Classic Fantasy Playtest of a Procedural Hexcrawl Day1
Heyo! This is my solo playthrough of the procedural hexcrawl I've been working on. It's almost entirely built off of random dice tables I've found or created myself. I play it as an exploration based, strategy, worldbuilding game. The system is pretty straightforward, although complex in it's diversity. I start with ONLY humans, and ONLY Fighters, Rangers, and Rogues. Everything else I can unlock through in game mechanics. Whether that's by befriending a group of Goblins or finding Dwarves in the mountains. It works kind of like a "prestige" system wherein every time you die, you can potentially start stronger characters. I also play it as a kingdom building game and focus on strategy and resource management. My own personal D&D meets Civ.

Each hex is 6 miles, and I make 3 checks per hex. One while entering, one while in it, and one while leaving it. For ease of tracking I make each check take an hour. The things I can roll include Nothing, Combat, Encounters/random events, Resources, and Exhaustion. The world slowly fleshes itself out as I explore, and it's uniquely dependent on the Combats, Resources, and Encounters I roll.
Okay here goes!

Ahmir and his 3 adult children, Amora, Lachlan, and Rowan - along with a small crew, have left home in search of adventure. From a similar setting to medieval Earth, they set sail on their grand voyage. After months at sea, and many drunken debates over whether they'd ever even find land, the tall pines came into focus, like magnificent spears stabbing into the sky. The points of the trees met with dark rolling clouds and skin-stinging rain. At last, they had found their new home. Attempting to make landfall, however was risky. The violent waves and heavy rain turned catastrophic as the ship was slammed into the rocky coast, and rendered useless-at least for travel. The first few days were spent altering the ship to become the new town or base of operations.

This is the story from here on:

Weather Check: Clear-Hot-light breeze. The blistering sun climbs quickly and shines through a cloudless blue sky, the only refuge being the light occasional breeze.

7AM: The family eat a breakfast together on the rocks near the beached ship. Discussing the plans for the day.

7:30AM: Ahmir and Lachlan discuss the best course of action as Rowan and Amora sharpen their blades.

D6-1 for direction. South East.

8AM: The group snuffs the fire, gather their supplies, and head out.

Hexgen: Fungal infested forest

9AM:Travel Check: (Nothing)

Lachlan notices the bright pink/red striped mushrooms everywhere. Ahmir and Lachlan warn the party not to eat random mushrooms.

10AM: Travel Check: Combat: Random page in MM (Goristro)
(LOL of course I run into a CR17 first encounter.)
Roll distance/visibility check: 120feet away, don't notice each other. THANK GOD!

11AM: Travel Check(Nothing)

12PM: Travel Check: Encounter: A Viking has slain his friends. He says the armor he wears is cursed and made him do it. “Kill me, before I kill you too.” as he fights back tears and makes his way towards you. A dark spirit does reside within the armor.

Here I just played out combat using a battlemap and tokens. This is just the write up

T1: As the man moves towards the group, they all instinctively draw their bows. The man doesn't stop and so Amora releases her arrow, sticking him in his left shoulder. He howls in pain but thanks her and presses forward. Ahmir releases his arrow next sticking him in his right shoulder. A second howl from the deranged man. His face contorts, snaps both arrows and he attempts to throw two daggers at Ahmir and both miss. Lachlan fires off his arrow in a fit of rage and it sinks into his left breast. Rowan unsheathes his sword and rushes forward swinging the blade. The steel meets his exposed arm, leaving a deep gash.

T2: Amora fires another arrow and it misses narrowly sticking into a tree behind the man. The man's eyes roll back in his head, as his face continues to twist, he grabs his scimitar and swings at Rowan slicing him from shoulder to ribs. A second strike follows immediately as he ducks and his blade finds Rowans left leg. Rowan reels in pain, the man smiles devilishly as he releases a dagger from his hand hitting Rowan square in the chest. Rowan's body slumps heavily against the ground, crunching the leaves as he lands. Ahmir screams in fear of his son. Lachlan goes to fire another shot, but seeing his brother fall limp, he stumbles and 3 arrows spill onto the ground. Rowan's eyes struggle to open, barely holding on.

T3: Amora now shaking from rage, fires a well placed arrow sticking the man in his stomach. He keels over from the impact. Ahmir inspired by Amora's shot fires his own. It misses, flying off into the distance. The bearded man slowly raises his head, now home to a smile that isn't quite human. His head cocks and he grabs 2 daggers from his belt, unleashing them so fast it may have been one throw. Both daggers collide with Amora's chest and her body goes limp. Lachlan gracefully grabs one of the arrows off the ground and a second later it sticks the man a second time in the stomach. He howls and falls to one leg. Rowans eyes open as he coughs up some blood.

