Classic Fantasy Pathfinder Dwarf Cleric
My name is Rhevaan. I am a Dwarven Cleric, beholden to Pharasma and learned in the domains of Death and Healing. I am on a quest. Not just any quest. A quest to save my people. Although I am the youngest of the Clerics in my temple, I was chosen to embark on this task. I am to go out and seek the rumored Rune Hammer of Olghar Hammerhand. It is said to be in the old Dwarven ruins deep in the mountains to the west. Which ruins they are, we are not sure, for there are many. It is my task to seek it out and return with it.
For the first few days the sunlight hurt my eyes. Dwarves are not accustomed to being above ground. But, after a few days, I got used to it. As I walk along the road, absorbed in my thoughts and meditation, I hear something.
What do I hear?
Heal / Messages
I hear the sounds of a small battle and healing incantations being said out loud. Can I discern the direction it is coming from?
(4[d10]) No
I roll a perception check DC will be
10 = 4[d8]+4[d8]+2
I score 8 = 5(d20)+3 and cannot readily discern where the sound is coming from.
So at this point how do you proceed?
I continue down the road, keeping my senses sharp. As I proceed, am I better able to figure out where the battle is?
(3[d10]) No
I will try another perception check at DC10
I score 19 = 16(d20)+3 and can tell that the battle is occurring down the embankment. I ready my weapon and head toward the noise. When I get there I see
Confident female chef
Attentive illusionist
what appears to be a woman in innkeeper's garb wielding a sword fighting with a well armed individual using illusion magic. As I watch for a few moments, I figure out what they are fighting over
Just up the path, behind the innkeeper is a wagon. The horse has been slain, presumably by some magical trap. Does it appear that the illusionist is trying to rob the innkeeper?
(7[d10]) Yes
What is your next move?
With my Heavy Mace already readied, I charge in yelling, "I'm here to help you, Inn Keep!" I charge into the illusionist, swinging my mace, scoring a 13 = 10(d20)+1(Str)+2(Charge) against the illusionists DC of
11 = 7[d8]+2[d8]+2
and score a hit doing 3 = 2(d8)+1 damage.
Does the illusionist change his focus to me?
(7[d10]) Yes
Seeing me charge into the fray, the illusionist is taken aback and begins to try and talk his way out of the situation, taking up a defensive posture.
Does the Inn Keep allow the illusionist to back off?
(6[d10]) Yes, but...
The Inn Keep allows the Illusionist to back off and pleas his case. She turns to me and thanks me to coming to her aid. With the situation somewhat diffused, what happens now?
The Inn Keep asks if I will help her take the Illusionist into custody and bring him to the nearest town for judgement. I say that I will. How does the Illusionist react?
With us distracted, the Illusionist casts a hastening spell on himself and runs away. What does the Inn Keep do?
Given her injuries and my short stature, we would not be able to give chase. "Would you like some help with your wagon?" I ask.
(6[d10]) Yes, but...
"That would be most kind." she replies, "But, I am in a lot of pain." I gently touch her arm and cast Cure Light Wounds, healing 5 = 4(d8)+1 points of damage.
Just after I cure her wounds, the Illusionist charges back onto us with his sword drawn. Does he try to attack me?
(6[d10]) Yes, but...
He attacks me with a hit roll of
7 = 4[d20]+1+2
and does not connect with anything vital and I take no damage. But, before I can react, he disengages from combat and backs away.
What does the In Keep do?
The Inn Keep goads the Illusionist into resuming the fight. "You are a coward!" she yells, "Ambushing a lone woman on a road with her wares!" "You're nothing but a low-life; a dirty theif who needs to be hanged at the gallows; and I will see to it that you do!" How does the Illusionist respond?
With a sneer, the Illusionist raises his hand, and casts Charm Person on the Inn Keep (DC13/Will Negates)
The Inn Keep's Will roll is
19 = 12[d20]+2+5
and is able to shrug off the effects.
How would you like to proceed?
I am ready to end this fight, I charge into the Illusionist and score
4 = 1[d20]+1+2
a fumble in which
he is able to make an attack of opportunity against me. He scores
16 = 14[d20]+2
but, his hit glances off of my armor. What does the Inn Keep do?
The Inn Keep returns to the fray and charges into the melee, scoring a
5 = 1[d20]+2+2
and fumbles in which
she neglects to take care of her aim and her sword swings in my direction, her hit scores
15 = 13[d20]+2
which, luckily, just bounces off my breastplate. Will the Illusionist focus on me?
(8[d10]) Yes
The Illusionist swings in my direction, scoring
14 = 12[d20]+2
and missing his mark. I reach out and attempt to use Bleeding Touch on him scoring 17 = 16(d20)+1 against his Touch AC (9) which causes him to bleed for 6 = 6(d6) for one round. However, this allows an attack of opportunity and he scores a
13 = 11[d20]+2
and misses me. I then swing my Mace in a downward arc and score
4 = 3[d20]+1
in which I miss completely, narrowly hitting my own leg in the process. The Inn Keep attacks with her sword, scoring
13 = 11[d20]+2
hitting the Illusionist in the shoulder doing
4 = 2[d6]+2
damage. At this point, how is the Illusionist looking?
Knocking on deaths door.
What does he do?
Without regard for himself, he continues to press the attack. Does he attack me?
(2[d10]) No
He attacks the Inn Keep and scores a
4 = 2[d20]+2
and misses completely. I, once again, reach out and attempt to use Bleeding Touch and score
15 = 14[d20]+1
against his Touch AC of 9 and do 4 = 4(d6) points of bleeding damage. Does this eliminate the Illusionist?
(10[d10]) Yes, and...
The Inn Keep runs at me and throws her arms around me saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you. You helped me when you really didn't need to. Come, we are not far from my Inn. Your stay, food, whatever you need are on the house. Thank you."
I take a step back and I say, "I thank you, lass; but, I think introductions may be in order. I am Rhevaan, of House Stone Brow."
Oh, yes, you're right." she says. "I am Victoria Lemiux. I own the Ox and Otter Inn in West Moore. A pleasure to make your acquaintance."
She looks back at her cart. "Do you think we can repair the cart enough that the two of us can pull it? There are no hills between here and West Moore."
I look at the cart, at her dead horse, and the back at her. "I think we can." I say with a smile. After an hour or so, the cart is moveable and can be pulled with relative ease.
Just as we are about to start pulling the wagon to West Moore, I glance over at the dead Illusionist and decide to rummage through his belongings for anything of value. He won't be needing them anymore and I have a long journey ahead of me. I search his body and find 4 = 4(d4) pieces of loot:
Rare - d20 of 18 plus is Minor Ring - or 100GP.
An Axe.
An Axe.
A Staff.
I roll for the rare and score a 12 and end up finding an item worth 100GP
How is the walk to West Moore?
Antagonise / Victory
We pull the cart and talk with each other about our lives and how we came to be where we are at this moment. We rib each other about some of the mistakes we made in the fight and talk about our small victory over the would-be bandit. It takes less than a day to get to West Moore and by the time we do, we are dead tired. I graciously take her offer of a meal and a room and settle in for a good nights rest. How does the night go?
The night is peaceful and quite. I slip into a deep, dreamless sleep and recuperate from a rather arduous day.
(This is more for me than part of the story) I gain experience based on the enemies fought, people helped, quests completed and days that have gone by. 1d6 per enemy, 1d8 per horde, 1d10 per quest/ people assisted, and 1d20 per day. The total multiplied by 10 is my experience total for the day. Character progression follows Pathfinder Medium speed, dropping the last zero from the XP score needed.
My roll for experience is
15 = 3[d6]+3[d10]+9[d20]
15 x 10 = 150 experience for the day
That was a fun little story. I really enjoyed all the back and forth. Will there be more of these? And any tips on doing the same?
(01-02-2017, 02:01 PM)Beaconlights Wrote: That was a fun little story. I really enjoyed all the back and forth. Will there be more of these? And any tips on doing the same?

