Classic Fantasy Noob's adventure in the Thieves Den.
This is my first attempt at a solo adventure and I'm still trying to figure everything out so bare with me. It's not very exciting but it's a start, lol.


The mayor of the town of Rehn has hired me to clear out a thieves den. After a long search, I finally locate the den hidden away in the forest. The entrance, an old wooden door, is nestled in the side of the mountain. Steeling myself, I open the door and enter.
Parallel corridor extending in each direction.
I step inside what appears to be a long parallel corridor extending east and west. I go east.
Continues straight.
The corridor continues on in the same direction. I slowly follow it while trying to stick to the shadows.
Corridor turns left 90 degrees.
Soon, the corridor turns left. I slide against the wall and peek around the corner.
Corridor splits at a Y.
Not far ahead, the corridor splits diagonally east and west. I decide to stick with my original plan and keep heading east.
Corridor dead-ends at a door.
I follow the eastern passage and it comes to a dead end with another wooden door. Is the door locked?
No, and... +Twist: Physical event / Hinders the hero
The door is old and rotten and as I reach for the rusty knob I find it isn't locked. Unfortunately, the door is brittle from age and neglect and it immediately collapses from its hinges and falls backwards towards me.
I try and leap out of the way before I'm struck. Was I successful?
No, but...
I tumble away from the doorway but react too slowly and the door comes crashing down on top of me. Thankfully, the rotten wood splinters and breaks up and I'm mostly unharmed.
Parallel corridor extending in each direction.
I pick myself up and shake the dust off. Then I step over the debris and pass through the now empty doorframe and enter another parallel corridor, this one extends north-west and south-east. Seeing how eastward thinking has gotten me this far, I turn and head south-east.
Corridor turns left 90 degrees.
I follow the corridor and arrive at another left turn. I carefully peek around the corner.
Corridor dead-ends at a door.
The corridor is another dead-end with a door. I slink up to it and test the knob. Is it locked?
The knob refuses to turn as the lock holds fast. I sigh as I step back to observe the door. Can I kick the door in?
I study the door for a moment and realize that I should have no trouble kicking it in despite the lock. I summon my strength and bash the door with all my might. Just as I thought, the door immediately crashes open in a hail of splinters and I step inside.
Fake door with trap.
To my surprise, the door isn't a door at all but a hideous trap concealed with a fake door. Am I able to avoid the trap?
1 = +0 +0 +1 +0
In a flash, I leap backwards away from the false door just as a large axe-like blade swings down from the ceiling. Had I been a moment slower in reacting I'd have been beheaded for sure!
With nowhere else to go, I return to the fork and take the north-western corridor instead.
Attacked by opposition.
As I make my way down the north-west corridor, a hideous orc appears. His grey-green skin is covered with gross warts and his eyes glow red in the dim light of the chamber. He's wearing a crude hide for armour and he brandishes a long, heavy looking club.
1 = +1 +0 -1 +1
Wasting no time I charge at the orc swinging my dagger.
3 = +1 +1 +0 +1
It's a hit! My dagger glides into the weak point of his hide armour and pierces his exposed flesh. He howls in pain and retaliates with his club.
2 = +1 +0 +1 +0
The club crashes into my side painfully. I wince as the breath is knocked out of me, but I quickly regain my composure and swing my dagger again.
-2 = -1 -1 +1 -1
The orc blocks with his club and I miss with a thunk! With his free hand, he punches at me.
1 = -1 +0 +1 +1
His fist lands against my jaw. I try and stab him again.
-1 = +0 +0 -1 +0
But the orc spins out of the way and I hit nothing but air as he swings his club at me again.
2 = +1 -1 +1 +1
I take another hit, this time to the shoulder. I'm nearly knocked to the ground and have to struggle to keep my footing. Panicking, I swing wildly at the orc with my dagger.
0 = +1 -1 +0 +0
But I miss again as the orc leaps away before bring his club down at me again.
0 = -1 +0 +1 +0
I muster the strength to block with my blade, causing the orc's club to glance off, and giving me a chance to attack. I lunge at the orc.
0 = +0 +1 +0 -1
And sail by as he easily deflects the blow. There's a swish as his club makes a beeline for my head.
0 = -1 +0 +0 +1
I fall to the ground and roll away just in time to avoid the wooden club. Then I leap to my feet and slash at the orc's face.
-1 = +0 +0 +0 -1
Again he swats my dagger away and brings his fist into play.
2 = +1 -1 +1 +1
He punches me right in the nose and stagger backwards in pain. Blood spurts out in a ribbon of crimson, and I know I am beaten. I drop my dagger and turn to flee.
0 = +0 +1 +0 -1
The orc swings his club at me as I try and flee but he's too slow. Before he has a chance to react I am sprinting down the corridor as fast as my spinning head will allow. I don't stop running until I'm safe back at the town. I have a long, hot bath and bind my wounds. I've failed this day but perhaps I'll take on the thieves again soon.

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