Classic Fantasy [13th Age] Heartless
Castle Omen - a living dungeon formed from the beating heart of the world itself - rises on the central island of the Midland Sea. It grows, hunting for sacrifices, devouring the landscape, and spitting out monsters.

The 13 icons are desperate. They can’t stop the Castle themselves, not without exposing themselves to their enemies or feeding the Castle iconic power. So they make a daring truce - an event to mark the turning of the Age. Every icon carves themselves away, discarding their magic into the source of the world, creating new adventurers.

Castle Omen responds. To cripple its adversaries, it eats a piece of every adventurer as they are made. But the icons had staked the fate of The Dragon Empire on the Castle’s greed. As the Castle feasts, it also leaves behind pieces of itself, its own magic carved away and added to the source from which adventurers are made.

The Castle, realizing its mistake, hides away everything it stole, twisting the world to guard its Treasures. If the adventurers cannot recover the power taken from them, they will never grow strong enough to challenge Castle Omen.

So the game begins.

One Unique Thing. When Castle Omen took my heart, it also took my connection to elemental earth.

Backgrounds. 8 points
Serpentine Jinni +5. A deep-earth gemstone spirit with a crafty streak.
Iron Claw Adept +3. The intersection of heavy arms and open hand technique.

Icon relationships. 3 points
The Diabolist 1 (negative). Purifying stones are the natural enemy of evil spirits.
The Dwarf King 1 (positive). Underworld creatures consider me kin.
The High Druid 1 (positive). I’m a nature spirit! Even if I don’t have my nature magic right now.

Ability scores. 28 point buy. Ability scores are renamed to avoid the player-vs-character mental ability debacle, but otherwise still retain their original mechanical function.
16 Martial (fighting technique)
8 Primal (natural/innate ability)
15 Spiritual (willpower)
12 Arcane (invention, discovery and ritual)
14 Divine (drawing from others)
8 Iconic (importance and connection)

Race: Genasi (Earth). My blood is quicksilver and my bones are adamantine. Normally, I’d be flaunting my spirit form powers, but I’m kinda stuck in my humanoid body right now.
Ability Score Adjustment. +2 SPI
Power: That All You Got? [Interrupt] [1/Battle] When I’m hit with an attack and survive, roll a recovery. [Escalation <2] Heal for half. [Escalation 2+] Heal for full.

Class: Fighter. I’m a melee warrior that turns durability into damage. Eat your heart out, barbarian.
Defenses. 8+SPI base HP. LVL*d10+SPI recovery. Base defenses = 15 AC, 10 PD, 10 MD.
Basic Melee. [Standard, Melee] [email protected], 1 engaged. [Any Hit] LVL*d10+MAR. [Any Miss] LVL.
Basic Ranged. [Standard, Ranged] [email protected], 1 far. [Any Hit] LVL*d8+PRI. [Any Miss] 0.
Rally. [Standard] Heal with a recovery. Save 11+ to use this more than once in a battle.
Stunt. [Quick] Make an appropriate ability check for some story-relevant combat benefit.
Ability Score Adjustment. +2 MAR
Feature: Extra Tough. I have 9 recoveries instead of the usual 8.
Feature: Threatening. Enemies have -SPI to disengage from me so long as I can opportunity attack.
Talent: Hungry Rattle. [Quick] [1/Battle] When my attack misses, attack again at -2.
Talent: Meteor Fang. [Quick] [1/Battle] If my next attack hits, deal +LVL*d6 damage.
Talent: Coiled Bones. [Quick] [1/Battle] Rally as a quick action instead of a standard action.
Maneuver: Carve an Opening. [Any Odd] Cumulative +1 critical hit range for the battle or until I get a critical hit.
Maneuver: Stand Firm. [Any Even] +2 AC until the end of my next turn.
Maneuver: Strike the Heart. [Any Hit] +SPI damage.

Feat: Meteor Fang (A). I deal the extra damage even on a miss.

