Classic Fantasy Roses & Wyght - My first Solo (Adventurers!) Ch3 Posted
Intro and Setup

Game System: Adventurers!
Tools: solo engine; solo engine;; other random generators

My First Solo Game

I don't recall how, but a couple of months ago I discovered Tunnels & Trolls and their solitaire modules. While looking for other solitaire resources I ran across information about solo role-playing using various GM Engines and random generators. I really saw myself getting into that, and ended up diving in hard.

For this story, I’ve decided to use the Adventurers! game system. This is for a couple of reasons. First, I’ve never used it and I was interested in giving it a try. Second, it seemed simple enough to not get in the way of the story-telling, yet with just enough complexity to keep the game mechanics interesting.

Story Idea

While I understand much of the fun in solo roleplaying is discovering things as you go along, I have thought much about this story before actually beginning. (In fact, I'm not entirely sure how to start a session without having at least some idea of the direction in which it is going to go.). Because of that, I'll admit right up front that the first two or three chapters might be more narrative than roleplay. But I do try to throw in some randomization and I'm sure the roleplaying will pick up once I get past my initial ideas.

Character Creation

If you are not interested in all the minutiae of how I am creating my characters, feel free to skip past this section and go directly to the “Character Summary” where I will list the results and begin the proper story. Or just jump to the next post and begin the story. On to my main character.

Characters in Adventurers! have 7 stats, three assigned by the player (Strength [STR], Agility [AGI] and Mind [MND]) and 4 derived from the first three and other factors, such as weapons and armor (Attack [Att], Defense [Def], Endurance [End] and Heroism [Her]).  You are given 6 points to distribute any way you want between STR, AGI and MND. I wish to randomly assign these quantities, so I will be rolling dice.

Since I don’t want a 6, 0, 0 situation, I will begin by rolling a d5, assuring I have at least one point in another stat.

3 = 3[d5]

That leaves 3 points left to distribute.

3 = 3[d3]

That’s all my points. So my stat amounts are 3, 3, 0. Now to assign these number to stats. For the first “3” I roll a d3: 1=STR  2=AGI  3=MND

1 = 1[d3]  STR. That’s good! For the next “3”: 1=AGI  2=MND

2 = 2[d2]  MND. That leaves AGI with the final stat of “0”

Don’t worry. These stats act as roll modifiers, so a zero doesn’t mean that character has no agility, only that he doesn’t get a bonus on any agility rolls, whereas he will get bonuses on STR and MND rolls.

Now for the derived stats.

Attack (Att) depends on weapons and skills, so we will leave that blank until we have some skills and weapons.

Defense (Def) depends on AGI and is modified by armor. So his base is 0 with a modifier TBD later.

Endurance (End) is basically Hit Points. This is calculated STR+AGI+3. Our character has 6 End.

Heroism (Her) is a limited number of points a character has that can be used to either add a modifier to a roll or to completely reroll a check. This is as the lowest stat +1. Therefore, our character has 1 Her (0 AGI+1).

Next, our character gets to choose some skills. He can either have two basic skills or one advanced skill. In my backstory for this character, he is a simple villager whose life has mainly consisted of helping his father with the family business. (Random occupation generated at trap maker.  Full disclosure, the first two occupations were completely inappropriate for this character [baron, diplomat] and I discarded them.) I’m going to assume he only has basic skills. Using the list of skills from the Adventurers! rules I choose:

Crafting Appropriate for a trap maker.  
Mobility (Randomly Generated)  Mobility requires a focus and I will obviously choose mounts.

Skills allow a character to roll 3 dice instead of two and choose the two highest numbers when facing a challenge that involves that particular skill.

I think it’s about time I came up with a name. Using some lists at and a randomizer I come up with:
Bhartram Rosemight  Probably calling him Bhart.

I also need to come up with a Concept for the character. Concepts are made up of a description and an archetype, such as brave sailor. Concepts give characters advantages and other perks when they perform tasks or handle situations that relate to them. I will hold off on assigning a Concept until I flesh out Bhart’s background. Except for some filler, that about does it for Bartram. Using the same method I will roll up the other two characters and be back with the final character summaries.

[Whistling as time passes]

Character Summaries:

Bhartram Rosemight  (Diligent Trap maker)
STR:3  AGI:0  MND:3  Att:3 Sword/0 Dagger  Def:0   End:6  Her:1
Gear: Sword, Dagger, Common Clothes (Tunic, trousers, boots)
Skills: Crafting (Basic) I assigned this skill to fit Leira’s Concept, Mobility [Focus: mount](Basic) Random

Background:  Bertram is the 21-year-old son of a trap maker. He is essentially his father’s apprentice, prepared to take over the family business when his father grows old. He has one sister, Leira. Being the older brother, he is protective of his sister. In particular, he is wary of Harper Wyghtwing, a hunter who Bertram grew up with and who is interested in courting Leira. While he has no formal combat training, Bertram has learned some swordsmanship from the locals. He is a quick learner and likes to interrogate travelers who pass through the village for news and other bits of knowledge. He enjoys riding and is very adept at handling a horse. He is clean-shaven, of medium build, with a mop of shaggy brown hair.

