Classic Fantasy FATE ACCEL: Laurel Lightblade

Adventure Worksheet
Explore/escape from cavern

Tasseter "Splinter" Fletcher. Archer Superb +5 O O O
Dudna Flintaxe. Necromancer Great +4 O O O
Wight +4
Skeleton Sailor +1


Summoning Undead is usually a difficulty 1 + (aspects and bonuses of undead to be summoned). Difficulty +1 for each aspect and bonus of undead she controls.

Character Sheet
Laurel Lightblade
Jovial Necromancer
Too curious for her own good
Intense magical training
Handy with a blade

Clever   3     Fate Points 2
Sneaky   2     Refresh 3
Forceful 2
Flashy   1
Quick    1
Careful  0


+2 to CLEVERLY CREATE AN ADVANTAGE while sword fighting.
+2 to CLEVERLY ATTACK with undead.

Currently controls:

Exquisite curved sword.
Simple robes

Laurel awoke in this cavern wearing her robes and with a ritual blade nearby. She escaped her bonds and, though there is an exit outside, it is barred. She summoned a skeleton who happened to be of a sailor and heard some arguing between a ships captain and a weapon smuggler trying to rip her off. She has found a goblin guarding the cave's entrance to the rest of the complex.

I accidentally deleted that portion. Blush


Cis Male.

Guarding Laurel's cavern has just awoken.

The sounds of the argument between the ship's captain and her weapon seller are beginning to fade into the distance.

Laurel is beginning to assume she is on an island. Is she correct.


Laurel doesn't particularly want to kill the goblin (until she knows more), so she will attempt to make him flee in terror with her dark power.

Her Flashily create an advantage

-1 = +1 -1 -1 +0

vs his cleverly reason through his fear (+0)

0 = +0 +0 -1 +1

She wins at a total of +2. He's filled with a sense of dread that he can't understand.

Laurel will send the skeleton out, to menace the goblin without attacking.

He's at a +2 for the advantage...

1 = +1 +1 +0 -1

for a +1 vs the Goblin's

-1 = +0 -1 -1 +1

The goblin flees.

Laurel steps out into the passage. There are

2 = 1[d2]+1

directions to choose from.

Laurel listens Carefully for any indication that one may lead out. (+2 difficulty, if anything useful)

0 = +0 -1 +0 +1

She just doesn't have the patience to wait. She heads right until she comes to a room

What's there?

Carefully / Clean.


+3 to sense anything is wrong in the laundry room

1 = +1 +0 -1 +1

She steps in and is immediately confronted by a wight.

Such a powerful (+3) undead would be incredible to control... She's never controlled an undead that powerful and just can't resist the opportunity (+FP)

Difficulty +5

-2 = -1 -1 +0 +0

Her intense magical training has prepared her for this kind of focused task and she dips in to take things one step at a time so she doesn't miss anything crucial

2 = +0 +0 +1 +1

A Jovial necromancer knows a thing or two about a wight, and her curiosity about the actual feeling of the creature focuses her power to a razor's edge. It's a pitched battle, but she is able to wrest control of the thing and bring it to submission.

anything interesting here?


NPC Action.

Befriend / Death.

Though it appears to be a simple laundry further inspection reveals the presence of (another) powerful necromancer.

Search for hidden compartment. Difficulty:

4 = 2[d4]+3[d4]+2[d4]-3

Cleverly search

2 = +1 +1 +0 +0

for 5.

She finds a small compartment in the wall, behind the folding table, with carefully-scribed notes.

Do the notes pertain to something coming soon?

Yes, and...

It's happening now

Laurel was to be the sacrifice for this necromancer to bind Death itself to zeirself.

There is a surge of dark power and she knows the ceremony has begun.

Difficulty to discern direction

1 = 1[d4]+3[d4]+1[d4]-4

-1 = -1 -1 +0 +1

She runs full-out. Does she make it there before the ceremony ends?


Is she stopped on the way?


Giant spider.

"Oh my dark gods."

She lifts a hand and sends the the skeleton to intercept to CREATE AN ADVANTAGE through distraction. The sword remains sheathed now.

She will send the wight to attempt to flank and CLEVERLY ATTACK.

Spider's bonus:

4 = 3[d4]+2[d4]+3[d4]-4

Skeleton's advantage vs Fair difficulty

0 = +0 +0 -1 +1

The skeleton attempts to attack and feint, putting the spider OFF BALANCE, but the spider doesn't fall for it.

