Classic Fantasy My First Delve
Steal treasure from the ominous crypt.
Confident Dark elf explorer
I am Brindlehyn, a young halfling rogue making my living as a burglar. Having pieced together the location from various sources, I've located the ancient crypt of a dark elf explorer. The crypt stands in a grove of trees with gnarled roots intertwining with the crumbling stone. A single door of heavy stone marks the entrance though it is mostly covered in vines and ivy. I take my crowbar from my pack and force the door ajar and breath in the stale air as it escapes the chamber beyond.
Parallel corridor extending in each direction.
I replace the crowbar and produce a torch which I light easily with my flint and steel. Then I step inside the crypt and find myself in a long corridor that branches right and left. I have always favoured my right side, so I turn and carefully make my way down that branch taking care to move slowly, my hairy halfling's toes making no noise on the rough-hewn stones of the floor.
Continues straight.
My torch illuminates the cracked stone wall as I follow the path which continues on straight ahead. The stone is unnaturally cold beneath my feet and I begin to wonder what surprises I may find here.
Continues straight.
The corridor continues on in a straight branch and I pause for a moment to look over my shoulder but I see nothing but darkness at the edge of my torches glow.
Continues straight.
Onward and onward the corridor continues, each step taking me further and further into the unknown with nothing but the gentle crackling of my torch breaking the eerie silence of the crypt. My skin prickled with goosebumps as a thought enters my mind: is this place cursed to force intruders to forever wander onward never reaching his goal? I shake the disturbing thought out of my mind and forge on.
Corridor splits at a Y.
As though the crypt has read my mind, the corridor suddenly splits in a Y shape, each new branch veering off diagonally into darkness. I choose the right-most pass and slowly continue on with my torch held aloft before me.
Continues straight.
Again the corridor continues onward in darkness, each step leading me further into cobwebs and tangled roots breaking up through the stone floor. By now I feel I must have been exploring the ruin for nearly an hour and have nothing to show for it. I consider turning back but a grin cracks over my face and I laugh that idea away. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained!
Corridor comes to a T.
Just ahead the branch splits yet again, this time in a T shape with each side passage veering in a parallel fashion. I sign to myself and turn right and follow on.
Attacked by opposition.
To my surprise, I bump carelessly into something taller than myself and I immediately leap back startled. I raise my torch and cringe as a tall, vaguely human creature turns to face me, it's flesh all rotten and hanging loosely on its misshapen bones. The stink of death and corruption surrounds this creature. I recognise it to be a creature of legend - a ghoul! I draw my shortsword and prepare to engage.
[Rolling Initiative for myself and the GHOUL]
5 = 5[d20]
8 = 8[d20]
Taking advantage of my startled state, the ghoul emits a horrible screech and charges at me, its breath reeking of rot and gore. It rakes its bony, claw-like hands at me.
17 = 17[d20]
The ghoul's bony fingers easily find the weak spots in my leather armour...
3 = 3[d6]
...and I feel the sting of my skin being ripped.
I recover quickly and thrust up at the putrid creature with my shortsword...
16 = 16[d20]
...and the sword easily pierces the unarmored flesh of the beast.
6 = 6[d6]
The ghoul howls and its eyes glow bright red with rage as it continues its rapid slashing with its claws...
15 = 15[d20]
...and I feel pain across my face.
2 = 2[d6]
I stagger away from the monster as pain wrecks through me. I'm practically blinded as blood flows into my eyes, and I swing my sword in the direction of the stench and screaming...
9 = 9[d20]
...but the ghoul easily knocks the blade away and slashes at me again...
8 = 8[d20]
...but I'm already moving. I drop my torch and sword and roll away backwards dodging the vicious attack, as I do so I slip my daggers from their sheaths and pounce forward like a wildcat...
1 = 1[d20]
...but the leap is cut short when I collide face first with the ghouls flailing claws, it's bony fingers crashing right into my face...
2 = 2[d6]
[Wow! I have 1 HP left after that epic fail]
I fall back onto the cold stone floor writhing in pain as the ghoul falls onto me, its bone arms flailing at me with deadly intent...
13 = 13[d20]
...and I'm pinned beneath its weight. I open my mouth to scream but only a gurgled cry emits as the ghoul's mouth closes around my exposed throat and clamps down with its jagged teeth, tearing into my flesh with ease. I feel one last explosion of pain as my flesh if ripped from my bones, and the darkness of the crypt closes in around me - I am dead.
1 = 1[d6]
The ghoul devours my flesh leaving a pile of child-like bones and tattered armour as a warning to other adventurers to beware.

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