T4: Ahmir screams as he watches two of his children fall to the ground. He rushes forward blindly in a mad rage swinging his short sword. The man ducks to avoid the strike, but Ahmir is ready with a dagger in his left hand which finds the underside of the man's jaw. He thrusts the blade further into the skull of the man before pulling it out violently. His heavy body thudding against the ground. Ahmir rushes to Rowan's aid, and then promptly checks on Amora. Doing everything he can to stabilize his children.
Yikes. That was tough!

12-3PM: Ahmir spends a few hours tending to the wounds of his family, who all eventually come to. Although in rough shape. They survived. While Amora and Rowan rest, Lachlan and Ahmir search the bodies of the fallen. (D4+1 dead vikings) 4.
(I randomly rolled on my humanoid loot tables that I pieced together.)

The first body had only 2 coins, 1sp and 1cp.

The second body had, what at first seems like a smooth, polished stone turns out in fact to be a cameo [4 gp]. The cameo portrays an elven maiden, her long hair cascading over her shoulders and a tiger lily positioned by her ear. The glass is deep green, changing to chalky white where the image is carved. [Total 4 gp]

A ransom note from a kidnapper who has their family held hostage with a looming deadline and a crazy task to accomplish. (Uh, WHAT?!)
The third body had 6sp, 12cp, and 4gp.
And the fourth had a pair of beeswax candles [1 cp each], perfumed with lavender, have been jammed carelessly into a pocket. The candles were originally shaped like dancing girls, but as they have burned down, the wax has deformed the 'dancers' strangely. Only the legs and hips remain clearly defined. [Total 0.02 gp]

As well as 2 Platinum Pieces, 1 Gold Pieces, 4 Silver Pieces, and 4 Copper Pieces

They also had 1 scimitar, 3 short swords and 4 daggers.

The party took a short rest and healed up using their hit die.

4PM: Ahmir and his family decide to head back to the ship for the evening. The sun is going to set soon. And shelter - I'm sure, is vital!
The party travels South West towards the coast.

Hexgen: Forest
(Does the fungus continue in this hex?) No.
The fungus doesn't seem to grow here. Lachlan is pleased as he thought the entire forest may have been infested.

Travel Check: Resource(plant)(Fairy Bells): A leafy green plant that springs up in clusters, the majority of the plant is rather uninteresting, save for the violet flowers that seem to bloom almost year-round. When the wind blows through the flowers, their seeds rattle around inside and create a curious ringing sound, much like tiny bells. Many rural children enjoy picking them and weaving the flowers into their garments, which then jingle as they run and twirl. There is also a legend that the sound of the flowers ward away evil spirits, a legend that is partially true. Any fiend must make a DC 15 Constitution save in order to approach within 10 feet of the fairy bells or anyone wearing them.


Amora spots a small cluster of leafy green plants with beautiful violet flowers. The wind blowing through these causes the seeds inside to move around creating a quiet, almost bell-like ringing sound. She's rather amused, and after a long, hard, day she picks the flowers, figuring she can plant the seeds by the ship to add some color to an otherwise dark situation.

5PM: Travel Check: Nothing.

6PM: Travel Check: Exhaustion. One of Rowans wounds opens up causing the party to stop for 1d2 hours(2).

8PM: Travel Check: Encounter
The party stumble upon a massive mushroom with a wide, flat top. Only the top is visible, and the rest is below ground. It will slowly rise from the the ground when it thinks no one is watching. If something looks at it while it is extended, it will quickly slam back into the ground.

The party makes note of it and agrees to check it out tomorrow. It's getting late.

9PM: The party get back to the ship. Amora unloads the weapons and loot into their storage. Ahmir cooks while Rowan and Lachlan write about their days journey.

10PM: The party sleeps.

That's day one! Here is the map that Lachlan has been drawing as they explore. I've already got 3 days played so I will post the others soon! Thanks for reading! Smile
What a game! Very cool so far. It seems like this is the sort of concept that requires passion, diligence and skilled interpretation of what the dice end up doing. You don't appear to be lacking in any of those. Please keep up the good work.

Would be curious to (at some point down the line) see more information on the tables you've fashioned and the statistics of the main characters, etc.

