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(11-24-2021, 03:41 PM)mark Wrote: I don't use an iPad so can't speak to that, but there have not been any changes to the site regarding such functionality.

Thanks! I have discovered that using Shift + Control + Return works on the iPad.
(12-16-2021, 05:50 PM)mdhRPGSolo1179 Wrote: Shift + Control + Return works on the iPad.

Glad to hear.
I just read this one. That Ctrl+Enter is a big time saver. Thanks!
(01-06-2022, 03:53 AM)Salathor Wrote: I just read this one. That Ctrl+Enter is a big time saver. Thanks!

Yes, a hidden gem Shy
There's been an update. Please see first post.
Big update. Went insane trying to get it to work but then I got better. See first post.
Hello Mark!

First of all, thank you for all the work and love that went towards the forum and the tool over the years. Thanks to your vision and help we have a tool that compiles all of the best mechanics that we need to run solo tabletop game sessions in a single place.

I would like to query out of curiosity: Any thoughts on Mythic GM Emulator's 2nd edition and if we can expect an update to already existing, behind the curtain tables (using C.Q. and C.D. or maybe extra options to reflect it's many tables) ?
What about the new list formats that are suggested within it? I figure they would be nice additions to the new notepad functionality if they could be maintained directly within the play session.

I have already acquired it and I really like the new content. It seems to be pretty backwards compatible with other Mythic engine sets such as the Adventure Crafter also, which is great because it would be just sad to have to ditch all of the previous content.

All the best and wishing you a belated happy new year!

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