Leira Rosemight (Charming Pickpocket)
STR:0  AG:1 MND:5  Att:1 Dagger  Def:1  End:4  Her:1
Gear: Dagger, Common Clothes (blouse, shift, leather bodice, boots)
Skills: Charisma (Basic) Assigned to fit Leira’s Concept, Perception (Basic) Random

Background: Leira is the 19-year-old sister of Bhartram Rosemight. Since their mother’s passing a couple of years ago, Leira has become the woman of the household, doing the cooking, cleaning and other chores their mother used to handle. However, she longs for excitement, always preferring to play outdoors and escape to the woods whenever she can. Another favorite hangout of hers is the local inn where she meets all types of travelers. She is slender and very attractive with tight blonde curls that fall several inches below her shoulders. She is charming an easily draws the attention of men and women alike with her personality. Over the years, she has learned to use this to her advantage, becoming a bit of a pickpocket and thief, taking small items while her “victims” are distracted. Bertram knows about this and attempts to discourage her, but it is a losing battle. While she is aware of Harper’s interest in her, she is not ready for any commitments and simply maintains a friendly, yet flirtatious relationship with him.

Harper Wyghtwing  (Confident Hunter)
STR:1  AGI:2 MND:3  Att:2 Bow, Dagger and Sword  Def:1   End:4  Her:1
Gear: Bow, Dagger, Sword, Well-Fitting Leather Armor
Skills: Ambidexterity (Basic) Random, Weaponcraft [Focus: Bow] (Basic) Assigned to fit Harper’s Concept

Background: Harper grew up in the same village as Bartram and Leira, but had a more adventurous spirit than the other two. Unfortunately, the village offered little in the way of adventure and Harper was not of an age or means to take off on his own and travel the countryside looking for “dragons to slay.” To offset this, he took up hunting as a hobby (assigned, as opposed to random, for narrative purposes), and later as a profession, believing exploring the nearby forests for wild game was as close to adventuring as he was going to get. Bhart’s father makes all of Harper’s small game traps and he is at their house/shop often. While Bhart’s demeanor toward the hunter is rather cold, Harper still enjoys coming around since it gives him an opportunity to spend time around Leira, with whom he is smitten. Unfortunately, for him, however, Leira currently is only interested in a friendship, though she certainly doesn’t mind the attention and will use the hunter’s feelings to her advantage, should the need arise. While Harper, at age 20, is technically younger than Bhartram, they differ by only a few months and, because of his confidence and a wider variety of experiences, Harper tends to treat Bhartram as though he’s the younger. He is rather muscular and several inches taller than Bhartram. He is also clean-shaven and has medium length jet black hair.

One final note before beginning the story. My plan is to detail any out-of-story mechanics that help move the narrative forward, such as Oracle questions, random story prompts, combat and skill dice rolls, etc.. However, when I simply use a random generator to fill in details, such as names and descriptions, I will just mark the item in the narrative with the notation [RG] for randomly generated, for the benefit of anyone interested in the “inside baseball” side of things.

On to our tale . . .


Is Leira at home?
(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

Is Harper at the Rosemight home? [ignore clarifier]
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yesand

Scene 1: Rosemight Home

Bhartram Rosemight sits on a stump outside his home in the village of Swifthaven [RG], repairing traps. His father is currently away, visiting other towns to deliver new and repaired traps, as well as get new orders. Also at the Rosemight household is Harper Wyghtwing who just arrived a few moments earlier with some traps that are in need of repair. He glances around before asking Bartram if Leira is around. 

“She left a while ago,” Bhartram tells the hunter. “I’ll make sure father gets your traps when he returns. They should be repaired by the end of the week.” Bhartram hopes this brush-off will encourage Harper to leave. He really can’t stand the guy.

Does Harper inquire about Leira's whereabouts?
(Likely | 10[d10]) Yesand...

“Hmm, that’s good. Any idea where your sister is off to? I have something I was hoping to give her.”

Bhartram doesn’t like this. A gift? The last thing he wants is for this self-centered oaf to be enticing his sister with gifts.

Does Bhartram know where Leira is?
(Unlikely | 5[d10]) Nobut…

Luckily, Bhartram does not know where his sister is, however, considering the lateness of the day and the fact that it’s the end of the week, he would guess that she went to hang out at the Filthy Princess [RG], the village inn. 

