40K Finding IT... (Explorator)
Have you ever seen a Tehcpriest who wasn't found of the Mechanicus? Well how about someone who utterly despises them? My name is Ziel Mythras, and I am one of those people.
I still remember when I was only a runt: Our Planet was not the central of the galaxy, but we had all what we wanted. There was no shortage on food, the waters were clear, and the forests and the mountains had provided for us. Every once in a century people would descend from the stars and asked for a tribute for the holy empereor that guarded us, and we gave it happily because we had good a good life. The event itself was a holiday itself, holding sermos, marriage, games and contests. Even the lowest of peasant could provide his family and take on a second wife if he choose.
Looking back, it was not as extravagant as the more advanced places of the galaxy, but it was home. But it all changed  when the people in red arrived. They promised to make life better. To give people a new purpose and allow the commoners  to raise themselves over their caste... if the are found worthy. I don't have to tell you how fast this idea became popular among the common folk, and looking at the marvels of the men of the stars, our lord were swayed as well.
It all looked well. Cities emerged, roads were built and the machine spirit was introduced to our world. Indeed there were those who were deemed worthy to be accepted to the robed men. I was such an individual myself. My blindness has lead me, despite the warning of my father...
Within the cult I saw what it was expected of me, or rather from the number I was assigned ID-022244. I met the  soulless servants of this Omnissiah and I saw...that they were not human. In fact very little differentiated them from  the daemons of our stories. We were bought to the stars to receive the "blessings of the cult" wether we wanted or not.  I was a studious lad. I concentrated on medicine, I wanted to help the humans not make them become machines. Soulless constructs who obey unconditionally. What I saw in the cult was basically slavery. So I did try to hang to my humanity as long as possible. My efforts were caught by a Magos Biologis. He promised to keep my flesh intact if I help him in his work. Thus begun the painful road for me. My other classmates have already received every blessing of the omnissiah  when they turned 16. I started only then. I became each piece separate integrated in my flesh. The Biologis treated me little more athen a glorified pet. Still I had worth in his eyes and my natural Toughness and Strength saved my life multiple occasions. I waned to get away and my prayers were heard. Apparently keeping me for himself was something the mechanicus called "heretek" and the  my mentor was dealt with. Just in time apparently, because the modifications I got without the proper blessings started to wear down my body.
I remember the long months of my recuperation after the correctional operations. I got a sub-dermal cybermantle together with an internal potentia coil which was integrated with my heart. The priest were saying that I was praying constantly in the anesthesia. The Respirator was also directly implanted in my lungs with some synthetic tissue up to my nose to protect my windpipe. The cranial circuits an Electro grafts were inserted directly in my nervous system,  this was done because the priests were not sure about possible mental damage and prepared a Cortex-Implant for testing purposes. One of them remarked with disappointment that he has to look for another servitor component. Instead I got Logis implant to enhance my learning capabilities. The connectivity ports are barely visible on my neck and thanks tot  the Electro Graft across my body which has a really nice tattoo-like patter I got one on both wrists.
I was glad when I looked in the mirror and it showed a human instead of a servitor.
Turns out the priest had a special mission for me. I was to be a mediator with different factions who found the  over-machinated bodies of the high-ranking members disturbing. This was punishment and also mercy. I f I shoved enough dedication they were redy to relese me from my prison of flesh...AS IF!
I don't have to tell that I was looked down upon. There were minimal indications that I actually received my blessings. This once went so far that I had to protect myself against a gang-up. The blood of my fellow apprentice was on my hands after I somehow released A shock on him, overloading his potencia coil and burning him alive. And it felt good.
It was Evident if I wanted to get home I have to be well versed in the art of war as well. I took up military training. Thanks to my ancestors I had good aptitude. After 2 years of training I was granted the opportunity to leave the temple of the machine. I was an apprentice enforcer of the mechanicus. My duty was to hunt down rouge elements and return they potentia coil or their head for questioning. I will be honest, it felt good till it lasted. I could somehow get back at the men who put me through hell... but then I realized that I was working for the wrong side. On my 20th birthday I went home, because I was late for my initiation of becoming a man.
But where once my home was was now an alien rock. The Mountains torn down, the forest were gone, the once blue water was a black liquid of toxins and the blue sky was replaced with a red-one which didn't protect anyone from our star. There were massive cities of steel and orbital arrays, but the planet itself was dead. The spirits have left us. There I understood this was punishment because we begun to worship the soulless god, so the true protector turned away from us.
A deep resentment awakened in me, and suddenly the words my old mentors voice echoed in my head. The potential of the flesh is limitless. As I saw the mutants of the surface and deformed beast I had to agree with him. And also recalled that this powerfull body was also thanks to his "blessing". The Mechanicus teaches that the flesh is weak, but they are wrong! Metal is only tougher not stronger, and its static, but the flesh hides unimaginable potential. I am not resenting my augmentations but I will use them and won't be a slave to them. I decided that I will get away, I will become an independent explorator.
My chance came when an Imperial guard vessel came and asked for assistance. I applied imminently. My fellows didn't understand my resolve, but they did not object. It's possible that they wanted to get rid off the oddball that was me. As a parting gift I got 2 other implants. An Auger array which combined with my MIU was like I had an internal display  in my eyes and radio. It was also subtle: Two small plates placed behind my earlobes. The other was Interceratic implant which improved the sensory abilities of my eyes.
I worked as an armorer for the regiment. Taking care of weapons, making small upgrades. The Techpriest of the regiment thought that I was a tech servant who has yet to become the gifts of the Omnissiah. I was content to let him be.
In my free time I worked on my own designs, when the time came I was fully prepared to go out in the battlefield. It happened in the Ascelon sector. There was a rebellion on a planet. The guard arrived to late and we found a new leader in the governor's seat. He was a pleasant man and had a well thought plan to restore order, and the people seemed to like him. His reign ended after a month, through a bullet to the head. Our forces were charged with murder, but worst the order vanished as well and the planet went in a state of civil war. We don't know who shoot the man but we will find it out... a mechanized infantry was called in myself included.
Negotiate with the artist at the research facility.

There I am lining on my bed in my quarter. Its one hour before my shift starts. Normally I don't bother to wake up earlier than 30 Minutes thanks to my internal clock, but today is different. A couple of days ago I met this Woman...Sila. I am not the most social person, and after my shift ends I usually stay at the armory and work on my own weapon upgrades. So, she just stayed and said that she had spotted me working and if I mind her staying there... She wasn't in my way so we started to talk and well... she was... nice. I know enough from biology that she expects a bit...more...and the kiss was nice. But since I was not given the traditional initiation of manhood from my home planet, and the mechanicus also deemed such topics useless... I had a bit of a problem how to tackle the situation. In the end I decided to go to my assembly bank. Working on my designs always helped me relax. I was about to start when The vox in my cabin came to life: "Technician Mythras! Report in the briefing room 104 immediately!"

When I arrived the room was already full. That was not sayin' much because it was one of the smaller units in the base.
How many teams are there?
4 = 4[d4]

There were 4 squads. As I enter all eyes are turning at me. The Commander in the middle of the room looks me over.

