Can't Register to Join
Hello Mark,

I tried to register but it won't let me complete the form.

When I try to add a username BabbageCliologic, it shows the field as first as green then it turns red.

Then when I try to add my email address, it says "You need to enter a valid email address" in red.

I don't know what I need to do in order to join!

Any help appreciated!

Matt aka BabbageCliologic

Sorry I did not see this sooner. For some reason I stopped getting notifications about posts to this sub-forum. I'm looking into your issue. I removed your email from your post to protect it but I have it saved.

Hello Mark,

Thanks for setting up my account!

/Matt aka BabbageCliologic
I, too, am receiving the "enter valid email address" error message. Is it me? It's probably me....
The address I've been attempting is [removed], if that helps.
I'm going to be doing an update to the forum at some point but for now I'll just create the account for you. What username would you like?
Let's go with [removed]. Thank you sir!

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