Bad words
No, I'm not talking about profanities, I'm talking about words that don't belong in the genre button results!

Here's an example:

I started working on my first story (using the zombie apocalypse genre) and wouldn't you know it - the very first button I hit reveals the one 'class' word that I must have missed when creating the classes list!

“Trade with the monk at the burning movie theatre.”

What the hell is a 'monk' doing in my zombie apocalypse? Is he a Tibetan monk or a Hari Krishna? Either way, I’m clearing that entry and trying again!

If any of you have a similar experience with immersion-breaking words, add your complaints to this thread and I'll get the tweaked lists to Mark (until he provides the genre editor, so I can tweak on the fly.)
Actually, you've just reminded me. It would be interesting (and certainly a very low-priority feature) to have an optional Unpredictability slider which allows us to have a certain percentage of words come from a different list. For instance, if I was playing a zombie apocalypse and had my Unpredictability slider at 5%, then there would be a 5% chance for each word to come from a different list, like Medieval Fantasy or Sci-Fi or whatever. This would allow for some occasionally interesting and unexpected results within the genre, if wanted. Most people would probably want the slider at 0% or 5% at most, but cranking it higher would be useful for a more madcap Monty-Python-esque game.

Just an idea to toy around with, Mark.
I am going to sticky this for awhile so slaad11 can get some feedback on the genre word lists he's been curating.

This applies to all genres except Anachronistic. And this applies to the "Get" buttons.

Thank you for your feedback.

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