Can't say I have any tips.  I just started into the world of solo RPGing.  I have a pathfinder group that meets every two weeks; but, I wanted something in between that wasn't a pre-made computer story.  I heard of Tunnels and Trolls but didn't want to learn a different system.  I did some browsing around and found this site/system. Instantly fell in love with it.

As far as generating your own story, think of any fantasy story you have ever read (Dragonlance Series, Icewind Dale Series, Sword of Truth Series, etc) and use it as a starting point. Develop a main mission/story line and allow side quests or random happenings to be brought in.  Think of any video game RPGs you may have played and how the characters may have interacted (NWN2, SWTOR, Final Fantasy) and bring those interactions into your story.  Remember to tell the story as if it were from your character's eyes/point of view.  It is your story, have fun with it.  As Mark says in the instructions for using the Play! area, the prompts are open to interpretation and can be used however you see fit.

I have the benefit of having a game group that I play with and can get ideas from those sessions.  In addition, I have GM'd several RPGs to include Deathwatch, Iron Kingdoms, and Pathfinder.

As you've read the story, you'll notice some of the die rolls are system generated and others are typed in. I am keeping the pen an paper aspect alive and rolling physical dice for my attacks, skill checks, damage. The key here is to be honest. No one wants to be cheated out of a riveting story, least of all, me. In addition, I also have a fully generated Pathfinder Character sheet that I use the the pathfinder bestiary in a separate window when needed. It all adds to the realism of being part of an RPG even though I am playing solo.

I will continue the story, yes.  As a matter of fact, I am about to start another "session" right after I post this.
Part 2 of Rhevaan's Adventure:

