Classic Fantasy [Inconplete] The Alchemist, the Woodcutter and the Cartographer
So, today I will test the FU System. Our character is the following.

Name: Ebony
Description: Alchemist apprentice from Blackwood Forest, one of the six regions of Southern Lands. She wears full black clothing, but isn't a dark person, just like this gothic style. Ebony loves alchemy, but is afraid of the things who can born from a mistaken alchemic formulae, such as aberrations and mutants.

Body: Shorty
Mind: Overimaginative
Edge: Alchemy
Flaw: Afraid of Alchemical Errors
Gear: Ebony Staff & Black Robes
Drive: To find a gemstone and turn her staff into a magical item (because in this setting, gemstones are magical, just like Terraria)

Let's get a place to start our quest.

Scare the half-elf musician at the dark settlement.

(Oops, wrong button)

Tiny store.

So, Ebony, you are in the tiny store of your cousin Pearl, who is also an alchemist, but instead of walk the world, she commercializes the things you make in your travels. But she also sell things from other alchemists, so you came here to see if she has any gemstone.

"Hello Pearl. How are you today?"

"I'm fine, thanks. The business are running good, I even need to restore my reserves of alchemical items, which is currently running low."

"What? Do you still have any gemstone left? I want to turn my staff into a magical staff."

"I'm sorry, but I sell the last gemstone two days ago. But next week I will have a brand new stock of sapphire and topaz to sell, if you don't mind to wait."

"No, thanks. I will find some on my own."

I exit Pearl's Store. I am on the Starfall Town, one of the settlements in Blackwood Forest. As the name suggests, the trees are tall and dark, as are the wood and stone buildings. This town have a adventurer guild where I can hire some mercenaries to aid in my journey?


No, Starfall Town is too isolated from the center of Blackwood Forest, and do not attract any adventurers. So I must hire commoners to help me. It's better to find a woodcutter and a hunter. I will ask in the town. I found anyone?


Yes, which one?

2 = 2[d2]

I find a hunter, but how are it?

Combatively / Ugly.

(Excellent) So, I was walking around the town, asking for hired commoners, and the people send me to the house of Old George. Rumours said that he has even killed a bear with his bare hands. I knock on the door of his old house.

"Hey, I am looking for Old George. Is someone there?"

Suddenly, the door is opened by a huge, muscular, beardy man with horrible battle scars.

"Holy crap! What the hell are you?" I scream in fear.

"Yeah, that's the first thing that everyone says when they meet me. Go straight to the point girl, what do you want?"

"Well, my name is Ebony, I am an alchemist and I want to hire uyou to be my bodyguard. I will go the the Stonecore Mines look for gemestones. I will pay you when we back, and you can also have any extra gems that we could find there. I need just one."

"Hmmm... Very well. Let's not waste time, then." Old George simply pull an axe and a crossbow from behind his door and recharge it with some bolts. "You lead the way."

Okay, so we leave Starfall Town and heads to the west, in the direction of the Stonecore Mines. Do we find any trouble while we are walking?

No, and...

No, the travel is calm, no monster or bandit came to threaten us. And we just manage to find another traveler, who are...

Tongue-tied cartographer.

(Well, I am a foreigner, I do not know what "tongue-tied" means, so I will roll another trait)

Quarrelsomely / Defeated.

(I also do not understand what means "quarrelsomely", so let's just make a defeated cartographer)

While we walk in the forest, we find a man with long brown hair, glasses and expensive clothes. He has a inkpen and is drawing a map, but seems frustrated. "Damn it, this forest is a maze! If I cannot map it, I cannot map anything!"

"Whoa, whoa, calm down my friend." I say approaching the man. "Why are you trying to map the Blackwood Forest? This is one of the biggest regions of the Southern Lands."

The cartographer replies "I am trying to be the first man to make a full map of the Southern Lands, but It's proving too difficult to me."

Old George says "I do not trust this guy. Let's just slay them." He draws the axe.

I say "No, we will not kill anyone here. I'm Ebony, an alchemist, and this is Old George, my bodyguard. What is your name?"

"I'm Alexander. Pleased to meet you, young lady. Not so pleased to meet the big guy here."

Old George says "No one are ever pleased to meet me."

I say "I am going to the Stonecore Mines, looking for gemstones. Join us if you want, maybe you can draw a map of the caverns. I can be easier for you."

Alexander thinks about it. Will he be interested?

No, but...

Alexander says "No, it seems too dangerous for me... But take this as a girft for your kindness, miss Ebony. It might be helpful in your journey."

Alexander gives me a...


A buckler to defend myself in the dungeon. Is it made out of ebony?

Yes, but...

Yes, but seems to be a bit old and overused. Alexander says "This ebony buckler was from my sister, who died long ago. I do not want to remeber her death, and since you have the name of the wood that the buckler is made out, you can take it. It's not so resistant after deflecting so many blows, but still better than nothing"

I say "Thanks, Mr. Alexander, I will use it."

Old George makes is mumbling and groaning as we talk.

Alexander says "I will come back to my homeland tomorrow. If you go to Torchlight City in Riverbank Hills Region, please come to visit me. Good bye miss!"

I say "Good bye Alex. Anyway, I know you want to fight Old George, so let's keep going."

George says "By the gods, finally!"

=== End of The Story ===

The GM and the players wasn't amused by this game. Maybe it's the system, or maybe the players don't liked their characters, so they decided to try another game. But I will put this log here, because new gamers can use it as an example to how to solo roleplay. Have fun! ^^

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