Classic Fantasy My first adventure
I wake up in a strange, unfamiliar territory. Where am I?

Poorly-lit courtyard

I currently stand in the dimly lit courtyard of a magnificent, beautiful castle straight ahead. Do I see anyone?


I see a person, though it is too dark to properly see their face. Are they coming towards me?


The figure seems to be just standing there. I choose to approach them to see where I am. Who are they?

Stubborn archer

The person has a bow on their back with a set of arrows held in a quiver. What kind of outfit are they wearing?

Swiftly / Faded

The person is wearing light clothes, most likely to help them move with great flexibility. The clothing looks old, as if it was passed down from someone else. They look to be an elf, with darker skin and hair pulled back into a messy ponytail. Are they friendly?


I greet the person, and ask where I am. Do they respond well to me?


The elf pulls their bow out, pointing it towards me. They seem to deem me as a threat. I try to reason with them. "I have no idea where I am," I admit quickly, "I mean no harm." Does the elf put their weapon away?


I give my thanks quickly, and repeat my previous question of where I am. Does the elf answer this time?


What town am I in?


"Of course," I mutter. "I didn't recognize this place, apologies. Are we supposed to be here?"


I pause, furrowing my brows. "Then why are you here?" Does the elf respond to my question?


What do they say?

Gratify / Status quo

The elf responds very peculiarly. Apparently they were at the manor to complete a task, in relation to their job.

I decide not to press the matter further. "Would you like to join me, so that we may leave together? It is not safe at night." Does the elf accept my offer?


The elf nods, and so I turn around and beckon them to leave with me. Is there an easy exit?


"We're going to have to climb the wall," I say to my companion quietly. "Are you alright with that?"

Yes, and...

"I'm alright with climbing the wall," he responds. "Infact, I've always been very good at climbing walls," he adds with a curious grin.

I nod. In reality, I've only done this a few times, though I find it somewhat difficult to do. I make an attempt to hoist myself up over the wall, trying to climb.

13 = 15[d20]-2

I stumble a bit, but manage to make it over the wall. I hop down on the other side and land on my feet. Does my companion do well with making it over the wall?


My companion soon lands next to me. Where are we now?

Scorched landmark

A great piece of land beyond the manor walls is completely dead. There is no foliage, just charred dirt. Around it, the grass suffers as well. I turn to my companion, and ask him where we should go next.

Does he respond with a location?


Where are we going next?


"Oh, Streatham?" I question. "Is there a task there for us to complete?"

No, but...

"Not in the open eye, no," he responds. "However, there is one place I know of- a tad on the hidden side- that needs some more help."

I nod, and we begin to head towards our destination. 

While on the way there, I turn to my companion. "What is your name?" I question.



"Abdys Stonewinds," Abdys responds.

I introduce myself as well. "Lovely name. I'm Falros Graylash, a half-elf knight for my home kingdom of..." What is the kingdom?


Does Abdys know about the kingdom?


Does Abdys dislike the kingdom?


Abdys visibly cringes at the mention of that name. "Too many mixed-bloods. I don't like it, personally."

I nod, choosing not to go any further with the conversation. We continue along the trek. How far away is Streatham?

98 = 98[d300]

Is there an inn nearby?


"Abdys, shall we stop at a nearby inn for the night, and continue tomorrow? Keep in mind, it may take up to three days to get there." I ask.

Does he accept the offer?


"We should definitely stop at an inn. Good thinking," Abdys responds. "Who shall pay for the room?"

How many gold pieces do I have on me?

31 = 31[d70]

"I suppose I can," I respond.

"Thank you! I forgot my coin purse at home," Abdys says with a laugh.

Could he be lying?


3 = 3[d20]

I nod. "It happens to the best of us." He seems like an earnest young man, so I believe him.

We soon reach the inn, and enter. At the front, a woman stands, greeting us happily.

"I need a room for two," I say to her.

She tells me the price of the room. How much is it?

15 = 7[d20]+8[d20]

I take the 15 gold pieces out of my pocket and put them down on the counter.

The woman's eyes light up at the sight of the coins, and she quickly puts them away behind the counter. She hands me a key to my room, and shows me where it is. My companion and I head to our room, enter, and shut the door.


It is the next morning. I sit up in my bed slowly. Outside the window, the sun is shining, and the nearby forest seems a little less menacing. This is good, because we will have to travel through the thick foliage. Is my companion awake yet?

No, but...

I turn to observe my companion. He is not awake, though he looks close to waking up.

I put my armor back on. Is there any problems right now?

No, and...

I don't hear of anything that may be wrong in my immediate vicinity. In fact, everything seems okay outside of the inn, in the local village, as well as within the inn.

I decide to sit and wait for my companion to wake up.


Welp, I hope you guys kinda enjoyed reading that? I'm stopping it for right now, but can't wait to continue.
I love that! Any suggestions you can give me for my own games? I can't wait for some battles.
Awesome to read! Currently, I'm on a solo mission as well, my first to be exactly. So far, things work very well. What I like most is the total unknown to discoverSmile
Interesting beginning.  Good luck!
Cool. I like it. Nice and simple but interesting. I look forward to more.

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I really enjoyed that, it was very simple and easy to read but quite satisfying at the same time. I hope you keep going!

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