Classic Fantasy Mana's Adventures on the Inner World
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Hi people, I'm back with a new story, a new saga on the RPG Solo! Today we will start a solo campaing in my own setting, which I call Inner World. Follow the adventures of the wizard Mana Woodlock as she explores the Lands while learn how to be an adventurer!

Chapter One: A Song of Flaming Trees and Ice Slimes
Ok, I am Mana Woodlock, a young lady and wizard apprentice. After years of study in Starfall Academy (the school of Starfall Village, one of the settlements of Blackwood Forest Region, in the Southern Lands), she finally learn the basics of spellcraft and wizardry.
A new day rises in Starfall. Mana awakes on her bedroom, in the Dead Crow Inn. The building is made out of blackwood (which in fact are a mix of black and crimson), as are the trees outside. Starfall is a little village in the middle of the Blackood Forest.

I go to the bathroom, wash my face. Then I look on my linen backpack. Which items do I carry?

Worn-out blacksmith tools.

War hammer.


Blacksmith tools to craft items, a light warhammer made out of tin (because iron is too heavy for my weak arms) and a mug to drink some ale. And of course my spellbook, filled with the following spells:

Unarmed combat.


Arcane lore.

1. Tigerclaws: This transmutation spell turns the target's hands in tiger claws, to cause great damage.
2. Ghost tracks: This divination spell allows the caster to see up to 1 minute in the past of her current location.
3. Detect magic: This divination spell shows nearby fonts of magic, but not the exact effect of the magic.

I will pack my things and down to the first floor. There are many people here?

Yes, but...

Yes, but seems that is starting to rain outside. Darn it, just when I was expectin to explore the forest...
Well, in any case I want a drink to sharp my senses. I go to the bar.
"Good day sir, can I have a mug of ale?"
"Of course Mana, I got a special ale just for you." The man fills my mug with ale.
"Thank you." I drink the ale.
"It's five gold pieces."
"What the heck?"
How many gold I have?

3 = 2[d6]+1[d6]

"I got only three gold pieces."

The man says "Well, so you will have to wash plates, little girl."
He seems angry and is pointing to the kitchen.

"Ok, I will-- Hey, what's that?!" I scream and point to a random thing on the roof. Do I trick him?


"What? This is the oldest trick of the human history! Go do you chores or I will call the guards!"

I will pick my warhammer and smash the bar. "I rather die than go to prison!" And then I immediately runs out. There are some lawful good paladin in the inn who will try to stop me?


Great. I fled from the inn but the rain continues out there. Would I slip in the mud?


(Crap) I just start running in the rain when I slip and fall in the mud. There are a furious crowd comming with forks and torches?

Yes, but...

Yes, as I run out without pay my ale, everyone who was in the inn picked up weapons and torches and runs towards me shouting "Get that thief!" but then, a lightning bolt falls from the sky and breaks a tree, which falls in the road and block the crowd's passage. It's kinda apocaplyptic scenario on the Starfall Village. The fire on the fallen tree could even burns the nearby wood buildings to set up a climax.

Yes, but...

The houses start to burn. The red flames quickly grows, even the rain is not powerful enough to end the iminent fire. But then, two guards runs towards me, because I'm a wizard and of course they believe that the lightning came from me. I get up and urge to flee from the town.

(I think it's better to make a character sheet and use some rule system now. Be right back!)

(Ok, I'm back using Pathfinder!)

I was running out of the combat with the guards while my hometown burns to ashes even with the rain falling from the sky. I will make a DC 15 acrobatics check to run as quick as I can.

21 = 20[d20]+1

(OMG CRIT) I simply stand up like a kung fu fighter an run, sliding on the mud like a professional olympic ice skater, while the guards slip and fall in the mud. Did the fire starts to burn the forest as well?


Good. Now that I am off limits the town, I enter one of the various tracks inside the forest, searching for some place to protect from this rain. Did I found something?


Frozen maze.

Outside the main track is a thin way leading to a small cave, which for some reason is colder than the rain, but sufficiently dry. I enter the cave and cast my candlelight spell (I added some cantrips to my spellbook due to Pathfinder wizard rules).
Here be monsters?

Yes, but...