37 = 37[d100]

He nods and the starts the meeting. "Soldiers! New order just came in! Thanks to the effort of our vox-officers we were able to identify a possible sympathetic and his group who are ready to aid our mission to restore order on this wretched planet! He is a formal noble, and if the transmission is to believe, has valuable information for us. He requested a meeting with us, so time is short. We decided to send in 2 squads to check he situation. One will act as the advance party and the second will set up defensive perimeters. If the man shall become an asset then he is to be negotiated with. And when he turns out hostile... then termination was ordered." The commander pauses. Then Indicates towards me. " Technician Mythras will be part of the advance party. Since the meeting will be hold in an abandoned research station, his expertise with the machine spirits could be invaluable. He is also to extract any data of use, IF the opportunity arises."

How do the others react?
Crazily / Disagreeable

One man spokes up. "Permission to speak Sir." It is granted to him and he continues. "I would recommend, that the technician stays with the rear guard. After we secured the place he can come in without problem, and we don't have to divert our attention to ensure his safety."
The commander looks a bit torn. "Denied! Time is of the essence, and fear not! I received reports that technician Mythras is in fact trained in the art of warfare and his results from the shooting range indicate that he is a trained marksman. He will be granted a standard load-out. Any questions?"
My arm is raised. Now all faces turn towards me. 'Oh boy...time to sound competent' The commander doesn't seem surprised and indicates for me to speak up. "Requesting permission to field-test some of the new weapon modification designs Sir!" The man considers it. Since I got here I have made several changes to the weapons of my fellow soldiers with good success. I hoped that my reputation would grant me some leeway.
"Granted. You may exchange your commissioned weapon load out IF necessary. But don't overdo it!"
The briefing ends. I am brought to the armory where I gear up. I have a light enforcer carapace in my weapon cache and a solo boltgun with extended mag. My sidearm is a Steel burner laspistol and a collapsible shock-staff from my time at the mechanicus. I receive a rucksack with food rations and some stimms. I go to the meeting point there are already some who are waiting for me. There is 10 of us and we are given two armored jeeps. We hit the road to the research facility.

Does something happen on the road?
(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

The journey is undisturbed. We reach the assigned sector. From here on we travel by foot. The abandoned station is abut 4km away but even there I can see the marks of old battles. I start up my internal auspex and set it to motion detection. Do I find something?

16 = 16[d100]

I get a clear reading from my sensors. The vehicles are being disguised. I check my Boltgun and load it. In my group there is a Sergeant, a scout and two gunners, in the other are a sentry, a medic and two gunners. My team heads out to the ruins.

Liberated crash site

We advance through the plains. The recent acts of battle are all around us: scorched earth, molten rocks and splintered wood.

Are there any bodies?
(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

What strikes me strange is that I cannot detect any corpses...a good amount of scrap metal and remains of equipment but no human corpses. I tell my concern the Sergeant "How come that i don't see any dead bodies?"
"The last known conflict happened 4 Months ago. The bodies were either moved or were devoured." He answers me. 'Maybe we will be lucky this time' I think.

Offensively / Glorious

The factory is in surprisingly good shape. The walls are barely damaged and the door is not breached. It looks like a miniature fortress.

Do I see/perceive something?
97 = 97[d100]
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

The scenery is calm. The Sergeant indicates us to move.


How many?
1 = 1[d10]

As wee cross the distance one of the statues on the wall begins to move. It's big, almost 3m tall and with a big bulk. It's receptors are fixated at our group. Then in a vox-patterned sound it speaks. "Unknowns detected! Identify yourself or be terminated!" The men with me tense, their rifles are pointing at the mini-titan. The Sergeant looks at me expecting something, but I can only shake my head. The construct takes a step forward and levels one of his arms at us. Where the hand was supposed to be was a multi-laser mounted. My eyes widen and the color drains from my face. I scream just when the construct starts shooting: "DODGE!!"

NPC BS: 20
= 20[d100]

Am I targeted?
(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

Dodge /2
83 = 83[d100]

How many of us are hit?
2 = 2[d4]

The construct makes a sweeping motion and lets loose a barrage of laser beams. I try to move out of the way. On my left I can hear one of my comrade shouting in pain.

10 = 3[d10]+2[d10]+2[d10]+3
14 = 2[d10]+3[d10]+8[d10]+1

Head: Crit 6

As I run I can also feel the beams hitting me
13 = 5[d10]+1[d10]+5[d10]+2
16 = 2[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]+2

Head: Crit 3

18 = 18[d100]

I manage to hold out, and keep running to one of the metal covers which once was probably a vehicle before getting decimated. I can feel the side of my head burning. The helm comes off and there is a hole burned in the side. My hand goes to the auspex-port behind my ear...the tip is melted off. The solders around me take cover behind different objects. The construct seems content about felling one of us but his weapon is still leveled and sweeps the plains with his receptors.
The voice of the sergeant comes from my ear. "You, technician! Can you disable it?"
I curse mentally "I doubt it! Unless it gets distracted for me to get behind it, and even so..." I leave the sentence open.
"You are the specialist, what do you suggest?"
"Target the receptors! The red dots that flare up occasionally. If we can blind it, then we might have a chance." I pull of the boltgun from my back. I get to the ground and take my time to aim.

Do I get noticed?
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and... +Event: Travel / Stalemate

AP of cover
8 = 7[d10]+1

My comrades start shooting at the construct. Las-beams are flying but don't do much damage. It again returns fire but since we are spread out it has a hard time focusing on us. The situation looks like a stalemate, but it gives enough time for me to line up my shot.

AP of construct
9 = 4[d10]+5

Aim + shooting
59 = 59[d100]

Since the construct is a hulking thing which is mostly stationary, it's not hard to hit it, but I specifically aim for the receptor array. After it finishes another volley and turns towards me I let my bullet loose.

Structural points
16 = 1[d10]+15

Damage: d10+5 + d10 - tearing, accurate, 10+5+10 Righteous fury: [b]11 = [/b]11[d100] -> 3 + 4 for critical effects

My Aim was Blessed by the Emperor itself as I pull the trigger I can see that my aim was spot on. The Bolt flies and strikes the middle of the sensors, destroying them completely. The construct takes a step back, then as the bolt explodes the head-plating flies off. Electric sparks are flying around and servo oil is spilling on the ground igniting in the process. The mini-titan shudders and in the end is unable to keep its balance. It falls to the ground as a pile of scrap-metal.

I breath in strongly. I stand up the others follow me unsure. I carefully take some steps forward, never lowering my gun. The construct before me took multiple laser-hits exposing some sub-systems. It is apparent that it wont stand up ever.
"It's...dead" I inform the others.
"Blessed be the emperor! That was a fine hit lad..." the sergeant tells me approvingly, then look at the fallen machine. "It will stay down I hope?"
"It will!" I go around and pull out my data-slate "But just to be sure..." I plug in my device in one of the ports. The system is badly damaged, but I hope to find at least some info in the data-banks.

54 = 54[d100]

Unfortunately my shot was to effective. All I could find were fractured sectors. Still one thing is sure: This thing will not get up. Ever. In the corner of my eyes I can see the other men are gathered at the spot where the other solider was shot. The Sanitarian is kneeing and speaks franticly in the vox. "Will he make it?" I ask the sergeant.
"His head is burned. Probably permanently blinded too. Still the helmet did save him. Private Rosa is calling the medic." He looks at my damaged helmet. "You got lucky."
I take out my multi-tool, and remove my damaged auspex-receptor. I look the construct over for a needed spare part. After a good 40 Minutes the others arrive on the jeeps. The medic looks our fallen comrade over, and shakes his head, he won't get up any time soon. He gives a sedative to keep the man down. For now he is stable but will need extensive surgery fast, to prevent further damages. As the other are setting up the new perimeters I wield my new receptor in shape and mount it in place.

