Bloodborne RP
The musty stink of blood fills your nostrils.
Your eyes stay shut, your body feels numb, and you can barely move your fingers. Deep breaths calm you as you try to recollect your past.
A few minutes pass and you slowly open your eyes as they finally respond to your wishes.
The room is dimly lit save for a few candles in the corners of the room.
There are IV bags full of blood strung up connected to bodies lying flat on metal gurneys.
You realize you are one of them, and that you're not the only one conscious.
Alois, Karrolen, and Drakul sat upright on their own metal gurney.
Drakul was the first to take out the IV from his arm.
Crimson dripped onto the wooden floor from the needle. 
Alois looked for his mask and found it on a metal tray next to him.
Small metal gears whirred and locked into place as he put on his only true friend. 
The three got off the gurney's and looked around in confusion.
None of them knew why they were there or who they shared thier company.
The dark red door creaks open revealing an old man with long unkempt white hair with a top hot sitting ontop.
His simple wooden cane beats hard against the creaking wooden floors.
"Oh my my...It would seem that you've awoken. That might prove to be a problem hehehe."
The old man quickly sprang toward Karrolen, taking out a needle with a bright green liquid in it.
The old man's garments danced wildly as the sudden burst of speed caught everyone surprised.
The needle finds its mark, piercing Karrolen's jugular.
The needle begins to push in the green substance into Karrolen's neck, but Drakul tackles the old man before a quarter of the liquid disappears.
Karrolen's body feels the cold liquid begin to flow through her veins.
She loses the feeling of her limbs and she slumps over on the gurney.
Drakul wrestles with the old man for control over the needle.
"One fell down and lost her crown, and the rest came tumbling after hahaha!"
Alois looks around for a weapon
Drakul and the old man thrash all around the room.
Medical equipment and unconscious patients are thrown around.
Drakul pins the man to the floor.
The old man manages to stick the needle's contents into Drakul's Femoral Artery.
The old man pushes Drakul off him, Drakul's head slamming first into the blood dried wood.
Alois picks up the old man's wooden cane and sneaks behind the man. [Alois gains wooden cane]
Alois swings with all his strength and the cane connects with the old man's head, snapping the cane in two. [Alois loses wooden cane]
The old man slams onto the floor, but the old man's body slowly rose.
Blood steadily flowing from his mouth encased in sharp jagged teeth.
He was staring not at an old man, but clearly a beast; A beast he never examined before.
Alois backs into the cold glass of a window.
The moonlight shone across the old man's face.
Underneath the thin cloth covering his eyes, Alois could see that his eyes were bloodshot with a yellowish red where the white of his eyes should be.
A common symptom that he's seen many times before
Was this old man attacking us because he was sick?
Karrolen snapped open her eyes and inhaled sharply
She recollected what happened to her; How the needle sunk deep into her neck and forced her into slumber.
She sprang up from the gurney and saw the situation.
Instead of pondering on unanswered questions she lept into action in fighting the man who attacked her earlier.
Karrolen hung onto the old man's neck for her life in an attempt to choke him out.
He was twisting his body back and forth as Karrolen's hold over his neck got tighter and tighter, crushing his windpipe.
The old man struggles to stay upright as the air escape his lungs.
Alois begins to beat the man's face with his fists.
Karrolen releases her grip and the old man slides down onto the floor, face down.
Alois continued to examine the body.
Occasionally writing things down in his personal journal that he kept in a pocket of his coat.
Alois finds the needle that stuck Drakul and Karrolen and proceeds to fill it with the old man's blood.
The trio checks the other patients.
They're knocked out cold and don't respond to any stimulus at all.
A few are cold to the touch.
The clothes the patients wear are diverse.
One wears some kind of military uniform while another wears simple clothing.
The trio passes through the door where the old man came from.
They're at one end of a dark corridor.
Empty blood stained gurneys and other medical equipment litter the hallway.
They pass by empty haunting medical rooms.
The floor creaks with each step they take.
They corridor flows into a huge atrium. 
The atrium is a giant mess of blood and gore.
A battle was held in here.