Gear. Scale and chain (heavy armor). Iron boots and gauntlets (heavy weapon, 2 handed).

Level 1. Max HP = 3*base. AC = 18, PD = 14, MD = 12.
Where do I spawn?

Sinking road

The Elf Queen.

I spawn into a rainstorm. I'm immediately chilled to my bones and have to turn my back to the wind so the hard rain doesn't poke out my eye. My armor rings in the downpour just loudly enough to be heard over the roar of the storm. This Shrine of Resurrection is on the side of an overgrown imperial roadway. No sign of people, though I can barely see through the thick curtains of water and mist.

I huddle up against the Shrine. Feet together and palms together, I give my prayer.

[Area: Rainwall Passage]

Oh, so it's a permanent thing. I huff and turn back to the road. Is there anything distinguishing one direction from another?

(50/50) No, but...

Make them backtrack.

No clues. Hm. Left? Left.

I wade through the shin-high slush, all hunched over with my back mostly to the rain. This is miserable. I'm an earth genasi. Earth! Not water! Couldn't I have spawned underground, or in a desert, or like a mountain sanctuary or something?

One minute out, I couldn't've gotten far at this pace but I can't see the shrine at all.

Allied temple


Is that a building? I think so! I tromp to the shelter.

The Great Gold Wyrm.

The silhouette of stoic dragon statues along the top make this temple’s allegiance obvious. Looks abandoned (as much as anything can look in this weather). No lights, no fires, no people, no--

18 = 12[d20]+6

Forearms to face, and something like a clay spike splat-shatters on my gauntlets. Barely blocked that; took [8 damage] and I'm [marked] by the muddy splatter. I grin as five [muckwalker scum] rise from the soggy ground behind me. Mud monsters, basically, in the vague shape of squat and wide humanoids. Unfortunately for me, their [muckwalk] trait makes them phenomenally agile in this weather. Not inherently troublesome, but I'm pinned between them and the temple with a sniper somewhere beyond my sight.

Can I put my back to the temple wall before I'm engaged?

(50/50) No, and...


The muckwalkers are fast! The mob rolls onto me like a muddy tide; the [sniper's mark] deals [10 damage] as I'm engaged, 2 per monster. Thank the gods above and below the mark ends then, or I don't think I'd survive.

17 = 11[d20]+6

23 = 17[d20]+6

24 = 18[d20]+6

7 = 1[d20]+6

11 = 5[d20]+6

Clay club and spears beat me down for [8 damage].

I find an opening and try to [disengage]!

2 = 6[d20]-4

Yeah, not happening. Again, they're faster than me. Fine; stand and fight. I straighten to my full height, right foot behind left, hands up, palms open. As soon as the next one moves, I step forward with a wicked haymaker and a [meteor fang]!

8 = 3[d20]+5+0

The muckwalker slides out of the way, but I can still [carve and opening] and put the fear of death into it with 4 = 1+3[d6] damage; press my advantage, stomp forward with [hungry rattle], and spin into a kick!

21 = 18[d20]+5+0-2

I splatter the monster and [stand firm].

10 = 6[d10]+4

I splatter two monsters. Ha! I gesture 'come on' to the remaining three and glance at the temple. Another arrow?

(Unlikely) No

Good. The muckwalkers [disengage] - what?

17 = 15[d20]+5-3

12 = 10[d20]+5-3

13 = 11[d20]+5-3

They slip away from my grasp and separate, leaving me in the open. Oh no, arrow--

18 = 12[d20]+6

incoming! Rooted to the ground, I brace for the hit and the clay spike shatters against me without effect. Can I tell where it came from?

(50/50) No

Temple-side. If I had to guess, the roof. But you can never tell with muckwalkers. Or this damned rain.

But I have space now. I splish and splash to the temple wall, press my back against it and [rally]. (Save coiled bones for when I need it, yeah?)

