Anachronistic The Pilot and The Dream
I've posted a game of mine before, but I lost interest in the roleplay. This one, unlike the other one, I will be continuing. I do not see myself losing interest in this, I'm having a blast!


This was a dream, but I knew it was more than that. A vision? A prophecy? I wasn't sure what to call it, but I did know I should pay attention. Nothing else mattered at this moment, nothing but what I was seeing.

(MAG shows a lion head, three swords, and a top hat)

At first it was all a blur of colors and static, but then the scene focused on three humanoid beings. They stood in a line, facing me. The middle figure's face was obscured; a run down (clearly once elegant) top hat pulled over his eyes. His? Yes, he was a man. You know how in dreams there are things that you just know? I knew he was a man in that way. His clothes were very much like his hat. It was obviously a once luxurious suit but now it was torn and hung on the man's frame as if it was all one big scrap of fabric carelessly tossed aside. He held a long ebony cane in his hand, topped with a metallic lion head. The eyes of the lion drew my attention as they glimmered in the alien brightness of the dream; sharply cut rubies were set in the head of the lion in place of eyes. 

Everything about this mystery man was vaguely terrifying. It wasn't just his clothes, or his cane. It also came from the way he held himself, and the way you simply could not see his face. I wanted to move away from him but I could not move. It was clear he held the power in the group. I switched my focus to the other two, and I was taken aback. I had assumed they were human, as their master appeared to be. This was incorrect. They looked like skeletons with their bone white skin and thin, sunken faces. Their eyes were cat-like with slits for pupils and ending in sharp angles. They had gaping mouths full of thick black tendrils. I couldn't look at them any longer, they frightened me almost as much as the man. Almost. 

The man spoke.

I didn't hear the entirety of what he said. 

In fact I only heard one word.

My name.

I woke with a start, heart racing. I didn't know where I was, who I was, my mind was filled only with the dream

Intelligent pilot.

Robot mobile base.

The terror subsided for a moment, and I found I was speaking aloud. "I am Lyra Novak, Lieutenant General of the R.M.F. [Robotic Militant Force] currently at Outpost 9, returning to Mech Base Alpha." Speaking my identity soothed me, and slowly the terror ebbed away. My brain was muddled with morning thoughts as I tried to push away the dream. I didn't want to dwell on it now, so I mulled over what I was to do today. 

Was I heading out for Mech Base Alpha today?

No, but...

I wasn't today, I was going to hang around the outpost for today, see how they were doing, gain some intel, and get some rest. Tomorrow I'd head back. 

Did I have someone specific to talk to?

No. +Twist: PC / Alters the location

I'd already talked to the commanding officers stationed here, so I was free to talk to whomever I pleased today (so long as I didn't disturb their work, of course). My train of thought was broken by a knock at my door. Throwing off the blanket, I rose and straightened my uniform. I had gotten in late last night, and was far too tired to change before I collapsed into bed. I opened the door to find

Reasonable elected official.

Governor Dryden Marks. He held the highest seat of power in Highthron, the city Outpost 9 was established to protect. "I'm sorry Lieutenant General, did I wake you?" A sort of worry flashed into the man's eyes as he spoke. I smiled to try and ease this worry before I spoke. "No, it's alright. I was already awake. What can I help you with Governor Marks?"

Liberate the dark elf vagrant from the old abandoned battleship.


Sorry this installment is so short! I started this when I should have gone to bed Tongue Next session will be longer, promise!

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