Classic Fantasy My First Game (Suggestions for future play??)
Hello, I just finished my first test game, and I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what I could do to add more pizzazz, fun, etc. whatever Smile 
I realized I didn’t use much in backpack and I had a hard time with figuring out how to transition scenes of play. If anyone has tips on how to use that kind of stuff more, it would be much appreciated! Smile

My first play through:

Who am I?

A lone, human traveler named Emma.

What do I currently have in my backpack?

Below average short sword


Crystal lens

Below average quill and ink

Cheap lock picks

How much gold do I have on me right now?

273 = 273[d1000]

What’s my best skill?

Lock picking

2nd best?


Where am I?

Setting is stone palace involving old crystal lens and stony inn.

Do I live here?

Yes, but... +Event: Work hard / Possessions

I’m only a worker, and I live in the workers common in the palace. I don’t own much of my own except what is in my pack and what I wear. I am not wealthy.

What is my goal?

Infiltrate the stadium.

For what purpose?

Praise / Wounds

I want to make a name for myself as a warrior instead of just a worker.

Do I need to travel really far to get to the stadium?

Yes, and...

I will need to travel awhile to get there, and there are many things I’ll pass by on my way there.

Is there anything I need to do at the palace first before I go?


Escape from the prison.

(Oh wow ok lol!)

How did I get in the prison in the first place?

Praise / Tension

I kissed the prince’s ass perhaps too much. He noticed, and angrily threw me in here.

Is there a guard outside?


Does he have my stuff? (No way would they allow for me to have my backpack in here.)


Does he have a key too?


Am I alone in here?


Who is also chained up?

Wise female mystical warrior

I turn to the woman and ask, “How did you get yourself here?”

Struggle / Lies

The woman says she stole something due to her financial struggles, and after it was discovered she lied about it, she was thrown in here.

I ask her if she wants to escape with me, if we can figure out a way.


I ask her why not

Dominate / Weapons

She says it’s too dangerous, and the nobles are well equipped. It’s too dangerous and practically impossible.

Is a key needed to remove my chains?


What parts of my body are chained?
1. Feet
2. Hands
3. Both

1 = 1[d6]

Only my feet are chained, I might be able to pick the lock..

(Being good at lock picking makes this SL)


Does the gaurd hear me?


The guard notices and opens the gate to attack.

Do I manage to strike first?

No +Event: Lie / Dreams

The guard strikes me down with a spell that casts me in an almost false dreamy state.

Do I manage to wake out of it?


The guard takes ahold of me, and I know my fate is now much worse now that I’ve been caught trying to escape.

What’s he going to do?

Assist / Information

Does this mean.... he’s actually on my side? (Plot twist?!)

No, but...

He isn’t in my side, but he doesn’t want to send me to execution, as he doesn’t like death sentences. He orders me to stay chained, he won’t tell anyone as long as I’m patient and keep quiet.

Dammit, stuck here for the meantime then.

OK, at this point what is your next move?

Nothing, I have to wait...


My sentence can’t be too long... right?

The prince finally arrives after a very, very one time.

Starting / Emotions

Is the prince still upset about me “kissing his ass”?

Yes, and...

Yes, and he won’t forgive you.

Open / Illness

He says I free to go, finally, and opens the gate. I suddenly realize he appears very pale. I dare to ask what’s wrong.

Voodoo priest

He doesn’t elaborate much, but that a voodoo priest had done this to him, and to be on the lookout.

Does he let the warrior go? (Unlikely due to worse crime)


I finally get out of the palace prison with my backpack, and head out on my journey.


I find a shelter on my way through the woods.

What size is it?
1-2 Small
3-4 Medium
5-6 Large

1 = 1[d6]

I open the door, is there anyone inside?

No, and...

Nobody is there, and it appears to have been abandoned.

Are there any items in here of use to me?

Yes, and...

Yes, and there are a couple crates.

How many items do I find?

3 = 2[d4]+1

Can of mace

Motorcycle helmet

Hunting bow

I’m not sure what I can do with a helmet like this... but perhaps it will be good as a disguise in the future.

Is there a bed in this shelter?


I decide to rest for the night.

The spiritual


PC negative

I wake abruptly to a cold chill, and open my eyes to see a translucent spirit.

Oddly / Ancient

1-2 male
3-4 female

1 = 1[d4]

A rather strange looking, deformed, old man stares at me.

He beckons for me to follow him, so I leave the shelter with my belongings as the moon continues to shine brightly.