Yes, as I approach with a magical candle flying over my head to lit the way, I find monsters. But luckily is just a group of three icy slimes. Maybe they come from the Frozen Canyon Region, which is not so far from Blackwood Forest Region. Did the slimes attack me?


Just when they sense my magical energies, the Icy Slimes approach to fight! (A few moments to make the slimes sheet)

Okay, I will go first. I will stay 25ft away from the slimes and use my Hand of The Apprentice to make my Warhammer fly and smash the smaller of the slimes.

19 = 16[d20]+3

5 = 6[d8]-1

As the battle starts, I drop the Tin Warhammer (which is my bonded item and as such, is a masterwork weapon) which magically advances and explodes the small icy slime in the wall, an then the warhammer returns to my hand. The medium and the big slimes advances towards me. But they need a full move round to do this, so when they reach melee range, I run to outside the cave (more 25ft) and use my Hand of The Apprentice in the medium slime.

18 = 15[d20]+3

7 = 8[d8]-1

Again, the warhammer flies, rounds the slime, who tries to frozen it with his icy breath, but the warhammer is too fast. Suddenly it spins and send the slime flying. Now there are only one slime, the bigger one.

I will not flee from this one. The slime approaches (using his full move, because I am too far) and reaches melee range. But instead of run again, I will attack it with my spell of Acid Splash!

2 = 2[d4]

The slime took a jet of acid right on the eyes. It screams, and then uses it's ice breath on me!

2 = 2[d8]

Reflex save to halve the damage.

18 = 17[d20]+1

The blast of frozen vapor just freezes the rain water on my left arm, do not causing much harm. Then I will smash him with my warhammer!

3 = 4[d20]-1

But it is too heavy and I fail to even rise it above my head. I am really bad to use it without the Hand. But I'm proving too tough for this slime?


The slime thinks I'm too strong for it and run away! I shout "Run, coward!" And myself run back to the cave. Reaching the cave, I will protect from the rain for the rest of the day. I will make a hole in the entry with my hammer and fill it with Acid Splash do dissolve anyone who enters the cave. Then I will cast Prestidigitation to dry my clothes and sit on the ground. I will meditate about everything happens this morning until the rain goes away.

== To be continue... ===
Note: Forgive me for any errors with the writing. I am a foreigner, and english grammar is not my strength. Sad

Okay people, before start a new chapter on Mana's Adventure, I decided to change the system. I will use a hack of a 200-word RPG system I created. First we will have 3 attributes: Material, Spiritual and Mundane. Material is for casting spells that affect the physical world (such as transmutation and evocation), and Spiritual is for spells that doesn't affect the material world (such as illusions and summoning). Mundane is for everything else.

We roll 1d6 for each, re-rolling 1's.

5 = 5[d6]

4 = 4[d6]

2 = 2[d6]

Material 5, Spiritual 4 and Mundane 2.

Now we roll for Hit Points.

8 = 2[d6]+6

Perfect! Let's continue our adventure!

Chapter Two: Speaking with Fungi

After meditating about my actions, I realize that the only wrong thing I did was did not pay my ale. And now, Starfall is burned to ashes and if there are any survivors, I will be wanted dead or alive in all Blackwood Forest Region. It's better to flee while I can, an the Frozen Canyon Region is the most nearby place to where I can flee.

I will wait until the rain goes away. It will be too much time?

Yes, but... +Twist: PC / Alters the location

I look to the skies. It seems that the rain will continue for some time... But there is something that I cannot take off my mind. Why that Ice Slimes was doing in this cave? I will do a better searching around the cave... And suddenly I found a trapdoor camoufled with a illusion spell!
I cast my Candlelight to lit the way. There is a stone staircase leading down. I will down the stairs to...

Filthy arena.

A filthy arena, secretly buried below the cave! It's a huge cavern underground with a granite arena in the center. It's really huge, like a soccer stadium. There are any creature here?


Friend or enemy?


Virtuous carpenter.

This imense cave has many mooshroom growing in the ground and the walls, that irratiates a blue light (this is how I can see the entire cave without casting Candlelight).

There are also a mooshroom house with a virtuous carpenter, making fungiwood furniture to sell. I approach the house, and I see that the caprenter is not human, but some kind of fungus-man.