“She goes where she wants. I really have no idea,” Bhartram lied.

About this time Bhartram looks up to see five [RG] figures on horseback come riding down the road. He thinks little of it, as there are always strangers riding through town. Swifthaven lies just north of a medium-sized trade route connecting the country’s capital in the west to several other cities in the east. Travelers often stop in Swifthaven to stock up with supplies or get a meal and possibly a night’s rest at the Filthy Princess. As the riders draw near Bhartram sees they are all male and wearing either scale armor or light ring shirts.

Do the riders stop to ask for information?
(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

They pass by Bhartram and Harper with little more than a glance in their direction.

Is Harper curious about the group?
(Somewhat Likely (looking for adventure) | 3[d10]) No

After getting a look at the riders, is Bhartram curious?
(Unlikely (strangers in town is common) | 3[d10]) No  (Okay, this is going nowhere.)

After leaving Bhartram, does Harper go to 1)the tavern, 2)the woods to hunt, 3)home, or 4)some other location in town?
4 = 4[d4]   some other location that will be determined later if necessary.

Harper says farewell and Bhartram breathes a sigh of relief to himself as he watches him walk away.

Scene 2: Filthy Princess Tavern

Is the tavern crowded?
(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes

Is Leira at the tavern?
(Likely (per reasoning above) | 9[d10]) Yes

Consider all names to be randomly generated [RG]

The Filthy Princess is doing a bustling business, as is usual at the end of the week. There are few travelers in the meeting room, but most of the tables are filled with local farmers and craftsmen. Sinclair, the tavern owner, sits at one sharing drinks and swapping stories with a couple of traveling bow makers while his wife, Desty, serves the patrons. The only other women in the room are Cosette, the serving girl, and Leira Rosemight. Leira is playing cards with a couple of locals. She isn’t very good, but that doesn’t concern her as she can easily swipe a coin or two from her opponents’ stash and stay in the game.

“Sinclair, get off your arse and give me a hand!” Desty calls to her husband as she serves a bowl of stew to Otmund, the blacksmith.

“I’m busy making our new friends feel welcome,” Sinclair responds, winking at his companions.

“What you’re busy doin’ is drinkin’ up the profits,” his wife retorts.

About then the door opens and the five horsemen enter. The man in the lead is tall and broad with dark hair and a closely trimmed beard. He is dressed in black scale mail, a long sheathed sword hangs from his belt. The blond warrior next to him is clean shaven, yet with a rough face. He wears similar armor to his companion. The remaining three men wear light chain mail and clearly appear to be followers instead of leaders.

Does the strangers' entrance draw an unusual amount of attention?
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yesand… 

Does Sinclair give them special attention?
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yesand… 

Upon the strangers’ entrance, the room quiets noticeably as several tables pause their conversations to look at the five armored men. Anyone who didn’t initially notice the entrance eventually turn their attention to the doorway, sensing the change in the atmosphere. While unknown travelers often visit the Filthy Princess, they are typically merchants, craftsmen or commoners, not fully armored groups of men who seem ready for battle. Several patrons think better of the situation and head for the exit. [per yes, and] In fact, an entire table near the group clears out. The leader, the blond man and two of the others take seats around the table. The last man remains standing as there is no more room.

Sinclair gets up and approaches the newcomer’s table. [per yes, and] “Hello, gentlemen! I don’t believe I’ve seen you in Swifthaven before. Just passing through?”

The NPC gives: an annoyed response

The bearded man simply grunts and asks, “Ya got anything to drink around here? My men and I are thirsty.”

“Of course!” Sinclair exclaims. “We have the finest ale brewed right here in town by our own Baxter.” Sinclair gestures over to a man sitting at a table in the corner who quickly lowers his head, attempting to avoid any unnecessary attention from the rough looking stranger. “In fact, to welcome you the first round is on me. Cosette, five mugs. Quickly!”

Beard nods his satisfaction as Desty throws her husband a quick glare, letting him know she doesn’t approve of him giving away drink for free. Ignoring her, Sinclair continues his efforts at small talk.

“So, what brings you through our small village. You King’s Guard?”

“Yeah!” The blond fighter snaps. “On our way to the capital. Now leave us, old man. We’ve got things to discuss.”

Sinclar smiles embarrassingly, offers s a quick apology, and heads off to rejoin his little group.

Does Leira notice anything about the strangers? (In Adventurers! checks are made by rolling 2d6 + the appropriate stat and any modifiers. If your roll is 7 or more, you succeed. Leira will roll using her MND stat, plus she gets an advantage for her Perception skill. An advantage allows a character to roll 3d6 and pick the best two.)

3d6= 1, 3, 6 = 6+3+5MND = 14 > 7 Success!