Laurel's CLEVER ATTACK, directing the wight and the spider:

3 = +0 +1 +1 +1

Total of 5, vs the spider's

-2 = +0 -1 -1 +0

total of 2, for a shift of 2

Negligible: Nick/Scratch/Bruise.

Spider attacks the skeleton (closest)

-1 = +0 +0 -1 +0

3 = +1 +1 +1 +0

for a tie; skeleton is PINNED ON A LEG

Laurel wades in to CLEVERLY CREATE AN ADVANTAGE at a GOOD difficulty; the spider being more on-guard, but also more distracted.

1 = +0 +0 +0 +1

6; success with style. The spider is FOCUSED ON LAUREL [] []

She orders the Wight to attack while the beast is FOCUSED ON HER [X] [ ]

Wight with total of +5, Spider with total of +4

0 = +0 +1 +0 -1

0 = +1 +0 +0 -1

Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.

The wight grabs one of the spider's legs and simply rips it off, freeing the Skeleton in the process.

Does it run away?


By the time Laurel reaches the summoning, she can see Death held within the circle.

Evasive female historian.

Cis Female.

Is she the necromancer running this show?

Yes. +Event: Proceedings / Messages

Introduce a new NPC.

Popular adventurer.

Does Laurel know the adventurer?

Yes. +Event: Trick / Leadership

The necromancer is Dudna Flintaxe, a dwarven historian of some renown.

As Laurel watches, a surprising figure delivers a message.

Tasseter "The Splinter" Fletcher. A former adventuring companion and the best archer Laurel has ever seen.

From afar she recognizes a hand signal he gave in a previous adventure. He's signalling to someone that he has successfully managed the deception.

Laurel reaches out with her powers to probe the circle holding Death. Zier attention immediately falls upon her.

Is it within her power to free Death?


Can she weaken the spell enough to let em out?

Yes, but...

She'd have to deal with Dudna.

If she lets Death free, will ze kill her?


Would it be safer to send em back?

Yes. +Event: Care / Jealously

Laurel notices her pride welling up, trying to move her to match Dudna's power.

4 = 3[d4]+4[d4]+1[d4]-4

Can she beat a Great to keep herself under control and take only the most efficient action? (Careful)

-3 = -1 -1 -1 +0

Her Intense magical training has sharpened her will...

-3 = +0 -1 -1 -1

She's too curious for her own good, and wants to see just how far she can push her power.

[New Session]
Laurel knows Death will not be very forgiving of Dudna. If she lets em out, ze will likely take care of Dudna for zeirself.

It will be a Superb difficulty.

Laurel sends her thralls in to distract Dudna before she acts. They charge...

-1 = +0 +0 +0 -1

With a total of Good, they make Dudna DISTRACTED.

Laurel strides into the room, her power coursing through her. She'll only have one shot at this. She draws all of the power she can, severing her connection with the Sailor and the Wight. She falls back upon her training to focus her power, feeling each nuance of the summoning circle. She hammers at the circle with everything she has. Total +9

3 = +1 +1 +0 +1

The circle is obliterated with soul-blinding power.

What action does Death take?

Whats Pleasing.

Does ze turn on Dudna?

Yes, but... +Event: Carelessness / Success

Ze does so indiscriminately.

Death scoops up Dudna's soul as her body crumples.

Does Tasseter have time to act?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes.

He runs away as fast as he can

3 = +1 +1 +0 +1

He is able to escape. Are his compatriots as lucky?

(Unlikely | 2[d10]) No.

Death's power visibly swells, it balloons out, enveloping em and everyone around em. Crackling tendrils of negative energy lance out at Dudna, ripping her soul away, but ze doesn't stop there. Zier power scours the great room. Tasseter barely has time to escape, those hiding in the shadows, assisting his deception, are trapped. Death, in zier rage, takes them too.

The wave stops at Laurel, then suddenly collapses upon itself with an audible scream. She is left standing with Tasseter, and nobody else. The room stripped bare, each surface suddenly like polished glass. Laurel's mind's eye can see the residual power glowing.

She can't resist the urge to extend her Sight to examine it.

7 = 1[d4]+4[d4]+2[d4]

-1 = -1 +0 -1 +1

She's overwhelmed with the pure negative energy, and the rage of a god. She's left with a SPLITTING HEADACHE that will hamper her concentration until it resolves.


Tasseter knocks her upside her head. "What the Hell were you thinking?!"

"Ow. Hold that thought... I have an idea."

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