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Teska Smet is a bookworm, who reads, studies, and little else. Her erudite nature is only emboldened by the fact that in this world, spell-art users can master their crafts without ever leaving a library. Unsure and naive of the world at large, Teska's nervous fear of the unknown continuously drives her to overprepare, stalling her expedition plans year after year. At last, as she celebrates her 27th [RG] birthday, she can no longer bear to just read about plundering great tombs and fighting monsters. She simply must stop her vicarious reading, and seize authorship of her own life!

Her partner in crime is a demonic Leigemistress to Sheol'Burath the Unspeakable, a Fell-Prince not known to be good nor evil who considers all seekers of knowledge to be her servants. 

I'm going to use a stripped down version of the Apocalypse Engine, which isn't specifically for solo RPGs but I think it'll work with the random generation capacity here. 

Might -1
Prowess -1
Cunning +1
Wisdom +2

Arsenal: Words of Power (Ranged, Hidden)
Garment: Enchanted Magistra Robes (Regal, Armored)
Companions: Liegemistress (Astute, Scholarly), Junta Mor, Nythisea the Inscrutable

Junta Mor [RG]

Foolish and friendly fortune-hunter who is much stronger than you and whose motivation is to attempt sensuality and is focused on your skills.

Might +2
Prowess -1
Cunning +1
Wisdom -1

Arsenal: Flanged Mace (Melee, Brutal)
Garment: Gambeson and Cuirass (Hardy, Armored)
Companions: Teska

Junta Mor is a lover. She loves people and monsters alike, with any combination of drinking, killing, or having a good time. But her wild spirit has made it hard to find people she's really close to. As open as she is with her mind and body, her heart is closely guarded. 

Aaaaand one more

Nythisea the Inscrutable [RG]

Delightful and inquisitive villain who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to deter hardship and is focused on your community.

Might -1
Prowess +1
Cunning +1
Wisdom 0

Arsenal: Petrifying Gaze (Weird, Hidden)
Garment: Ordinary Linens (Mobile, Subtle)
Companions: Teska 

Nythisea the Inscrutable is a Gorgon who seeks the easy life~! But has some rather serious and unfinished business with the Greater Magi at the Southern Vale that she's not keen on sharing. Very charming, with looks that kill~.

Aaaaaaand a quick shared backstory generation:

1 = Teska, 2 = Junta, 3 = Nythisea

3 = 3[d3]

The setting is frozen rift involving high quality ancient relic and cursed island. Your quest is to hire mercenaries at the glittering brothel. Trying to stop you is the zombie skilled in carpentry.

Nythisea was.... ._. wow I might just start with this instead of glossing over it for backstory. Alright, look forward to Chapter 1 soon!

Nythisea The Inscrutable. Formerly an elf of self proclaimed unparalleled beauty, now bearing a reptilian facsimile. It was an adjustment she's made with relative ease, considering the perks of a silver tongue and a gaze that's to die for. Her unassuming linens and winter cloak cover her body, obscuring any features of her less-than mammalian nature. Even though it was summer, the heat didn't bother her anymore. 

She traveled with larger caravans because they are easier to be left alone on. The most recent one she was with has just arrived in Honeyvault [RG], an inland town built one one end of a mountain pass Duparquet River [RG] which acts as a trade gateway to the coast. Just off that coast? A place that used to be called Taungrave Isle [RG], right at the end of what used to be the Wallinglier Keys [RG]. Now the whole Key is only known as Death's Cape, after Armok, God of Blood, had a disagreement with the priesthood there over "who should get possessed by who". Nythisea knew the island was still crawling with demons, which meant any goodies left behind should still be there for the taking. Trouble is... not everyone saw it that way.

After Nythisea's 5th rejection, she found herself at the bar of the tavern looking for better ideas at the bottom of an ale mug. She'd been everywhere as far as two towns out, but everyone's heard of what had happened by now, and none of them wanted anything to do with it. She sneered at her reflection in her drink.

"God's aint tha' scary..." She bitterly remarked. 

"Outta luck, miss?" The bartender's jovial mustache wiggled at her. 

"Oi'm lookin' fer real adventurers, and there ain't none t'be found." Leaning back on her stool she stretched her back with a casual sigh. "You wouldn' 'appen t'know any, wouldjyer?" 

"Mmmm..." He stroked his mustache thoughtfully, with a miserly gaze sizing up all the able-bodies behind her. He'd already noticed she'd talked to all of them. "Nah, they's all from 'round here. I figure you'll be needin' some outta-townie. Check the Glitterin' Mare. Methinks I heard a group of irregular's talkin' 'bout headin that way earlier this afternoon." 

Nythisea's sneer hadn't vanished from her face as she threw back the mug to finish her drink. "Why not I s'ppose. Righ' naw, wouldn't even care if they brough' th' whores withem. Thank's 'keep." Three coin dropped on the bar in the space she left behind as she pulled her hood up opening the doors to the street. The Glitterin' Mare wasn't a subtle building, and admittedly she had thought about going there before so the directions were fresh in her mind. The building's bright red stable-like doors spoke to an unsettling back-country appeal that underpinned the establishment's success. Now downgraded to a grimace, she made her way inside to the lounge where clients and clientele alike mingled. 

"And so I had it in my grip! Claws tearing at my armor, teeth aplenty! Sulforous breath still hot from its fiery maw when CRRACK!" Nythisea turned to see a woman who's physique rivaled that of an ox. She was emphatically depicting a scene for several barely dressed individuals. "Off came it's head!" There was a couple of hands clapping in response to the heroic pose the woman had taken to punctuate her tale. Nythisea wondered if their interest was feigned, and how much coin she'd have to pay to get them to look at *her* like that. Silently, she strolled up behind them. 

