Classic Fantasy Canis Wolf-friend
Far to the north, in the forested coniferous wilderland, is found a people who have survived ever since the Fall. To their southern brethen they would be considered "barbarians" but in that trackless forest these people live close to the land. Hunters and farmers huddle for safety against the fierce tooth and claw of the wilderland. Their communities are independent and few would wander far from the immediate vicinity of their home village. And yet, in every generation, there arise men and women who leave their villages and go out into the wild, seeking knowledge and wealth. 

Scenario Outline:
Canis has been out on a lone hunt and is returning to the village. He is being tracked by a group of Goblins who are worried that he has come too close to their lair, a nearby cairn that they have desecrated. Unknown to all involved, the cairn provides an entrance to the Underdeep...

Does Canis notice he is being followed? 
Quick Contest: Stealth vs Observation - Goblin Stealth = success by 1; Canis Observation = success. 
No, Canis doesn't notice.

Do the Goblins choose to ambush Canis?

(Somewhat Likely) Yes

There are three Goblins and they hide ahead of Canis on the forest pathway he is using.

Canis is totally surprised by the attack! He cannot act at all for 2 seconds!

The Goblins have bows and decide to open the fight with arrows. Each will make an All-Out Attack (Determined) to try and kill the man quickly.

How far away are they? 

11 = 5[d6]+1[d6]+5[d6]

110 yards...

First shot misses wildly!
Second shot is on target - Canis tries to dodge but narrowly fails - the arrow slams into his torso for 1 damage + 2 toxic damage which Canis resists! Ouch for the arrow stuck in his leather hauberk!

Third shot also whizzes wide!

The hunter is still stunned with surprise, so the Goblins can all act again. They choose to take the time to draw fresh arrows. 

As the seconds pass, now Canis can try to shake off his surprise - makes an IQ test but fails. Must do nothing again.
The Goblins finish drawing their bows as another second ticks past.

Canis tests IQ and passes. He must do nothing but can act normally in the next second.
The Goblins, with whispered agreement, decide to aim.

Canis stands 110 yards away and he's not sure where the Goblins are amoung the trees. He has his spear in hand but his shield is on his back. He decides to crouch as he brings his shield to the ready position. Canis shouts a challenge: "What is the meaning of this challenge? Face me, cowards!"

Are the Goblins intimidated? Quick contest: Intimidation vs their Will = Canis wins by 1. 

Do the Goblins choose to hold their fire?

(50/50) Yes

The Goblins choose to aim for another second while one shouts back: "We've got you surrounded, manling! Surrender!"

Canis, grateful for the time to finish readying his shield, decides to try and parley.
"I've got a brace of rabbits here. Perhaps we can trade?"

Roll for Goblin Reaction - 3d6 on the Reaction Table (-2 for Canis' Social Stigma, +1 because he does look tough, +1 because the Goblins are hungry) = 14 (Good)

"Perhaps we can take both of them there rabbits, manling, and let you live."

Can Canis overcome his pride and impulsiveness? 12 or less... 9...

"Maybe you take one and I'll keep the other," he says.

Do the Goblins take the offered deal? Roll Reaction again at +1 (due to previous good reaction) = 13 (Good)

"Oh, alright then. Lads, drop yer arrers. Manling, leave the rabbit on the path ahead of you and then walk on past, down the path, no funny business!"

Canis unhitches the rabbits, separates one out and lays it on the path. With a huff and a grunt, he hefts his shield back into place and then slowly advances down the path - spear up and shield ready.

Can Canis spot the Goblins hiding? Quick contest of their Stealth and his Perception: Goblins had 11... Canis rolls 8, succeeding by 4. He sees them in the trees, up high, as he passes. 

Canis decides then to move past and let them collect he rabbit, then track them to their lair. He needs to know if there are many more.

Heading down the pathway, Canis gets out of sight of the ambush place before coming off the path and doubling back through the forest. He decides to take things slow and steady. First, he readies his bow and arrow, stows the spear and shield on his back, and rubs some dirt onto his face. Then he decides to wait. Minutes tick by...

Moving slowly through the forest, Canis closes on the site of the earlier ambush.

Are the Goblins still there?

(Somewhat Unlikely) Yes, and...

The Goblins are down on the ground and have started a small fire to spit roast their rabbit.

Canis sneaks towards them... the Goblins are distracted and busy, chattering among themselves.
Quick Contest: Stealth vs Perception (-2) = Canis succeeds by 3, Goblins fail by 2.

Canis aims his arrow. He'll surprise them when he strikes. Loose!

Distance among the trees? 

7 = 4[d6]+1[d6]+2[d6]

70 yards. Canis gains +2 from aiming with his bow, shooting at the "leader" - the Goblin who looks biggest and who keeps telling the others to keep their thieving hands off the rabbit.
Shot is on target!