Thanks for posting this Smile
This is really good. Also looking forward to new installments.
(11-27-2020, 11:51 PM)takenotes Wrote: What a game! Very cool so far. It seems like this is the sort of concept that requires passion, diligence and skilled interpretation of what the dice end up doing. You don't appear to be lacking in any of those. Please keep up the good work.

Would be curious to (at some point down the line) see more information on the tables you've fashioned and the statistics of the main characters, etc.

Thanks for posting this Smile
Thanks! It definitely takes a bit of creativity and narrative to justify or add some realism to the prompts the tables provide. I think connecting the unconnected dots is my favourite part though!
(12-18-2020, 02:02 PM)beardedinlair Wrote: This is really good. Also looking forward to new installments.
Thank you!

Apologies on the prolonged silence, it's been a whirlwind of a few weeks. I also unfortunately lost the character sheets due to computer issues, but shouldn't be too big of a problem 

Day 2:

Weather Check: Cold-Heavy Rain-Heavy Wind  
A cold heavy rain drowns the camp. The relentless downpour met with equally heavy winds creating a thunderous sound within the ship. The wood of Stormark creaking in the wind, driving the party mad with worry.

10AM: Party sleeps in, and eats together in the hull of Stormark. Morale is low. Lachlan staring blankly at his plate just pushing the rations around with the broken fork. "I'm sick of these trail rations. I want a juicy steak." he says. Everyone nods in agreement.

11AM: Party decides it's safer to remain inside until the storm passes.

12PM: Encounter Check: Nothing

1PM: Amora challenges Rowan to a game of cards. Does he play?(yes, and..)

Rowan calls Ahmir and Lachlan over to join them. Does the game last long? (No, because...)Does she win every hand? (Yes)

The game doesn't last long as Amora seems to win every hand which drives the other's morale lower.

2PM: Lachlan, Rowan and Ahmir take a nap. Amora twirls one of the purple fairy bells she collected in her hands as she stares out one of the holes in the ship. The occasional wind blowing rain drops on her unwavering face.

5PM: Party eats rations again as they still can't cook. They discuss how important it is to set up some new and stronger shelter in the very new future. Lachlan wants to travel south out of the Fungal Forest and find a better place to call home. They agree to go scout the land further as soon as possible.

6PM: The group play cards again. Does Amora win every time again? (Yes, because..) Is she cheating? No.
Amora wins every time again. She knows how to play the best, but Rowan and Lachlan think she's cheating.

9PM: Party sleeps.

(No map updates)

Pretty uneventful day due to the weather. Following up with Day 3 immediately!
Day 3

Weather Check: Warm-Clear skies-Light Breeze

Ahmir awakes first with a sigh of relief as he hears the chatter of morning birds, and the absence of rain. Does he go fishing to have some food for his kids? (Yes, and...) And he's successful? Yes. 
The other's soon join him outside as the smell of grilled fish waft through Stormark. The light breeze and warm air greeting each of them.

7AM: The party enjoy a fresh catch of fish and survey the ship for any structural damage. Is there any damage? (No) Luckily, it seems crashing into the rocks the day prior may have saved the ship, and the party, from further disaster.

7:30AM: The party gather their supplies, bringing a few extra daggers and Amora grabs one of the purple fairy bells and tucks it behind her ear. They discuss which way to travel.

D6-1 for direction

North East.

HexGen: Hills into Mountains!

8AM: Travel Check: Landmark

In the center of this wintry taiga, three rivers meet at the edge of a cliff. Because of the centuries-long experiments of an eccentric elven wizard living here, the water falls up instead of down, floating toward the sky before crystallizing as snow and falling on a distant village (whose citizens are beginning to suspect that it isn’t normal to be buried in snow year-round).

Does party see town? No.
Does the party see the water rising? No.

Lachlan marks the 3 rivers and terrain on his map, and the party follows the river to the North West away from the mountains.

9AM: Travel Check:Exhaustion/rest

Ahmir stops to fill up all the waterskins and have a snack. The other's sit by the river's edge chatting. 1d2 hours (1)

10AM: HexGen: Hills/Mountains

Travel Check: Resource>>crop

Elvish Galingale grows to about four feet in height. It has a triangular stem on which grows a tuft of grass like flowers. The roots are boiled and left to stand for a week and the resulting decoction is then drunk. This herb increases the flow of blood. This is very useful when a person is cold. However, if a person is bleeding, either internally or externally, or is wounded it will double the speed of loss of blood. Its effect lasts 1d6+1 hours.

