Classic Fantasy Kage Gordain - Complete
Nice story. Glad to hear Byrd got his just desserts.
Btw, where do you get your pictures for your posts? I like the orc playing cards. Smile
Thanks. The original image for the Orc playing cards can be found here.

I get my images from all over the internet. I used to use Google or Bing images, but over the course of writing this last story, I have discovered just how amazing Pinterest is. If you have not used it in the past and are looking for pictures I would highly recommend it. First and foremost, it is an excellent image search tool. A few keywords give you a bunch of results. Beyond that, though, it is intuitive. As you search and start pinning images to your own galleries it learns and remembers what you have searched for. Each time you log back in it displays pages of images similar to your most recent searches. Next, when you do click on an image, Pinterest displays a lot of additional images that are suggested by that specific image. Finally, if there is something specific in an image that you are looking for, you can crop out that portion, and Pinterest will do a new search using just that information. I've ended up going from rabbit hole to rabbit hole to rabbit hole and pinning pictures to my various story folders for possible future use.

One last thing, all my posts here are also posted on my blog. There I include the image source or sources (when I create one image from multiple originals) in the text that pops up when you hover over a picture. I don't do that on this forum because there is not a real good way of including that information. However, if you are curious about an image source, you can look it up there. The address is listed as my homepage on my profile page. (I don't like to post it directly in the forum to avoid directing traffic away from Mark's site.)

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