"Good day sir." I say to the carpenter.
"Oh, a visitor from the surface!" The fungus-man seems surprised. "Welcome the Fungus Cavern Arena! What are you doing here, my dear?"
"I saw Ice Slimes dwelling on a cave above, and I was exploring the cave and found this place. Who are you?"
"My true name is not pronunciable in your language, but you can call me Virtus."
"My name is Mana. I never heard about an arena just below the Blackwood Forest. This place have some relation with the Fungi Forest Region?"

The Fungi Forest is the region in the extreme opposite side of the Southern Lands. The people of Blackwood Forest and Fungi Forest are long-time rivals, and as a Blackwoodian, Mana also do not like people from the Fungus lands.

"I do not know what are you talking about, miss. There are only two regions in this world, the Surface Region and the Underworld Region."
Mana starts to think that Virtus is not aware about what's the world is.

5 = 5[d6]

Virtus says "Well, the Fungus Cavern Arena is a place where various races come to see the Wargames. Two teams with ten members fight in the arena, and the winner is rewarder with a great fortune in gold and gemstones."

"And why this place is so empty?"

"It's normal, the last wargame was Winter 64 of the Year 13 of the 5th Century."

On the Inner World, a century has 100 years, a year has four seasons with 90 days each.

"But there is a problem, actually we are on Spring 27 of the Year 15 of the 49th Century."


"It's right, 5th Century was a long time ago. I remember, I learn it on the Starfall Academy."

Virtus says "Oh, crap... How could I do not died in all this time like everyone of my species?"

"I do not know, but you can come with me. I'm fleeing from Blackwood and going to Frozen Canyon."

"Hmm... Well, I don't have anything better to do. But okay, I will follow you, miss Mana, into the world of the surface. Thanks for awake me. Here, I have a gift for you."

Above average hunting bow.

Virtus gave Mana an Ancient Fungiwood Hunting Bow and a pack of twelve Fungiwood Arrows. This kind of wood is extremely poisoning if makes contact with fresh blood of a living being.

"Thank you Virtus. Let's get out of here."
Chapter Three: The Good, The Bad and The Dirty

We leave the Fungus Cavern Arena and back to the small cave outside. There are still raining?


The rain stops and the sky starts to clear. Is someone searching for me?


"Follow me, Virtus."
The small cave ends with the track that leads to the main road. I look in the direction of Starfall Town, and I can see some burned buildings and the smoke of the fire. On the other direction a cannot see the end of the road.

Virtus says "What a beautiful forest!" He is admired by the black-bark trees, with crimson leaves and grass of the same hue.
"Yes, this is the Blackwood Forest Region. But we can't stay for much time."
"I'm right behind you, miss."


(Oops, wrong button)

I starts follow the road. There are any sign on the border?


Okay, so I continue to walk with Virtus.

I rolled his attributes before, he has Carpentry 6, Fight 2, Ancient Knowledge 2 and Fungus 3, and got 9 Hit Points. He also carries an Ancient Fungiwood Masterwork Longbow with 20 Fungiwood Arrows, a Elixir of Regeneration and a Old Stone Morningstar.

I think we need a random encounter to make things interesting.

8 = 6[d6]+2[d6]

We find a group of NPCs! How many?

3 = 2[d2]+1[d2]

Introverted local legend.

Arrogant seer.

Shrewd Dark elf prophet.

There are a three strange people standing on the way.
The first is a young girl using a cloak and hood.
The second is a old man with expensive robes and a golden staff.
The third is a dark elf with a wooden staff.

The old man says "Halt! Who comes there?!"

"I am Mana and this is Virtus. Who are you?"

"I am Arrog, the Seer."
The dark elf says "My name is Dwerhs. I am the prophet of the Dark Elf race."
The girl doesn't say anything. But I can see a pink hair comming out of the hood. There are a local legend of Starfall about Astra, a pink-haired girl who was born with sorcerous powers, which came out of control when she reached the age of 15. The girl almost destroyed starfall and fled, and became a legend in the town.

I say "Astra? It's you?"

"I do not know what are you talking about." said the girl in cloak.

"I know it's you! I can't believe you are alive! You are a legend! Can you autograph my spellbook?" I get my spellbook and walk towards she.

Virtus look at Dwerhs and says "A dark elf? Do you also survived since the 5th Century?"

