Activate Story Not Persisting Selected Story
When on the Story Manager Page, after selecting an inactive story from the story list and clicking ACTIVATE, I "Return to Play". From the Play page, I click "Load Active". The previously-active story (the first one) is still present. The play window never updates to show the recently activated second story. 

Note that the outbound post request for Activate-Story does indeed have the storyid "value" set in the form data. It seems that either, the Activate-Story call isn't really setting the new story value on the back end or that the Load Story call isn't switching over to the newly activated story. At any rate, the repro steps follow:

From Story Manager, when a second story slot is present, select an inactive story and click "ACTIVATE" link.
Verify that the newly selected story status now shows as ACTIVE. 
Verify that the previous story status now shows as INACTIVE.
Click "Return to Play".
From the Play window, select "Load Active".
Verify that the page contents should update such that all previous story content is removed and the replaced with new story content. (Story title, log window, notes)

Using Chrome, Windows 10.
Did some further investigation. After activating the second story and going back to play, I selected LOAD ACTIVE, but to no avail. Same old story was showing. I then opened up dev tools to inspect the cookies to see what was going on. I found that if I manually deleted PHPSESSID and then reloaded the play page, the correct story then showed up. While the story activation does indeed persist, it seems like the change in story status from inactive to active isn't being recognized by the current session.
Thank you for the details. It should be working now. I think the issue was related to changing web hosting and how its server handles caching. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thanks for looking into that.

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