The party decide to continue on and walk through the tall plants along the river's edge.

11AM: Travel Check: Encounter
As the characters are crossing a streambed or valley, a flash flood bursts upon the area. Characters must make a DC12 Survival check to get to a safe location.

The party hot from the days travel decide to take a swim in the river. Rising waters swallow the group almost instantly, the current increasing by the second. Lachlan and Ahmir's experience in the field as Rangers, pays off as they both grab hold of rooted plants and pull themselves towards dry ground.

Amora and Rowan tumble relentlessly as they get swept up by the rising current. Amora focuses and grabs hold of a large log protruding from the riverbed. She maneuvers herself gracefully as she retreats from the water. Rowan, isn't so lucky. He takes a large mouthful of water, choking, he panics and gets swept under hitting his shoulder hard on a rock.(1d6 blunt damage)(4)

Lachlan quickly grabs his rope and throws one end to his brother. Sleight of hand DC 12 (2). Lachlan's anxiety building more and more, as he throws the rope and it lands nowhere near Rowan. Ahmir rushes over and grabs the rope aggressively from Lachlan, reeling it in quickly. "Hold on, boy!" He shouts as he tosses one end of the rope towards his son. Sleight of hand DC12(23). The rope lands directly in Rowan's outstretched hands. Lachlan and Amora join Ahmir in pulling Rowan to safety. STR check 13 with advantage.(22)

Rowan climbs to the safety of the shore and lies on his back gasping for air. Did the rock cut his shoulder? (Yes, because..) Did it puncture his armor?(Yes.)

He reaches across his chest to find a small gash across the front of his shoulder. Precisely right where one of the straps for his armor, used to be.

The party stop for a short rest to eat, heal and catch their breath. Rowan grabs his rope out of his bag and cuts off a small portion to temporarily fix his armor.

2PM:Travel Check: Landmark
This plain has been magically cultivated into rambling fey gardens. The orchards and vineyards are kept by a herd of centaurs, that keep the lawns clipped uniformly. Great, multicolored, flightless birds roam leisurely through the gardens as their personal paradise.

The party climb to the top of a rather large hill and see meticulously kept gardens. The party are awe-struck, admiring the beauty of the enormous colorful birds walking amongst the large fruit bearing trees and plants and flowers of all colors.

Do they see the Centaurs? (Yes.)

Ahmir is cautious but Rowan and Lachlan are eager to meet these new species of horse men.

Are there any close by they can talk to? (No, but..) But do they seem friendly? (Yes, and..) And do they notice us? (Yes.) Do they come over? (Yes, and..) Does Lachlan introduce himself? (Yes.)

3 towering men with the body of horses lightly trotted towards the party. Ahmir seems on edge, and concerned but Lachlan introduces himself. "Greetings, friends. I, am Lachlan of House Stormark. This is my Father, Ahmir, and my siblings, Amora and Rowan." 

Do they respond? (Yes, but...) Can we understand them? (No, because..) They're speaking a different language? (Yes.)

Amora recognizing the language barrier, steps forward and pulls the violet flower from behind her ear, looking down at it, then up at the lead Horseman before reaching out to give him the flower.
Does he take it? (Yes.)

A light breeze blows through the hills, causing the small purple flower to ring. (Does it scare him?) No.

How well does he take it? CHA check for Amora. 10

He smiles and says something she doesn't understand. Amora smiles back, gives a small nod, and then turns and walks towards her family. "Let's go. We can build this friendship over time."
The party nods a farewell at the Horsemen and turn to leave for home.

(1d2 hours)2

4PM: Travel check: Nothing.

5PM: Travel Check: Exhaustion..
The party stop to eat a quick meal. Lachlan doesn't want rations. Does he find any food around? (No) He sighs and eats the rations.
Short rest.(1d2 hours)2

7PM:Travel check: Nothing.

8PM: The party reach Stormark just as the sun is setting. They have a quick snack while Amora teaches the others a new game of cards.

9PM: Sleep.

Lachlan's Updated Map:
[Image: WHCHAVM.jpeg]
Day 4

Weather check: Overcast, No Rain, Light Wind, Normal Temp

The party wakes to the sounds of waves gently lapping against the side of Stormark.

6AM: Lachlan and Ahmir get up a little earlier than Amora and Rowan. Motivated to find some meat for breakfast. They stay close to camp, hunting for small game, and keeping an eye out for anything they can forage along the way.

