About NPCs and Opposition
An NPC is a Non-Player Character; a person in the story who is not you.

You can either make up NPCs yourself or ask the Virtual Game Master to provide one. There are two ways to get an NPC from the VGM: the "Get NPC" button, or the "Get UNE" button.

The "Get NPC" button will provide a short description of the NPC. The format is an adjective, the race, and the class or job of the NPC.

While the "Get NPC" button is my own system, the "Get UNE" button is based on the "Universal NPC Emulator" system and will provide a longer description including the NPC's strength relative to yours, his motivation, demeanor, bearing, and focus.

A supplement to the NPC buttons is the "Get Skill" button that can provide you with something the NPC is good at. This can produce an even more rounded out character.

The "Opposition" button generates a different kind of entity that may not necessarily be a person, human, or being. The opposition is something that is making it difficult for you to reach your goal.

While and NPC is someone you can meet, like an angry British lawyer, an opposition could be person but also an organization or an object.

Use the "Opposition" button when you ask a question like, "what is trying to stop me?"

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