Does anything rouse me from my sleep?
(4[d10]) No
I awaken fully rested and ready to tackle the day. I grab my spellbook out of my backpack and begin my morning prayer ritual to ready my spells. Does anything interrupt me?
(4[d10]) No
After praying and readying my spells, I gather my belongings and head down to the common area of the Inn to get some breakfast. Victoria is awake and tending to the patrons already in the commons room. As she sees me descending the stairs, she smiles and gestures toward an empty table closest to the kitchens. As I take my seat, she places a fresh plate of eggs, ham, and potatoes in front of me and pours me a glass of milk. I reach for my coin purse and she gives me a tsk sound and says, "Absolutely not, Rhevaan. This one is on the house. A way for me to say thank you for your aid yesterday."
"'twas my pleasure." I say. "I can't stand common folk being preyed upon by thieves and the like." With that, she smiles and turns to her duties around the commons. The food is excellent. A fine meal to start any day.
Knowing I have a long journey ahead of me, and not but a few coins to my name, I figure I might find some odd jobs around West Moore that may get me a little more coin before I set off to the west again. Besides, after seeing the type of folks that are coming into the Inn, it looks like they could use the services of a cleric for a few days. When I finish my meal, I call Victoria over.
"Say, have you heard of any folk that might need help? I'm looking for a little coin and wouldn't mind helping the folks around here to earn it."
Research the high quality painkillers at the throne room.
She ponders for a few moments. "Now that you mention it, there have been rumors of some sort of 'super health potions' being sold out of the Baron's estate. But, people say that when they use them, they are getting sicker or more wounded instead of being healed. Perhaps you could talk to the constable about it. He may know more than I do."
I thank her for the info and head off to the marketplace first. I want to sell the items I took off of the Illusionist before they weigh me down too much.
Do I get full price for the two axes?
(10[d10]) Yes, and... +Event: Befriend / Competition
The proprietor pays me not only full price for the axes, but will double the offered price if I can beat him in an arm-wrestling match. I smile at him and say, "Against a Dwarf? Get ready to pay double, my friend." He lets out a loud belly laugh as his shop hands set up the arm-wrestling table. (a win is three successful Str checks vs his Str of 14)
We clamp hands, the shop hand counts us down, and we begin:
My check is 17 = 16(d20)+1, his is
14 = 12[d20]+2
That's one success for me, my second check is 18 = 17(d20)+1, his is
22 = 20[d20]+2
That's a tie score. My next check is 16 = 15(d20)+1, his is
4 = 2[d20]+2
I'm up, 2 to 1. My fourth check is 15 = 14(d20)+1, his is
20 = 18[d20]+2
Once again, we are tied at 2 and 2. I check for the final time at 9 = 8(d20)+1, his is
13 = 11[d20]+2
and find out that I should not be cocky simply because I am a dwarf. "You gave me a good fight." he says. "My arm will be sore for a few days." He laughs as he rubs his shoulder. "I did say that I would pay you full price; so, her you are. If you ever want to try your luck again, I will be here. Come see me anytime." - Earned 12 GP (6 per axe)
As I walk through the market district, I find a wood weapons vendor. Will he pay me full price for the staff?
(10[d10]) Yes, and...
The proprietor offers me full price for the staff and offers me a discount on any items I may want to purchase. However, I see nothing there that I want to buy at this time. - earned 2GP
I continue through the markets and I come across a rare items vendor. Will he give me the full 100GP for the item I have?
(7[d10]) Yes
We make a somewhat curt exchange and part was like any traditional exchange of moneys for goods. -earned 100GP
What action do you decide to take now?
Having sold the items I wanted to sell, I decide to head to the Baron's Estate and see what I can find out. As I approach, does anyone stop me?
(3[d10]) No
It seems odd to me that a Baron would not have guards or some other form of security on his grounds. I knock on the door. Does someone answer?
(3[d10]) No
I peer through a window, do I see anyone?
(2[d10]) No
I walk around to the back yard, is there anyone here?
(2[d10]) No
Is there a back door?
(10[d10]) Yes, and...
First aid kit
I see a back door and next to it is a box of empty vials that I can only assume are spent health potions. What is the DC to make a spellcraft check on the vials?
11 = 8[d12]+3[d12]
I roll a spellcraft check and score a 10 = 5(d20)+5 and cannot accurately discern what the vials were used for. I knock on the back door. Does anyone answer?
(5[d10]) No, but...
Source of evil
After I knock and no one comes to the door, I get a sense of foreboding about the place. I grip my talisman a little tighter and say a little prayer to Pharasma.
Is there another building on the grounds?
(8[d10]) Yes
I start toward the other building that I can only assume is a shed of some sort. I check the door. Is it locked?
(7[d10]) Yes
I knock on the door, does someone answer?
(2[d10]) No
Does the sense of foreboding get stronger as I approach the building?
(9[d10]) Yes
I decide I am going to speak with the constable before I break into someone's property. I head over to the constable's office. Is he there?
(3[d10]) No
Is a deputy there?
(7[d10]) Yes
I ask the deputy if he knows where the constable went.
Search for survivors at the rubble-strewn mansion.
The deputy says, "He went to the Baron's Estate this morning; But, I haven't seen or heard from him since. It's been near 5 hours since he left."
"Hmm..." I say, "I was just there and the place looked deserted. No one answered the doors."
I ponder my options a moment, "I'm going to head back to the estate, you want to come with me?"
(5[d10]) No, but...
He shakes his head vigorously, "N-, No. I'll stay here. But I'll hand on to your backpack so you don't lose it while your up there." He swallows fearfully. I look at him and say, "My backpack will be fine with me, but thank you. Send a runner if the constable returns before I do." He nods, "O-, Okay."
I walk out of the constable's office scratching my head. 'Something's got that boy all worked up about the mansion. Maybe it has something to do with that sense of foreboding I felt earlier' I think to myself.
By the time I reach the Estate for the second time, it is mid-afternoon. Does anyone stop me as I approach the estate?
(1[d10]) No, and...
Again, no one halts my approach to the door. But this time I notice something I didn't before. A strange hat sitting on the chair on the front porch. Odd, I think to myself, I didn't see that here before. Maybe I wasn't as observant as I am now. Again, I knock on the front door. Does anyone answer?
(3[d10]) No
Again I peer through the window, do I see anyone?
(1[d10]) No, and...
Quill and ink
I can make out a scrawled message on the desk near the window. What does it say?
Assassinate the half-elf relative at the illusory town square.
I can make out plans to assassinate a half-elven relative in the town square. But there is no date or time. I'll have to make note of this and notify the authorities.
I head around to the back door. Are the vials still there?
(9[d10]) Yes
I want to make another spellcraft check on them. What will be the DC?
16 = 4[d12]+10[d12]+2
I score a 10 = 5(d20)+5 and am still not able to tell what was in them. I knock on the back door. Des anyone answer?
(1[d10]) No, and... +Event: Work hard / Disruption
Resourceful female cook
As I am trying to knock on the door, a woman rounds the corner of the house. "Hey! what are you doing back here?"
I look at her and attempt to quell my startled expression. "I am, um..." I look at the vials. "I dropped off a few vials for the Baron." (Bluff Check/vs Will +3)
I roll my bluff check and score 13 = 12(d20)+1, versus her will check of
16 = 13[d20]+3
Does she attack me?
(2[d10]) No
"Nice try." She says. "Those vials were dropped off yesterday. You need to get out of here before I call on the Baron to remove you forcibly."
"Yes, about that. Where is everyone? The guards, the Baron, the Constable?"
She looks at me quizzically, "Why do you want to know, who are you?"
"I am here looking for the constable. I heard he was here. I am a Dwarven Cleric, Rhevaan."
"I haven't seen the constable or the Baron all day. I just got here for my shift in the kitchens. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get inside with these groceries. I suggest you leave before I get someone to make you leave." With that she enters the mansion and locks the door behind her.
Knowing I won't get anything more out of the cook, I head toward what I think is the shed. I knock on the door again. Does anyone answer?
(4[d10]) No
Is the sense of foreboding still present?
(10[d10]) Yes, and...
I still feel the sense of foreboding and to make matters worse, the weather has decided to take a turn for the worse. A storm is coming in from the south. It looks to be a nasty one, too.
I'm getting into this shed one way or another. I ready my mace and prepare to bash the door in. What is the AC of the door?
8 = 2[d10]+6[d10]
What is the door's HP?
8 = 6[d8]+2
What is the door's hardness?
4 = 2[d6]+2
I smash my mace into the door. 17 = 16(d20)+1 and make direct contact, doing 2 point of damage (2 = 5(d8)+1-4[hardness]) There is 6 HP left. Does anyone come at the sound of me hitting the door?
(3[d10]) No
I swing again. 6 = 5(d20)+1 I don;t even dent the door.
I try again. 14 = 13(d20)+1 and slam my mace into the door, doing absolutely no damage to the door (0 = 3(d8)+1-4)
Does it sound like anyone is coming?
(2[d10]) No
I swing again. 17 = 16(d20)+1 I hit the door square in the center and do 4 (4 = 7(d20)+1-4) points of damage. The door looks like it is about to give way. Does it sound like anyone inside is taking notice?
(1[d10]) No, and...
I still cannot hear anyone inside and the storm is getting closer. A bolt of lighting strikes nearby sending a clap of thunder through the air disrupting my rhythm.
I take another swing. 10 = 9(d20)+1 I hit the door again and do no damage (0 = 3(d8)+1-4). This must be the strongest door in all of West Moore.
Has anyone taken notice that I am beating the heck out of this door?
(1[d10]) No, and...
Still no one is taking notice that I am bashing this door down. I am a little worried that I am wasting my time. But, I swing again.
9 = 8(d20)+1 I hit the door with a glancing blow and inflict an abysmal 1 (1 = 4(d8)+1-4) damage to it. It has to break open soon. I really hope all this trouble is worth the effort.
I swing again. 8 = 7(d20)+1 and deliver a glancing blow that does enough damage (3 = 6(d8)+1-4) to finally bash the door open.
Peering inside the shed, I can see why no one was coming to the door when I knocked or started bashing on it. There is a second door in the floor and nothing else.  This shed is a false face for an underground something...

I attempt to open the door in the floor. Does it open?

(10[d10]) Yes, and...

Very high quality lock picks

The door opens easily and there is a set of steps leading down.  But, there, in the corner of the top step is a couple of high quality lock picks.  I pick them up and put them in my pouch. - Acquired: High Quality Lockpicks

Is there enough light to see by down the steps?

(6[d10]) No, but...


There is not enough light to see by down the steps.  I retrieve the torch from my backpack and light it.  I notice that the steps are rather precarious.  I may have trouble navigating them.  What is the DC for the Climb check?

11 = 4[d10]+7[d10]

I make my first climb check and score a 16 = 15(d20)+1.  I am able to navigate the steps with relative ease. Will I need to make any more climb checks before I reach the bottom?