Bodies were strewn about the atrium hanging off the railings of the second floor, displayed on the tables, pinned to the pillars that support the building; It was truly a gruesome sight to behold.
Drakul stomachs what his eyes see.
He was a medic in the regiments of the 99th Generian Medium Infantry. He treated the wounds of those who fought the war-crazyed orks of Betu VI, the ravenous Tyranids of Hive fleet Leviathan, and the blasphemous traitors just like him and his fellow guardsmen on the planets of the system, Windbreak.
Even though the battle was more horrid, it was nothing he hasn't had to treat and stick before.
Alois becomes unhinged by the sight of so much blood.
The scene tames him back to lost memories best forgotten.
The blood sprayed everywhere.
Bodies and body parts clinging to walls and the ceiling.
Alois didn't show any signs of distress from his companions.
The battle was within his mind, as he was forced to relive horrible memories from his childhood.[Alois gains 5 Insanity]
Karrolen had never seen such savagery in her life.
Her brutal tribal life paled in comparison to this magnitude of slaughter.
She vomited at seeing entrails and dismembered body parts littered all over the atrium.
She needed to get out of here. She needed to leave as soon as possible. [Karrolen gains 5 Insantiy]
Karrolen rushed for the two big doors on the other side of the atrium.
She waddled through pools of blood and bodies.
Her robes getting drenched in the cold blood from her knees-down.
Alois and Drakul follow Karrolen past the two large doors, but not before scavenging weapons off the dead. [Alois gains Saw Cleaver and pistol][Drakul gains Threaded Cane and Blunderbuss][Drakul gains Hunter's Axe]
As the two pass the large doors, they see the intricate detail work etched into the stonework of the doors. 
Depictions of children and babies playing along playgrounds happily. Birds chirp on tree branches and puppies chase of the children. 
Oddly tranquil in stark contrast to what laid behind these doors.
Past the stone doors is a wind-blasted town square. 
The wind emitted a steady drone, like a bagpipe. 
Dust blurred the trio's depth perception. 
Laughter and screams of pain could be heard off in the distance. 
A high pitch screeching noise is heard in the distance. 
The trio was just glad to be out of that carcass filled room. 
Thier celebration was short lived by a loud crack and Alois collapsing onto the brickwork floor.
Drakul dives into the cover of an old dusty statue of a maiden pouring liquid from a pot. 
Karrolen dives into a shopping stand with trinkets but dives into cover with too much force. 
Her body slams into the stand, throwing the baubles all over the area. 
It would seem that she threw herself intensely on purpose.
Alois crouched over pieces of his mask that were shot off. 
Blood drips down the revealed part of his face. 
With what could be seen of his face, no one could judge where the bullet wound is.
Drakul throws the Axe toward Karrolen but overextends the throw. 
The axe passes overhead Karrolen and lands in the middle of the town square within a dried up fountain. [Drakul loses Hunter's Axe]
Karrolen rushes into the dried up fountain only to be met with bile and rotting corpses. [Karrolen gains Hunter's Axe]
Another shot speeds toward Alois. 
Like a man possessed, Alois snaps his head toward the direction of the shot and spots where the shooter is perched. 
The sniper is on top of a nearby guard post just outside of the town square. 
The bullet rips into Alois' thigh; His scream of agony catches his partners' attention. 
Unable to walk  Alois crawls back into the safety of the twin stone doors. 
Karrolen charges toward the closest cover near the post.
The sniper fires at Karrolen. 
The shot grazes her arm. 
The feral worlder to quick and nimble to get a good bead on her. 
Karrolen finds cover close to the tower. 
One more good rush and she could easily reach the ladder to her prey. 
Drakul rushes toward cover near the guard tower but is stopped in his tracks when he catches sight of the most ungodly sight he's ever seen.
A man-creature larger than the guard post turns into view past a corner. 
It wears a tattered black leather coat. 
Wild brown hair burst of the rips and tears of its clothing. 
Chains are wrapped around its torso and draped over its neck. 
Its face is a mess of shaggy hair and bloody bandages. 