Leira has seen many members of the King’s Guard and they all one thing in common: somewhere on their person, they displayed the King’s crest. She had a good view of the men at the table and nowhere could she spot the sparrow hawk against the black and red division [RG] which would identify them as guardians of the crown. 

Does she confront the strangers about this?
(Very Unlikely (she knows better) | 2[d10]) No

Does anything else about the strangers catch her eye?
(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

What do the men do next?
(C.Q.) Change / Plans

Leira wisely decides to keep the information to herself. She quickly scans the strangers for any other trinkets that she might be able to help herself to, but sees nothing. Shame, she was really hoping for a challenge.

About this time Cosette returns with a tray filled with mugs of ale. She starts handing them out to the sitting men as the one standing helps himself. The blond man takes a big drink as he eyes the brown-haired serving girl over the rim of the mug. Putting the mug down he addresses his partner. “I know we were just passing through, Shylock, but it might be entertaining to stay for the night,” he says suggestively, still ogling the girl.

How does Cosette react?
The NPC gives: a hateful response

The men at the table chuckle at the suggestion, but Cosette is not impressed. Still holding one last mug of ale, she flings the contents into the blond man’s face. Shylock howls with uncharacteristic laughter as his companion shakes the ale out of his eyes and spits. 

“You little wench!” Jumping up, he roughly grabs Cosette by the wrist and draws a hand back to slap her. Desty gasps as Leira springs from her seat, flies across the distance separating herself from the ruffian, and puts her dagger to his throat.

“That would not be a wise idea,” she warns. “What would be best is if you sit back down and buy another drink for your pal.”

How does blondie respond?
The NPC gives: a nervous response

The blond man stops in mid-swing clearly rattled by Leira's quickness and aggressiveness. Slowly, he brings his hand down as he warily eyes the weapon a mere inch from his throat. “On second thought,” he says, giving Leira a hateful glare. “I think the women around here might be a bit too haughty for my taste. Let’s get outta here. The ale tastes like pig sweat, anyway.” He glances at Baxter in the corner who is still keeping his eyes averted.

Shylock stands, still amused that his partner was bested by a woman. “I guess you’re right. About the women, I mean. Now the ale is another story. In fact, I think we’ll be takin’ our drinks with us.” He and the others pick up the remaining mugs and head for the door. Turning back to Desty, the bearded man holds his up and says, “We’ll consider the mugs souvenirs.”

His pals laugh at this and they walk out the door.

Leira makes an agility check.
2, 5, +1Agi = 8 > 7 Success!

The door closes behind them.

“And I’ll consider this a souvenir,” Leira announces, holding up the gleaming dagger she lifted from blondie’s belt as he turned away from her.

End of Chapter 1

Chapter Wrap Up:

In Adventurers!, characters gain 1 Exp at the end of each session. I’ll consider a chapter a session. Therefore, Bhartram, Harper, and Leira each get 1 experience point.

Furthermore, characters can be rewarded Heroism points for achieving certain goals and role-playing their concept’s definition. Since Leira successfully pickpocketed the stranger, I will award her 1 Her.

Thoughts on Chapter 1

I could probably write for a couple of hours about the setup and chapter 1. Being my first time attempting this, I am learning a lot and discovering things all the time. However, I think I’ll limit myself to just two points.

First, I feel that in a true solo roleplay I should be letting the engine truly be the GM and run my characters as I would if I were playing with a human GM. Instead, I’m using randomizers to determine what my characters do. (Moreso in the first scene of the chapter than the second.) However, particularly in this story, I felt it was necessary to keep from just moving the story the way I wanted it to go. In preparing for this, I admit I really overthought the setup and how I expected the beginning to unfold. If I just played my characters that way, I expect I would have ended up just “writing a story” instead of playing the game. Using randomizers let me explore different options than what I planned. While there do seem some obvious places where it makes sense to randomly generate your character’s actions (i.e. playing a prepared module and already knowing its secrets, a random roll allows your characters to make mistakes and be fallible), I’m going to attempt to “play” my characters and react to the engine’s input. Then again, I’ve read more than once that there is no wrong way to do this. Just have fun. We’ll see what happens.

Second, Cosette’s random reaction to blondie was unexpected and perfect. In my mind I had her reacting embarrassed, afraid, concerned, anything but hateful. (Sure, she probably would have hated him in the other scenarios, but a prompt like that really calls for a more outward expression.) It was so much better than my original thought and did many things. First of all, it accelerated the scene. I had some ideas about where to take it, but it would have been a much slower process. I also sparked some things that could come up later in the story (i.e. direct confrontation with Leira, blondie’s desire for revenge, the dagger could play a role, etc.) And that’s the fun of role-playing solo.
Hi Teviko604,

Good job for being your first time. Great story and I like your formatting.