(1[d10]) No, and...


As I descend the stairs, my hand brushes the wall.  I feel a slight tingling sensation in my fingertips.  I pull my hand back and smell it.  It seems that someone has smeared poison on the walls of the staircase. What is the DC to resist the poison?

12 = 2[d10]+10[d10]

I roll for fortitude save and score 21 = 16(d20)+3(Fort)+2(Racial vs Poison).  As I look at my hand and the wall. I can feel that the effects of the poison is limited to making my fingers tingle a little.  It seems I am resistant to whatever poison is on this wall.

When I reach the bottom of the steps what do I see?

Festering apothecary

Upon reaching the bottom of the staircase, I find myself in a lab of some sorts.  Vials are strewn here and there, books adorn shelves, and the pungent smell of freshly brewed "something" permeates the air.

How many doors are there from this place?

3 = 2[d4]+1

Do I hear any voices?

(10[d10]) Yes, and...


I can hear voices and it sounds like they are either drinking or trying to get someone to drink something.

Can I tell which direction the voices are coming from?

(2[d10]) No

I will make a perception check to try and narrow it down. My result is 8 = 5(d20)+3 what is the DC?

7 = 3[d8]+4[d8]

Are the voices coming from the door on the left?

(7[d10]) Yes

I head toward the door on the left. Do I see anyone before I get to the room where the voices are?

(9[d10]) Yes

Who or what do I see?

Logical wizard who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to chronicle wrath, promote spirits, and plunder the wealthy; who speaks of prejudiced secrets and is focused on your current scene.

As I approach the room where I heard the voices, I see a man in wizards robes leaning against the wall.  Does he see me?

(10[d10]) Yes, and...


As I make my way down the hall, he looks my way and straightens.  He points his finger at me and says, "What are you doing in here?" He starts making his way toward me.  Does it look like he wants to attack me?

(7[d10]) Yes

Magic energies crackle at his fingertips as an incantation rolls across his lips and he performs the necessary hand gestures.  I draw my Mace.  I Know this is going to be a tough fight.

