Bug with buttons when logged into forum
When logged in, the "Get [this]" buttons don't work properly for me, either printing only half the information or nothing at all. Like, I click "Get NPC" and get "beautiful ." without the second part. Any other button that needs the information the "Get [this]" buttons come up with also don't work properly.
I had updated the code again and I think this happens when your browser stores the old code in the cache so it can't communicate properly with the new code.

Things you can try is to see if the problem happens in another browser or clear your browser's cache.
I could not get this issue out of my mind. This problem should not happen and I wasn't convinced by my own answer that it was a browser caching issue.

I scoured through the code and finally found what was going on. The clue was from Hail2U!'s post that helped me solve it which was "When logged in".

When you are logged in I try to get your selected genre. But if you've never selected a genre then the code got confused.

Now if you are logged in and haven't selected a genre, the default genre of Anachronistic is selected.

Thank you Hail2U! for bringing this to my attention and for your great description!
No problem. Glad I could help.

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