Keep up the good work!
Thanks, Mark. I got lucky in that some of the first transcripts I read were formatted very well, so I've learned from the best.

Game System: Adventurers!
Tools: solo engine; solo engine;;; other random generators


Let’s give this county/kingdom a name using Arigord

[Scene 1]

The next day and Bhartram and Leira are both at their home, awaiting the arrival of their father who is expected to return today. Liera is inside, straightening up after breakfast. Bhart is out in the yard chopping some wood for the cooking fire. About this time Benny, the 10-year-old son of one of the farmers, comes running up the road.

Does Bhart notice the boy?
(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

Does the boy call out?
(Likely | 7[d10]) Yes

Come quickly! Come quickly!” Benny cries as he runs toward the house.

Bhartram looks up when he hears the youth.

Come! Come with me!”

What is it Benny?” Bhart asks.

It’s your father! He’s been attacked!”

Bhartram’s eyes grow wide at the news. “Leira! It’s dad!” Then to the boy, “Where is he?”

Is Bhart's father at 1) Benny's farm, or 2)being taken to the healer?
1 = 1[d2] Farm

He’s at the farm,” Benny explains, which makes sense since his family’s farm is on the outskirts of the village. “My father sent for the healer.”

By this time Leira has existed the house and is looking quizzically at her brother.

What’s wrong?” she asks.

Benny says he’s been attacked. Come on!” Bhartram takes off after the young lad down the road.

[Scene 2]

Has the healer arrived?
(Likely | 10[d10]) Yesand...

Is Mr. Rosemight still alive?
(Likely | 10[d10]) Yesand…

Is Harper at the farm?
(Unlikely | 5[d10]) No, but...

Bhartram arrives at the farm with Leira close behind. As he approaches he can see his father’s cart and a small crown of villagers have assembled around it. When he reaches the cart he sees the silver curled hair and brown skin of Fira [RG], the healer, bending over him. She is already busy bandaging up wounds and applying healing salves (and), but Traugott Rosemight [RG] has been beaten badly and doesn’t look like he has long to live.

Father!” Bhart cries. “What happened?”

Before Traugott can speak, Fira acknowledges the younger Rosemight’s arrival. “Bhart. Good, you’re here. Your father’s been calling for you and your sister.” (and)

Dad, I’m here,” Bhart says as Leira runs up behind him. She gasps at his bruised face, but keeps her composure.

Dad, it’s Leira. I’m here too.”

Traugott opens his eyes weakly and gazes at his children. “Bhart. Leira.” That all he says, but a weak smiles crosses his face.

What can Traugott tell them?
(C.Q.) Fight / Dispute

What happened?” his son asks. “Who did this to you?”

With difficulty, the elder Rosemight speaks. “Several men, wearing armor met me on the road. Stopped me, said they were collecting donations for the king’s cause.” Traugott coughs, then continues. “Didn’t believe them. Think they just saw I was a single merchant and thought they could get some of my coin. I refused. They forced the matter and reached for my coin chest. I struggled but . . . “ He trails off in a fit of coughing.

It’s okay, Dad,” Leira calmed, putting a hand on his arm. “Just rest. Don’t talk.”

What did they look like?” Bhartram asked, as Leira shoots him an icy look for demanding more from their father.

Dark hair. Beard.” He closes his eyes to think. “Another was lighter.”

Those are them men I saw in at the Filthy Princess yesterday!” Leira exclaims.

Bhartram looks up to the crowd. “Who found him? Who brought my father back.”

A tall, thin man with short brown hair speaks up. “I did. My son and I riding toward Smoothpost [RG]when we came across his cart just sitting on the side of the road.”

Did you see these men?”

No, we were travelling from Swifthaven. They would have been well ahead of us.”

Then sound of horses hooves could be heard approaching as Harper Wyghtwing rode up, (but)dismounted and rushed over to stand beside Leira, placing his arm around her for comfort.

What is going on?” he asks, seeing Traugott for the first time.

He was beaten by highwaymen,” Leira explains when her father winces and begins coughing uncontrollably.

Fira quickens her pace applying bandages to the wounds, but it’s no use as blood flows from a dagger wound that Bhartram had not noticed before, staining his father’s shirt a deep crimson. With a slight gasp, Traugott stopps breathing and collapses lifeless in the cart. Leira takes in a quick breath and begins to sob. Harper pulls her closer.

I’m sorry,” apologizes Fira. “The wounds were just too much.”

Without a word Bhartram stands and turns to his sister. “You know these men?”

I . . . I saw them at the inn. . .”

Where were they going?”

I . . . I don’t . . .”