(End of session info) Experience from this session - Enemies: 0, Hordes: 0, Quests: in progress (0), days: 1. Experience gained 160 = 16(d20) x 10. Level Up! Level 2 (gain no new spells until able to meditate)
Another riveting adventure tale! I hope this wizard isn't as hard as that door was...
I start my charge toward the Wizard. As I do, a ball of ethereal light forms in his hand and he hurls it in my direction.
The wizard's magic missile hits me for
5 = 4[d4]+1
I see the concern in his eyes that his magic missile did not fall me on the first hit as I close the distance and swing my Heavy Mace.
13 = 11(d20)+1+2 vs the Wizard's AC of 12 is a direct hit and I do 3 = 2(d20)+1 damage to him.
How does he respond?
Fearing that I will attack him while casting, he attacks me with his club
5 = 3[d20]+1+1
His feeble attack glances off of my breastplate with a thunk.
I reach out and attempt to use bleeding touch. CRIT! 22 = 20(d20)+1=1 vs his touch AC of 12. I release the negative energy into his arm and it explodes dealing 11 = 6(d6)+5(d6) bleeding damage for one round. I then swing my Mace across his torso. I score 19 = 17(d20)+1+1 vs his AC of 12 and do another 9 = 8(d8)+1 damage. My last attack hit him so hard, I could hear his hip crack beneath the strike of my Mace. He falls to a life-less heap on the floor.
Do I have time to search his corpse?
(8[d10]) Yes
How many pieces of loot do I find?
2 = 3[d4]-1
Short Bow.
10 Gold Pieces.
I leave the Short Bow for now and take the 10GP. Does the Wizard have anything pertaining to the Baron's supposed potions?
(5[d10]) No, but...
I look at his robes and think for a moment, "I could disguise myself as a wizard in these robes..." But, I quickly dismiss the notion because the robes are too long and narrow for my short, stocky body.
Do I still hear voices coming from the room at the end of this corridor?
(4[d10]) No
I slowly, and as silently as I can, creep down to the doorway of the room. Do I see anyone?
(3[d10]) No
Is there a door in this room?
(8[d10]) Yes
Only one?
(10[d10]) Yes, and...
Cheap flail
As I enter the room, I notice a poorly made flail resting on the table. I take note of this too, in case I want to maybe sell it for a few copper.
I approach the door. Is it locked?
(4[d10]) No
I slowly open it. What do I see?
Guarded tunnel
Deceitful soldier
Peering down the corridor through the half-open door, I see what I can only assume is one of the Baron's guards standing watch. Is he looking in my direction?
(3[d10]) No
I try to quietly slip through the door and close it without him noticing. (Opposed stealth vs perception check)
I roll I roll a 10 = 9(d20)+1 for my stealth check. His perception check is:
17 = 12[d20]+5
Apparently I wasn't stealthy enough because the guard turns around. "Hey, who are you and what are you doing down here?" he asks me as he readies his spear.
I reply, I am the cleric that the Baron wanted to relieve his Wizard for a while." (Bluff vs Will)
My Bluff check is 7 = 6(d20)+1
His Will check is
13 = 10[d20]+3
"I don't think so." He raises his spear and charges me. He attempts to hit me
22 = 18[d20]+2+2
His hit finds a gap in my armor and does
4 = 2[d8]+2
I swing my Heavy Mace. 7 = 5(d20)+1+1 vs his AC of 15 is a complete miss as my mace flies just short of his legs. He rears back and jabs with his spear again
4 = 2[d20]+2
I am able to evade his attack. As I do, I swing my mace in his direction. 12 = 10(d20)+1+1 is another miss as my mace whizzes past his face. He rears back to jab at me again.
17 = 14[d20]+2+1
I felt a little sting; but the spear did not pierce my breastplate. My turn, I step forward and swing my mace in an upward motion 14 = 12(d20)+1+1 and narrowly miss removing his jaw.
A look of anger washes over his face as he moves in for another attack.
23 = 20[d20]+2+1
CRIT! against me. His attack finds a major chink in my armor and his attack does
15 = 8+5[d8]+2
I am now at -9 HP and in critical status. I fall to the ground in a heap. I attempt a stabilize check and score 10 = 15(d20)+4(fort)-9(negative HP) and become stable. Does the guard continue to attack me?
(3[d10]) No
The Guard, thinking me dead, walks away and returns to his post. "That'll show you." he mutters.
Motioning as quietly as possible I cast stabilize on myself, bringing my HP total to Zero. Does the Guard notice me?
(1[d10]) No, and...
The Guard goes into a room down the corridor, leaving me alone in the hall. I take this opportunity to cast Cure Light Wounds on myself. I heal 5 HP (5 = 3(d8)+2). I still feel a little weak so I cast it again. This is the last Cure I have prepared and available to me. I heal an additional 10 HP (10 = 8(d8)+2. Feeling fully refreshed, I try to continue down the corridor. Does this corridor go any further than the room the guard went into?
(2[d10]) No
I slowly walk down the corridor to the room and peer in. What do I see?
Poorly-lit foundry
As I peer around the doorway, I see a weapon smith's room. Are there any other people in here besides the guard?
(7[d10]) Yes
Who else do I see?
Juvenile Human peon
Just beyond the work bench, I see an adolescent boy working the forge. It appears he is slave labor being made to fabricate weapons down here. Crude weapons at that. Much like the cheap flail I saw in the other room.
What is the guard doing?
Communicate / Fame
It seems like the guard is regaling the boy with his tale of heroism of taking me down; or supposedly taking me down. Does the boy see me?
(9[d10]) Yes
Does he alert the guard?
(1[d10]) No, and...
As the guard is telling his tale, the boy takes the red-hot short sword he was forging and thrusts it at the guard, catching him off balance.
17 = 17[d20]
Surprisingly, the boy's attack lands a direct hit against the guard's flat footed AC of 13 and does
9 = 3[d6]+1+5[d6]
damage plus flaming damage as it is still red hot.
"Now is my chance." I think, as I start charging at the back of the guard with my mace raised. 19 = 15(d20)+1+1+2 I hit the Guard square in the back, doing 7 = 6(d8)+1 damage.
Who does the guard attack (d6 evens me, odds the boy)
6 = 6[d6]
As the guard reels around in my direction, he brings his spear to bare.
16 = 13[d20]+2+1
In his rage, his attack is not well-aimed and hits my armor instead of a soft spot. The Boy attacks his rear with the now less-red short sword.
19 = 19[d20]
He scores another direct hit doing
2 = 1[d6]+1
damage. By now, the guard is knocking on death's door. I reach out and help him along with a dose Bleeding Touch. 9 = 7(d20)+1+1 vs his touch AC of 11. He is able to jerk his arm away at the last second (attack of opportunity)
6 = 3[d20]+2+1
But misses his attack of opportunity and readies his next attack.
18 = 15[d20]+2+1
Which scores a direct hit to my shoulder, doing
5 = 3[d8]+2
damage. The Boy once again swings his barely forged sword at the guard.
11 = 11[d20]
But, bounces the blade off the guard's armor. I swing my mace in a wide arc towards the guard's face. 7 = 5(d20)+1+1 and merely brush the hair out of his eyes. Is the guard still focused on me?
(2[d10]) No
Reeling in anger, the guard spins around with his spear in tow and attempts to skewer the boy.
19 = 16[d20]+2+1
Which he does with little resistance, doing
5 = 3[d8]+2
damage. But the Boy is still able to hold it together. He takes another swing with his partially-forged sword.
3 = 3[d20]
But, only catches air. I too, swing my weapon. 18 = 16(d20)+1+1 My mace lands with a thudding wet thwack at I bury in the guard's back, doing 6 = 5(d8)+1 damage and crushing his spine. He crumples to the floor in an un-moving heap.
I reassure the Boy that I am not here to harm him as I rush to him to tend his wound with some bandages. (Heal DC20) 23 = 17(d20)+6 I successfully wrap him up and tend to his wound.
"how long have you been down here?"j I ask. "At least a year." he replied. "I worked at my papa's forge in West Moore. But, I was taken one day when I was out fetching wood for the forge." A look of sadness followed by rage plays across my face. "Where do you sleep?" "Here in the forge." he says,"on the straw over there." "Do you know what the Baron does down here?" I ask. Does the Boy know?
(10[d10]) Yes, and...
I've overheard the guards talking about some sort of potion that is being sold as a healing potion; but, does the opposite. I heard them talking about 'test subjects' and 'new batches' when they relieve each other to watch me." He looks down at his ratty clothes and the body of the dead guard; then he looks up at me with a fierce look in his eyes. "When you find him, you're gonna kill him, right? The Baron? He's done awful things and I want him dead." Tears well up in the Boy's eyes.
"There, there, laddy. Don't you worry about such things. I'll take care of things down here when the time comes. The way should be clear back up and out the shed entrance. I'll walk you back that way and you get on out of here, okay?"
Will the boy follow me out?
(10[d10]) Yes, and...
Long sword
As we turn to leave, the Boy pulls a decently crafted long sword from under the straw. "I made this while I was down here. I swore I was going to use it to free myself one day." He looks at it, then hands it to me. "I won't need it anymore, thanks to you. You take it."
"Why thank you, lad. It's a fine sword. I'll set it right here. I need to come back here to meditate a while after I see you safely out. I'll get it then."
With that, we start toward the main room where the stairs up and out are. Do we meet any opposition?
(4[d10]) No
As we approach the stairs, I look to the Boy, "Be careful not to touch the walls. There is some sort of poison slathered on them." "Thank you, again." he says, and heads up the stairs.
I grab the body of the wizard and head back to the forge room. I toss his corpse in a heap in the corner of the room. I'm about to do the same with the guard when I decide to check his person for valuables.
Do I find anything?
(7[d10]) Yes
How many items do I find?
1 = 2[d4]-1
Rare d20 of 20 - 1-10 Med Wond Item - or 100GP.
I roll for the rare and score a 13. I find a rare item that may fetch close to 100GP at the market.
I pick up his body and toss it on top of the wizard's and then cover them up with some of the straw. I then settle in on the remaining straw, take out my spell book and meditate to regenerate my spells. I feel I still have quite a few corridors to explore down here.
(end of session) Experience gain = enemies: 2, Hordes: 0, Assists/quests: 1, Days: 1
23 = 3[d6]+5[d6]+3[d10]+12[d20]
23 x 10 = 230 experience for this session.
As I settle down on the straw to meditate and prepare my spells, does anything interrupt me?
(2[d10]) No
I spend the next hour in deep reflection and prayer to Parasma as I refresh my memory on the spells I wish to prepare. After an hour of meditation, I pack up my belongings and head out to find the Baron and this supposed reverse healing elixir.
As I head back to the initial room with the stairs that lead up, do I encounter any opposition?
(9[d10]) Yes
Virtuous healer