Of course my injury is not as minor as that... My whole neck is stiff and is burning up. There are molten carapace sticking out of my skin. Fortunately my cerebral implant did prevent griever injuries... but they are hot as hell. I get a cold-patch from the medic after he removed most of the shrapnel. My helmet is toast but it did protect me so I am grateful.
"Are you combat ready?" Asks the sergeant.
"I see stars all around and my nerves are burning sir...so technically I am, but don't expect me shooting anything smaller and faster than a Lehmann...sir" There is a pause "The last soot was more the emperor than me."
"I figured." Grunts the man in front of me. He adjust his flack on his shoulder. "It seems this was indeed a trap. From now on this is enemy territory, any unknowns are to be considered hostile! Can you open the gate?"
"I'll get to it sir"

91 = 91[d100]

My first attempt fails spectacular. My data-port comes online but as it starts to warm up the pain becomes to much so I have to stop. I won't be able to use my implants as it seems. My comrades look at each other not knowing what to do. Time for Plan B: I look for a panel at the gate.

35 = 35[d100]

I find a hatch and after good 20 minutes manage to screw down its lid. There were a couple of hard mounting points so my las-pistol had to work as well. I used my multi-tool to find the needed circuits and then connected my data-slate.

59 = 59[d100]

It was not easy but but after a bit of trial and error I hear the magnetic locks disengaging. The heavy gate is operated through a hydraulic system, which needed to be activated. After an hour the gate was partially opened so that 3 men could stand side by side and get in. I broke the connection.
"That is the most I can do" I told the others.
"What can we expect in there" the men ask. I look inside. There is a big corridor and multiple gates as well. Since this is a research post its more plausible that there are multiple floors going downstairs.
"I have absolutely no Idea!"
"Less talking men! The others have dismounted the Multi-laser." The sergeant announces himself. "This is for you." He shoves a flack helmet in my arms.
Five of us go inside. It is apparent that this area is a raiseble platform. I hit the rune indicating down. Steam is leaking on the side of the elevator and we slowly begin to descend.

Unusually tough zombie
3 = 3[d10]

We arrive at the lower section. The doors are all marked with a red light indicating that they are sealed. I get to work and start bypassing the security protocols.

62 = 62[d100]
Oddly / Quaint

The protocols are very easy to bypass. Everyone with a bit of knowledge could do it. I am positive that it wasn't done by a tech-priest. I mention my findings. "We might get company. These locks look all rigged... in a bad way."
"Then we shall avenge Kovalsky!" The door opens with a load hiss...

The passageway turns into a T and a door.

The sergeant indicates two men to check the T-section. Me and the guardswoman look at the door. I push the runes, and there is a click. the woman kicks the door in.

You find 1 OPPOSITION in this room.

As soon as she finished she leveled her gun and started shooting.

BS: 80 = 80[d100]

Her actions were answered by a hail of bullets as well

BS: 73 = 73[d100]

Bolter rounds hit the wall behind the woman who only got a split second to get out of the way. The wall takes heavy damage and after 1-2 seconds a loud thumping can be heard from the room. "Combat servitor!" The woman informs us.

Do the guardsmen have grenades?
(Likely | 2[d10]) No

The man behind me curses and sets his lasgun on overcharge. The woman does the same. Me? I try to use my auspex if I can find a signal-port in the vicinity.

Perception + Tech-use
6 = 6[d100]
77 = 77[d100]

I manage to find the port and begin to breach it. The thumping sound comes closer so I kneel down and ready my Laspistol if push comes to show, I will fire point blank at the receptors...hopefully the emperors gaze is still on me. The two guardsmen are aiming at the door.


48 = 48[d100]

I get in the system and manage to send a standby signal. Now the only question remains if the servitor receives it...or not.

Does the servitor stop?
(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes

The thumping sound stops. I can see sweat gathering around the face of the sergeant. He looks at me. After seeing me nod back we both get into the doorframe holding our weapons. The servitor doesn't move. "Your working, i presume" the man says.
"Can you make it fight for us?"
"I can set it to remote control...it will move and shoot things but that's the most I can do."
"Good enough!"
I open my combi-tool. "But first... I will need a longer cable!"
"By all means! I am in no hurry now!" He then activates his vox. "Wasquez! Get to the platform and bring some grenades, by the Emperor we will need them!"
I start working on my new control cable. I manage to create a 4m long variant which I set up with my data-slate.

82 = 82[d100]

The controls are not the best. This servitor-type was made specially for radio control with automated routines. My makeshift control-slate can make him shoot move forward and backward and turn...slowly. I shrug at the skeptical stares I am receiving. "It can turn and shoot...and it is also usable as a mobile cover!"
"Good enough!" The sergeant gives everyone a grenade. "Let's go men!"

left or right? even vs odd
2 = 2[d2]
There is a pool of liquid on the ground.

We turn left an slowly...very slowly advance forward in the complex. Our new tank leads the way with 2 guardsmen left and right. I am in the middle together with the sergeant and the guardswoman keeps our back safe. As we turn the corner we find a dark liquid on the ground.

Is it blood?
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

The liquid smells of iron but at closer inspection it is not turpentine. That is human blood and it's fresh, and it also has a trail. We decide to follow the trail and if the man is still alive, we are going to have some questions.

The passageway continues for 10 feet.
You hear a noise in front of you.

The passageway continues for 3 meters and ends at an armored hatch. There is a sound coming from the other side.

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

You see an NPC - select Get NPC.
Curious lieutenant

(11 = 11[d20]) Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

I place the servitor at the door and indicate one of the soldiers to open the hatch. The door opens and I can see a man with  his leg bandaged, but still bleeding. As he sees the servitor in the frame he screams "Come soulless contraption Dotakim does not fear you! For the emperor!"

Can he brace himself?
(Somewhat Unlikely | 9[d10]) Yes

He stands firm and lets loose a hail of bullets form his autogun. "Hold your fire!" Screams the sergeant

BS: 50 = 50[d100]

Does he obey?
(Likely | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

The man's eye snap to us. He looks even more alarmed, but stops shooting. "How goes there?"
"The imperial guard! By the name of the emperor lover you weapon or you will be terminated!"
"The guard? Thank the emperor! I thought you were from the Sanita union. At last..." he slumps over

(1 = 7[d20]+-6) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Dent.

Our servitor didn't got damaged. I set it in stand-by and let the soldiers advance on the man.
"You are hereby taken in custody!"
The man doesn't seem to understand. "Why? Didn't you came to negotiate?"
"We did until you almost killed us with that ting outside!!"
The man look enraged. "That was you! We thought you were raiders! There was no transmission from you coming, so we closed everything up until answer came!!"
The sergeant thinks and slowly comprehension sets in. He curses under his breath. "By their mothers tits! Of course they won't answer without a reconnaissance! Alright where are the others? You may contact them to stop shooting at us and if there is more like those," he indicates the battle-servitor "then shut them down!"
"I can contact Lodovico, no problem. But the second part IS going to be a problem..."
"Explain!" The man, probably called Dotakim, looks up with a mixture of emotions. "Since there was no answer from you, and our scouts reported 2 jeeps full of armed men, we decided to retreat inside the facility and then engaged locks or something like that."
"This is more like a lock-down" I horn in.
"Yes! That the word! Problem is instead only locking the main gate everything was locked, and the servitors were let loose. We didn't even know they were functioning." he takes a bottle from his belt and takes a few sips. "Blasted things started shooting at everything that moved. I myself were scouting when it happened and since my last encounter..." He indicates the bleeding leg. "can barely stand."
The sergeant turns to me "Technitian! Can you disable those things?"
To be honest I am a bit uncertain but wisely don't mention this fact. "If I can get to a terminal, and have enough time, then yes I might be able to."
"Call this Lodovico, and tell him we are coming. He better be worth it."
"Okay. They are in the second level at the second main intersection...or at least I hope."
The sergeant indicate that its time to move on.