The Goblins are surprised. For how long?

6 = 6[d6]

Six seconds! The target can try to dodge but at -4 for taking no action due to surprise.
Rolls badly and fails. The arrow strikes home!
The arrows slams into the Goblins chest for 7 basic damage, reduced to five by the lice-ridden leathers it's wearing. The creature gasps in shock and then roars in pain! (Down to 7HP, -4 penalty to next action from pain)

The other Goblins sit still, silent, staring at the arrow in their boss' chest.

Canis fast-draws an arrow (success) and can shoot in the next second.

The Goblins can do nothing (5 seconds).

Canis shoots again at the leader.
Misses! The shot goes wide! Damn!

The Goblins dither in shock (4 seconds).

Canis fast-draws a third arrow (success), ready to shoot.

The Goblins are starting to babble and look around (3 seconds).

Canis shoots at the leader again.
On target! The Goblin tries to react as the arrow whistles in... but fails. 
9 damage, 7 into the torso (0HP left).

The wounded leader tries to stay conscious - rolls HT and succeeds.
The other two Goblins are still bemused and stunned (2 seconds).

Canis fast-draws an arrow (success) and shouts: "Run, Goblins, run!"

Do the Goblins panic? Quick contest: Intimidation vs Will (-2 for their injured leader) = Canis succeeds by 5, Goblins succeed. But Canis is scaring them, so yeah, they'll run!

Goblins are still befuddled (1 second).

Canis shoots at the second Goblin, he can see it turning his way.
On target. The Goblins tries to dodge but fails. 7 piercing damage, 5 through the leather. Goblins yelps as the arrow thuds into its side (7HP left).

The leader Goblin fails his HT check and passes out.

The other Goblins can now test IQ to recover from surprise - the injured one is at -4 for pain, and fails with a critical fumble. He passes out from the shock and pain.
The third Goblin fails too. He can do nothing.

Canis fast-draws a fifth arrow (success) and watches the last Goblin dither, it's looking around with a terrified face.

Goblin test IQ to recover. Fails.

Canis shoots! On target!
Goblins dodges but fails. Max damage! 10 points, 8 into the torso! The Goblin is reeling and yells out (4 HP left) and suffers half Move and halved Basic Speed!

Goblin IQ test at -4 from shock, fails.

Canis fast-draws (success) his sixth arrow.

The third Goblin fails another IQ test and remains stunned.

Canis then shoots - hit, dodge fails, 7 damage into the chest. 
The Goblin fails its HT check and falls unconscious.

Canis watches as the camp falls silent. He can see the bleeding Goblins, slumped over. Slowly he rises, readies his shield and spear, and walks cautiously towards the Goblin camp.

Are there any other assailants?

(Very Unlikely) No

Canis enters the camp. He rams the spear into the Goblin leader's throat and kills him. 
Spying the rabbit beginning to burn, Canis rotates the spit and smiles to himself as the smell wafts up. He is hungry.

The hunter plunges his spear into the second Goblin, killing it.

The last Goblin lies still and bleeding from the arrows in his torso. Canis sits down nearby and rotates the spit steadily.

An hour passes and Canis eats the rabbit. The Goblin does not come round - fails HT roll.
Canis decides to see if he can see any tracks to indicate their direction of origin.

Tracking test successful. Canis finds a small trail heading north, perpendicular to the main track, and locates Goblin tracks in the mud. 
On returning to the camp, the hunter finds the Goblin has awoken and is trying to crawl away.

"Come here, little monster."
Canis grabs the Goblin and rolls him over, standing over it with spear at the throat. 
"You're done for, little one. But I can give you a quick death in return for information. How many of your kind are there, and where are you laired?"

Does the Goblin tell? Reaction roll at -4 = 8 (Poor).

"Go to Hades, manling!"
The Goblins chokes and coughs on its blood.

Canis runs the spear through its neck.
"Fair enough," he says.
Just for curiosity's sake, with what rule system are you playing?
I am using the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy rules. It’s a genre set for the GURPS RPG by Steve Jackson Games. Alongside that, I was using Mythic for GM emulation.
Thank you. The Mythic was clear and I am aware of GURPS by name, but have never actually seen the rules. For me, part of my enjoyment in reading solo plays is either learning about new rule sets that I am unfamiliar with or seeing how people work with known rules.
Thanks. I was trying out GURPS and learning the rules. I put some prefacing notes on my blog post which read:

“Today, following on from my recent GM’s Journal episode, I decided to create a full GURPS Dungeon Fantasy character and try some solo play using the rather nifty to help record my game. Thus, this post is my (unedited) actual play report from the session.”

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