As I open the door where I last saw the cheap flail, I run into a fellow cleric, albeit this one has a symbol of a more lawful deity than my own.
With a start, she looks at me, "Who are you and what were you doing in the Forge?"
"I received word that the Boy was injured and was asked to tend to his wounds." I reply. (Bluff vs Will)
I roll a fumble for the Bluff check.
The Cleric looks at me, "I doubt that. The Baron only has one Cleric in his employ, Me."
Ambush / Misfortune
Without warning, she lunges at me as she draws her Sickle.
16 = 12[d20]+1+1+2
Against my flat-footed AC of 17, this is just a miss as the tip of the Sickle whizzes past my face. I draw my Heavy Mace and swing [14 = 12(d20)+1(BAB)+1(Str) vs her AC 16] and miss as the attack bounces off of her Scale Mail.
Defensively Cast Spell or Use Feat.
The Cleric starts an incantation; but, unlike the wizard before, is very watchful of my movements and is obviously casting while on the defensive. (Concentration check DC: 17 Summon Monster I)
9 = 4[d20]+2+3
Fortunately for me, she fudges the verbal component and nothing happens. I step in and again attempt to attack with my Heavy Mace. CRIT! 22 = 20(d20)+1+1 I swing and my attack connects with a wet thwack just under her armpit where her scale mail is weakest. The attack does 13 = 8(d8)+4(d8)+1 damage. I can see that she is pretty banged up from that attack.
Attack with Weapon.
But, she continues to press the attack and swings her sickle in my direction.
11 = 9[d20]+1+1
However, I am able to easily step out of the way. Knowing that she is not going to give up until she is dead, I decide to help her along and send out a blast of negative energy through my talisman, doing 4 damage. (Will Save for 1/2 damage, DC: 12)
14 = 8[d20]+6
She will take 2 damage.
Attack with Weapon.
Although she appears to be really haggard, she is still continuing to press the fight. She attacks.
18 = 16[d20]+1+1
Her sickle finds a weak spot in my armor and does
6 = 5[d6]+1
I swing my Mace and 6 = 4(d20)+1+1 miss my mark.
Combat Maneuver - Grapple.
As blood runs down her left arm, she lunges out at me with her right arm to try and grab my weapon arm. (CMB vs CMD: 13)
9 = 7[d20]+2
But her weakened body is not cooperating. As she comes in close for the grapple, I use my Bleeding Touch spell-like ability and do 3 = 3(d6) bleed damage. As she bleeds profusely from the magically induced wound, her now lifeless body slumps to the floor.
I look down at her. "Why would a Cleric aligned with a good or lawful deity align herself with a Baron that is supposedly hurting people?" I think to myself. I shrug it off and move her body next to a bookcase where it will be less likely to be seen. Then I rummage through her belongings. How many pieces of loot do I find?
3 = 4[d4]-1
Long Bow.
15 Gold Pieces.
15 Gold Pieces.
I set the Long Bow near the cheap flail and place the 30 GP in my pouch.
As I head to the first room, do I encounter any further opposition?
(2[d10]) No
I remember there are two other corridors that lead from this room. Being that I went right and found the Boy in the Forge, I'll head left this time. As I look down the corridor what do I see?
Dead end.
Well, this isn't going anywhere fast. Guess there is only one more option; the corridor directly across from the stairwell. As I approach it, what do I see?
There is a door ahead of you.
As I approach the door, do I hear any voices?
(6[d10]) Yes, but...
As I head toward the door at the end of this corridor, I can hear voices; and they don't sound happy. Is there a keyhole I can peer through?
(3[d10]) No +Event: Adversity / Investment
Insightful rogue who is as strong as you and whose motivation is to fulfill purity, produce distress, and patronize envy; who speaks of knowing madness and is focused on your the character.
As I approach the door to see if I can listen in, it bursts open and a man with two daggers at his hips bursts forth spouting something over his shoulder, "I've invested a lot of money into this operation, Baron. I'll not have you muck it up with your 'hem-haw' attitude. Sit in that chair and think about that for a while." As he looks back the way he is walking he sees me. "Who are you?" he asks as his hands go to his daggers. Without saying a word to him, I cast Doom (-2 Attack, Damage, Save, & Skill rolls) on him and ready my Heavy Mace. (Will Negates, DC 14)
10 = 11[d20]-1
He does not save against the effects of Doom.
Attack with Weapon.
The Rogue charges at me with both of his daggers drawn.
10 = 6[d20]+1+3+2-2
Although I am a Dwarf, I can be nimble on my feet. I swing my Heavy Mace 12 = 10(d20)+1+1 VS his DC of 15 and I miss as he sidesteps easily.
Defensively Cast Spell or Use Feat.
The Rogue uses his rogue talent 'Minor Magic to defensively cast flare. (concentration check DC: 15)
2 = 3[d20]+2-3
(-1 Wis + -2 Doom) Luckily for me, the Rogue is not adept at casting magic yet. Perhaps he should stick with thrusting the pointy ends of his blades into his enemies.
I make my next attack with my Heavy Mace CRIT! 22 = 20(d20)+1+1 and hear the bone crunching sound as the blunt head of my mace makes solid contact with his left leg. The bone shuddering attack does 17 = 8(d8)+8(d8)+1 damage. I hear a cry of pain as the impact knocks him back a few steps.
Attempt to Withdraw or Escape.
Feeling that he is no match for me, the Rogue attempts to withdraw from the fight. I don't want to let this happen. Can I attempt to grapple him to keep him from fleeing?
(8[d10]) Yes
I run after him and attempt to tackle his legs before he can get too far away and alert his cohorts. I roll 10 = 8(d20)+2 vs his CMD of 15 and am unable to grapple him effectively and he escapes down the corridor. Does he flee away from the room or towards it? (d6 = even: toward, odd: away)
4 = 4[d6]
He runs toward the room where the Baron supposedly is. I run after him. Is the Baron in this room?
(7[d10]) Yes +Event: Expose / Extravagance
As I enter the room, I see the Baron tied to a chair. This exposes the possibility that the Baron may not have had anything to do with the potions and that it was all an extravagant plan with him as a scapegoat. Is there anyone else in this room beside the Baron and me?
(7[d10]) Yes, but... +Event: Punish / Advice
Is it the Rogue?
(8[d10]) Yes
(Sneak Attack)
22 = 18[d20]+1+3+2-2
I feel a sharp pain in my back as I hear, "You should have stayed out of my affairs." The Rogue's Sneak Attack does
8 = 2[d4]+1+5[d6]
Damage. Without spinning around I grab my talisman and release a blast wave of negative energy, hoping the Rogue wasn't able to drink a real healing potion. (Will DC: 14 for 1/2 Damage)
1 = 2[d20]-1
He is not able to save against the blast wave and takes 6 = 6(d6) damage. Was the Rogue able to drink a healing potion?
(1[d10]) No, and...
Due to the careless nature of the Rogue, he takes the full brunt of the release of negative energy and falls to the floor, dead. his carelessness and lack of being prepared led to his downfall.
I walk over to the Baron with my weapon still drawn. "Are you responsible for the fake healing potions being sold out of your estate?"
(1[d10]) No, and...
With a flurried shake of his head he gasps, "N- No! I would never do anything to hurt the fine people of West Moore. As their chosen leader they put their faith in me and I will always uphold that. I have been kept down here against my will." (Sense Motive) DC will be:
9 = 4[d20]+5
I roll 23 = 17(d20)+7 and determine that the Baron is telling me the truth. I put my Mace back on it's hook on my belt and untie him. "Thank you." He says "Now, I need to track down all of those bad potions and destroy the lab in the other room."
I look at the Rogue on the floor and decide to check his pockets. How much loot do I find?
1 = 2[d4]-1
5 Platinum Pieces.
I take the 5 platinum and drop it in my coin pouch.
I turn to the Baron, "I hope you are true to your word. I would hate to have to come back here to bash your skull in." The Baron gives me a worried, yet reassuring look and says, "Don't worry master Dwarf, I am not a bad man. I was simply used for my position. A folly that I will not allow to happen again. I intend to double if not triple the guard around my estate."
As the Baron turns to leave, he stops and turns to me, "You've done me a great service today. I must repay you in kind. Come to my estate tomorrow, after I have had a chance to recuperate and I will reward you."
"Thank you, Baron, that would be appreciated." I ponder a moment as he's about to walk out the door of his holding room. "By chance, do you have a female cook that works in your kitchens?" I ask him.
(7[d10]) Yes
He stops, "Yes, I do. Why?" I look at him. "When I was looking for you, I was caught by her at the back door. When she asked me what I was doing there I tried to lie and tell her I dropped off the vials. She told me they had been dropped off the day prior. Could it be that she is in on this conspiracy?"
(10[d10]) Yes, and...
A look of distress plays across the Baron's face. "So that's how they got me..." He ponders a moment then looks at me. "The last thing I remember before waking up in this place was receiving a report that almost all of my guards had fallen ill as I was sitting down to eat dinner." He pauses. "I may have another task for you, Master Dwarf."
I I look up at him, "Please, call me Rhevaan." I check my Mace, "Let's go."
AS we head toward the entrance to the underground, do we meet any opposition?
(9[d10]) Yes
Unsupportive outlaw who is slightly stronger than you and whose motivation is to steal legends, embrace science, and assist nature; who speaks of scheming obscurity and is focused on your last action.
"Going somewhere?" I hear a voice say from the shadows. I look around and my eyes finally focus on a man in warrior's gear in a shadowy corner . He steps towards me, "I'm here to rescue the Baron, thanks for making my job easy for me. But, I can't have you coming around behind me to tell others that it was really you, now can I?" With that he draws his longsword and charges me.
14 = 6[d20]+3+3+2
AS he charges me, I am able to sidestep just in time as I draw my weapon and his attack flies just over my head (AC 18). Now it's my turn and knowing that I am in no shape to fight,I defensively cast Cure Light Wounds (Concentration DC: 17) I roll 19 = 14(d20)+3(wis)+2(level) and am able to concentrate just fine, curing myself for 9 = 7(d8)+2 HP.
Combat Maneuver - Disarm.
In an attempt to prevent me from doing damage to him, he attempts to disarm me. (CMD 13)
18 = 12[d20]+6
He successfully disarms me and my Mace clatters to the floor. I reach to pick it up. (attack of opportunity)
17 = 11[d20]+3+3
Luckily, I am spry enough to avoid his attack and I successfully pick up my mace.
Combat Maneuver - Grapple.
Seeing that I won't let my mace go, he attempts to grapple with me.
7 = 1[d20]+6
He fumbles the attempt and (using the crit/fumble generator on D20PFSRD.COM) ends up slipping and falls prone (-4 melee attack, +4 AC vs ranged, -4 AC vs melee; standing up will proc attack of opportunity)