Crime scene

Signal tower


He takes me to a tall, abandoned signal tower. At the top, ancient skeletons lay about.

Suddenly, the spirit attacks, saying he will take my soul.

He throws a heavy chair at me. Do I dodge it?


I manage to jump out of the way and reach for my sword, only to realize i wouldn’t be able to physically attack with a blade.
I get an idea, and take out my torch.

I swipe it on the wood of a nearby table as i doge his attacks, and manage to light it. I run and swipe at the spirit. Am I successful?

Yes, but...

The spirit burns, screaming in agony as he panics around the tower. Unfortunately though, the tower is starting to burn down too.

I run down the steps and out the tower as quickly as possible. Did I get any injuries trying to flee?


Too awake and filled with adrenaline to go back to the shelter, I continue on my journey.

Guard post

I reach a town’s gaurdpost.

How many guards are there?

2 = 2[d4]

Roughly / Mature

Quaintly / Warlike

One appears strong and wise, while the other is quiet, almost mysterious, and battle scarred.

Are they strict?

Yes, and...

They won’t let me in, and I must have a proper ID.

Can I bribe them?


Is the town wall climb-able?


I think for a moment, and wonder about my options in getting in.

I ask the guards if I could duel them. If I win, they let me pass, if not, I’ll be on my way. Do they accept?

No, and...

No, and they say they’d just kill me.

I decide to head on my way and give up.

NPC negative



Argumentative craftsman

Judgmental musician

While on my way, I see two individuals hollering at one another.

Is the craftsman
1-2 male
3-4 or female

2 = 2[d4]

Is the musician
1-2 male
3-4 or female

3 = 3[d4]

What’s the craftsman like?

Ferociously / Amusing

What’s the musician like?

Lovingly / Tranquil

Who’s at fault?

1-2 craftsman
3-4 musician

1 = 1[d4]

The craftsman hollers at the musician, screaming that she stole his energy orbs. She calmly denies it, but the man continues to holler.

I decide to step in, and try to calm the craftsman down. Does he listen to me?

No +Event: Adjourn / War

No, and he aggressively pushes me aside. Things are escalating.

He continues to yell at the woman. Does he get violent?


Before he can harm her, I take out my blade and threaten him at his neck.

Is he frightened?

No, and...

No, and he manages to move so he is now able to attack.

He throws a hard blow, does he hit?

Yes, and...

Yes, and I get:

Moderate Injury: Hampers action significantly; will require first aid/medical attention.

I fall to the ground and groan in pain. Where did he hit me?
1. Arm
2. Leg
3. Head
4. Abdomen

4 = 4[d4]

I hold my abdomen and try to get up, stumbling on my feet.

Does he attack again?

Yes, and...

Yes, and hits me so I am back lying on the ground.

Did the woman flee?

No, but...

She doesn’t run but keeps her distance.

Is it just the 3 of us? (Will someone walk by?)

Yes +Event: Gratify / Stalemate

Who are they?

Boastful paladin

Cheerfully / Lame

Are they strong?

Yes, and...

Yea, and they are also well equipped with a strong sword.

1-2 male
3-4 female

3 = 3[d4]

Will she help?


The female paladin confronts the angry craftsman, loudly telling everyone to “chill out”.

Does the craftsman back off?


The craftsman agrees, and leaves, not wanting trouble from blade on the paladin’s belt.

Does the paladin engage with me? (Or just leaves to be on her way)


She thanks me for trying to stick up for the female musician who is finally going back to her own business, warily keeping an eye at the craftsman walking away.

Does she help me with my wound?

No, but...

She doesn’t have anything to treat it, but says she will help me get in to the town, so I can get medical attention.

We head back to the town, and the guards let her in, allowing me to follow.

She lead me to the den of a magical healer, who casted a healing spell.

Did the wound heal all the way?


How much does it cost me?

176 = 176[d1000]

0 = +0 +1 +0 -1 0

I now have 97 gold.

I say goodbye to the healer and paladin, and explore the town.

Is there a trader post?


I exchange some items I don’t want for gold.

how much does the crystal lens sell for?

48 = 48[d300]

I sell the lens and now have 145 gold.

How much does the hunting bow sell for?

612 = 612[d800]

I sell my hunting bow and now have 757 gold.

Is there a blacksmith in town?

Yes, and...

Yes, and he sells higher quality swords than my own.

How much is a good sword?

256 = 56[d500]+200

I buy the sword. I now have 501 gold.