Impatient, Bhart grabs her arm roughly and once again demands, “Where did they go!”

Hey,” Harper exclaims removing his own hand from around Leira’s shoulder and placing it on Bhart to push him back. “Take it easy.”

Bhart swats the hand away. “Keep your hands off of me!”

They said something about going to the Duskcall,” Leira finally says, hoping to stay off any confrontation.

Bhartram gives Harper one last warning glance before turning and storming off in the direction of his home. The crowd watches as he leaves, leaving him to his grief.

[Scene 3]

Does Harper escort Leira home?
(Very Likely (he’s concerned about her) | 8[d10]) Yes

After a while, Harper walks Leira back to her home, leading his horse by the reigns. As they approach the small shop, they see Bhartram securing a pack to his dappled grey horse [RG]. His sword hangs from his belt.

What are you doing!?” Leira yells as she runs to her brother.

I’m gonna hunt those dogs down.”

You don’t know who they are or where they went.”

You said they were going to Duskcall. And someone on the way would have seen them. If not, I’ll ask everyone I meet when I get to the capital.”

You are going to get yourself killed. Don’t be foolish,” Leira begs.

I’m not letting them get away with this.”

Then . . . then I’m going with you! I know what they look like.”

No! You are staying here. It’s too dangerous.” With that he mounts his horse and nudges it forward.

Does Harper 1) try to dissuade him, or 2) physically try to stop him?
1 = 1[d2]

She right, you know,” Harper chimes in. “You’re going to get yourself killed.”

I can handle myself. You know, you’re not the only one around here who know how to handle a sword.” Bhart gives his horse a kick and takes off down the road.

Harper, you’ve got to stop him!” Leira pleads.

How does Harper respond?
(C.Q.) Praise / Ambush

Why? He wants to go off and be the big hero. Hooray for Bhartram Rosemight, Avenger of his father’s death! Who am I to stop him?”

Harper!” Leira scolds, hands on hips and face reddened with anger. “You can’t just let him die!”

Leira, he is right, at least in regards to his skill with a weapon. I’ve seen him. Besides, he’ll probably never find the guys.”

Then I guess I have to go after him myself,” Leira exclaims as she spins toward the house, her blonde curls flinging around behind her.

Harper runs after her. “Now you’re being foolish.” She does not stop. “Okay. Okay.” he gives in. “I’ll go after him. Let me go back to my house to get some supplies and let my parents know that I’ll be gone. Bhart won’t get far. He’ll have to stop to camp for the night and I will catch up to him then.”

Does Leira insist on going?
(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes

Come by before you leave. I’ll be ready.”

Ready? You’re not going.”

I’m either coming with you or I’m following after you,” Leira explained. “You really can’t go after my brother and keep me here at the same time.”

Does Harper give in?
(50/50 | 10[d10]) Yesand...

Harper is well aware of the girl’s stubbornness and realizes that this will eventually be a losing battle. “Ok then, I’ll stop by. And make sure you bring a weapon. We might just need another hand.” (and)

Leira smiles a wicked grin. “I’ll bring two.”

End of Chapter 2

Chapter Wrap Up:

Contrary to Adventurers! protocol, I am deciding not to award any experience for this chapter because the characters didn’t really do anything to advance themselves,

Thoughts on Chapter 2

I realize this chapter is heavy on the narrative and rather light on the random decisions and outcomes. As I mentioned at the end of chapter 1, I had a lot of time to think about this story and I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to happen to spark our heroes to adventure. Still, I tried to throw some random options in here and there to mix it up a bit and not make it simply about the story I already had in mind. I expect that with the trio leaving the village the “solo roleplaying” (as opposed to storytelling) will begin to pick up.

Game System: Adventurers!

Tools: solo engine; solo engine; other random generators

Game Notes: 

I didn’t fully understand the awarding of Heroism points (Her) when I gave Leira 1 point at the end of Chapter 1. I was treating them as an ever-increasing pool of points that could be spent whenever you wanted to. That’s not entirely true. Points awarded by the GM are temporary and a character’s Her resets to its base value at the beginning of each adventure or scenario. What is fuzzy is what constitutes the beginning of an adventure. Is it the game session, the plot arc, or something else?. For now, I’ll consider it the current arc and let her keep the point. Expect this to be clarified further in the future. 


How many days (2-3) is Duskcall from Swifthaven?

How many hours lead (2-7) does Bhartram have on Harper and Leira?

Does Bhartram have an encounter while riding? (Adventurers! uses a 1-2 on a d6 to indicate an event.)
(d6)=3 No.