The passageway continues for 10 feet.
You find an exit.

We continue the other way and find another elevator. We travel down to the second floor.

You find 1 ENCOUNTERS in this room.

As we touch down we see a familiar red light in the darkness. The second floor has its emergency light on but the eye of the battle-servitor can still be seen. A give the firing order. The other are also shooting at the construct.

Ballistic Skill:
72 = 72[d100]
68 = 68[d100]
17 = 17[d100]
10 = 10[d100]
9 = 9[d100]

My comrades all shooting on semi-auto and overcharge setting. Beams are flying and hitting home, burning away the flesh, but doing little to the strengthened frame itself.

Dam: 5

The thing shoots of course back

BS: 88 = 88[d100]

Thanks to the barrage however it cannot lock on to us properly and spays a hail of bolts over our head. I can feel shrapnel hitting my back. I adjust the aim of my servitor and hit the firing button again

BS: 85 = 85[d100]

Do the others hit?
(Likely | 8[d10]) Yes

how many hits?
6 = 6[d10]

Damage total: (17 = 12[d20]+5) Severe Damage: Incapacitating and may become Critical if not addressed.

The combined firepower of the lasguns seem to wear down the servitor. Its steps become more clunky, and its plating is more damaged.

Can the servitor respond?
(Unlikely | 2[d10]) No

The enemy stops and shuts down. It lovers it's heavy-bolter and becomes prone. The guardsmen change their power-packs. When the capacitators are charged again we move on. I still detach the energy coil from the enemy servitor just to be sure.

It looks like a dead end.

After 20 meter or so our way is blocked again. "Dead end?" I hear Rosa
"No...more like a section block or lock." I answer
"I doubt grenades will be enough"  She replies.
"Let me check the vicinity" I close my eyes and let my auspex take over again.


30 = 30[d100]

Do I find something?
(Somewhat Likely | 3[d10]) No

I start tipping on my slate, then after a minute I shake my head. "No, security gate. I can't communicate with it. Well there is always plan B."
"Which is?" asks the sergeant. I indicate the heavy bolter on the damaged servitor.
"If we can turn it I could pull the trigger" I check the primary and secondary clips. "Almost full. We can reload our big guy and the rest can go in the block."
With great effort we turn the burned out servitor and take out 30 bolt-shells from the secondary clip.

30 = 30[d100]

I plug in with my slate and after five minute I manage to create a by-pass. I let it rip. Bolter-shells fly and skite the armored wall.

AP of Wall
15 = 5[d10]+10

(6 = 6[d20]) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Dent.
(9 = 9[d20]) Minor Damage: Largely superficial; degrades performance, but not disabling.
(9 = 3[d20]+6) Minor Damage: Largely superficial; degrades performance, but not disabling.
(27 = 18[d20]+9) Destroyed.

It takes the whole clip to make a good man-sized hole in the plating. At half, the Armor was pierced at some places, but I had to shoot everything to create a big enough opening. "And... we're out!"
The opening is to small for our servitor to get through.
"Will it become hostile if we leave it here?" ask on of the soldiers and indicates our servitor.
"No, I cut out its order receiver. It will wait here unless somebody reconnects it to a slate like mine. Still I could disable the weapons, temporarily."
"Do that!" orders the sergeant "As soon as you are ready we move on."

There is a door on either side of you.

We continue our way inside. At the next area there are 2 doors on leading south the other west. We are not picky and move to the door that is the closest.

There is nothing else of interest in here.

The first room is abandoned. there are some metal desks indicating that it used to be some kind of a study, now its a place for rusting garbage.

You find 2 ENCOUNTERS in this room.

On the ground you find a weapon.
You find 4 OPPOSITION in this room.

Defensive therapist

As I open the other door we find ourselves with face to face to a pistol. The man holding it is clothed in a medics garb.

Does the medic shoot?
(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

The man seems unsure what to do with the gun in his hand. He franticly moves his head between us. "A-Are y-you from t-t-he guard?" "We are." The sergeant takes the lead again. At this declaration three other guns get lowered further back in the shadows.
"Come in fast and close the door!" The man invites us in fast. "Did you dealt with the servitors?"
"We got 2 of them covered."
"Then there is still one wandering around...if the maintenance tubes are an indication...not that I'm ungrateful...emperor forbid."
"What happened here?"
"Well, our leader tried to connect you, but we didn't received a reply, so retreated here, but unfortunately we seem to have awaken some of the machine spirits, who didn't like our company and started shooting at us."

"Your leader? Where is he?"

Is he injured?
(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

"In the back, at the vox-station."
"I need to speak with him" the sergeant indicates us to stay he gives his rifle to the medic. "I'll be right back. Rosa you take charge"
The woman salutes and the sergeant walks away. In this room I can smell blood. Not every man has a weapon. Most of them are injured and bleeding through their casts. After half an hour the sergeant comes back with blond man in extravagant clothes. His presence is as alien here as that of a shadow-cat on Scilla. "Our technician, specialist Mythras." the sergeant indicates me
"Oh a pleasure, I heard that you were able to disable one of the servitors, is that correct...silly me of course. I don't want to prattle...there is a third one patrolling these halls and my men lack the firepower to cause significant damage. Not that we didn't try! If you manage to disable it then our way up should be clear. Of course there is a 3rd level...which also should be mentioned. It looked safe enough but we didn't checked since the lock-down was initiated. Oh yes! You might also disengage it just to make sure..." The man looks at me with his blue eyes after his monologue.
I look at the sergeant. He nods. "I need a terminal"
"Will the vox-station suffice?"
"We will see..."

Is the station connected to the main systems?
(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes

I set up my slate and call up the needed scripts. "Okay...so far so good."

26 = 26[d100]

It seems that the vox-station is also part of the internal communication. That makes it a sub-system where I can work myself through the main cogitator.

9 = 9[d100]

This won't be easy, especially because I cannot log in via my interface. I take off my helmet and my hands start tipping on my slate. In the first 10 Minutes nothing happens, but in the second I get to the central cogitator, and the main battle begins. The noble tries to ask me something but a loud reaction of "NOT NOW!" discourages him. My tipping becomes faster and faster, and so another 10 Minutes pass. Protocols and scripts are running up and down but in the end this is an STC (Standad Template Construct) I am familiar enough to know it's weaknesses. 40 Minutes pass when I execute the final order and the red lights dim out. As white light fills the room I announce "Lock-down lifted. Every security protocol is set to standard, battle-servitors are on stand-by."
"By the emperor, he did it!...not that I had any doubt, of course."
I wipe away the sweat from my face and take a sip from my bottle. The sergeant smiles at me. "Good work...solider. What about the 3rd level?"
"Should be relatively safe...until nobody touches the consoles!" I look accusingly at the so called leader. He lifts his palms and start shaking his head.
"Then lets check it out!"

57 = 57[d100]

Do I find something of use for myself?
(Somewhat Likely | 9[d10]) Yes
Guard's uniform

Anything else?
(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...
Arc gun

The third floor was the heart of this facility. it was full with automated weapons which could have gone off every second if the lock-down had been active. I found a Pressure Carapace for my self (AP6) and a very interesting layout of a gun... from which I made a soft-copy for personal use on a chip-card.

