Classic Fantasy My Life as a Plagued Lioness
Greetings, folks. For this adventure, I shall be playing my character, the mystical lion-woman known as Rachel. For this type of adventure, I'm feeling something akin to Dark Souls. I shall be using Basic Fantasy RPG with some house rules for most of the combat mechanics; Rachel shall start as a Level 1 Thief/Ghost Dancer (the latter class being one I made myself; can provide info if needed), and her race will be counted as a Wildfolk from the fan-made supplement from the site, Sword and Board. Two notable house rules before I begin: HP and spells per day. HP will be CON + 1/2 of max HD + CON modifier, for the sake of survivability. Spells per day will be done as more spontaneous casting, with two known spells at 1st Level and 3 casts of 1st-level spells per day. Finally, I will also note that weapons I use will also have unique effects, but I still need to figure out what I want to do with the basic ones. Without further ado, let's begin.

I awaken in some kind of place. My memory is foggy, but I know something terrible had happened on a journey to another land. Namely, something terrible happened to me. I feel less than hominid... what happened?

*MAG: An arrow. Broken earth. A heart in chains.*

I was shot with... something. Resembled an arrow. Bound to protect my mother by love, I took the hit for her. After the impact, it felt like my world was quaking, as if my bones were starting to splinter. The muscle tremors had to have been awful... oh, dear, I remember more now. They said there was no cure. That I was condemned to become a hideous monster. Then they sent me away against my will. Those blasted inquisitors... where am I? Where did those bastards send me?

Obscured farm.

...I'm in some old barn? Really? That's the best place they could have dumped me? Then again, if it's within a land of cursed beings, I guess why not? Let me see if I can check my surroundings to confirm it. I'm in a bundle of hay when I awoke, right?

Yes, but...

...I'm also missing some things, aren't I? They stripped me of my athame before they took me away, didn't they? Much of my magic relies on that ritual dagger... (Likely)

Yes, and...

...they also did something to further inhibit my magic, right? After all, they'd throw anyone condemned with that paranormal disease to the wolves... (Somewhat Likely)

Yes, and...

...son of a harlot. They've also put these anti-magic shackles around my wrists. Anything I can find to jimmy the lock open? (Somewhat Unlikely)

Yes, and... Some old nails on the ground, off by some farm tools. I also found something of use: a weapon. It may be improvised, but maybe I can scrounge up a farming implement that's closer to a real weapon. Is it something more like the latter?

No, and...

...dammit. Nope, just farming tools. This old sickle might do, but it's all dinged up... [Obtained a sickle, dealing d4 -1 damage. With Rachel's STR of 13, the effective damage is just a d4.]

Alright then. Let's see if I can pick this lock. (Using Open Lock thief ability. Chance of success: 25%)

17 = 17[d100]! I managed to actually pull it off! Okay, goodbye anti-magic shackles. Maybe I ought to rest to accumulate Aether before I go. My spirit needs the natural mystical energies to cast a spell. Is that a good idea? (Unlikely)


Of course not. Because there's something lurking outside the door. Can I listen to get an idea of what it is? (Using Listen. Chance of success: 30%. Must roll equal to or lower, if not obvious already...)

46 = 46[d100]

...that blasted thunderstorm outside. Can't hear it over the noise of the rain. Is this thing actively trying to open the door? (Likely)

No, but...

Well, that's good. However, I smell something odd... is that... is that fire?!


...never mind. Nose is acting funny, it seems. Might be that unholy illness making my senses go funny. Can I at least try to sneak a peek at what it is? (Somewhat unlikely)


Yeah, makes sense. A barn door opening would be pretty damn conspicuous. Well, I guess it's time to face the music. I open the barn door. What do I see?

Minotaur. in the Gehenna is a minotaur out there?! Either way, here he comes. Have atcha! (Begin combat. Reaction bonus: +1, due to race)

(First, my Initiative, followed by the minotaur's. As it's a 6 HD critter, hope I roll well!)

6 = 4[d6]+2

6 = 6[d6]

(Ick. I shall rule that, on the same Initiative score, I'll go first over monsters) Here it comes! I try to deter it with a Color Spray blast. (1st LV spells left: 2/3)

13 = 13[d20]

(As a Minotaur saves vs. spells as a 6th level Fighter, whose DC to save is 15, I blind it for one round) The minotaur tries to swing its hand axe at me...

23 = 17[d20]+6

(Ouch. My AC is only a 15. It hits! Rolling damage...)

8 = 6[d6]+2

AUGH! The axe bites deeply into me. [HP: 12/20] My... (Wait. Oops. Forgot the blind effect, let me subtract the penalty from it...)

(Okay, so it seems a -4 is applied to a blind creature's attack rolls. 19 still beats my AC, though.)

Let's see if I can avoid an early grave. I'll try to attack it... (+2 ATK)

12 = 10[d20]+2

(Barely missed its AC of 14) It attacks again!

19 = 13[d20]+6

(Hit again. I suffer...)

6 = 4[d6]+2

(...great. Not good...) [HP: 6/20] This is looking terrible... I shall try to heal myself. I cast Cure Light Wounds, and heal some HP...

4 = 3[d6]+1

(Ack. It's not great.) [HP: 10/20] [1st LV Spells: 0/3]

The minotaur swings his axe again!

10 = 4[d20]+6

...and somehow, misses. I immediately counterattack with my rusty sickle...

4 = 2[d20]+2

...and miss just as horribly. Its turn.

13 = 7[d20]+6

Somehow, I avoid harm for now, if barely. I riposte his axe with my sickle!

12 = 10[d20]+2

...and barely miss. Before I end my turn, I'm going to try and run away and hide. Try to get the jump on him. But first, what's his max HP? For sake of my survival, the creature's base HD will be a d6...

20 = 5[d6]+2[d6]+3[d6]+2[d6]+5[d6]+3[d6]

20 HP works. Now, to try and hide somewhere... (Using Hide thief skill. Chance of success: 10%. Yikes)

34 = 34[d100]

Nope. Can't get away fast enough to hide appropriately. Here comes that axe...!

14 = 8[d20]+6

By a miracle of Aralisi herself, I dodge and counter.

20 = 18[d20]+2

3 = 3[d4]

This time, I manage to cut it a bit. [Minotaur HP: 17/20] It comes after me again...

12 = 6[d20]+6

And I dodge once more. My turn!

6 = 4[d20]+2

His turn!

23 = 17[d20]+6

Hit! I suffer some wounds...

8 = 6[d6]+2

Not again! I'm looking awful, and am near death... [HP: 2/20] I try Cure Light again, and it'll be my last spell for now...

3 = 2[d6]+1

[HP: 5/20]

It attacks...

20 = 14[d20]+6

8 = 6[d6]+2

The last thing I remember after that was getting knocked unconscious as a hatchet buries itself into my breast. Joy...

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