Awawke, the Aztec Priest, visits the Underworld
Awawke, Singing Priest of the Cloud Fields People, has wandered far from his home among the lofty heavens at Ilwikakalko. He seeks adventure and stories with which to compose his great songs which will become legend. He has been travelling for a while. Where is he?

Vanishing castle.

The mysterious vanishing cities of the Alka B'alum which, legend speaks, can be commanded by their Jaguar Kings to sail through the jungle carried like boats on a stream by the canopies and roots of that mysterious rainforest. It is not by accident that these Jaguar-Chasers have allowed Awawke to stumble upon their great city. Does Awawke see anyone?

Yes. +Event: Activity / Trials

Yes, several people. A great din of thunder-drums and rain-shakers draws the humble sky-singer closer. There is a festival - perhaps a sacrifice - underway. Awawke hears the rising and falling waves of cheers and boos - there are games being played. Awawke had heard tell from the travelling poets of the south that the Alka B'alum challenged their gods to a series of trials. Perhaps today the fortunate Awawke would witness the God-Games of the Jaguar Folk. He makes his way past the city gates - those enormous stone jaguars, so terrifying that Awawke feared they would spring to life and devour him. What lies beyond the gates?

Legendary sewer.

An enormous canal, a moat, seperates the city from the jungle. Not like the canals at Xochitlan, these are deep pits lined with carved stone. No ferry braves them - they are dark, deep black pools of water. It feels like something lies beneath those waters - watching in the deep. Awawke shivers. Is he alone?

Yes. +Event: Haggle / Good

Yes. He feels a disturbance. The gods which he carries with him are unhappy about crossing this threshold. He retrieves the sacred bundles with which he was entrusted. Who are the three gods he serves?

Artistic ability.


Danger sense.

Tlatekwinwewetl, Ehekamitotiani, and Sesekmikwiztli - the thunder-drum god, the avatar of wind, and the death-god of the frozen void. Awawke beseeches the idols that they might guide his actions. What troubles them?

Betray / Peace.

The gods sense that this place is not as tranquil, nor inviting, as it first appears. Treachery, perhaps ambush, lurks somewhere in the murky future. Awawke checks himself. What tools did he bring with him?

Water clock.


Ancient relic.

Musical instrument.

Besides the godly relics, he brought with him only his harp, a pair of wooden bowls for keeping time with water, and a pair of bangles. Nothing to defend himself with. He presses onwards, ready for trouble. Does anything impede him?

Yes, and...


3 = 3[d4]

Three of the stone jaguars which lined the avenue leap to life! They snarl, gnashing their limestone teeth and grinding their claws against the surface of the road. Do they attack?

Yes, but...

Yes, but only one leaps forward, the other two circle around the sides. Awawke attempts to flee, does he succeed?

Yes, but...


Yes, but as he runs he sees either side of the avenue - on the ramparts - the scurrying feathered figures of the Alka B'alum! These must be the guards - the roars of the stone jaguars alerted them! Is Awawke surrounded?


Encircled by the gargoyles and their masters, Awawke has only one hope. His eyes roll back in his head and his shoulders slump. He twitches and shakes as "he" departs from this body, and it is inhabited by the god of thunder and lightning, Tlatekwinwewetl - Thunder-Drum.



Thunder-Drum laughs, his eyes glowing with the white fury of the storm. His booming laugh is like thunder, carrying across the city and the valley for miles around. The sky darkens and a breeze picks up. Does this show of awesome power make the Alka B'alum hesitate?


Heedless to the joyful wrath of the god of the storm, they attack with their hurled darts. What does Thunder-Drum do?

Crazily / Full.

Like a madman, he begins singing a rowdy ribald at the very top of his voice. Each clash of teeth is like a thunderbolt, every high note whistles like the wind. Does his magical chanting repel the darts back at their deliverers?

Yes, but...

It does not kill them. The Alka B'alum take flight as they dance, skip and dive to avoid the rain of arrows coming from down on above. For as long as Thunder-Drum sings, no arrow may touch him. Do the guards give up on their attack?