I go back the trader and sell my average short sword.

How much?

133 = 133[d200]

I sell the average sword and now have 634 gold.

Is there a general shop?

Yes, but...

Yes, but it is limited in the variety of items.

How many items?

4 = 4[d8]

High quality shoes

Below average coins

Ancient artifact

Flint and steel

The flint and steel could be handy, how much is it?

93 = 93[d150]

I purchase the flint and steel and now have 541 gold.

Move towards goal

I decide to leave town and go back on my journey to the stadium, now confident that I have a better sword.


Haggle / Opulance

does this involve me and the NPC, or NPC and another NPC?
1-2 me
3-4 other

2 = 2[d4]

Deceitful female common criminal

A suspicious woman approaches me, and says she has luxurious jewels for a “low low” price.

Am I able to tell this is a scam?


I decline, and attempt to pass by her.

Does she use any aggression to stop me?

No, but...

She doesn’t stop me, but she narrows her eyes and watches me leave.

Is she going to stalk me?


I continue walking along my way towards the stadium.

I finally arrive at the stadium. Is it easy to sign up to participate?


I sign up, and prepare for the biggest fight of my life. This is it! I can now prove myself!

Who is my opponent?

Ferociously / Remarkable

Happily / Small

Bow and arrows

A strong, ferocious, cheery dwarf with remarkable muscles stood with a bow and arrows across from me.

The battle begins and I rush at her with my sword as she shoots at me.

Who gets the first hit? 1-2 me 3-4 my opponent

4 = 4[d4]

(We both have 20 HP)

How much damage?

1 = 1[d6]

I drop to 19 HP

I yank my sword towards her quickly. Do I manage to hit her?

Yes, and...

I hit her and....

1 = 1[d6]

She loses 1 HP, making her also at 19 HP.

She raises her fist. Does she hit?


1 = 1[d6]

I am now at 18 HP.

The battle continues, I strike again. Do I manage to hit?


4 = 4[d6]

She drops to 15 HP.

She’s next - does she hit me?


1 = 1[d6]

I manage to only drop by 1 point, now at 17.

I’m next, do I hit her?


3 = 3[d6]

She drops to 12 HP

She’s up again, does she hit me?


4 = 4[d6]

A nasty blow, I drop to 13.

I slash, do I hit?


5 = 5[d6]

She drops to 7 HP.

She strikes, does she hit?


6 = 6[d6]

I drop to 7 HP.

I swing my blade, do I hit her?

No, but...

(Ignoring but) I do not get a hit.

She draws her bow, does she hit?

Yes, and...

3 = 3[d6]

I drop to 4 HP.

I try again, do I hit?


1 = 1[d6]

I only manage to drop her down to 6 HP.

She strikes, does she hit?

Yes, and...

1 = 1[d6]

Luckily, I only drop by 1 point, making me now at 3 HP.

I try, do I hit?


1 = 1[d6]

I only get her down to 5 HP. This isn’t looking good for me!!

Does she hit?


4 = 4[d6]

Did she kill me?

Yes, and...

Yes and.... game over.

PS: Here’s what my info in the notepad looked like by the end of it
MC: Emma
Current Gold: 541

Items on hand:
Below average short sword
Good sword
Below average quill and ink
Cheap lock picks
Can of mace
Motorcycle helmet
Flint and steel

Lock picking

Infiltrate the stadium to make a name for myself as a warrior.
Try to write in a more story-like manner such as dialog and internal monologues and stuff. Everyone has their own style but I think it would feel more engaging being more fleshed-out - feel free to ignore me though.

Maybe don't rely on so many Rpg rolls and stuff, sometimes use your own take on things and really play up the rolls you come out with, if that makes any sense.

All in all though, lot of potential    Shy
Hello, Rinzlerk. Welcome to the board and thank you for posting your play session. One of the reasons I read solo play-throughs is because I like to get a peek into a person's creative process and how they interpret and react to the information generated by the various tools.

In response to your question about adding more pizzazz or fun, it really depends on what your intentions are with solo role-playing. If your main goal is to entertain yourself, then what you posted is perfectly fine. I'm would suspect that as you played your imagination filled in all the color and details. However, if your goal is to entertain others, then I would second what Zandra003 has already said. Use what you posted as your play session notes. Then write a story full of descriptions and conversation and other narrative constructs based on those notes, showing your rolls and generated material when appropriate. You can find several examples in these forums.

Hope this was helpful. Have fun and keep on roleplaying.

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