Classic Fantasy RPGSOLO Dungeon Crawl.
Corridor straight ahead.
I walk down the corridor, clutching my dagger in a shaky reverse grip. It's dark. I don't like the dark. And it's probably wet down there, I think to myself with a resigned sigh. Cold and wet are not a good combination. Unless it's hot and dry where you are. I proceed onward uncertainly.
Corridor dead-ends at a door.
There's a single door, no branching off or anything. I step carefully through after a moment's consideration.
Corridor straight ahead.
Another hallway in the same direction. I walk further along the hall, noting that the entrance to the dungeon is receding into the gloom behind, even as my eyes adjust...Let's see how far along this goes. I can always go back...Right?
Corridor dead-ends at a door.
Another door. You would think that two would be enough. But no. I open it, hesitating less than before, annoyance on my face.
There's a room, instead of a hallway! Let's see what's inside!
Rectangle 20 to 30 ft.
-2 = +0 +0 -1 -1
Empty. Nothing here at all. I proceed further into the room, shutting the door carefully behind me, scanning for other exits.
0 = -1 +0 +1 +0
There's one. I head across the room and open it...
Corridor straight ahead.
Another straight path further into the dungeon.
Stairs on left side Corridor continues.
I'll go back to the stairs later, I want to clear out this floor first.
Corridor splits at a Y.
Great, another set of choices. Left or right....
I decide to go right, the corridor looks more recently built. Marginally.
Continues straight.
I go straight along...
Stairs Corridor ends.
...until I reach stairs. I double back to where the corridor split and take the leftmost path this time.
Side passage on right corridor continues.
A side passage on the right! I decide to check it out.
Attacked by opposition.
(Generating stats 10+0+Fudge)
-1 = -1 +1 +0 -1
Health is 9, and Initiative is...
0 = +0 -1 +0 +1
Attack is...
4 = +1 +1 +1 +1
Ohhh crap.Defense?
-2 = -1 +0 -1 +0
Phew. RPI=10. BIC.
I level my dagger at the
bedraggled man in the uniform of the local militia any symbols of fealty defaced or, in some cases, ripped off entirely, leaving jagged, clumsily patched rips in the fabric. He's not wearing any armor, but he has a massive great-ax clutched in his hands--a tad unwieldy, but if it hits me I'm done for...(Rolling Initiative.)
1 = +1 +0 -1 +1
However, he's more surprised by my sudden arrival than I am by his, and I lunge forward, my dagger held out in front of me like a talisman, the point aimed for his chest...
3 = +0 +1 +1 +1
(Damage inflicted, 5 plus 0 plus 0 for item quality on my dagger, BIC.)
My dagger buries itself hungrily in his chest but is deflected by his ribcage--I rip it out, spraying blood through the air as he swings his massive axe... (Rolling Attack)
1 = -1 +0 +1 +1
His axe sinks into my shoulder and I scream in sudden pain. He pulls his weapon free in a spray of blood, sending me stumbling. I lash out nigh-blindly with my dagger in my good hand, slicing it across his chest...(Rolling attack)
0 = +0 +0 +1 -1
(Because -2 defense on opponent, I have a total of 2, plus 0, plus 0 for item quality. BICSmile
I manage to strike something or other and blood begins to flow more freely from his wounds, mirroring my own. He hefts his weapon again, bellowing with rage. (Rolling attack)
-2 = +0 -1 -1 +0
It bites deep into my flesh, severing my wounded arm at the shoulder. I cry out weakly and darkness takes me...

Note: I used roll20 for mapping purposes so I wouldn't lose track of ground I'd covered so far. I highly recommend it for anyone who's on an adventure where positioning is important. Anyhow, I died pretty early on. More dungeon exploration to follow.

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