How many hours does he ride before camping? (Based on some research, horses can travel approx. 25 miles a day. Also looking up the average gait speed, I’m assuming Bhart will be traveling between a walk [4mph] and a trot [8-12mph], perhaps an occasional gallop. This makes a days ride somewhere between 4-6 hours.)
(d3+3)=1+3=4 (Since half the day was gone by the time he left, I’ll cut that in about half and say he rode for 2 to 2 and a half hours.)

[Scene 1]

After several hours of riding Bhartram reaches the edge of the forest. It would soon be dusk and he thinks it best to rest for the evening here instead of trying to navigate through the woods in the dark of night, despite the fact that the road goes right through. He does lead his mount off the main road several feet into the trees for some privacy. Before it gets dark he sets up a small noose trap with the hopes of catching a rabbit or squirrel. Then he starts a fire and sits down to eat some cheese and bread before retiring.

Bhartram makes a perception check (MND at -1 due to being off-guard.)
(2d6-1+3MND)=6-1+3=8 >7 Success!

Shortly after the sun completely goes down and he is finishing his modest meal,
Bhart thinks he hears a sound in the distance coming from the direction of Swifthaven. It sounds like the trot of a horse. Not too concerned that he is in any danger he doesn’t try to extinguish or hide the fire. Instead,he makes his way closer to the road to see who might be traveling this way after dark.
 Not smart to be riding so late into the forest,he thinks. Possibly someone is lost or needs help.

When he is close enough to the road he can see a small light, possibly from a lantern, bobbing in the distance, growing brighter as it nears. After a few minutes, he can see from the glow of the small light that there are actually two riders. Soon they are within earshot.

“How much longer should we ride? We are approaching the forest,” asks a female voice.

“I don’t think much longer,” answers a male voice. “I don’t mind heading further into the forest,
but I would have thought Bhart would have made camp by now.”

Leira and Harper! Bhart thinks, astonished. What are they doing here? Well, he could guess. Trying to stop him. If they are looking for him, then he better not let them pass by. Bhart steps out of from the trees.

Harper and Leira make a surprise check. (MND-2)
Harper (2d6-2+3MND)=3-2+3=4<7 Fail!
Leira (2d6-2+5MND)=1,1 (two 1’s is a critical fail in Adventurers!) Fail!

As the pair near the edge of the woods, a dark figure steps out into the road, startling both of them. Harper reaches for his sword with a curse, angry that he was caught off guard. Leira lets out a highly uncharacteristic frightened shriek. (A bonus reaction for failing critically.)

“Put that away, you fool, ” Bhart says to Harper. “It’s just me.”

Leira straightens up in her saddle, a bit embarrassed by her fright. She holds up the lantern a bit higher so that it can cast some more light in her brother’s direction.

Bhart looks in her direction, but can barely see her as the lantern is too bright to see past very well. “Leira! I told you to stay at home!”

How does Leira react?
The NPC gives: an angry response (But of course)

“And I told you the same! When are you going to start listening to me?”

“Listen to you? I’m your older brother!”

“But I have more common sense!”

Bhart thinks about her flirting, pickpocketing, and other sometimes reckless behavior. “Are you sure about that?”

“Okay! Okay! Enough!” Harper buts in. “We’ll have plenty of time to prove who’s smarter. But right now I see you have started a fire, Bhart, and our horses and ourselves are ready for a rest. Why don’t we all go set camp and we can discuss this in the morning.”

“Fine,” Bhart concedes and leads them off in a huff to his encampment.

[Scene 2] 

Nighttime encounter check=4  (No Encounter)

Did Bhart catch anything in the trap?
(50/50 | 4[d10]) No

Morning comes and Bhart checks his traps. Unfortunately, they are empty, so he packs them up while. Leira cuts some slices of cheese to eat with some apples. The trio sits to eat. Harper is wearing his usual leather armor and Leira has on the shirt and rugged pants she changed into before leaving Swifthaven. As they eat, Bhart continues his objections.

“I’m fine. You two can return home.”

“I believe you,” assures Harper. “But it wouldn’t hurt for you to have someone else to watch your back. Leira said there were five men. If they are still together, do you think you can handle them alone?”

“I’ll figure something out.” Bhart takes a bite out of his apple and chews for a few moments in silence. “At the very least, Leira is going home.”

Leira starts, but Harper holds up his hand to her.

“I’m not letting her ride back alone.”

“Then I guess it’s settled,” Bhartram says. “I’m going on to Duskcall and you both are riding back to Swifthaven.”

Leira stands up and throws her apple core at her brother. “Bhartram Rosemight! Either you return to Swifthaven with us to bury father, or we are both going with you to avenge him. What is it going to be?”

The PC gives: an excited response

“What!? It’s not enough for you that Mom died and you took over for her around the house. Now Dad’s gone and you’re going to take his place, and tell me what to do! Well, that’s just not going to happen! I’m still your older brother and I still have a say, Leira. You’re going home!”