Sharp bloody teeth are revealed as it snarls and lets out a piercing shriek so disorienting that the sniper stops shooting at the trio. 
The beast rushes toward the guard post and tackles the beams of the tower. 
Rotting wood flies all over the square. 
The sniper ragdolls into a nearby building and plummets onto the ground. 
He gets up immediately and gets behind over, but a piece of wood juts out of his chest. 
Not completely visible to the trio, the sniper wears a black bodysuit concealed by a brown leather coat similar to the clothing worn by the battle in the hospital. 
The beast lets out its aggression on the remains of the tower looking for something to kill. 
It realizes that whoever was making the noise wasn't there and frantically searched. 
It's head snapped into attention as it caught a glimpse of the sniper running into the false safety of cover. 
The beast doesn't let up its pursuit of the sniper. 
It charges toward the sniper again. 
Everything in the beast's path is splintered and thrown about including the sniper as the beast grabs hold if his leg and rips it from its joint. 
Blood is sprayed everywhere. It is truly a mind wracking to behold.
Karrolen stops in her tracks as soon as she sees the monstrosity in front of her. 
She watches in horror as the beast destroys the tower she was just about to be on. 
She looks on in awe. Such a gigantic beast! Such a worthy prey! 
She grips her axe tight within her palms and is filled with the burning passion to slay, to hunt, to claim her prize! 
Screaming at the top of her lungs Karrolen holds her axe up high and charges at the beast.
Karrolen chases after the beast. 
Using a wooden crate, he leaps up and swings her axe down at the beast from behind. 
The axe's sharp tip cleaves into the beast's shoulder and runs down is back. 
Sanguine ichor sprays out of the beast's wound, drenching Karrolen. 
Her face is of pleasure like she has never experienced before. 
Drakul thinks to himself, "There's no way in hell we can kill that demon...unless." 
Drakul scans the environment for anything to help them kill the monster. 
Large pointed beams of wood from the guard tower liter the windy square. 
One is lodged into a building and another is lodged into the water fountain in the middle of the square. 
Drakul runs after the beast knowing that the law of the unknown place is "Kill or be killed." 
Drakul swings the cane slashing the air in preparation, but is surprised to see that the cane separated and is now a bladed whip. 
He smirks to himself and se slams the cane down into the ground, reforming the stiff bladed cane.
Meanwhile, Alois does his best to staunch the bleeding behind the safety of the stone doors. 
He must get back into the fight. He can't die here. 
He taps his clothing looking for something until finally he finds it and reaches into his jacket to reveal a silver flask engraved with a peculiar type of flower. The art is stunningly beautiful. 
Alois drinks heavily from the flask and the pain dulls from his body. 
Strength is imbued into him again. He stands up and pockets the flask away. 
With saw cleaver and pistol at the ready, Alois opens the stone doors fully and beholds the monstrosity. 
Yet another mystery to unfold. Perfect. Alois aims his pistol at the beast and fires. 
The shot buries itself into the beast's back, but the beast doesn't seem effected by the bullet at all.
The loud noise of gunfire assaults the beast's ears and in turn, it let out another screech that disorients the trio. 
The beast flings the sniper's leg in the direction of Alois. 
The leg slams into one fo the stone doors next to Alois. 
A shower of blood and flesh bursts into the air and onto Alois. 
The large stone door starts to crumble and fall.
Alois rolls out of the way, but still gets caught in the flying debris of the door as it topples onto the stoop. 
Blood from the leg mixes with Alois' as new wounds on his body clearly show in new rips on his clothing.
Karrolen staggers from the beast's mighty throw and is thrown back by its arm as it turns. 
The air is knocked out of her lungs as she's ragdolls in the air and into the wall of a nearby building. 
She falls onto her knees still clutching her axe. 
She looks up at the beast, panting still undeterred. 
She grips the handle of the axe tighter and tighter until the handle of the axe gives way and the axe somehow becomes longer turning into a great axe. She gives a devilish grin and continues to charge the beast.
Karrolen beelines for the beast again, her great axe dragging on the cobbled floor, sparks flying from where the steel meets stone. 