We returned to the surface and called in. At first a truck came with more troops and the commissar himself. He checked with the sergeant and after the report he called for a medical support. The heavy weapons were mounted on the trucks. I myself presented the layout I had found to one of the higher ranking tech-priests, and asked to look at my implant if he had time.

90 = 90[d100]
Re-roll: 6 = 6[d100]

The man was suspicious at first so I had to show him my electoo-graft pattern which indicated that I was an ally of the mechanicus. He was delighted and promised to find something suitable for services. After a quick medical exam it turned out that the multi-laser had scorched not only my neck but also quite a bit on my shoulders. After making clear that I...am...a factor of the mechanicus he decided to simply upgrade my muscle-graft. I was on sick leave for 7 days, to get used to my enhanced frame. It was on the 8th day that the commissar had called me. "For the exceptional efforts shown in last mission, I hereby enlist thee formally as technical specialist and welcome thee in the regiment." he salutes "For the emperor" "For the emperor" I reply "Your new duties and privileges..." he hands me a document "Dismissed"

Survived: 100XP
Meet the Opposition: 100XP
Servitors disabled: 4x50 = 200XP
Relevant tests: 10x10 = 100XP

TOTAL: 500xp
Catch a criminal at the technologically advanced cave.

I had 7 days to rest up at the infirmary. The Hospitaller was not happy me leaving so soon, but the biologos had convinced her that my wounds only "looked" bad. My first action was to find Sila. After your head is almost blown off by a miniature titan, suddenly intercourse doesn't seem such a big deal. I whispered in her ears and we got to my quarters. We didn't loose time and consecrated my new bed. Most peculiar was that after the act I felt fully reinvigorated; my potentia coil was fully loaded...hah...I wonder what would do the other priest say if it became common knowledge that such basic biological need could have an effect like this. But our cuddle time was relative short as suddenly my door room opened and a man of rank invades my room unannounced.
"Technican Mythras! Report to the commissar immediately!" Then the man finally takes notice of the woman next to me. The sheets were covering us but it was evident what we were doing. The man sighs. "You are to report to the commissar in 30 Minutes!" Then he leaves us.
"30 Minutes..." I look ate the woman next to me, and smile. "That will be enough..."

The commissar was eying me dangerously and chewing on his pipe in the process. "Sergeant Stefan spoke highly of you. I also received other reports describing your performance in the drills as over average. You had training outside of the regiment." It was not a question but a statement. "What I see here almost indicates you as a tech-priest, but you lack the distinctive features of one..."
"I was not ready to part with my flesh." I blurted out "Sorry sir."
"Yes. I can see why... none the less, your past experiences might come to aid us in the next mission. The man named Lodovico was interrogated and turned out cooperative. He even had some information on the assassin who killed the recent Governor and instigated this mess we are having. Your mission is to hunt down this individual. Interrogation is your first priority if it should not be possible then you are to find out who the client for the assassination was. after you have the information...deal with him. Any questions?"
"Who will I work with sir?"
"This is a covert mission. You will be funded and false papers will be made for you." He reaches me a slate "Here are all information about your new identity. Your contact is a woman by the name of Ophelia. Her joint at the space port is a common place where all kind of people meddle. A room was reserved for you." I look at the slate and the information on it. The young woman on the picture is nice to look at. Cute face with a couple of freckles and short brown hair. I can't help but to smile, the action with Silas still fresh in my head. "I expect results, technician! Your first report is due in a standard month! You may requisition additional equipment if you wish, your current loadout was listed as personal. Take it as generous advance."

I start reading through the files:
- Name: Lazarus Einzen
- Trade: Mercenary - Former Haspitus regiment survivor.
- Specialty: Sabotage
- Goals: Seeking employment by minor noble houses and getting protection from ongoing guard investigation.
- Commissioned Funds: 230 ThG / Lodgings for 1 Std. Month /
"I will start preparations. When do I leave?"
"Tomorrow, a lander will pick you up and transport to the Trader Ship, Golden Glory. You will have approximately 3 Days to familiarize yourself with the information on the slate and with your new profile. Dismissed."


My voyage to the neighboring cluster was uneventful. The planet I was headed was called Amareen. It was a hive world but one of the cleaner ones. The planet was first colonized 3000 standard years ago, but one of the system-lords laid claim because it had a nice climate and it was rich in ores. The under-hives here are actually mining facilities. The middle hives are your standard cities and the acropolises are built on the highest mountains where still clean air can be found. It is a seemingly stable planet. That means the major conflicts are solved through intimidation, political intrigue and of course assassination.
After my lander arrived at the port on the middle-hive, my first action was to rent an armored stash near the port to leave my prominent equipment at. For a standard month I had to pay 10 ThG. Thankfully the exchange ratio to the local Aquila is decent almost comparable to more advanced imperial worlds. I put my googles on my forehead my hair was kept down by a snood to give me a more... leisure look. I was wearing dark leather clothes, and had a Lho-stick which was called tobacco on this planet. It seems popular...well the devil knows what's so good about it...but it's not like it could cause me any harm thanks to my filter implant. I made my way to meet the woman Ophelia and get my room.

Opehia's joint was nothing more than an oversized pub, with some vacancy on the higher floors. Yellow neon writing was advertising the place as the "SAILOR'S REST". My lip curved. 'How catchy' I thought. The bar was barely illuminated and slow music was coming out of a vox-box from the corner. Also almost everyone had a smoke. I walk up to the bar. The woman inside looks me over.
"What can I get'cha?"
"Room, for Einzen."
"Ah! Your that guy." She gives me a magnetic key. "First floor second room on the left. I don't care what you do till you won't cause a ruckus with the other tenants. if you do, your out! Clear?"
"Crystal" I have almost forgotten how charming a hive city can be. I had set my auger on movement detection and was able to by-pass two possible muggings as I got here.

Does something happen in the vicinity?
(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

The cycle seems quiet. I go upstairs and drop my backpack. The room is not big but will be enough for now. I go down to the bar and order a drink.
"Would you possibly know where a man with a gun might find work in order to pay his rent?"
The girl stops pouring some liquid and looks at me. "Down on luck?"
"You don't know the half of it" I lit another smoke
"I don't really care what you do 'ntil you pay till deadline. I think I'm lenient enough." I look over the patrons of the pub.

Do I see something interesting?
32 = 32[d100] - Success

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...
NPC positive
Tongue-tied craftsman
Setting is quartermaster involving exquisite plasma torch and holo-projector.

It seems today is going to be slow. A small man comes upstairs behind the bar. He is holding a welding flame and a portable slate. "Well lass, I did what I could, but you might wanna consider changing it."
"Not this month or the next...I wont." Ohelia pays the man with a couple of Aquilas. The man pocket them and leaves.
"Technical difficulties?"

48 = 48[d100] - Success

"The heating is acting up again. The spirits don't like patched housings as it seems." Ophelia writes something on a piece of paper.
"I thought that this place would be more...lively. It being so close to the port?"
"Are you hitting on me?" She asks seriously.
"No, at least not now." I drink up. "There isn't much going on since the war in the neighboring cluster. Most just come in for one drink and talk. The same that you do." I nod at her an thank my drink. I go back to my room and set up my slate. I connect it to my Auger and start a broadband radio scan.

