Classic Fantasy Pathfinder Dwarf Ranger
Assassinate the leader of the beautiful dungeon.
Healthy Human poet
It be days like today that I regret placing me name on the bounty board at the tavern. Normally, I wouldn' delve inna dungeons an' perform tasks for the townsfolk. But, the coin be good for this job; and I be running low.
As I stated, Dwarven Rangers don't like to be goin' underground too offen. We be lookin' to the sky more offen than not. But, a bounty be a bounty. I been told there be a human bard in this cavern and he be up to no good. Time ta see what can be done about it.
*As I approach the mouth of the cave, do I see anyone?
(6[d10]) Yes, but...
Famous Half-orc noble
As I approach the mouth of the cave, I sees Count Korvath at the mouth. It seems he be headed into the cave and he be bringin' some supplies.
*I follow him inside (Stealth vs Perception)
My Stealth
34 = 19[d20]+15
Versus his perception
26 = 14[d20]+12
He be clearly oblivious to me.
*Which way does the corridor go?
Continues Straight with a door on right.
*Does he go to the door?
(2[d10]) No
Continues Straight with a door on left and right.
*Does he enter either of these doors?
(4[d10]) No
Do I see anyone else?
(3[d10]) No
There is a door ahead of you.
I hang back and wait for him to go through.
After a moment I head to the door, crack it open and peer in.
Protected castle
I see
2 = 1[d4]+1
two guards standing watch before a wrought iron gate.
*Are they looking in the direction of the door I am at?
(9[d10]) Yes
I not be into killin' folk that I dunno if they be good or bad; but I be needin' to take care of that bard and these folks be in me way.
I unsling me bow (Composite Longbow +2 of Flaming Burst +2) and knock an arrow.
*I aim for the one on the left. What's his flat-footed AC?
14 = 19[d20]-5
I draw back and loose me arrow.
20 = 1[d12]+19
Hit, dealing
10 = 5[d8]+5
10 damage plus
6 = 6[d6]
6 flaming damage.
Attack with Weapon.
Both guards ready their swords and charge in for the attack. As they do, I stow my longbow and ready my Dwarven Longhammer +1.
Initiative rolls. Me
15 = 8[d20]+7
Guard 1
20 = 18[d20]+2
Guard 2
10 = 8[d20]+2
*Looks like it will be guard 1, me, then guard 2
He swings his first attack
22 = 17[d20]+3+2
does not beat my AC of 24
I make an all-out attack and swing at guard 1 (the one I shot earlier)
16 = 3[d20]+13
But I fall short of his 18 AC. With my second attack
17 = 9[d20]+8
I, again, fall short. Now guard 2 will attack.
21 = 16[d20]+3+2
But he does not connect.
Combat Maneuver - Grapple.
Guard 1 tries to grab a hold of me.
18 = 10[d20]+8
I easily shrug it off with my CMD of 27
I attempt a vital strike on guard 1
20 = 7[d20]+13
and I connect, dealing
17 = 4[d6]+3[d6]+1[d6]+5[d6]+4
17 damage.
Attack with Weapon.
Guard 2 will try to attack me
12 = 9[d20]+3
but does not hit.
Use Su or Ex Ability.
Guard 1 rages and uses Terrifying Howl, DC 17
13 = 5[d20]+8
Unfortunately, I failed my will save and begin to flee. Attacks of opportunity.
11 = 3[d20]+8
Guard 1 misses
21 = 18[d20]+3
Guard 2 also misses.
I run me little arse back the way I came. I will have to gather me wits about meself and try again in the morn'. I be stubborn, and this bounty is looking really good; ifen I can get past that blasted barbarian and his fighter buddy. I be back again tomorrow.
I really like the accent. It gives the character a unique feel. Unfortunately I haven't played the D20 so the combat is a bit vague for me, but the introduction, and the small comment that kept me reading.
I'm interested how the Dwarf counters the abilities of the guards.

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