Classic Fantasy BFRPG Tinged "Jewel"
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Pretty much just putting this here as a save file lol..

I'm terrible at writing so ignore my mistakes cheers changing tenses etc fail

Testing out ideas for a campaign I'm sort of screwing with for Basic Fantasy..

Just theme-y stuff and testing modules using Solo Heroes' LL Rules.

Juel Vidali "Jewel"
Human Fighter-Ranger
HP: 7/7
Str:15 +1
Wis:14 +1
Dex:18 +3 (Great rolls!)
Cha:14 +1

Supplements So Far:

Quick Character Generation: A Basic Fantasy Supplement
Release 1
by Chris Kutalik

BACKSTORY (Randomly generated by supplement.)

Juel is the fifth-born son of the High Priest of the Morettian Concord, Leon Vidali. He was much loved and lived a well protected youth until a simple day changed everything. He was playing with his two brothers and two sisters near Orwald Keep when the Hobgoblins from the Lost Glades attacked. They quickly slayed the youths, Juel witnessing the entire event due to a fortunate - or unfortunate instance of hide and seek in which he was the hidden. Juel ran and never looked back, finding his way in to the poor, once mighty town of Orwald where he was found and cared for by a traveling merchant. He grew in to a young man and following the death of his caregiver was conscripted for the military. Throughout a short-lived but prodigious stint of service to the Estrean Hold, Juel grew strong, they nicknamed him the "Jewel" of the Hold. Life was tough but Jewel almost hoped that he could make a change until the corruption of the Hold became evident. He rebelled against the hierarchy and again lost everything when they ordered the execution of his unit - his closest friends. Jewel fled and ran on instincts alone, losing himself to his mind, he began work as a stonemason and hardly spoke. Thus he dreamed of Sho, the Morettian aspect of Ascendance and learned of the Call of Night, an apocalypse event brought about by the resurrection of Kem, the Morettian aspect of Shade.
Jewel has grown again since this and finds he has a dry attitude to the world around him and cares for little more than his own survival and the survival of his only living friend and companion Knuck, the grey horse.

Damn that was a long background.. lol..

Anyway the game:

Inspiring camp.

Evade brigands at the cursed room.

Imitate / Bureaucracy.

I awoke, startled at the harsh, high-pitched squeal of smooth metal being draped and slid upon itself, my head was throbbing and humming with a dull ache, surely due to the portion of alcohol that I had consumed the night that seemed such a short time ago. Almost pitifully, Knuck; the giant horse and my only ally and friend, gazed upon me. At that moment I almost expected him to shake his head and chuckle.

It seemed I'd found my way in to the Hognose finally, those exact grounds that had played the architect to much of the grief I’d been forced to endure. The military encampment was teeming with life; the young and the old, the weary and the strong, the trained and also the lost that when consolidated made up the so-called Estrean Hold's forces.

I stood up, crept around the corner and looked over at the nearest soldiers locked in combat, I decided it was best to approach them casually in fear of looking suspicious.

“Good morning men, is there a canteen nearby?"

(Somewhat Likely | 6[d10]) Yes. +Event: Spy / Military

The two men stopped their exchange, turned to me, clearly both suspicious and intrigued at both my sudden appearance from behind a building and lack of basic knowledge that anybody who’d spent any time at the Hognose had.

"Yes, there is an area for refreshments just down the path, past the South Barracks and next to the Statue of Lem but I must ask, for what reason may a strange young lad with such a strange large horse such as yourself be inside of the Hognose to begin with? We stopped all citizens from passing through here months ago.. How did you even get in?" One of the men, a short man with a large beard and a friendly but stern face asked of me.

"I'm a scout that has been on an extended reconnaissance mission at a suspected Given shrine located at a small village south of Orwald, I have returned with a report for the Sargent-Liege."

Does he buy it?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No. +Event: Decrease / Riches

The short man nodded his head, "I'm sure the Sargent-Liege will be pleased with the arrival of any news that could be used against those wretched mancers, please let us escort you."

But the other soldier.. he stiffened, just a little, but enough..

They knew. My stupid plan was ruined by my stupidity and stupid habits once more.


Can I escape?

(Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

I panicked, turned to Knuck to ran to him, leaping astride his saddle as I'd done a thousand times before, stirred him into a fast gallop towards the exit and to my horror, realized that the side-gate had just made the journey from the top of it's rails far in to the ground below. I beckoned Knuck to a skidding halt, span to attempt a pass at the Mouth but found myself barred by a group of soldiers; young men but with a glint of the hope of glory in their eye. I was bemused at the fact that these boys thought that capturing me; the man who stole some scout's clothing near the Grey Caves was a feat or triumph.

Is there any way around them?

(Somewhat Unlikely | 7[d10]) Yes, but...

I laughed at my headache, basking in the ironies that had led me to my situation, patted Knuck on the head apologetically for I knew he was not going to forgive me for a long time after this last, mad attempt of an idea.

I kicked him into action, my boots swiftly impacting my friend's flanks and sending him in to a fierce gallop, heading directly for the group of soldiers!

"ARCHERS! NOW!" I yelled almost sheepishly as I unsheathed my Longsword and raised it into the air, pointing at the rooftop of the East Barracks that lay only a stone's throw away from the soldier's position.

They all shielded their heads and scattered, fleeing in every direction.

All except one.

The short, friendly-but-stern faced man had checked the area beforehand. He was not so easily fooled. At first the man attempted a slash at Knuck but soon realized the futility of this great foot-chase of the strange young man on the strange large horse. He quickly ran and disappeared to the side of the Barracks and in what seemed like only a second emerged astride a small black mount of his own in hot pursuit.

Is he the only soldier able to make chase in time?

(Very Likely | 7[d10]) Yes.

I sped through the gate, confident in Knuck's pace, almost grinning at the look of shock on the guard's faces as the situation bore down upon them.

I was out! This criminal that they had knowingly harboured for a night, sullied the brain of with liquor purely for a small portion of information that they knew I couldn't have provided had escaped.

The Sargent-Liege had never been there, he knew I was coming even if nobody else did. It was a ruse, they must have received word from the town I left the poor sod at. This much was now obvious to me as I cranked Knuck into a harsh turn off the path leading from the Hognose to the Hogsbridge, we blared across the countryside, the woods that normally prevented intrusion were soon to be my saving grace.

I look behind me, is my pursuer close?

(Likely | 5[d10]) No, but... +Twist: NPC / Appears

He's gone. I've made it out, the relief begins to wash over me as I watch the soldiers at the front of the gate scurrying, trying defiantly to find a method of making chase.

As I am enveloped by the darkness and soft smell of pine confirming my entrance into the woods, I turned forward again and lowered my body to Knuck, attempting to avoid the low-lying branches of the newly-grown trees that dotted the landscape.

Further we made our way in to the woods.. Seconds.. Minutes.. Hours?


I'd been ejected from Knuck with the force of a battering ram!

Will I remain conscious?

(Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

The world bent and distorted, my vision going dark as I teetered on the edge of consciousness. I reached for my sword in a last ditch attempt at protecting myself but rolled as my body gave way to my brain's desire for nothingness, the last thing I saw was the figure of a man.

A short man.
Your writing looks fine to me and thanks for the link to the character generation tool. Very cool.


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