Classic Fantasy First Play (Orc Paladin)
I'm using a private, in-house ruleset for this, as well as a mixture of names, locations, etc. from multiple books/worlds. 

Here's my first time playing RPGSolo. Still learning about what all the buttons do, what buttons are best to use when, etc. So it was mainly a test run. But I plan to continue!

Day 298. I head west towards Velonica, months after beginning my journey. The air is turning colder, the warm harvest season is quickly coming to a close. The leaves of the ancient Riverwood trees have turned into bright displays of fire and flame. Although enticing to gaze upon, it is just another sign of the coming winter months - a time of uncertainty, of Grenth's cold hand upon the land.

Just as this season is coming to an end, my quest of avenging and bringing back honor to my clan is nearing.

Some movement in the trees. I ask, "Who goes there?"

Vulgar healer

It appears to be a cleric of some sort... do I recognize the order?

(9[d10]) Yes
NPC Action
Precious stones

Is the cleric hiding?

(10[d10]) Yes, and...

NPC negative

Does the cleric appear to have noticed me?

(7[d10]) Yes

I ask the cleric, "I come in peace, friend! Why are you hiding?"

He looks up and says, "Away from me, blasted orc! I don't need any help, especially from the likes of you! Now get lost before I'm spotted."

I say, "Look I was just passing and happened to spot you in the woods. I recognized your emblem - the Order of Torn, I believe. I've traveled with many from your order along my travels, and have nothing but good to say about the followers of Torn. You may not like orcs, but I am guided by Helm to assist those in needs - even if I don't receive any kindness in return. I insist, you look to be in trouble - can I help you?"

How does the cleric respond?

NPC positive

The cleric responds, "Fine - I will accept your help. But get down! I cannot be spotted, not out here alone."

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