Bhart stands, grabs his blanket and pack, and storms off to begin packing up his horse. Leira watches him walk off. After a few moments, she softens and follows after him. Coming up behind,
she put her arms around him and lays her head against his shoulder.

“Brother, I know. I’m upset, as well.” She can feel his chest heave in short spurts as he sobs silently. “We both loved him. Let’s do this together.”

Bhartram catches his breath. “Someone needs to take of . . . of Dad and things back home.”

“Swifthaven is good people. You know that. I’ve already spoken to Desty at the inn. She’ll gather some folk to watch after things while we are gone.”

Bhartram turns to face his sister. She wipes a tear from his face. “What do say, big brother? Let’s get these guys.”

[Scene 3]

While Bhartram isn’t thrilled at the idea of traveling with Harper, he gives in and agrees that the three should continue together. Inside, he is secretly glad for his sister’s company. They quickly break down camp and travel along the road leading into the forest.

An encounter check comes up 6. (No Encounter)

After a day’s uneventful ride they reach the end of the woods and decide to stop for the evening,
knowing there is only about a half day’s travel left to Duskcall. Harper unloads the horses as Bhart sets up his rabbit trap again. Leira hears the gurgling of a small brook nearby and heads off to fill a skin with water.

Check for encounters while in camp=5 (No Encounter) Sorry. I was really hoping for some action myself, but I guess Bhart and friends live in a really safe part of the world . . . oh, except for those five guys who try to take advantage of barmaids and beat up travelers on the road.

Another night passes uneventfully and the trio rises early, eager to make it to the city. While they eat,
they discuss their next moves.

“Once we find lodging,” Harper says,
“I will check out the taverns and see if anyone knows about these men.”

“What do we know about them?” Bhart asks, looking in the direction of his sister.

“The leader’s name was Shylock. As I’ve told you, he is a large man, dark hair, beard. His partner was also large, but blond.”

“Does he have a name?” Harper asks.

“Of course, only I didn’t catch it.”

“What about the others?”

“Lackeys? Hirelings? Not sure, but it was clear that Shylock and his pal were in charge of the group.” Leira thinks for a moment. “Oh. There is something else. I lifted this off of Shylock’s partner.”

She pulls out the dagger and hands it to Bhart. The sharp dagger is well made and crafted with care. Each side of the curled cross-guard features the decorative head of a bear. The ribbed handle ends in a small pommel, decorated with a bright green emerald. [RG]

“It’s certainly unique,” Harper comments as Bhart passes it to him to examine.

“Maybe someone has seen it before and can tell us about its owner,” Leira suggests.

“Perhaps,” Harper says as he tosses the blade back to Leira.

Harper and Leira make AGI checks.
Harper=7+2AGI=9 >7 Success!
Leira=5+1AGI=6 <7 Fail.

Harper’s toss is right on target, turning over once in the air, positioning the handle for an easy grab by Leira. However, she was not expecting the toss. Leira reaches out to catch the knife, but at the last minute pulls her hand away, afraid of being cut. The dagger falls harmlessly, bouncing off the ground.

How does Bhart respond to this?
The PC gives: a combative response

“What do you think you’re doing?” Bhart yelled. “That could have hurt her.”

Harper ignores Bhart and addresses the embarrassed Leira instead. “We need to work on that.”

Leira gives Harper a little smile as her cheeks flush.

End of Chapter 3

Wrap up:

Each character gets one experience point. Not sure why, as they haven’t done much, but since I withheld a point last session it’s probably only fair.

Thoughts of Chapter 3

I was hoping we would have some kind of encounter by now, whether it was fighting with an animal or monster, meeting an interesting person on the road, or finding some sort of curious trinket. I fear if nothing happens before the party reaches Duskcall that we’ll have a couple more chapters of little more than information gathering. I’ll see if I can whip something up, however, I’m trying to let the “roll of the dice” generate the story.

My intent was to have a conversation between Bhart and Harper while they traveled through the forest, the purpose being to explore their background and Bhart’s hostility toward the hunter. However, with no evening encounter and, having rolled in advance for the day’s journey, no daytime encounter, I felt another long conversation would be too much. There was already a lot of talking, as is. I will save that conversation for another day.

And, yes, the die roll on the final scene was totally unnecessary. In fact, when I initially thought of Harper tossing the dagger I pictured Leira simply catching it with ease, reinforcing to her brother that she was indeed capable of handling a weapon. But I was itching for some dice rolls and decided to have them make agility checks for the throw and catch. If either failed, I was hoping it would be Harper so Leira could make a dashing saving catch off a poor throw. But alas, what ended up happening was Leira fumbled the catch and Bhart’s concerns are simply reinforced.

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