Classic Fantasy Realms Of Adventures (Solo Outings)
Realms Of Adventures - Solo Outings Series
by Andrew 'Patriot' Jackson

The solo outing will be populated with locations and encounters from a PDF copy of Tabletop Adventures 'Bits of Darkness: Dungeons' to generate random encounters.

The character will be drawn from previous Realms Of Adventures writings - Blackbird McAllister is the author's primary character in those adventures.

The Solo Outings 'series' will allow him to practice his crafts, improve his talents, acquire interesting items, and line his pockets ... on the side!

World - High Fantasy
Attribute points - 65
Ability points - 40
Max Rank - Superhuman 5
Power Level - Average (no change to points)

Blackbird McAllister keeps well to the shadows, sitting alone at a table to the back of the balcony, against the wall of the tavern.
The hood of this human Ranger's thick cloak is pulled over his head.
The tip of his long bow is visible over his shoulder.
A large tankard sits empty in front of him, previously filled with strong ale.

Strength - Above Average
Agility - Above Average
Reflex - Above Average
IQ - Exceptional
Intuition - Above Average
Willpower - High
Toughness (S+W) - Above Average

Geography - High
Riding - High
Searching - High

Non-Descript (strength): Gains a +1 rank shift on attempts to hide, dissapear in a crowd, go unnoticed, or be overlooked (5 points)
Double Shot (strength): Gains a +1 rank shift on attempts to shoot two arrows in quick succession - does not impact targeting (5 points)

Wanted Man (weakness): Loses a -2 rank shift when in a town, tavern, or location where he is wanted (justly or unjustly) for crimes, or incidents in which he was involved (10 points)
Pretty Face (weakness): Loses a -2 rank shift to Willpower when in the presence of beauty, distracted by seductive movements, or allured by intoxicating fragrances (10 points)
Ale Aficionado (weakness): Loses a -1 rank shift to IQ when intoxicated by ale, spirits, or other alcohols - Has an attraction to ales and their distinct flavors, can't say No to drink offers (5 points)

Favor Points - 50

Flint & Steel
Healing Potion
Scroll Case - holding two scrolls
Area Legends, Lore, and History Book
Area Naturalist Journal

Light Leather
Thick Cloak

Long Bow
Silver Dagger

Fireball (scroll)
Heal Light Wounds (scroll)
Blackbird stands from the table. He has had enough to drink today. Well, for this morning anyhow.
It's time he moved on from this hamlet regardless of his desires to linger. The Sheriff of Esterwald rode through yesterday.
While no signs were posted for McAllister's arrest - the band of 'lawmen' riding with the Sheriff made last night's rest uneasy.

77 = 77[d100]

(* still in a hamlet, use TTA 'Bits of Boulevards' to Get Quest)

77. A stunningly beautiful half-elven prostitute
wanders haphazardly through the streets, clad
only in a wrapped gown of gossamer red silk.
Long chains of silver bells dangle from her elegant
ears, jingling with every step she takes. She sings
her services and prices loudly and clearly, in a
surprisingly well-trained voice. [PC s wishing to
sample her services can do so for 25 pieces of gold
per night; her name is Antali Linosen and her skills
command a premium.]

Striding out into the late-morning light, Blackbird notices a half-elven wench getting an early start to her busy day.
Passing the girl he makes eye contacts.

(* Does she acknowledge him? Non-Descript (strength) +1 RS - drop SL to 50/50 )


Blackbird get's an eye full through the thin red gossamer and moves on.
His ability to remain unseen pays off again by saving him a hefty purse full of gold. No doubt she would have been able to convince him to part with it sooner or later.

