Anachronistic Soulless
Name: Seleriuos. Age: 27. Gender: male. Fighting style: Hungry blades level 1 0/1000 exp. Magic: Demonic hunters level 1 0/1000 exp. Non-combat skills: Natural shelter building lv 1. Tracking lv 1. Wealth status: Poor Health: 100% Inventory: two one-handed swords, light armor, hammer, rope 9m, hunting bow, quiver of arrows, thick cloak, a glossy black rock with an ancient symbol of unknown origin, food d10, water d8. Encumbrance: 8/12. Selerious uses two slightly curved one handed swords, so that his rage can never give his opponent a moments rest. He can summon demonic beings who seek to devoure anything with a pulse and for some reason they prefer humans.

116 = 20[d100]+1[d100]+95[d100]

20 = Men 1 = History 95 = Victims

This story begins with the " Blue doves", an order of knights woes single minded furiosity on the battlefield matches non. Strangely only kings on the edge of despair dare call these noblemen, because their price can be paid only by mad and cruel. Villages go up in flames, women get taken away and even members of the royal families are said to have gone missing after hiring these saviors. Selerious always preferred to stay up in the mountains where the woods were dark and humans dared not pass without an armored escort. He only came down to a small village by the name of Dvorchevo in the shade of the mountain to sell some skins and to buy some much needed supplies. A month after the local kids and a few of the elders started saying that king Galamir the second hired the legendary "Blue doves", Dvorchevo was no more. Only mangled corpses and burnt down remains of the little huts was left. Any survivors must have been taken away leaving a few of the local farm animals to wonder around. In ordinary plundering there are always some survivors, at least some of the very old and very young.

Selerious took a deep breath and stood in silence for moment in memory of the dead. He knew that the evil responsible for this must be vanquished from the land, before it poisons everything with hate, sorrow, vengeance and pure malice. The rotten fruits of the "Blue doves" must be squashed.

16 = 16[d20]

The man of the woods started to look for obvious traces of the attackers and soon found a consistent trail left by a large number of horsemen. These people went straight towards the main road to the east. It will eventually lead them towards the castle of the Yarguns, the local representation of Galamir's kingdom.

Random encounter, danger zone adventurous

89 = 47[d100]+40[d100]+2[d4]

47 = number of enemies 3 40 = neutral 2 = individual strength; combat factor -1

Random monster generator

15 = 4[d8]+4[d10]+1[d10]+3[d10]+3[d10]

4 = type Humanoid; 4 = monster power Fire; 1 = abnormalities Horns; 3 = way of fighting Poison; 3 = influence Political figures
2 = 2[d6]
2 = non
Along the main road Seleriuos sees three men with brown cloaks with long sleeves, large horns putrubing from there foreheads and burning flames instead of hair.
- Are you or your masters the ones responsible for the destruction upon the villages? - shouts Selerious with his swords drawn and ready - We are not demons yet. We are simple acolytes of the Shinning ones. We only seek to show the people the benefits of following the path of light. - The flames and the horns mark you as forsaken. Probably by deity that want to expose your true selves? - Selerious decides to attack the acolytes.

Total factor = 2 for numbers -1 for strength -1 for light armor = 0 Selerious prepares his hungry blades

59 = 59[d100]

15% damage to character
The warrior swings his blades with fury, but these men prove to be fast. In the next moment long daggers drenched with some orange liquid slash at the hero. Only his fast reaction prevents any serious injuries.

56 = 56[d100]

30% damage to character
No longer able to sustain his combat stance he flails into the air, but his opponents make him regret his hot temper.
Selerious decides pronounce the sacred words of the devourers.
42 = 42[d100]
112 = 97[d100]+8[d10]+7[d10]
97 = Cells 8 = manifestation Living thing nearby 7 = effect Empower
The grass nearby becomes blind mass of red bloodthirsty vines. Unfortunately the one who almost get eaten is Selerious.

30% damage to character

Now his only option is to try and escape or those so called men will finish him off.

72 = 72[d100]

Unfortunately the acolytes outrun him in this open field. Selerious dies a few hundred meters from the main road as just another victim of the darkness that has engulfed the land.

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