I chuckle a bit and swing my mace down on his prone form 17 = 15(d20)+1+1 vs AC 13 = 17-4 and score a direct hit to his back and do 3 = 2(d8)+1 damage

Does the Warrior attempt to stand up?

(8[d10]) Yes

The Warrior attempts to stand up and I take an attack of opportunity 20 = 18(d20)+1+1 vs DC 17 and I hit him square in the hip doing 9 = 8(d8)+1 damage

Attack with Weapon.

He then swings his longsword in my direction

21 = 15[d20]+3+3

and makes direct contact with my left shoulder, doing

6 = 3[d8]+3

damage.  Feeling the effects of the battle with the Rogue and now his attacks, I defensively case Cure Light Wounds on myself (Concentration DC: 17) My concentration score is 19 = 14(d20)+5 and the spell goes off and I heal myself for 11 = 8(d8)+2 HP.

Defensively Cast Spell or Use Feat or Use Ability.

The Warrior is enrages that I keep healing myself and he swings his long sword in a Power Attack

20 = 15[d20]+3+3-1

and hits me in the shoulder again; doing

6 = 1[d8]+3+2

damage.  I, being out of curative spells, decide to rely on my bursts of negative energy to blast this Warrior into oblivion.  I touch my talisman and send out and blast wave of negative energy. (will save = 1/2 damage)

9 = 7[d20]+2

Unable to make his will save, the Warrior takes 5 = 5(d6) negative energy damage. At this point I can see that he is pretty weak and beat up.

Combat Maneuver - Trip.

However, the Warrior seems unfazed by this and attempts to trip me. (DC: 17 vs trip)

16 = 10[d20]+6

However, he is unable to successfully trip me.  I again unleash my blast wave of negative energy (DC 14 Will save = 1/2 damage)

8 = 6[d20]+2

Again, he cannot save against the wave of negative energy and takes the full 1 = 1(d6) damage.

Attack with Weapon.

Seeing that his maneuvers are not working he resorts to simply attacking with his longsword.

16 = 10[d20]+3+3

But, in his weakened state, is unable to make contact.  I, running out of energy (2 blasts left) decide to swing my mace 19 = 17(d20)+1+1 vs DC 17 and hit him square in the jaw dealing 8 = 7(d8)+1 damage.  With that final blow, I heard the tell-tale sound of neck bones snapping as he falls to the floor, dead.

The Baron comes out from the dead end corridor, "Is it over? Is it safe?"  I look over at him.  "Yes, it's safe."  I start to rifle through the Warrior's belongings.  How much loot do I find?

2 = 3[d4]-1

10 Copper Pieces.

15 Silver Pieces.

I place the coins in my purse and look over at the Baron.  "Before we head up to your estate, I need to rest.  These fights have taken it out of me; and with me being the only one fighting..." I glare at him, "I need to restore my spells to memory and heal up some."

He gives me a dejected look, "I'm sorry. I am not a fighter. I never was. I was always the diplomatic type; always talking my way out of fights and arguments." He look down at his feet, then back up at me. "But, I always reward those who do me great services; and you are at the top of that list." I nod and find a place to meditate for an hour or so, beseeching Pharasma for the strength to carry on.

Does anyone bother us while I am meditating?

(3[d10]) No

After a little over an hour, I have reacquainted myself with the spells I think I will need.  Although my wounds are not healed and my channeled power still feels weak, I am ready to face this would-be cook, I think.

The Baron and I head to the back door of the estate.  In anyone out in the back yard?