"Tha's a migh'y fine story ye tellin'." Nythisea curtly interrupted. The woman's huge shoulders tensed up, her face came bearing down on Nythisea with a contorted look. Nythisea lifted her chin to appear to match her gaze, woolen cloth between them. "Suppos'n its true, tha' is." 

A smile crept back across the large woman's face. "Oh it's true alright! Jou're looking at the real deal! Everyone will know the name Junta Mor soon enough! It will be spoken as commonly and reverently as the God-Empòress herself!" Her thick Magrian accent made it difficult to under stand her, but Nythisea smiled right back. 

"Issat' so? Then perhaps ye'd interested in a venture of mine. You..." Nythisea pondered about how much exactly she wanted to divulge. "..'eard a Taungrave Tabernacle?"  

Two small gasps came from behind Junta, who turned around to see the courtesans staring at her and shaking there heads and covering their mouths. Junta turned back with a glimmer in her eyes. "...Go on."

"-'Ello? Is this somewhere I can buy horses? I'm heading to Death's Cape an' I'll be real disappointed if they don't actually glimmer." A scholar of high-looking station bursts through the door, with all eyes turned on her. She meekly retreats back towards where she entered. "er... somethin' I said?"

Got a little carried away, >< the first chapter will have real action in it, I promise! I liked using this as a way to suss out the different character's characteristics and establish the Getting Started prompt a little more. More to come!
Prologue 2

The trio sat at a table back in the Solid Pig Pub [RG], and although Nythisea's hood covered her eyes, Teska could feel her stare of contempt. 

"Alrigh' ou' wit' i'. Wha' business th' Grea'er Magis 'ave 'n Death's Cape." 

"Busi- er... *Ahem*" Teska put a hand to her chest with pride, "Thee Greater Magi of Thee Southern Vale Did Hereby Task-" 

"Enou' wit' tha' fake accen', jus' say i' already." Nythisea interjected.

"R-right." Teska's posture wavered. "I.. .I'm going on an adventure. And I read that there could be a very very valuable.. Er.. .Thing there." 

"Tha Triumph." Nythisea gestured in a circle in the air to the barkeeper, indicating a round for the table. "I s'pose tha' one wasn' 'ard ta figure ou', wot wit' tha Vale's tendencies ta... Know things o' tha' nature." 

"Hahah.! Y-..yeh." Teska tried to be friendly but the table fell into an awkward silence that was broken by the sound of mugs being rested in front of them. 

"Anyfin else Oi can ge' you ladies?" The barkeep paused before leaving. 

"No thankyu, we are all set. Jou are a very kind host." Junta politely says before taking a sip. As the barkeep leaves she speaks up again. "Anyway, Neethisea, I would appreciate more details if I am to risk my life for jou. What monsters will we be combating, and how long before we leave." 

Without taking a sip, she pushes her drink aside and lays out a map of the area. "A' Dawn, we take th' Duparque' River t' the coast. Ships headin' east don' sail close enough t' th' shore for us t' go hitch rides, so we'll 'ave roughly 'alf-a-day's walk before we reach the firs' hurdle. We camp, then' a' dawn again we trek inna' th' keys. Normally, i's three hours walk t'cross th' keys to reach th' Tabernacle, assumin' all th' bridges still stan', but there's no tellin' wha's gonna hol' us up. Oi'd prefer gettin' in'n ou', no' stoppin' t' camp once we pass inna' the bad parts, but tha's somethin' we migh' en' up doin'." Nythisea sits back down from leaning over the table. 

Teska frowns. "On second thought, maybe this isn't such a good idea. This.. this sounds more like a job for a Purging Squads." 

"Tch" Nythisea grimaces. "You was braggin' no' half 'our ago tha' you was th' mos' qualifie' Magistra for this. An' big an' beau'iful 'ere says she can rip 'eads offa monsters wit' 'er bare 'ands. This ough'a be an easy walk 'n th' fields fer th' two a' ya." She props her feat up and examines her finger nails. "Now Oi go' droves a' folk like y'u lot jus' linin' up t' take this job from me an' if i' sounds too tough then tell m' now so's Oi can fin' me a real group o' heroes. An' Oi'd be'ter no' catch y' spou'in' nonsense again els' Oi'll le' everyone know jus' wha' y'er abou'." Luckily, Nythisea's face was covered so neither of the others could see her blush as she nervously embellishes her situation.

Teska and Junta looked at each other, and silently swallowed. Respectively, they may have each left out some important details, but both of them had a little too much to prove to back out. 

"When I said was the real deal, I meant it. I will be ready at dawn!" Junta slams her hand on the table and exclaims. 

"M-me too! I'm overqualified in fact! You won't be sorry!" Teska hits the table as hard as she can as well, which sounds like a pillow being dropped on the floor compared to Junta. 

"Then Dawn i' is. 'Ope yer rea'y, ladies, we gonna' be rich." Nythisea smiles devilishly, standing up grabbing and raising her mug in the air for a toast. Teska and Junta follow suit and they all give a shout of affirmation. 

If you're having trouble reading Nythisea's accent, just imagin every apostrophe to be replacing a hard T or D consonant with a gutteral stop, giving it more of a cockney accent! Junta speaks with a smooth spanish equivalent accent, and Teska would be around a New Zealand accent (Think Flight of the Concords). This prologue is really fun to write, and I'm sure I'll get to the action soon enough. Bear with me!

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