She heaves the great axe to bear upon the beast's flesh once again, spinning with her axe in a cyclone of steel death. 
The multiple slashes of the axe bear deep wounds onto the side of the beast's leg. 
It falls onto it's knee, losing balance.
Drakul, now in front of the beast follows up with a flurry of slashes in whip and cane form. 
The crack of the whip slices the beast horribly disfigured face. 
Blood oozes out of the many cuts spread among the beast's furry face and torso. 
The beast cover's its face with its arms in an attempt to protect it from the whip's sting. 
Alois runs as fast as he can to his comrades in arms. 
A thin trail of blood follows. He hastily raised his pistol and aims.
The beast gurgles and mutters something incomprehensible until it utters 
"No..No more!.Please make it stop." interrupted with moments of growling and animal-like noises.
Alois' pistol blares into life as the bullet buries itself into the beast's eye. 
It screeches again and once again the trio are stunned by the noise piercing their eardrums. 
The beast raises its large muscular arm high above it's head and slams with all its strength into the ground. 
The town square crumbles under the monstrosities' power. 
Cobblestone, wood and dirt scatter as if a bomb hs just exploded. The trio is sent flying away from the beast.
Karrolen is thrown back at the building again, but this time lands on her face.
Drakul is thrown across the square into the gravestone statues near the hospital.
Alois doesn't bear the full brunt of the force but is taken away a few steps and lands on his back. 
The beast stops thrashing its arms on the ground and the dirt cloud begins to disapate. 
Blood and drool drip from its face. 
It stares with deadly intent on Alois and rushes toward him. 
The beast jumps and slams its body into the ground where Alois was just seconds ago.
Alois rolls away just in time and comes to a kneel with pistol at the ready. 
Alois pulls the trigger and the beast whips its head in recoil in pain. 
The screech of the pain isn't as loud as it was just moments before. 
It clutches it's ghastly face as its incapacitated on the floor. 
Drakul and Karrolen regain their bearing and charge again at the beast. 
Alois brings his cleaver to bear and slices at the beast in an unrelenting assault. 
As he brings the cleaver around for another attack, something in the weapon flicks and the blade extends causing a deep dark crimson gash on the beast's neck. The beast howls in pain and swipes its claws in attempt to get some distance. 
Only Karrolen realizes in time to dodge the desperate attack. 
Drakul and Alois are caught in the sudden swipe and in turn receive large gashes in a pattern of three slashes on their torso and parts of their arms. They're both pushed back onto their asses. 
Karrolen drags her great axe on the floor and swings it upward colliding with the beast's throat. 
The axe lodges itself into the beast's neck but doesn't cleave through. 
It takes Karrolen quite some effort to dislodge the axe. 
The axe is cleared from the beast's throat. 
An unfathomable amount of blood sprays from the beast's neck. It clutches the gash in a vain attempt to keep the blood from spilling out. One would wonder just how so much blood can this beast have. The square is drenched with the life fluid of this vile beast.
The beast loses it's footing and falls on its back, still clutching his throat to prevent the river of blood from flowing. 
Drakul, Alois, and Karrolen take advantage of this moment and prepare to deal the finishing blow. 
Karrolen swings her great axe downward chopping into the beast's belly. 
Her axe stays within the beast as she forces it downward slicing it's underbelly to reveal its innards.
Alois stabs is full extended cleaver between the beast's ribs, sawing its organs with a deep wet schlk sound. 
The duo continued to beat at the monster until finally Drakul wraps his whip around the beast's neck and pulls. 
The slow and steady sound of flesh giving way to the serrated blades of the whip is all that is heard. 
It's head topples to the cobbled floor, and expression of monstrous pain and anguish left on its face. 
The trio walks away from the beast together and happens upon the quivering remains of the sniper.
"By the Emperor, you three surely are the damned consorting with demons. Get awa..."
The sniper is interrupted by the shotgun blast to his face. 
The last thing he sees is the silhouette of three newly blood christened hunters of the long night, even though the trio weren't aware.
Thanks for sharing all you have so far.

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