
(Unlikely | 2[d10]) No
"No! Not me! One of my clients had used this name."
"Who is he?"
"It's one of those technician guys!"

Is it a techpriest?
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...
Logical professor who is slightly stronger than you and whose motivation is to conquer narcissism, damage spirits, and secure distress; who speaks of inquisitive death and is focused on your flaws.

"You know those robotic ones with the red robe. He was quite pissed off at the time wen we first met. Always spoke jibberish about spirits and how he will show the other idiots, bla bla bla...but he had the units so I delivered for him.

This was bad, the local lawmen do not have the authority over the mechanicus. If one of them truly went rouge then Orios muss be informed.

"Can you prove it?" I ask Fidelio
"He is working on a small frigate. He calls when its in port and my men take the loot. That's all."
"Ship name!"
"Bezarius! That is all I know"
"Interrogator, I'll have to check something out."
I go to the register and and look up the ship itself

Tracking 13 - Success

Is it docked in right now?
(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

The ship is not here right now but will arrive in a week from the mining facility in the asteroid belt.

Is the ship owned by House Seagull or Travelin?
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

It seem I had a good hunch. The ship is mostly used for cargo, crew is minimal, and according to the crew list there is only one techpriest on board. It is also owned by one oft the rival houses of Jestilla: Travelin
I go back to the interrogation.

"I don't supposed you were awaiting a next shipment in a week." I ask sweetly
(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...
"I did multiple transactions with him, but it's not regular. I get a call when the shipment is ready."
"Then you sent your men, take the stuff, and bring it over to another ship transferring it?"
"Pretty much"
"Then your going to make another last  transaction."

That evening I called Garret and told him about the possible heretek, on the s ship Bezarius. Since this is mechanikus affair my own help will not be needed. I made sure thet the information about the owner of the ship got leaked to Gregor... I just wanted to get home.

Main quest:
- Destroy the data at the liberated starship.
Get all the information about the suspect and destroy the information: 100XP
- Infiltrate the Sidan company
Side quest:
- Take down the assassin: 100XP
- Interrogate the assassin: -
- Look for incriminating clues: 50XP
- Interrogate Fidelio: 50XP
- Take out the goon:50XP
- Interrogate the goon: 50XP
- Relevant tests: 10 x 10XP = 100XP
Total: 500XP
Chaos: 3
Reputation: 4
TG Used: 445 => 100TG

Good Laspistol
Payment: 180TG - till next task
It is with great sadness and joy for me to announce that the Character Venris Wolfe was adopted by a gracious GM.
Venris will be serving the Inquisition on paper from this point on.
I will start a new thread This time I will go Rouge with the Trade...

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