Classic Fantasy Dirty Deeds in Noam (Current Quest: The Envious Singer)

Hello, this is a solo DND 4th edition campaign that I started in order to tell a story based on RPG Solo's answers and the roll of the dice. I started by clicking "Get Setting", which gave me "Setting is occupied shop involving high quality shield and [SPOILERS]". I interpreted that to be a populous city named Noam, which saw trading from merchants all over the world, and was practically ruled by a company that crafted and sold high quality armor. Due to a random biome selection, the city ended up being in the frozen wasteland of Arcziga. After deciding the setting, I clicked "Get Quest" to discover what mission would bring my characters together, and from that I got "Kidnap the musician at the observation dome.". With the setting and quest decided on, I created four characters, chose one to write from their perspective, and started the game. For the sake of improving the story's flow and to keep from spoiling anything, I had to cut out all the questions I asked and all the answers I got. With that, here is how the first quest went after I played several sessions.


Quest 1: The Envious Singer

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