Are they successful in hunting?(No, but...)Do they set a few traps? (Yes, but..) The traps are too small for any large game.

They hunt for about an hour looking for any evidence of wild animals, but come up empty. Ahmir suggests setting up a few traps that they can check later tonight. (1d4 traps =2)

Do they find anything worth foraging on the way back?(No, because..)Everything has been gathered this close to camp? (Yes)

Ahmir and Lachlan make their way back to camp, start a small fire and wake the remaining party members.

7AM: The party eat rations again, noting that they only have a few days worth each remaining. They discuss the days plans - Lachlan is adamant about finding a better food source today, and suggests travelling south along the coast, out of the fungal covered area of the woods. The other's agree and they gather up their supplies to head out.

8AM: Travel Check: Resouce>Common Plant>> Duskwood: Black-barked tree that grows 60-ft tall in tightly spaces groves, featuring small branches and smoky grey wood that's strong as iron but half the weight. Items crafted from duskwood require master-craftwork of a nature check of 25+. (No reason for the party to know this yet, so they continue on.)

9AM: Travel Check: (Nothing)

10AM: Travel Check: Exhaustion - The party stop for a snack. Lachlan refuses to eat, and instead looks for tracks. (Survival check: 2. Yikes.) He sees nothing in the area. (1d2+1 hours)2

12PM: Travel Check: landmark
While resting Ahmir leans against a weeping tree. It sounds in a yawning creak of wood as the roots unearth themselves. It moves slightly back causing Ahmir to tip slightly over. ‘Pardon me, small one, your blade was poking me.’

Ahmir scrambles away backwards "Wha - Who - D - Did you just talk?!"

The large tree chuckles to herself, causing a small barrage of leaves to fall around the party. "Indeed I did Human, indeed I did. My name is Oakeneye, and this land", her large branches spread open like outstretched arms, "has been my home for many winters."

Ahmir gets up to his feet, his eyes never leaving the now visible face high up in the bark of the tree. He nods in respect towards the towering entity, "I apologize, for Oakeneye, we are not from this land. I am Ahmir of House Stormark, and these are my children; Amora, Lachlan and Rowan. We arrived within the last week, and we hope to call this land home. However, we know not of the mysteries of this world and would be quite grateful to forge new friendships."

Oakeneye raises one of her green mossy eyebrows in curiosity. "Hmm, I have not heard of House Stormark, but I'm happy to offer you passage through my grove. As long as you respect the forest, and it's inhabitants - you are welcome here," there's a slight pause before she flashes a barky smile and adds "friends."

Lachlan realizing this is the first opportunity to learn something about this land, speaks up. "Oakeneye, our food sources are depleting rather quickly since we arrived here. Do you happen to know of any nearby towns or villages?"

(Yes, because..) There are more than one? (Yes.)

Oakeneye leans a little closer to the party before saying, "Worry not young one, there are many budding settlements near by."

(d4+2 nearby settlements) 3.

First settlement: name: Harkenrim (distance:1d8 hexes=2)
Second settlement: name: Crystalgate(distance 1d8 hexes= 7)
Third settlement name: Shortowne (Distance: 1d8 hexes=5)

"Harkenrim is the closest, you'll find it to the east only a few miles. Shortowne is to the South - you'll find it if you follow the coast. And Crystalgate is even further east than Harkenrim. I personally have not traveled that far, but have heard many tales of the gleaming entrance and the beauty it holds."

Lachlan turns to the party and suggest they head to Harkenrim instead of following the coast. "We can stock up on food and perhaps even get a rest in a real bed."

The party agrees, excited by the idea of both a good meal, and a good sleep. They say farewell to their new friend and head South East.

1PM: Hexgen: Hills

Travel check: A deep pond or freshwater lake.

2PM: Travel check: Resouce: uncommon plant = Bloodpurge

Floating on the surface of fresh water, the plant consists of a cluster of broad, waxy leaves, and a single root that trails down into the water. The leaves are a bright green with red capillaries. During the warmer months a bright red flower sprouts from the top. Drying the plant causes it to turn into a flaky powder, which is often used in a distilled tincture to neutralize minor poisons. A single dose of Bloodpurge powder costs about 15 gold pieces, making the plant quite valuable.
(Again, no reason for the party to know this so they continue on.)

3PM: Travel check: A small cluster of blue gems breaks the surface of a stone wall, trying to pry them out scatters the small swarm of sapphire scarabs.