Yes, but...

The jaguars do not. The first stone paw swipes down at Thunder-Drum. Does he dodge it?


Effortlessly the storm-god bounds to the side, laughing jovially at the thrill of the game. He seizes up one of the dart-throwers of the scurrying Alka B'alum. He imbues it with the power of the storm and casts it at the dreadful stone visage. Does he hit?


The dart clatters to the side, firing off bolts of lightning and crackles of electricity as it bounces away. As a second attack, he allows the music of the thunderstorm to enter his mind, deafening to the mortal body of Awawke, who becomes temporarily deadened in his hearing! With this noble sacrifice, Thunder-Drum is empowered to bring down a bolt of lightning upon his enemy's head! Does he destroy the jaguar?

Yes, and...

It explodes dramatically, killing

3 = 3[d3]

All three jaguars! The battle is won! With a hearty cry of victory, Thunder-Drum leaves the body of his attending priest. Awawke slumps to the floor. Does anyone approach him?

No, and...

He is unconscious. Does he wake in the same place he fell?


Has much time passed?


Awawke comes around, groggy from the transformation. He experimentally clicks his fingers against his ear. Nothing. He's as deaf as can be. He gathers his wits and rises. Is there anything interesting still in the area around him?


He presses onwards down the valley of death towards where he had once heard cheering and hollering. He comes to the end of the narrow walled street. Where is he now?

Rough bridge.

Another moat with a bridge. This one ran deep crimson with what looked like blood. Does Awawke cross unimpeded?



Quarrelsomely / Full.

The blood-river swirls and bubbles. Out of it rises a creature, formed of blood, in the shape of a


enormous one-eyed man, more beast than civilised creature. Does it attack?


With what Awawke can only assume was a roar, the creature swings at him. Does he dodge?

Yes, and... +Event: Haggle / Fears

Yes, and as he does so he feels the spirit of Sesekmikwiztli, the God of Fear, take over. His eyes turn black and his skin begins to chill, giving off smoke and a covering of frost. Her voice is low, reedy and quiet. She sees all around her, created by man, and judges it heresy. She retrieves the harp of Awawke, an affront to her hatred of human culture, and shatters it, silencing its mocking music. Empowered by the sense of loss and loneliness she feels welling up inside Awawke, she reaches out and touches the blood-daemon, freezing it in its place. Does it work?


The curse takes hold, and the blood-creature writhes helplessly as its body and substance slows, crystallises and stops - silent as the grave. Sesekmikwiztli smiles inwardly and allows herself a few moments to apprecaite the dead, oppressive silence of Awawke's deafened senses. Then she departs, melting away like frost on the grass in morningtime. The shaken and disturbed Awawke continues on. Where is he now?

Windy mansion.

He comes to a house in the road. It seems to be some kind of gatehouse or travellers-shrine, for the road passes straight through it. He enters the house timidly. Is he assaulted or challenged?

Yes, but...

Weapon specialization.

Not by man or beast, but by sharp bladed weapons enchanted with sinister magics! With every step Awawke tries to take forward, obsidian sharps fly out of the walls like angry birds and cut at his flesh! He yelps in alarm.


Although it exhausts him, Awawke believes he is coming closer to understanding the purpose of this bizarre and hostile gauntlet. He curls over, nursing his wounds, as he begins to rock back and forward muttering prayers under his breath. He closes his eyes and allows the wind to take him away, to be replaced by Ehekamitotiani, God of the Winds! He chuckles arrogantly and somersaults to his feet. These childish magics will not halt his glorious advance! He takes to the razor-house, dancing a weather-dance jig with intense concentration. For as long as he dances, he is overcome with an agility and presence of mind to move aside when the razors fly at him! Does he make it safely to the other side?

No, and...


A horrible spectre appears before him! He is surprised, for he was concentrating so hard on his dancing he did not notice it until it was close, and he stumbles in his dance, allowing the razors to cut at him! Quickly he regains his composure, but now he must combat this spirit also. What does it want from the God of the Skies?

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