Blackbird continues on his way and ...
(* still in a hamlet, use TTA 'Bits of Boulevards' to Get Quest)

76 = 76[d100]

76. A middle aged man and another about twentyfive
years old struggle with the street's many pot
holes as they push a cart containing a wrapped
body, toward the city’s burial plot. The corpse is
bound tightly in white linen, with purple flowers
laid on the chest. For all the dignity the two
attempt to give their small procession, the corpse
jumps and threatens to spill out with every new
bump the unbalanced cart hits. The two men can't
help but laugh resignedly as they struggle to finish
their somber task. [A young man and his father are
transporting the body of his grandfather, because
they cannot afford to hire a wagon.]

Blackbird recognizes the face of the younger man from the tavern last evening.
The pain on his face has grown deeper since then, and appears now to be at a deep valley of sorrow.
The small cart continues along the street in the direction Blackbird is headed.
He feels a tug in his heart to aid the men in their grim task.

Approaching the cart, do the men allow him to help push their cart?


Bending, and holding the back edge of the cart, Blackbird heaves with all his effort and the three men get the cart moving once again.
Bump, after bump, the tiny cart makes a steady racket headed through the small hamlet.
Soon they arrive at the burial plot.

Does the father ask Blackbird to continue assisting in the burial?

No, and...

"Thank ye sire. It was kind to help push me Da' up the lane. Tis his will to be buried in the hamlet. I'd just as soon keep him in the family plot outskirts - but he was raving mad toward th' end... So terribly wracked with pain and lunacy! Ohh he thought the farm was infested with evil 'e did..."

Blackbird nods - not knowing if the old man was looney, or his son. But the look on the young man's face indicates something is certainly happening on the farm which neither the father nor grandfather knew about.

Walking away, Blackbird stops beside a throng of women haggling over the price of gourds at a farmer's cart. Nearby, the stench of a fisherman's three day old catch wafts through the air.

After some time, Blackbird notices a friar from the shack on the hill emerges. Final words are spoken, and the shrouded body is lowered into the shallow grave.
With the burial complete, the father and son head down the slight rise with their cart and begin making their way out of the small town.

Blackbird decides to follow them through town once again - now heading in the opposite direction he had previously determined to vacate this burg.

(* Does the young man notice Blackbird following?)


Leaning close to his father, the boy speaks a few words, slaps his father on the back and let's him continue on with the cart alone.
He drifts off the road to the left, and when Blackbird arrives at the point they separated, the young man is no where to be found.
Casting his eyes left and right, and back again, Blackbird is shocked that the fellow left the area so swiftly without a trace.
Suddenly, a shadow falls over Blackbird's own, and overwhelms it's cloaked shape on the rutted dirt path.

"Oy! Are ye follow'en me then?!" the young man shouts with a loud bark.
Blackbird spins in place and faces the large youth, glancing upward to find his eyes.

"Aye, I was." Blackbird admits sullenly. "I noticed you in the tavern yesterday, which lead me to help today."

"... and a help you were, sir. But now I'd kindly take my leave of thee!" the boy blurts out, cutting Blackbird off.
He moves forward through Blackbird, and rams his hefty side into the relaxed shoulder floating before him.

With a grunt, Blackbird steps aside. As the large young man puts several steps between them, Blackbird calls after him.
"What aren't you telling your father about the farm?" he shouts at the back of the young man walking away.

The figure stops. Now the massive shoulders begin to rise, and fall as the chest of the man swells.
Clearly he is breathing heavily - either in an attempt to work up his assault on this nosy stranger - or in an attempt to keep cool and silent.

(* Does the young man reveal his secret about the Family Farm? )

No, and...

He turns quickly and bolts toward Blackbird.
"What's it to ye, stranger? If you know what's best for ye - turn and walk away. Just git. You rolled into town on the wind, let it carry you away as swiftly."
His gruff tone, deep voice, and seething anger poured out onto Blackbird like waves of heat from a raging fire.
Blackbird took one step - then two more quick paces - backward, away from the man.
"Aye... " he simply said - lowering his eyes from direct contact and walking away.


Characters: Antali Linosen (half-elven prostitute), Young Man, Father, dead Grandfather

Chaos Factor: 5 (no change)

Thread: Discover the Young Man's secret hiding at the family farm.

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