67 = 67[d100] - Success (Slate + MIU + Skill + 10)
25 = 25[d100] - Success

Do I find a usable channel?
(Somewhat Likely | 8[d10]) Yes

As I tune my senses, multiple transmissions are coming in. Some of them are music stations, other are private lines, but there are some interesting ones as well. How many relevant channels do I find?

3 = 3[d4]

Infiltrate the run-down tavern.
Catch a criminal at the massive mobile fortress.
Destroy the data at the battle-scarred government building.

The nearest line what I could find had interesting data traffic. I got hold of a radio chat between a client and a fixer. The client was in a bad mood because one of his rivals got his hands on something he really don't wanted. He was planing a nice gang war.
The second line was a bit vague. I couldn't decide if it was a heist or an assassination ready to happen.
The last line however came form this place. The caller was Ophelia. At first it sounded like a chat between friends, but there were some sentences that meant that the nice bar-girl had a couple of aces in her arms, when it comes to shady contacts. It looks like the girl frequently take notes about the patrons and and gives tips to someone.
Time to choose...I decide to try and lock on to the first line. In a hive data is valuable commodity, and data that someone want's to get destroyed more so.

I listen in and make notes

So the building was in fact a house of Lore at the borders of the lower hives. It was not clear from the transmissions what they were looking for, only that it was not their first attempt to get it. I could of course swoop in and take sides but waiting for the aftermath could be more beneficial. I close my door and go to sleep. Morning I will go to snoop around the middle-hive a bit.

Morning-cycle came fast, but the bed was nice. I took a vapor shower and got dressed. With my pistol and baton, I walked out into the metal jungle that was Amareen-hive. The streets were colored in diverse neon. Servitors doing heavy lifting, and bells ringing signaling the start of the morning shift. Even if 2/3 of the humans were in the factories the streets were still flooded. Motor chariots and other trucks were taking to the road. As I got further from the port the neon signs slowly died out and were replaced by simple gray hab-blocks.
As I walk I start counting my options:
- I need to find an assassin skilled and founded enough to kill a new planet governor.
- My contact is not keen on helping me. She was probably intimidated in this whole business.
- Finding scum is easy but getting hired is an entire different matter.

Does something happen on my stroll?
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and... +Event: Dominate / Power
NPC Action

Is the Library attacked?
(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes +Event: Expose / Victory

As I walk down the streets I hear an explosion. I set my auger on full detection and decide to investigate. When I arrive at the site there is an attack on the lore house.

Does the local law-enforcement intervene?
(Somewhat Likely | 9[d10]) Yes

As I turn at a corner I can hear gunfire. Local police is shooting on the Lore house. Of course the fire is returned from the inside. Bullets bounce around and laser fire is returned. Unfortunately for the lawmen, the Lore haus is decently armored. I am certain that the workers inside are all dead. The question is if there is any information to salvage...and of course how fast the lawmen can reconquer the place. If they cant till night-cycle then I will go on in and ask around myself.

Wound: 10
Attributes: 30

I walk back to the port, but listen in on the security channels. The fighting does subdue as the cycle changes but the attackers still hold their positions steady. I gear up at the package way. There is nobody to disrupt me changing and I can walk back to the Lore house undisturbed. I constantly keep to the shadows. There is no way I am unnoticed, but a fully armored man must not be the most lucrative of targets. I get to the Lore house unobstructed.

Did reinforcements arrive?
(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes
Deliberately / Beautiful

Those extra hands don't look anything like the standard lawman. These men are wearing carapace, and it is deliberately decorated. A first glance they looked like arbites, but they moved differently, and they load outs were diverse. Private military unit...but whose?

How many are of them?
7 = 7[d10]
Wounds: 16
AP: Chest - 6
Characteristics: 40

Are they going in?
(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

The newcomers are gathering around a makeshift table and seem to discuss something. They are also well armed, with hand cannons grenades and of course the obligatory lasguns. They take their sweet time So I think I will set myself up. I use my auger to locate the power box for this building. There is no shame granting me a bit of an edge, I mean there are seven of them and probably a dozen or so scum in the building...

Concealment + Silent move
73 = 73[d100] - Fail
2 = 2[d100] - FATE Re-roll

Is there someone at the power box?
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

Looks like the power box was also considered by others. One of the lawmen is at the box looking it over with a lamp. The caching is already removed but it is clear that the man doesn't exactly know what to do. I sneak up behind him, but since I don't want to kill him, a simple knock to the head should be enough. I activate my staff an hit the man heads over.

Shock test
58 = 58[d100] - Fail

It is debatable if the man crumbles because of the electrical surge or the power of the blow, but the end result is still the same he wont get up soon...I stand corrected SHE won't get up soon. As I rolled over my downed foe, only to check his vitals of course...my hands were able to identify certain...gender specific aspects. First I cuffed her and to ensure her safety I deposited her in the closest garbage-bin. Top included of course!
Disabling the power in the building was easy but I wanted a full overcharge. That would fry the cables and prevent a fast repair and could possibly overload the block guarantying my escape. I planted a cog in to the system and timed it to T-10:00:00 Minutes. It should be more than enough time to place myself accordingly.

Is there an unguarded window?
15 = 15[d100] - Success

(Likely | 9[d10]) Yes

Is it damaged?
(Likely | 9[d10]) Yes

I can't detect movement or shadows coming from most of the windows. On the ground one was damaged, probably by a grenade to provide my entry point. I smack the glass light and big chunks start falling out. I pull out my las-pistol and jump/climb inside. Now I wait... when the light goes out completely I'll begin to move fully utilizing my Inetceratic vision implant. I hear dull "Thump" coming from the front just when the power goes out. I guess the lawmen started to move as well.

Number of Punks in the building
13 = 7[d10]+1[d10]+5

I was considering using my solo-bolter, but in this situation nonlethal might be better. I wait until the fighting starts.

Does someone come my way?
(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

Nobody is coming my way but sounds of battle and profanities can be heard over me. I move forward and ready my shock-staff.

You find 2 ENCOUNTERS in this room.

You find 2 OPPOSITION in this room.

On the ground you find a weapon.

Emaciated zombie
Several guards
Superb grenade launcher

As I come around the corner of the room I can make out 2 man wearing the light carapace of the specialist. They use flashlights to illuminate the room. There is a third body lining on the floor presumably dead. Scorch marks are marring the place where it lies. There is also a weapon at the corpse in really good condition to. Did the guard see the weapon?

(Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

On of the man picks up the weapon and starts to inspect it. The other also seems distracted by it. I sneak up on them and prepare a luminen shock in my left arm. I lightly touch the head of the man who holds the lasgun and hope that I will be fast enough to knock the other out before he could do anything.

Toughness NPC
86 = 86[d100] - Fail

My foe crumbles as the bio-electric surge dances across his nervous system. Unfortunately this ability does come with a cost of my own internal reserves.

Toughness test
= 98[d100] - Fail

I can already feel the drain on myself (Fatigue 1). Does the other man react in time?

Perception NPC
57 = 57[d100] - Fail

Fortunately the other soldier's eyes are still fixated on the launcher I decide to try and attack him as well, with the same trick.

20 = 20[d100] - HIT

My hand is plastered firmly on his mouth as I unleash the power of the machine.

Toughness NPC
22 = 22[d100] - Success

The man's eyes roll up but he quickly steps back from me. My follow up attack comes through my staff

16 = 16[d100] - HIT

Dam: Head - crit 7

Toughness NPC
50 = 50[d100] - Fail

I ready my staff, take a step forward to get momentum and hit the solider across his face. There is an audible crack coming from his jaw, as the man looses his balance and falls like a putrid tree to the ground, unconscious. I probably knocked out some teeth as well.