12 = 9[d10]+3

Deep breath in ~ and out. And I return to my fighting stance. Back to the wall; can’t surround me, can’t snipe me. Bring it, scum!

(50/50) No

They don't bring it. They throw spears. Damn me...

7 = 1[d20]+6

Slide to the right!

10 = 4[d20]+6

Slide to the left!

14 = 8[d20]+6

Duck and - I have to escalate to keep up the escalation, damn me - charge the muckwalkers! Can I get two of them in engagement range?

(Unlikely) No, and...

19 = 13[d20]+6

The sniper attacks as soon as I leave cover, clay spike striking underfoot as I step, causing me to stumble for [8 damage]; but I catch myself, spin in the muck and stick my tongue out at the temple – [That all you got], sniper? - spin back to the muckwalkers.

12 = 9[d10]+3

I'm [marked] again, but I'll deal with that later. I slide to the side and skid up to muckwalker - take [2 damage] for engaging with the mark - with a palm-heel-uppercut.

26 = 19[d20]+5+2

Opening exploited! I strike "chin" and knock it airborne; stomp, arrest my momentum; lining up the three mooks, spin and kick to [strike the heart]!

30 = 6[d10]+10[d10]+8+6

I hit the first as it falls, driving it through the second and into the third. Yes! (That was so cool!)


13 = 10[d10]+3

I stomp in the rainwater and point at the temple, summoning as much menace as I can. Consider this your warning, sniper!

(Unlikely) No, and...

14 = 6[d20]+8

I have to skip back to avoid another clay spike. I was looking right at the temple this time! My [serpentine jinni] eyes are accustomed to the dark of underground. Is any of that transferable here? [Primal DC 15]

16 = 11[d20]+0+5

There! Hiding behind the left corner statue! It ducks behind raised wings, but stays outside the temple. Now's my chance. I sprint into the temple, light on my feet as an [iron claw adept] despite the weight I'm wearing and the rainwater I have to trudge through. [Primal DC 15]

21 = 18[d20]+0+3

I crash through the wooden front doors before the sniper can shoot again, flooding the inside of the temple with a tide of rainwater. And duck!


14 = 8[d20]+6

The muckwalker swings its club high and I drop to my knees and let the water slide me under its attack. This one is bigger than the previous; a [muckwalker bandit]. Same old same old, but made of harder clay. Armor touches stone tile and I use the friction to stop and stand. Gut punch!

10 = 5[d20]+5+0

It splashes off with [1 damage] but I [carve an opening] anyway and try to grab under its arm with [hungry rattle]!

10 = 7[d20]+5+0-2

Too slippery, but I [carve another opening] and deal another [1 damage].

The muckwalker pushes me off and swings its club overhead and down.

23 = 17[d20]+6

I step forward and catch the club with one hand - Ow. [6 damage] - and deliver another gut punch!

17 = 11[d20]+5+1

I [carve a third opening] as the muckwalker recoils.

6 = 2[d10]+4

It moves to the side, skating on the rainwater pouring in to get behind me.

7 = 1[d20]+6

But I spin the other way, crouch low as it swings high, and with a sweeping kick counter with [meteor fang]!

21 = 14[d20]+5+2

The sweep takes its legs and I come up and crash back down with an axe kick. [Strike the heart] with all my fury!

17 = 5[d10]+4+5[d6]+3

I shear the muckwalker with the force and gouge up the tile a bit. Oops. Maybe too much fury.

[Recovery - none needed]

And I have a moment to take in the temple.

Ceaselessly / Pale

I can imagine what it was. A large open space, a stage almost, decorated by a Shrine of Resurrection; a stern yet welcoming statue of the eldest dragon guarding it jealously. Fine metal filigree and colorful stone murals trick the walls and floor into framing the stage. Ornate curving staircases on either side lead to a second floor that's more balcony than actual floor, and again to a third which is like the second but smaller. And at the temple's zenith, the hanging glass roof breaks the rain but collects the water, diverting it to the walls and draining it out through the floor. Divine firelights would've made the rain-slicked metalwork /gleam/.