Dwerhs replies "Yes, we dark elves fled from the ancient catastrophes, and we conquered our own secret underground lands. Soon we will arise and conquer the surface as well. And you are a fungifolk, I thought you were all extincted."

Astra says "Please, do not talk anyone about me."
I reply "No problem. I am also a spellcaster and I also destroyed Starfall.
"You what?"
"Well, I didn't, but they think I did so I will play straight."
"You are a sorceress too?"
"No, I am a wizard."
"So you do not understand what is lose the control of your own powers."
"You are right, but I still think you are pretty powerful! You are my idol."
"There are a big difference between us. I did not destroyed Starfall because I wanted, it was an accident. You used an accident to justify that you has responsible for the destruction."

Arrog says "Enough of these chatting! If you are a criminal, young lady, we must get you." He wields his staff reading to cast a spell.

I smile to Astra "It was a pleasure to meed you. Virtus, let's go!"

Me and Virtus starts to run away, but the other three people wants to fight us!
Arrog conjures a Lightning Bolt on me.

No, and...

(Wrong button again)

6 = 2[d6]+4

7 = 5[d6]+2

I quickly dodge the bolt, which destroys a tree!
Then, Dwerhs run and attacks Virtus with a dark elven dagger!

4 = 1[d6]+3

7 = 5[d6]+2

Virtus blocks with his Morningstar. "Miss Mana, I think we rather fight than flee!"
Dwerhs "I will finish the lineage of your race, fungiman!"

Astra says "What you two are doing?!"
Arrog "They are criminals, Astra! The wizard herself said it!"
Astra "I will not help you with this nonsense violence! You are all crazy" then she run away.

I say "Ok, Seer, if you want fight, you will have fight!"

Can I cast Candlelight to make him blind?

No, but...

No, but I can attack with the fire of the candle!

8 = 3[d6]+5

2 = 1[d6]+1

(Fumble) I cast candlelight, and a candle magically appears above my head. Then I make a move with the hand and cast Candlefire! A blast of fire fly from the candle and explodes the Seer! He is sending flying and falls uncounscious (just becaus the fumble, I didn't hurt him to death)

Virtus' turn. He will use the Old Stone Morningstar and smash Dwerhs' right foot! "Do not insult my noble race, elf!"

7 = 5[d6]+2

9 = 6[d6]+3

The dark elf dodges with great ability. But Dwerhs see himself alone against two enemies.
Will he consider run away?

No, but...

The elf is too arrogant to give up, but while he is recovering from Virtu's attacks, I will pick my new Ancient Fungiwood Hunting Bow and fire at Dwerhs!

3 = 1[d6]+2

5 = 2[d6]+3

Again, the elf dodges the arrow. Of course, I look smaller and weaker than Virtus, so he will try to attack me first.

7 = 4[d6]+3

6 = 4[d6]+2

The Elf throws the dagger on me, right on my right shoulder. "Argh!"
Virtus says "You coward!" Because he was in melee with Dwerhs, who attacked me, he can make an attack of opportunity with his morningstar.
(I do not even remember how was the combat order!)

8 = 6[d6]+2

8 = 5[d6]+3

The morningstar hits Dwerhs by a little range, do not causing more than a scratch.
"Face it, fungus, I am too fast for you!" says the dark elf.

I remove the dagger from my shoulder. "You will pay for this!"
I will use my Hand of The Apprentice. My Tin Warhammer Masterwork Bonded-Item is send flying directly towards the elf's face!

10 = 5[d6]+5

5 = 2[d6]+3

Dwerhs is hit with continuous impacts from the warhammer and finally is pushed away with a violent blow in the face. "Face it, Dwerhs! Get it? Because you were hit on the face?"

Now that he has only one hit point left, he says "This will not end here! We will have our revenge!" Then he picks the body of the unconscious seer and run to the forest.

Virtus see that I am bleeding and comes to my aid. "That filthy dark elf! Are you okay, miss?"
"Yes, i'm just bleeding to death because the guy buried a dagger in my shoulder."

"Do not worry, drink this elixir."

I drink the Elixir of Regeneration and my shoulder starts to regenerate. "Thank you, Virtus. This is the second time you give me a present."

"No need to thanks. I've seen many people back in my age, and I know who are the good and the evil people."

"Let's resume our quest. I think this is the right way to the Frozen Canyon."

=== To be continued... ===

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