(3[d10]) No

As we approach the back door, I ready my mace and peer into the window. Do I see anyone?

(8[d10]) Yes

Is it the cook?

(6[d10]) Yes, but...


Impatient sorcerer

As I peer through the window, I see the woman who claimed to be the cook. However, she is now wearing mages robes.  She seems to be pacing back and forth as if waiting for something or someone.  As I am watching, the Baron sneezes.  I look over at him with a scowl.  When I look back, the Mage has her mace in her hand and is casting something.  When she is done, her skin shimmers as if with an iridescent scaling and then the effect fades.  Based on my dealings with Sorcerers and Wizards, this could be Mage Armor.  Then, she casts another spell and a fog forms in the room, obscuring her from view.  I back away from the back door and get ready.

"I know you're there." she yells. With that, she kicks the door open. (initiative roll)

14 = 13(d20)+1 for me, hers is

17 = 15[d20]+2

With the distance between us, it is easy for her to start the incantation for a spell.  The next thing I know, there is a Dire Rat right next to me (initiative)

23 = 20[d20]+3

The Dire Rat lunges at me to bite at my ankles

20 = 20[d20]

CRIT! and scores a critical hit (using D20PFSRD.COM Crit Generator) Hand Wound Normal damage and 1d2 Dex damage. -4 penalty on all rolls using that hand until healed. d2 dex damage:

3 = 3[d4]

2 dex damage; which hand (1-2 left [holding shield]; 3-4 right [holding weapon])

1 = 1[d4]

and does

4 = 4[d4]

damage plus filth fever (DC 11, Fortitude save) 12 = 8(d20)+4 of which I save.  This rat ain't no joke.  I swing my Mace to hit it 20 = 19(d20)+1 vs DC 14 hitting it in the back and deal 7 = 6(d8)+1 damage, killing it instantly.

Attack with Weapon.

She raises her Wand of Magic Missile and fires

2 = 1[d4]+1

2 damage from Magic Missile to me.  Before I charge in, I decide to cast Cure Light Wounds on myself.  Being out of melee combat and not presently taking damage, I successfully cast it, healing 10 = 8(d8)+2 HP.

Defensively Cast Spell or Use Feat or Use Ability.

She starts casting a spell (DC: 14 Will save negates)

Will save: 17 = 11(d20)+6 I successfully shrug off the effects of a sleep spell.  But it's time to shut this arcane spell caster down.  I charge in 7 = 3(d20)+1+1+2 vs AC 16 and I miss with my attack.

Attack with Weapon.

Being too close for much else, she attacks with her mace

23 = 20[d20]+1+2

CRIT! (using D20PFSRD.COM Crit Generator) Off Balance: Normal damage and target provokes attacks of opportunity from all threatening opponents.

7 = 5[d6]+2

damage to me plus an attack of opportunity for the crit.

13 = 10[d20]+1+2

But, luckily for me, the attack of opportunity misses. I cast Doom on her (DC:14 Will save negates)

8 = 4[d20]+4

She does not save it and the effects of Doom take hold (-2 Attack, Damage, Save, & Skill rolls) [No attack of opportunity - Only one attack of opportunity per round, she already made one]

Attack with Weapon.

She swings with her mace again

14 = 13[d20]+1+2-2

but it bounces off of my breastplate.  I swing my heavy mace around 21 = 19(d20)+1+1 vs DC 16 and hit her in the chest dealing 6 = 5(d20)+1 damage.

Attempt to Withdraw or Escape.

Feeling the blow of my mace staggers her a bit and she attempts to flee.  I attempt a trip maneuver to stop her from leaving. 15 = 13(d20)+2 vs CMD 15 I successfully trip her and keep her from escaping.

Cast Spell or Use Feat or Use Ability.

She stands up (attack of opportunity from me) I attempt to swing at her 7 = 5(d20)+1+1 and I miss completely.

She starts casting another spell [only one attack of opportunity per round] (DC: 17 Concentration check)

7 = 2[d20]+2+3

but she is unable to finish the spell because I interrupt her. I swing my mace again4 = 2(d20)+1+1 vs DC 16 and she is able to easily side step.

Attack with Weapon.

She again swings her mace

19 = 16[d20]+1+2

and hits me in the shoulder dealing

8 = 6[d6]+2

damage which sends me into negative HP and I collapse to the ground. Will she continue to attack me?

(3[d10]) No

It is at this point she spots the Baron peering from around the corner of the estate. "YOU!" she exclaims. "How did you escape?" she starts walking toward the Baron.

At this time, I cast stabilize on myself. Does she notice me?

(2[d10]) No

As she continues to walk toward the Baron, I cast Cure Light Wounds on myself, healing myself for 8 = 6(d8)+2 HP leaving me with 5 HP and no more healing spells in memory.  I look over at the Mage.  Is she within 30 feet?

(9[d10]) Yes

I touch my talisman and release a blast wave of negative energy that radiates out 30 feet.  (DC: 14 will save = 1/2 damage)

8 = 4[d20]+4

She fails her save and takes the full 5 = 5(d6) negative energy damage.  She staggers a bit and then turns around to see me starting to stand up with a smirk on my face.  "I'm not that easy to kill, lass."

Attack with Weapon.

She raises her hand with the wand of magic missile and fires, dealing

2 = 1[d4]+1

damage to me. I stagger a bit and take a few steps forward and smirk as I release my last wave of negative energy in a blast around me (DC: 14 will save = 1/2 damage)

11 = 7[d20]+4

Again, she is unable to save against the blast of negative energy and suffers 3 = 3(d6) damage.  The wave rips the last remaining tendrils of life from her body and she falls lifeless to the ground.  I too, collapse to my knees as the strain of the day has definitely caught up with me.

The Baron runs over. "Are you okay?" he asks.

"I'll be fine. Don't worry.  A good nights rest, maybe two and I'll be right as rain."  I give him a sly, sheepish smile.

Are there any more enemies in or around the estate?

(2[d10]) No

The Baron goes to go into his mansion. "Wait here a second."  When he returns he has a folded piece of paper.  "This is a note to the proprietor of the Ox and Otter Inn.  She will give you meals and a room at my expense."

I take the note from him. "Thank you."

He looks at me sternly. "Now you remember to come see when you are rested.  I always pay those that help me." With that, he turns and walks back into his mansion and I start down the road to the inn.  But first, I check the Mage.  Does she have any loot?

2 = 3[d4]-1


2 Platinum Pieces.

I leave the staff and put the platinum pieces in my pouch.

I start back down the path toward the center of town and think, "I need a bath"

(End of session) Experience: Enemies: 3, Hordes: 0, Quests/Assists: 1, Days: 1

30 = 3[d6]+6[d6]+3[d6]+6[d10]+12[d20]

Experience gained: 30 x 10 = 300, LEVEL UP! Level 3

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