Now the shrine is rubble, the lights snuffed, the gold tarnished. Broken windows on the upper levels let in a literal river of rain that waterfalls down the stairs and covers everything but the stage in ankle-deep floodwater. (The floor drains surprisingly manage to keep this building dry.) Through it all, the statue stands defiant - chipped by clay spears and covered in mud but standing above it all in the only dry spot of the temple with that perpetually disappointed-in-you scowl.

And I have /only/ that moment to take in the temple, because a monster drops onto the stage, followed a second behind by a wave of mud that puts the rain surging in through the front doors to shame. [Sludgewalker]; level 2; bad.


The sludgewalker skates forward, fresh grime oozing from its everything. It stops short, flinging the mud on its body forward - I take [splash damage] as it [engages] me.

1 = 1[d6]

And then it slides forward again, overhead chop with a clay axe.

21 = 14[d20]+7

I take [8 damage] as I skip back. I grin, nervously, and test the waters with a quick jab.

14 = 9[d20]+5+0

Miss, [carve an opening], deal [1 damage]; step forward, [hungry rattle] and [meteor fang]!

13 = 10[d20]+5+0-2

5 = 1+4[d6]

Miss again and [stand firm], but make it work for that dodge. The axe comes down again,

17 = 10[d20]+7

and I catch it and throw it to the side. Then the sludgewalker [disengages].

15 = 13[d20]+5-3

I grab for it, but it slips between my fingers; as it leaps back, a wave of mud follows, pushing me from behind for more [splash damage]!

3 = 3[d6]

Damn me, what am I supposed to do now? Engage it and take even more splash damage? This would've been an awesome moment to go spirit-form and earthglide behind it avoiding all of that bullshit, but I can't do that. Really wish I had a ranged weapon. Or a big rock. (Even a little rock.) F-fine! Have it your way! I charge forward - but skid-slide at the last second, trying to send up my own wave of mud to counter the sludgewalker's. The stone body of a [serpentine jinni] should make a decent splash. [Martial DC 20]

24 = 14[d20]+5+5

Splash damage countered! And I spin into a high kick!

26 = 20[d20]+5+1

Yeah, who needs spirit form anyway? I [strike the heart]!

22 = 1[d10]+7[d10]+8+6

My boot shaves off its “head” and I keep spinning, go low, and slash my hand across its lower torso. Iron fingers catch something solid on the way out and pull! ...It's just some hardened mud. The sludgewalker bubbles forth a head from its shoulders and uses it to loom menacingly. Badly hurt but alive, it swings down its axe!

15 = 8[d20]+7

I shift to the side and dodge it; then, step forward to--

8 = 2[d20]+6

[Fluid Motion]!

24 = 18[d20]+6

A clay spike splat-shatters on my (completely coincidentally) raised arm, but most if it slips under with [fluid motion] and strikes me dead in the eye for [8 damage] and a [mark]. The surprise of it knocks me back one step. But the arrow breaks and my eye's fine. [That all you got?]

6 = 2[d10]+4

I look up and spot the sniper on the third floor - my first good look: a [mucklauncher], also level 2.

The sludgewalker [disengages] again - Oh no no!

11 = 9[d20]+5-3

It skates away, and I have to deal with the [splash damage] and the [sniper's mark].

3 = 1[d6]+2

I look between the two muckwalkers. Damn me. The sludgewalker is close to death, but not close enough that I could drop it on a miss; and I've gotten lucky, but its armor is better than mine. The mucklauncher could shoot me down before I could climb the waterfall stairs to reach it, and then I'd actually have to fight it. A newbie adventurer facing off against two higher-level monsters - cool; easy peasy; no problem. But both at once? Coiled bones or not, I’d be luck to survive two more turns.