Toughness (+0)
5 = 5[d100] - Success

Fortunately I cannot feel any drain from the last luminen technique. To be absolutely sure I hit the first soldier again in the head with my staff. I take a look at the launcher.

 is it loaded?
(Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

Heh...figures, and the ammunition also looks to be of a special kind. It could fetch a good prize though...but as a weapon...meh.

Do The soldiers have anything I would be interested?
(Likely | 7[d10]) Yes

Pole arm
One of a kind jewelry

Outside of the standard Lasgun,one of them also have a melee weapon. It is a spear with a rechargeable shock-tip. I disable it fast. The other however has a necklace with stone worth keeping.

Anything else?
(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

Well looks like the specialists were only nice to look at. As mentioned before, they had a standard although nicely crafted lasguns, and a hand cannon. But other than that the guys had pretty basic equipment. I look at the corpse in the room. It had tattered robes indicating that he or she was one of the lore-keepers of this place. Looks like he was roasted alive. The scorch marks around him indicate the same. 'May the soul rest at the throne!' I start to move upstairs slowly.
This building has 3 stories. I get up to the second floor and listen. Do I hear the sound of battle?

46 = 46[d100] - Success
(Likely | 9[d10]) Yes

Gunfire is clearly audible from the floor above me. I make myself through the rooms in the direction of the sounds.

Do I see fresh dead bodies?
(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes

What kind of (1-6 = Scum / 7-9 = both / 10 = soldier)
5 = 5[d10]

In the first rooms that contain ravaged shelf of books there are 5 fresh corpses belonging to some punk gangers. Looking at their injuries I can tell that, they were shot to deaths by las-weapons. I continue slowly and plan to get in they backs. My main goal is to catch one of the punks and interrogate him.

You meet an ENCOUNTER.
You find 4 OPPOSITION in this room.
As I get closer the sound of battle intensifies. I crouch down and peek through the doorframe.

What do I see?
Healthily / Powerful

There is a shootout in the room since both the specialists and punks are using flashlights only a couple of shots hit home. The soldiers are having a clean edge an they don't look worse to wear.

 Are there dead punks in this room?
(Likely | 3[d10]) No

Surprisingly I can't see any fresh corpses in this corridor. The punks must have retreated after getting gunned down by their opposition

How many soldier are in the corridor?
4 = 4[d4]

This is going to be harder than expected. I doubt I could take on all of them. These guys are disciplined and working well together. The other two downstairs must have been newbies or simply idiots. I didn't wanted to kill anybody from the "good guys" but I doubt they would simply let me go after they finished with the cleanup.
Decisions...decisions... oh well hopefully they wont die just... loose a limb or two. I remove the pin from my grenade and roll it behind them.

46 = 46[d100] - Success

Do they take notice?
(Somewhat Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

The grenade rolls right at the middle of the group and explodes point blank. My laspistol is also in my hand waiting for his turn to put the unlucky ones that remain standing down.

Dam: 3 = 1[d10]+2[d10]

The grenade explodes with a deafening sound yet all of the men are still standing. 'This is bad!' I run back in the former room and holster my heavy-las. I take the solo-bolt from my back and reload it with a clip of organ grinders. I aim at the first man closest to me. My only hope is that the grenade exploded before they feet, diverting suspicion from me.

Do they notice that it was a sneak attack?
(Unlikely | 5[d10]) No, but...

The lamps are swirling all around as the men try to find me. They know someone is near. The kid-gloves are officially off. I take a full turn aiming and let loose a bolt at the first man in order to mask my muzzle flare.

80 = 80[d100] - Success (Aim +20, Accurate +10, Single + 10)

[b]29 = 29[d100]

Dam: 16 >>> 7[/b] = 2[d10]+5
+ Ammo: 9 = 8[d10]+1[d10]

The bolt flies and hits the man straight in the head. The bolt takes a good part out of his scalp.
The man stumbles but he is clearly in the game.

14 = 10[d10]+4

'I cannot allow him to survive '. I was planning to knock him out with that shot and get to the others, but since the man still looked combat ready I had to finish him, lest he gives away my position and then I would be a sitting duck. I aim again an shoot at the man a second time, before the other can even think shooting at me.

5 = 5[d100] - Success 4

The second shot hits the poor man direct in the chest the bolt penetrates the armor easily. The shell explodes inside my target, filling the place where the others stand with blood and shrapnel. The bolt doesn't stops however. It continues to the target behind the downed man. The other man also stumbles. Although he doesn't explode like his comrade, there is a fist sized hole where his heart should be.

Commutative damage: 9+8+5+5 Pen 4 = 27 + Secondary 11 from ammo-type

If this weren't enough the exploding bone-splinter seems to have momentary blinded the other two as well.

Do the remaining soldiers shoot back?
(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

80 = 80[d100] - Fail

They formation gets broken. As fear sets in the two remaining solider start to back away from me occasionally shooting in my general direction. These shots are more of a product of desperation then actual training. I wait until the two man back away to the next area, before I go out to the corridor, in order to check the two felled men.

Do I find something of notice?
(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

I get reminded why bolters are so effective. The first man is effectively eviscerated and the second is missing a heart. As by the others I knock out downstairs, these also only have a lasgun and hand cannon with a lamp-pack. I mentally keep track of the shells in my clip, and move forward.

You see a staircase leading down.

I arrive at an intersection where a stair is leading down. I change directions and look for the stair which will lead me up.

There is a locked door to your left.

As I turn left and continue onward in the darkness...well digitalized, bluish auger visualization... I come across a door. I slowly try to turn the handle but it won't budge. Fortunately I got my multikey right there. I try to open it.

22 = 22[d100] - Success

There is an audible click as I unlock the door. I put away the multikey, and I lean at the wall behind the door. Then I slowly push against the door.

Does it open?
(Very Likely | 9[d10]) Yes

You find an exit.

I managed to find the stairway as it seems. I make my way upstairs looking before each step I take. Do I find something?

90 = 90[d100] - Fail
91 = 91[d100] - Auger Array

I start walking upstairs. Are there any traps?

(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes
As I walk further upstairs there is an lick at my leg and a grenade goes off.

Dam: 3 >>> 13 = 7[d10]+6[d10] -10 (AP + THG)

I curse my carelessness. There is a shower of shrapnel hitting me in the chest and scorching my carapace. Now they definitely know I am coming. I stop with my gun and wait a couple of minutes. I have to redouble my vigilance.

Does someone come?
(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

Nothing...hopefully they think that he grenade did its job. I continue onward.

77 = 77[d100] - Fail

Is there another trap?
(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes

Dam: 4 >>> 14 = 4[d10]+10[d10] -10 (AP + THG)

There is another explosion hitting me again. I am really scornful now. This time I payed special attention yet it happened again. Note to self: the stairway is is to be avoided! I stop at the next floor door. I can feel my chest acting up. No wonder normally one does not walk away from a grenade not to mention two!! I kick in the door an dive away immediately.

Is it trapped?
(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

as the door opens, a third explosion rings the corridor. Fortunately I made enough distance to be unaffected by the blast.
'That does it! I am so gonna murder those bastards!' I decide as I continue to my goal.

You see a staircase leading up.

I continue onward, moving between tall bookshelfs that were desecrated. There are also many data-ports with slates which were destroyed in or after the fights.

There is a locked door to your left.

There is another locked door. before I do anything I listen carefully. Do I hear something from the other side?

