40K First game. Story of Guardsman Fortunus
This was my first time using rpg solo. I made up a little system of my own, including 4 custom tables, and created a character.

I was just doing this to entertain myself but I figured what the heck, I'll share it. Please excuse the typos. Also, I was to lazy to use actual 40k talk even though I love the novels.

I am guardsman Fortunus. I volunteered to serve when it was announced that a new regiment, the 34th Nuverian, was to be risen in the name of the holy God Emperor.
The entire regiment is made up of highborn volunteers. Most of us hope to use this opportunity to become officers and gain great positions of leadership.
Training was long but good. We always had the best equipment, food, and facilities available to us. It's time to test our skill in real combat as we are sent
the the planet Glavstone. It is under control of the Severan Dominate, but that won't last long. The invasion began months ago and it seems there is need for drop troops.
That is where we come in.

Have there been any rumors regarding the situation on the planet?


Not surprising. We aren't the sort to gossip. It's better to use this time to train and keep fit until we make planet fall.

Do I have an assignment yet?


Is there a quality shooting range on the transport?


Good. I was one of the best marksman back in basic. I plan to get in as much target practice as I can to stay sharp. That and as long as they
see me on the shooting range I know I'm less likely to be put on cleaning duty. I'm not much for cleaning. We always had people for that back home.

A few days have passed. We've left the warp and the process of equiping ourselves has begun. The most notable feature
of our standard kit is the flak armor. Sent to us all the from Mars so we know it's the best craftsmanship armor any
guardsman can receive. With it's white armor plates and gold trim the other regiments will see us coming and respect our
status in the Empire. After all, just because we're guardsman now doesn't mean we're no longer nobles.

Before boarding the lander I make sure to use my grooming kit. We'll all look quite marvelous stepping onto the planet. I've been assigned to
3rd company, 4th platoon. That's a very respectable assignment. I must have made a great impression on the officers. I takes about 20 minutes before
the engines are powered up and we are released front he transport. I've heard this is normally an unpleasant sensation, but for well trained drop troops
like the 34th it's just another day on the job.

Are there any windows I can see out of?


That's actually very odd. There are only 3 small windows in this part of the ship and usually the offers have exclusive access.
They must really see something special in me.

Any signs of battle on the planet?

No, and...

I've never seen so many clouds! This world must storm all the time! So much for the window. What an ugly planet.

Is it at least a smooth Landing?


Oh my. I'm a little dizzy breathing breathing the air here. It doesn't smell bad or anything. I'm probably not
used to clean air after 6 months on a voidship.

Looks like a few different regiments are stationed at this base.

Anytime to look around?

No, and...

Emperor help me. I'm not even used to the air yet, I'll be damned if I'm the only one who puts his respirator on, and we're being separated into squads. Looks like
we're about to get a briefing. It's like everyone here was just waiting for use to arrive before they could continue the war.

The briefing was surprisingly short.

Active Mission- Special Ops.

We're being dropped behind enemy lines to destroy a massive Vox amplification facility. Vox channels aren't to reliable with all the
electrical activity in the atmosphere. So destroying this building should really disrupt the enemies forces in the area. We'll load up
on the gunship tomorrow at dusk, get dropped 50km from the target, make our way there, destroy it, and head south to be picked up.
We're the first drop troops on the planet so the enemy shouldn't be expecting this.

I'll fill out requisition requests for photo Visors, boltgun, and a long-las in addition to my normal kit.

did they approve the photo visor?

Yes, but...

The logistics officer looked like he was about to say no when he saaw this out the corner of his eye. It was on the floor
and looks beat up. "Here, you can use this one"

Great, this is going to look terrible with my uniform!

What about the boltgun?

No, and...

Turns out that most of the weapons we brought with us have been confiscated for inspection. I don't see why, One look can tell you
their better than the junk these other regiments have been using. Unfortunately that means no long las either.

That's fine. I still have my lasgun, combat shotgun, las pistol, and grenades. My kit's heavy enough as it is without
lugging a bunch of bolter shells around with me.

I'm paired up with Wintre as my comrade. I like him. He's not much of a shot but he makes me laugh. His Uncle is the planetary
Governor of Nuveria, but you'd never know it by the way Wintre acts. We have Aloysius as our sergeant. I'm not sure how he made that rank. I know that the Emperor can't make mistakes when choosing out line of command but I honestly believe Aloysius has some kind of brain damage.

One by one we begin leaping from the gunship. The ride down was incredible with the storms raging around us. I stayed on target just fine though and activated my gravchut.

Was my landing as superb as I think it is?


I need to calm down a bit. My heart's racing. This feels so much different now that it's the real thing.

Did most of my squad land on target?


Damn wind. It's wasn't so bad at the end of the drop but higher in the atmosphere it felt like it was going to tear my arms off.

Can I find everyone easily?

No, but...

Wintre and I find the sarge quickly and most of the squad. No sign of Holt and Jessilea.

We spend about 2 hours searching and signaling with our lamp packs.

Will this end up hurting us later on?

No, and...

I don't think anyone saw us but we're already behind scheduled. We'll have to double time it.


20 Critical.


Mines! Did I spot them in time?


Was more than one person hurt?


Was I hurt?

No, and...

Arnette set of a mine. They weren't really burried that well but between the darkness and the tall weeds we just didn't spot them.
How bad was she hurt?

Severe Injury: Incapacitating and may become Critical if untreated.

Her leg's totally gone! Victrus, our medic, does what he can.

Can he save her life?

No, but...

At least all of her gear's intact.
I can't F***in believe it. She bled to death almost before Victrus could even get the medkit out. Why the hell is this area mined! There's nothing here! Are the Severen Dominant all a bunch of morons and we just happen to be suffering from it? We'll have to move on.

I wonder if they heard the explosion near the vox station.

Yes, but...

(The enemy isn't sure where the explosion came from and arn't really that worried about it)

Just the 10 of us now.

Encounter EasyBonus50xp.

Mission Specific Enemy 3.

"Get down" It's an enemy scout car with a mounted heavy stubber. It heading right for us and there's not a lot of places to get out of sight.

Have they spotted our squad?

No, and...

They don't seem aware of us. We get ready to hide ourselves as best we can in the weeds when our sergeant surprises us.

"We're taking em out! Open fire!"

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