I [flee].


13 = 10[d10]+3

4 = 1[d10]+3
Involve an existing faction or monster type.

I turn on my heel, take one step out the door (and back into this damned rain), and am face-to-face with two more [muckwalker bandits]. You know what? I'll take my chances with these two over the bigger ones.

I try to close the temple doors behind me as I exit! [Iron claw adept] training helps me keep my focus clear for exactly this kind of situation! [Spiritual DC 20]

15 = 8[d20]+4+3


The doors are heavier than they look, and the flow of water isn't in my favor. I'll have to spend my first turn [stunned] to get it done. Deal; small price to avoid fighting the sludgewalker and two bandits at once.

16 = 10[d20]+6

26 = 20[d20]+6

Not that small a price when one bandit uses the opportunity to batter me and the other manages to slip a clay blade between my armor's scales. [18 damage], but I close the door. Which maybe buys me one battle, I guess. (Regretting my decisions, now). But the muckwalkers have another opportunity to attack.

25 = 19[d20]+6

I turn and face my foes in earnest, only to get jabbed in the face for [6 damage].

19 = 13[d20]+6

And then jabbed again for another [6 damage], which knocks the fight out of me. I fall on my ass hard, and I'm [helpless]. I reflexively put my hand to my face and I can feel the cracks and chips. T-that’s fine. N-not a problem. Just one more. That's all I need, and I can turn this around...

7 = 7[d20]

[Death: 1/4] I huff. It's never that easy. I have to stall. How about a [serpentine jinni] trick? I dig a hand into the muck and fling it at the bandits - blind them, get up, run. [Martial DC 15]

24 = 14[d20]+5+5

The muckwalkers are [dazed]. I take the risk to get up and go without disengaging.

8 = 2[d20]+6

17 = 11[d20]+6

I feel the scrape of a weapon on my back, but my armor does its job as I go. N-not fleeing. Not this time. I hug the temple walls - the mucklauncher is still up there - and duck around the corner. I just need to get far enough and hope the rain and mist hide me for the moment. Like a [serpentine jinni] would if I wasn't Heartless. [Divine DC 15]

28 = 20[d20]+3+5

I stumble to a stop and catch my breath. The muckwalkers skate around the corner. Too wide a turn, they miss me. For now. I pound my chest twice. Come on. Just one more.

7 = 7[d20]

[Death 2/4] Fuck you, despair! I'm not - I'm not done yet. I'm not... Slow, careful steps; press my back to the temple; stay hidden. What can I do? I tug on the iconic chain binding me to [The High Druid], and try to open some sunshine, push these monsters out of their favored environment.

6 = 6[d6]

Hypochondriac Dwarf scholar

A knock on the window beside me nearly scares me out of my boots. A gaunt looking dwarf with a lit torch in hand gestures wildly at me. Torch? Y-you idiot! I'm hiding! Do the muckwalkers notice?

(Very Likely) Yes

Damn me. I put a hand to my cracked face. One last try: can I keep fighting?

12 = 12[d20]

[Death 3/4]. Then before the muckwalkers can get here, I [flee]. Again.


13 = 10[d10]+3

11 = 8[d10]+3

12 = 9[d10]+3

Present some consequences and ask them to choose.

Jump through the window? The dwarf is dry, as is the room behind him. He'd lose whatever sanctuary he's in. And if I leave, the muckwalkers will just break through the window on their own. Damn me. I shatter the window with a punch and climb through. The rain devours this once-haven of not-wet like a starving beast. Quick! Close up the window! This is one of the back rooms of the temple. There's a door on the other side. I grab it and, with a sharp [iron claw adept] kick, break it off its hinges. [Martial DC 20]

26 = 18[d20]+5+3

Slam it against the broken window, stomp my feet into the tile, and hold. The weight of a [serpentine jinni] should be more than capable of pushing back some muckwalkers. [Spiritual DC 20]

28 = 19[d20]+4+5

Dwarf! Nail this in place so I can let go! Please!