79 = 79[d100] - Fail
33 = 33[d100] - Auger array

There was a sound coming from the inside, but it was hard too make it out. I wait patiently.

What do I hear?
Break / Evil

There is a sound of something breaking or falling and mad laughter.

Do the sounds continue?
(50/50 | 8[d10]) Yes

I am sure that the conflict is still raging on on the other side but I am reluctant to simply charge in. I take my time unlocking the door. When I finish I open it but barely and use my hand to look for a tripwire along the whole frame.

Is the door trapped?
(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

As my hand travels to the top I can fell a very thin wire in my hands. I cut it before opening the door. the pin is a bit loose in the frag but its still usable. I take the grenade from the frame and continue towards the noises.

There is a locked door to your right.

There is another door on my left. I do the same procedures as before.

You find 5 ENCOUNTERS in this room.

This door was not trapped. no wonder. As it looks I found the main gallery which was apparently also the main battlefield. There was already a shoot out between the punks and the remaining soldiers.

On the ground you find a weapon.
There is a bag on the ground.
You find 1 OPPOSITION in this room.
You find 3 OPPOSITION in this room.
You find 1 OPPOSITION in this room.

There are multiple bodies on the floor, Mostly belonging to the punks. How many soldiers are currently here?

1 = 1[d3]

There is only one man standing who is is wearing a carapace. The room is dimly lit by burning books thrown in the corners and around the gallery. The specialist is using his lasgun on full auto taking multiple shots at the punks. There are 3 of the scums in one of the corners and one that is pinned behind another cover on the other side of the room. I remove he pin from the grenade I just acquired and after careful aiming toss the thing at the three men crouching in the middle of the room

60 = 60[d100] - Success (Aim +20)

Do they take notice of the grenade?
(50/50 | 1[d10]) No, and...

The grenade hits home in the middle of them and goes off.

Dam: 4 >>> 7 = 3[d10]+4[d10] - 3THG

The men hurl out of they cover. The solider sees this and captures the oportunity. He lets off a semi-auto in the middle of them.

Does he hit?
(Very Likely | 6[d10]) Yes, but...
2 = 2[d3]

Only two of the punks are hit. The third one manages to get behind another cover before laser fire gets to him.

(17 = 14[d20]+3) Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.
(11 = 8[d20]+3) Minor Injury: Largely superficial; painful and distracting, but not life threatening.

The two other are hit hard. One of them cannot get up but starts to crawl to the nearby cover. The other is returning fire at the solider

(3 = 9[d20]+-6) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

The punk manages to get some hits in if the sparks are any indication, coming from the carapace, but the shoots doesn't do any real damage. I could of course intervene, but I think my last pull was more than enough for now. As the solider systematically shoots the punks up I begin to prepare to deal with him. A second barrage is exchanged.

(6 = 10[d20]+-4) Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

Multiple hits start to mark the armor of the soldier, but it doesn't seem to concern him.

(21 = 13[d20]+8) Killed.
(17 = 14[d20]+3) Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.

With a well placed shot the soldier downs the punk in the middle of the room and also manages to hit the other in the side causing serious injury. The leftover punk seems to have enough and darts to the exit.

Does he charge in my direction?
(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

There is a second exit at the other side of the room. The man take all his resolve and makes a beeline for it. The solder keeps shooting at the man.

8 = 8[d100] - HIT

(17 = 14[d20]+3) Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.

Two hits are hitting the man in the back knocking him to the ground to a halt. That is what I have been waiting for. As the last punk falls I charge at my opponent shock-staff drawn fully intent to knock him out.

2 = 2[d100]

Dam 3
17 = 17[d100] - Success

My strike does stagger him a bit. He clearly didn't expected a second attacker. I don't let up my attack and hit again, before he could effectively grab a melee weapon.

58 = 58[d100] - MISS

My second hit misses him unfortunately. Giving the man enough time to put some distance between us and to pull out a combat knife. Since it has come to this I won't be able to let him live...pity. I let loose a Luminen Blast in his face.

79 = 79[d100] - MISS

The man is shocked, but unfortunately not because of the blast itself. He gets out of the way in time, but I do not ease on him. I step in and attack again with my staff.

79 = 79[d100] - MISS

Well...the man befor me is excellently trained in close quarters. He might be the leader of the special squad. The man doesn't loose time and strikes back.

WS NPC - Swift attack:
12 = 12[d100] - HIT
14 = 14[d100] - HIT

= 2[d5]+7

8= 1[d5]+7
DAM: 0

I can feel the knife finding the slits between the carapace and biting into my flesh. I am sure without my cybermantle I would be greatly injured by now. I decide to return the favor with a Lunimen Shock fully charged of course.

64 = 64[d100] - MISS
76 = 76[d100] - FATE Re-roll

Unfortunately I am unable to land a hit on the man. 'So fuck it!' I decide to go all out and charging up a Luminen Barrier. The man takes the offensive again.

5 = 5[d100] - HIT
17 = 17[d100] - HIT

He hits again: Shild test

62 = 62[d100] - FAIL
5 = 5[d100] - SUCCESS

Only the first hit connects, the second was blocked by my shield.

11 = 4[d5]+7
Dam: 1

This hit I have fellt. I change to an all-out attack.

55 = 55[d100]

Dam 3 >> > 12 = 3[d5]+9 - 9 (AP + THG)

100 = 100[d100] - Critical Fail

My last strike finally cracks his armor and hit the man straight in the middle of his chest. His eyes roll up and foam escapes form his mouth, as the electricity dances across his nerves. In two seconds he collapses. I take the mono-knfe from him, and shoot him in the head with one of the lasguns in the room. There are still two punks nearby on the floor. After doing a quick diagnostic on my self I walk up to them.
(Wounds remaining 6 from 16).

"Who set you up to this?" I ask as I hold the head of the man before me.

Does he answer?
(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

"Fuck you..." I smack his head against the floor. "Again, who told you to do this? If you don't answer I will start to shoot you, hands and legs first so you won't die."

Will he talk?
Fellowship - Intimidation

47 = 47[d100] - Success
(Somewhat Likely | 8[d10]) Yes

"Okay, fuck just don't...Aah!" the man takes a moment "It was Samy. He told us to get in and burn the whole thing."
" Don't know man. He paid...upfront and told that there will be more. Seemed a good deal."
"Good! Now where do I find this Samy?"
"Underton. He hangs around a bar but also has a small shop at the border of the under-hive."
"Thank you!" I hit him again, hard, but don't kill him. The lawmen will need suspects of course. I also leave the other guy alive.

I inspect the room.
Very high quality bio-gel

First I go to the bag what I saw when I came in, and to my luck it seems that it has medical supplies. Very high quality: bandages, some syringes and bio-gel.

Do the soldiers have something on them that Could interest me?
Are the other two dead?
(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes
(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

The other to men are not dead but sport injuries on their heads. They are total K.O-ed.

Fragmentation grenade
Encrypted data

As I go through their belongings I am able to find a grenade and a data-slate. BINGO! I will take a closer look after I finished. As I make my way out, my eyes stop at the flamethrower in the room. I stop for a second but them logic wins and I leave it here and leave this place for good.

Survived: 100XP
Soldiers Disabled: 5x50 = 250XP
Interrogate the punk: 50XP
Get Data: 50XP
Remain undetected: 100XP
Relevant test: 50XP


- jewellery
- good grenade launcher
- combat knife
- medipack
- frag grenade

Ammo used: 4Spec (28 remaining)

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