Anachronistic How things happen
Name : Klamanian Rugatski Uzbekov Stats :  skill - 6 stamina - 19 luck - 8 Advanced skills awareness 3  acrobatics 1 etiquette evaluate 1 secret sighs 2 pistolet 1 spells presence (1) purple lens (1) possessions 11 silver pence- knife - small bottle with alcohol     

A man dressed with a white shirt and a grey pantaloon lays on the ground. " What is this green fog? And why does it taste bitterly sweet? Hell no! This thing could be poisonous. I have to run!"

No, and...

4 = 4[d4]

The human runs southward, as the thick soup nullifies his senses. Until finally, he finds himself in a clearing surrounded by gravestones.   

"Am I in a cemetery? I have to check out some of these graves. There has to be some clue to where I am." The inscription reads Yulia Pasheva Grumianska 05.12.1968 - 24.10.2003 over it a layer of bright pink paint reads - Whore-

" Hm, the graveyard is probably in a cheap neighborhood. Wait, I can't remember who am I." He searches his pockets. " Coins, a hunting knife and liquor. No ID or anything, just great!"   

The weather is damp, the sky grey, but at least there is enough light for a pleasant walk. In the distance a figure appears, walking slowly through one of the muddy allays between the graves. 

A man in a long, brownish raincoat and bowler hat appears to be getting closer. - Hello! Can you please tell what is the name of this graveyard, sir? - says the confused human. 

9 = 4[d6]+5[d6]

- This is "General Stravinski's" graveyard, also known as the south graveyard. Have you escaped from an asylum? Running with wet shirt in this weather, seems a little eccentric. - says the stranger with a sly smile.   

- I am sorry, I got a bit lost. Ummm, I had to get out of the house in a hurry. Anyway, I don't need to bother you with personal matters, but can you tell me in which neighborhood am I and where is the nearest bus stop?

If you mean, where can you get a carriage? Go to the right and don't look back. You are in the "Quiet meadow" district. I suggest you get home fast, because sometimes the kids here get naughty. 

- By the way my name is Gaspar and your my lost fellow? - said the man as he nodded with his hat.

- My name is Ivan, pleased to meet you. As you said it's time I get moving, thanks for everything.- " His face is remarkably forgetful, but he gives me such a bad vibe. Carriages I hope this is some kind of slang for taxis or something." 

As the lonesome man walks down the earthy path to the east, a cold breeze appears seemingly from nowhere. The typical low sound of the wind with the high squeals of the various objects strained by it, is the music that can make any man shiver.   

7 = 4[d6]+3[d6]

"What is this? Steps of children in the mud? Barefoot children walking in a cemetery? Something is really wrong." The man turns and sees Gaspar in the distance digging with some shovel in one of the graves. " Ok! I better move on before this guy notices me. When are the police when you need them."     

At the end of the road an old iron fence covered in rust, seems to be separating the graveyard from the outside world. The human passes through the one of the wide openings, only to observe an unrecognizable world. A slum of various types of two three story high buildings, carts and wagons driven by horses, dirty men and women shouting in the streets with their rusty voices. Then he looks at some fellow with a green-bluish skin with half of a skull supposedly begging on the cracked pavement.

7 = 6[d6]+1[d6]

" It seems some of the street urchins have a sign language. I better stay away from them unless I want to lose these forsaken coins. Anyway, I still don't know where am I. Could I be suffering from amnesia or Alzheimer's disease?"

A little, pale girl with a dirty blond hair comes next to the amnesiac. - Hey mister would you like to have some fun tonight. Don't worry, I don't charge to much. - says the child as she twists her leg back and forth.
- What?! I mean can you tell me which is this city, where is the police station and have you seen any man with clothes such as mine? - says the human in the fastest way possible. - I will give you a silver coin if you answer these questions.

You are in Mrusnograd, I don't know this word palise station and I haven't seen people with exactly a shirt such as yours. Mister, are you lost? - she stretches her arm expecting the promised payment. - Here you go [10 silver pence left] little lady. I fear my life has spired out of the very fabric of reality. By the way do you know an Inn near by? I think, I have had it for one day. - Sure mister, I will take you to the "Sleeping beauty". I usually use it for work, but it's a good place to take a break. The owner rarely steals from the guests and he never steals from people that pay before hand.

On their way through the filthy streets, he spots the most unusual group of beings. Bipedal, big eyed, thick lipped, fishlike abominations, who croak and stare at anybody with a different sense of fashion from their own.



One of them approaches the couple. - Say, why are you looking at me in a funny way? You don't want to make me nervous now, do you? Care to buy a wheel, I got 12 tadpoles to feed and I am sure you don't want their daddy to commit a felony now, do you? - said the thing as it showed some of it's sharp teeth. - Ol, Grubnar you know mister Kazinski doesn't like when you disturb my clients. - said the little girl and the being fled with an unhappy growl.

" I must be in hell. Wait, is it possible that I died and found my self in this wonderful place? In that case, it would have been helpful if somebody did notify me about this event." -Thank you. By the way I didn't remember your name. - said the man. - Mary White. Don't worry about the Xslivers, they are just a bit territorial. If you are a stranger they try to frighten you or eat you. - said the girl with a giggle.

Finally, when darkness started falling upon them, they stopped in front of a large wooden house with all of the windows lit up. Inside a fat bold man was writing something in a large book behind a small wooden counter. - Are you here to eat or ... I see one of Mary's friends. A silver for a room. - said the owner of this fine establishment. - I will have a meal first and some rations. (+ 6 rations, 5.5 silver pence left).

7 = 4[d6]+3[d6]

5 = 2[d6]+3[d6]

(No increase in advanced skills)
Nice. Has kind of an Alice in Wonderland vibe.

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