(Somewhat Likely) Yes

Always count on a dwarf to have tools handy. I relax. Draw my feet out of the tile and step back. Does it hold?

(50/50) No, and...

Something strikes the wooden door, cracking it down the middle. And then from that gap seeps in the sludgewalker. Damn me. Dwarf, can you fight?

(50/50) Yes


The sludgewalker drips into the room and rises to its full height. I put myself between it and the dwarf, eating the [splash damage]; don't care what he does, no way he's harder than me.

1 = 1[d6]

The monster draws its clay axe out from its chest and swings down!

11 = 4[d20]+7

I knock it aside, and the dwarf throws his torch.

18 = 13[d20]+5

It bounces off the door'ed-up window. I try to catch it with [iron claw adept] reflexes. [Primal DC 15]

16 = 13[d20]+0+3

Got it! And I smack the sludgewalker with it!

13 = 8[d20]+5+0

It oozes out of the way, taking [1 damage]. I [stand firm] and toss the torch behind me, trusting to dwarf to do whatever he intends to.

The sludgewalker [disengages] - but without its [muckwalk] trait this time; the room's too dry!

1 = 4[d20]-3

Hands find purchase on some part of its oozy mess, and I push it back against the window. It swings its axe again,

18 = 11[d20]+7

and I block it a second time in my firm stance. The dwarf throws his torch again.

7 = 2[d20]+5

It clatters to the floor right beside us. I thought you said you could fight!? Whatever, I'll take the offensive; half step back and uppercut!

9 = 3[d20]+5+1

[1 damage], [carve an opening], stomp forward with [hungry rattle] and strike again!

16 = 12[d20]+5+1-2

[1 damage], [stand firm]. Progress, slow and steady.

The sludgewalker [disengages], moving for the torch.

12 = 15[d20]-3

It slips past me, dealing [splash damage], and douses the fire.

5 = 5[d6]

As it contacts the flame, the mud around the monster hardens, leaving it [stuck] and [hampered]. Which is nice, but our fire is out.

16 = 16[d20]

And with a tug, it breaks off its hardened leg and bubbles out a new, mobile limb, ending that [vulnerability] effect before we could capitalize on it. Does the dwarf have any more fire?

(50/50) Yes, but...

He tells me to wait, and then runs off. W-what? F-fine! My grin gets tight as I engage the monster again, suffering more [splash damage].

1 = 1[d6]

Attack again!

22 = 15[d20]+5+2

This time I hit the monster and [carve an opening].

5 = 1[d10]+4

It retaliates,

16 = 9[d20]+7

I pivot to dodge, and follow through with a spinning elbow strike

13 = 5[d20]+5+3

It ducks, taking [1 damage]; I [carve an opening]; it [disengages]

4 = 7[d20]-3

I grab an arm and pull it back; it swings its axe

18 = 11[d20]+7

and I endure the hit, knees buckling as I take [8 damage], but I shove the aside again. [That all you got?]

12 = 8[d10]+4

(There goes my last recovery.) And finally the dwarf comes back - with a half-lit brazier. Throw it on the muckwalker!

14 = 9[d20]+5

He does, but the monster scrambles out of the way, avoiding the coals entirely. I go low, scoop up a handful of lit coals, sweep up into a meditative posture - feet together, hands together - and crush the coals between my fingers. This [serpentine jinni] asks for your help, little ones. I need your fire. [Divine DC 15]

19 = 11[d20]+3+5

The coals answer; fire wreaths my gauntlets for a moment, as I stomp forward and slash up with [meteor fang]!

27 = 18[d20]+5+4

If there was ever a time to [strike the heart]--!

30 = 6[d10]+2[d10]+8+4[d6]+4[d6]+6

Fire hardens mud; iron shatters clay. The sludgewalker falls.

