Classic Fantasy Samuel the Elemental Master
Hello all! This is the prologue to the story of Samuel, the Elemental Master. First, I want to state that the system I'll be using is Dungeon World (a PbtA hack by Adam Koebel and Sage LaTorra) and the playbook is the Elemental Master. As for this first part of the story (this post) is what happened before the actual story I'll play. To set the character history I used BOLD, Universal PC Stories and Deeds Generator by Conjecture Games (PWYW at DrivethruRPG). After this post I'll actually post the actual adventure and continue from there. Just wanted to get those things out of the way, so here goes. Wish me luck!

Using BOLD to determine character's history.
Early Life:
1 = 1[d10]
Easy Foes
5 = 5[d10]
37 = 37[d100]
13 = 8[d10]+5[d10]
On accident
Waylay sentence: Ravenous Mob overcome by accident.

As a kid Samuel began to develop the gift of manipulation of the elements. It was a rare gift that his parents view as both a blessing and a curse. They knew he was going to do great things, but they knew he would become a target. One day he was playing outside of town and people from the town came over to him. They bound him, tied him up and dragged him to a abandoned house in town. Samuel overheard some of them talk about selling him to the bigger cities so they could make a profit, but his parents voice were heard in protest. After a heated discussion, Samuel heard the scream of his mother and then no more. The townspeople opened the door to the house he was in and Samuel was able to see, for a brief second, the limp body of his parents on the ground. The young boy was both sad and angry, and began to shook with fury. The ground shook beneath him for a moment, but then everything went black. He opened his eyes and found he was not tied up anymore, he noticed wide eyed that there wasn't actually a town anymore. The houses had been destroyed, bodies littered everywhere except his. He had realized what he had done and began to cry, knowing full well that nobody would hear him ever again.

Teenage Years:
2 = 2[d10]
Hard Foes
10 = 10[d10]
81 = 81[d100]
10 = 1[d10]+9[d10]
Strong Attribute
Waylay sentence: Abnormal Horror Overcome by Strong Attribute

The years passed by and Samuel grew older, but not necessarily wiser. The destruction of his hometown of Wildeview, name given due to the High Mountain close to the town, still haunted him throughout the years. What Samuel didn't know was that when he caused the cataclysm that destroyed Wildeview he didn't know that he had awaken. Deep beneath the earth, under Kag Mountain, something stirred awake. A being who had been in slumber for a long time awakened to the tremble caused by Samuel. Years passed until the creature finally caught up to the gifted teenager, but Samuel never saw it coming. While traveling on the open road, the beast found him. It rose from the earth into the sky, people around Samuel screamed in fear, "Abyslak! It lives!". Samuel, better at using his abilities, managed to encase himself in earth near a cave in a nearby mountain. He knew that the rocks would be able to mask any sense of pursuit from this abomination. It wasn't until a few days after that Samuel finally came out and began to wonder what that giant worm-like monster was.

Defining Moment:
2 = 2[d10]
Hard Foes
6 = 6[d10]
1 = 1[d100]
8 = 3[d10]+5[d10]
Personal Resources
Waylay sentence: Futile Monster Overcome by Personal Resources

Years passed, Samuel continued traveling on the road. He mastered his gifts to a point where he was renowned around the land as the mysterious Elemental Master. He helped those he could because nobody helped him as he grew up, but he still kept mostly to himself. The life he wanted wasn't going to happen so he set out to make another one entirely different. Now, every so often the young master would hear talk of Abyslak roaming the land, destroying everything in its path, but when he arrived at its latest victim, he would always be one step behind. It was only this last time when he finally caught up to it. His powers had really progressed throughout his years of training and practice, up to the point where he felt he could take the monster on his own. The big worm-like body of the Abyslak could be seen from afar, towering over the its next victim, the town of Bleakmoor. The people ran in opposite direction to where Samuel moved, screaming in terror from the giant monster's destruction. Samuel finally made it to where the monster was and confronted it in a final battle of grandeur but when he dealt the final blow the worm, before it died, the worm let out smaller versions of itself. Exhausted from the battle, Samuel used the last of his strength to get rid of those smaller copies of Abyslak until he finally slumped to the ground, all energy spent. Weeks later he woke up, with small amounts of leftover power, with no memory of what had happened to him.

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