A “NPC Conversation Engine” i’ve created
Hey guys,

I’ve been absent from the forums for a few months as I’ve been working on a “NPC Conversation and Story Engine”. I’m going to post it up here for you guys to use and play around with if you want. It’s something I made for myself but I really want to share it with this community as I think it will really complement the rpgsolo engine we all use and love. This system is by no means complete. I’ll be adding to it as I refine it (and any feedback is welcome). Below you’ll find the “Introduction” text and a link to the PDF.


“Playing RPGs as a solo is always a challenge. With no GM to lay out the story and guide you, it’s up to you and your imagination to provide the framework for your adventure. There are many great tools to aid the solo RPGer, like http://www.rpgsolo.com, the Mythic system and a host of really great generator websites from Donjon to Abulafia. You’re able to create NPCs, dungeons, planets, whole worlds in fact (Worldspinner is awesome!) and everything else from items to backstories and so on. There are complex as well as simple systems solely created for the solo RPG player.

But there’s a few things I’ve always found challenging when I play solo - carrying out conversations with NPCs and creating a complex, interlaced story through those conversations and encounters within the world. It’s usually up to the player to write that story themselves and then role play the NPCs, often with simple dice roles and their own interpretations. But I’ve always found that side of things challenging because I end up playing the NPCs in a predictable way and progressing the story the way I want it to go. This is great if your solo RPG sessions are more of a story telling or writing game, but I miss the anticipation of playing with a GM, where you have no idea of what is going to happen next.

So after many years of playing around with several of these systems, I found myself using my own methods for generating conversations with NPCs and I found that those conversations actually drove the story. So I’ve decided to try and put these methods into a usable framework for solo RPGers to try out and use for themselves.
I call my system “Suspicions” because that’s what drives it - a player (or character’s) thoughts and suspicions of what is happening or might happen in the world around them, and with the NPC characters they meet.

This is not a rule set or complete RPG system in itself. You still have to use it with another system to resolve combat, encounters, player stats, attributes, etc. You will still need a system or a set of random generators to create the world around you and the people you meet; but the “Suspicions” system allows you to interact with those people and that world in a complex way.”

The PDF is available here:

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