[Recovery - not needed]

The first step I take as I come off the escalation is shaky. The dwarf tries to support me but I wave him off. We need to fix up the break in the window-door. What kind of room was this? Does it have anything we can use?

(50/50) Yes, but...

*Plop*, *plop*, as the two muckwalker bandits seep in. Damn me. Dwarf, sir, please seal the window while I keep these monsters busy.


The muckwalkers attack, one to me and one to the dwarf. Before the monster engages me, I step to the side and try to [intercept] the one attacking the dwarf. [Primal DC 15]

16 = 16[d20]+0+0

I'm fast enough to get between the monsters and the man and deal with both attacks.

17 = 11[d20]+6

24 = 18[d20]+6

I block one hit and the other bangs off my shoulder for [6 damage]. The dwarf shuffles around the melee and gets to the window while I - I dip low again, grab some more coals and fling the embers and ash at the mud monsters. Once more, coals!

[Improv attack vs PD]

23 = 20[d20]+5+0-2

15 = 12[d20]+5+0-2

8 = 4[d4]+4

The first muckwalker immediately catches fire for [16 damage] and wails as it hardens in place and the second scrambles out of the way in panic taking [8 damage]. Fire hits the muckwalkers' [vulnerability] and leaves them [stuck] and [hampered]. I grin. No running from me now!

The muckwalkers have no choice but to wiggle free of their restraints and try to swing their weapons at me.

12 = 7[d20]+5

13 = 8[d20]+5

Nope! Nope!

20 = 19[d20]+1[d20]

One of them frees themselves entirely, but the other is still hardened. I step forward and smash the free one in the face!

14 = 8[d20]+5+1

I miss, deal [1 damage], [stand firm], and kick out with my leading foot and a [hungry rattle]!

7 = 3[d20]+5+1-2

I huff, missing again for [1 damage], and [carve an opening].

The free muckwalker tries to [disengage]

11 = 14[d20]-3

slipping past me and attacking the dwarf.

12 = 6[d20]+6

He ducks out of the way. The stuck muckwalker attacks me and tries to free itself.

12 = 6[d20]+6

10 = 10[d20]

and fails to do either.

I turn my attention to the relatively healthy stuck-walker and hammer it with [meteor fang]!

19 = 12[d20]+5+2

I [strike the heart]!

19 = 10[d10]+4+2[d6]+3

The muckwalker bandit shatters, and I rush over to position myself between the other muckwalker and the dwarf. Keep fixing that window!

10 = 4[d20]+6

Clay blade hits armor with no effect, so I grab it by the shoulders and shove it back, skip forward and axe kick.

13 = 5[d20]+5+3

I'll [carve an opening], I guess, but with this next [1 damage] I really don't need a big hit to finish this one off.

The muckwalker hacks at me,

11 = 5[d20]+6

I let my armor take the hit again, step forward and punch!

26 = 17[d20]+5+4

I see an opportunity to [strike the heart], fingers digging into its gooey form.

15 = 2[d10]+4+3

I drive it into the ground, onto more coals; it hardens and I stomp down, shattering it.

[Recovery - none needed]

Breathe in ~ and out. Are we done? Window's fixed? All monsters killed?

(Very Likely) Yes

Glowing theatre

The dwarf ushers me out the door, into a dry hallway, around a corner, and down the stairs. I get a brief glimpse of the central room of the temple (filled with more muckwalkers) before we head below, and then we're in the dry, clean basement. Maintenance access to the plumbing, winches for hanging roof, cleaning supplies, larder, armory, library - every sconce, every corner, is lit with white-gold magical firelight.

The dwarf slams the door shut behind us and a mote of fire hops up from floor and engulfs the entry. Sanctuary?

(Likely) Yes, but...

The dwarf makes a so-so gesture.

Good enough! I drop to the floor with a heavy thud and [full rest]. That was an intense couple minutes. Quick break, just gimme a moment, and then we can talk.

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