The party spot a 12 foot high stone cliff, with what appear to be many small blue gems dotting the face. (do they try to take the gems? No, and..) and they notice it wasn't gems, but in fact was blue scarabs? Yes.

Lachlan does a quick sketch of one of the beetles and they continue North East towards Harkenrim.

4PM: Hexgen: Mountains

Travel Check: While moving through a river a few faintly glowing leeches attach themselves, but it’s not blood they’re draining but magic itself.

As the party wade through a shallow river, dimly glowing yellow leeches attach themselves to the party. Unsure of what these things are they remove them but see no blood. (No magic to drain)They make note of it and agree to ask people in Harkenrim about both the Yellow Leeches and the Blue Scarabs.

5PM: Travel check! Combat encounter: Page 246 in MM. (1d4) 2 Orcs! NPC notices PC. (do they ambush? Yes.)

T1: The party continue walking along the river's edge. Ffffft, Fffft, two javelins come flying out of the woods from the north narrowly missing their targets. The parties attention is drawn to the area where the javelins came from, and they see two large towering, brutish looking creatures rushing towards them with giant axes drawn.

Ahmir draws his bow and grabs an arrow. He fumbles in fear dropping the arrow, terrified of these unknown monsters. Amora quickly unsheathes her rapier and thrusts forward towards one of the attackers. He deflects the blow easily with his axe, while an evil grin spreads across his scarred face. Rowan roars in anger, lunging forward, striking with both his Shortsword and his Handaxe. The skillful opponent blocks the first strike and dodges the second, leaving both attackers laughing. Lachlan moves away from the group, taking aim with his longbow. His arrow finds it's target, sinking deep into the exposed breast of one of the creatures, immediately removing the smile from both of the foes. The wounded orc screaming in pain, swings his axe wildly towards Amora. The arrow protruding from his chest getting in the way of his natural swing, allowing Amora to dodge the axe gracefully. The second orc follows suit swinging his axe towards Amora as she's evading. The axe slices across her belly, blood spraying everywhere. She screams in agony, as fear spreads across her usually stoic face.

T2: Ahmir horrified at the sight of his only daughter being injured so badly takes careful aim with his bow, giving the orc a matching arrow right next to Lachlan's first. The orc roars angrily in pain as he clutches the area on his chest where two arrows now protrude.

Amora fighting through the pain, swings her rapier which leaves a clean slice across the injured orc's throat. The cut being so clean that at first she was not sure it made contact, until his head hinged backwards exposing a gash halfway through his neck. The gargle and choking slowly turning to silence as Rowan swings his two weapons again at the remaining enemy. The axe is easily blocked by the orc, but he was not expecting the shortsword to follow. It finds it's mark as he plunges the sword deep into the creature's torso. Howling in pain he turns to flee, while clutching his stomach. Lachlan notches another arrow and takes careful aim before releasing. FTT the arrow flies past the orc, just barely missing. Lachlan curses the target under his breath and rushes towards Amora to help her. As the orc turns to flee, Amora gets an attack of opportunity and attempts to pin cushion the retreating enemy. Her blade puncture's the orc's back, stopping him immediately. With all her strength she rips the blade to the side, leaving his torso half severed. As the blade frees, she falls to her knees clutching her wounded stomach. A single tear falling down her cheek.

5:30-7PM Party rests, applies bandages and loots the orcs.

The first orc had a pouch with:

A smooth whalebone box the size of a large book[14GP]. An image of smoking men have been carved into the lid. Once opened, you discover fragrant, extremely high quality pipe weed [13 gp]. A finger-sized copper figurine [23 gp] of a goddess with the head of a tigress is buried in the tobacco. [Total 50 gp]

A small iron box [1 gp] contains a deck of tarot cards, made from thin sheets of ivory [49 gp]. The cards are nicely painted and most of them feature illustrations of people with the heads of dogs or jackals. Looking carefully, you notice that the card known as ‘Death’ is missing. [Total 50 gp]

The second only had a small coin pouch with 2GP, 1SP, and 19CP, and an intricately carved fork with two tines.

Lachlan takes the fork, Amora takes the tarot cards, and Ahmir takes the pipe weed. They split the coins evenly and head towards the town of Harkenrim.


I will generate/populate Harkinrim, and other towns using

I will then update to World Anvil for anyone who want's to learn more of the world lore. I will also be updating this over at

Lachlan's updated map:
[Image: YZEbsaN.jpg]

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