Classic Fantasy The Old Heroes of Hycarak
So I stumbled across this site when looking for ideas for a campaign I'd like to run sometime. I thought it was interesting but kind of forgot about it until earlier today. Currently I've decided a few things about this campaign, including a loose plot. 

The first thing I decided was I wanted to run something akin to DnD, but I wanted to go much more of a roleplay route than mostly combat. Combat personally doesn't super interest me, and I feel like there should be a reason for a fight. This brought me to the idea of doing some homebrew; I'll get into that in a moment.

The second thing I ended up deciding is that I have this character I really love but have never gotten to use, and as such, I'm planning on making her an NPC. It's in thinking up how I want to implement her that I came up with my loose plot, but that's beside the point. For the campaign, more or less, that I'll be putting here, she's my main character and the one I'm playing.

Now, I mentioned that I'd get into homebrew in a moment, and that moment is now. I haven't made anything concrete, but the one thing I know I'll be using is called Ancestry and Culture, which effectively replaces the race aspect of DnD. What this means is instead of just choosing one of the basic races, you can mix them - that's the ancestry part. The culture part means that you could have, say, a gnome who was raised in an orc culture and get certain orc benefits, like proficiencies and languages. 

This brings me to the characters of the party at last! 

For who I'll be playing, as mentioned before, I went with a half Drow Elf, half Tiefling woman with the name Seirin (say-RIN). She's a bard because frankly I just love the idea of music being literal magic.

[Image: GgMW2Yz.png]

Faelin is a Forest Gnome woman with some Aasimar anscestry. She's a rogue. 
[Image: RG69p9X.png]
Finally, Berryl is a Hill Dwarf. They're a ranger.
[Image: 6gqcEDt.png]
My purpose in playing here is basically to cement the backstory of my campaign idea, and I figured I may as well post it here so anyone can enjoy it if they'd like. If you have anything you'd like to see as far as character details go, let me know and I'll probably add it. There's a few more party members I'll be adding when I get there; we'll see when that ends up being.
I am in a tavern, talking to the owner about being able to stay for the night. I don't have quite enough to cover it, but I can perform. Do I convince them? (Rolled 1d20; habit)

4 = 4[d20]

(Very Unlikely | 1[d10]) No, and...

...the owner of the tavern seems offended that I offered. They took it as an insinuation that their place isn't as good as it actually is. I'm told to pay in full or get out. I choose to get out. Is there another place I can go?

(50/50 | 7[d10]) Yes

I remember seeing a tavern that seemed less well-kept on my way to this one, so I go there instead. I ask the bartender what the price is for a night. What do they tell me?

Trick / Victory

I again don't have quite enough to cover it, but I tell them I have many skills I can offer instead. They say to give them a moment and they'll get the owner of this place.

Tongue-tied banker

I tell the owner, who seems very nice despite their stutter, that I can perform, and that I'm short on money right now. I offer to perform in exchange for a room. Do they accept? (Rolled persuasion)

21 = 17[d20]+4

(Sure Thing | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

...for performing, I'm also offered some food. (Rolled performance)

10 = 1[d20]+9

I don't do great at performing because I've had a long day of travelling, but I do well enough to fill our agreement to the owner's satisfaction. I talk with the bartender as I eat before I go to bed.

Crazed lunatic

The next day, there's a commotion in the town. Rumors are that there was a fight at the tavern I'd first tried to stay at, and it went from two people to a full-out brawl. I find a group talking about what happened and quietly listen in. (Rolled investigation)

9 = 4[d20]+5

The person talking says that the local guard unit took care of things. That's all I can hear that sounds important. I wonder what's going on and decide to check out the tavern the fight happened at. (Investigation)

6 = 1[d20]+5

Aside from it being in chaos, I don't find much of interest. I decide to return to the place I'm staying and talk with the current bartender. Is it a girl?

(50/50 | 3[d10]) No

Is it a boy?

(50/50 | 9[d10]) Yes

He's friendly enough, though it's probably just because it's part of his job. I ask about the town, since I'm new, and he tells me a bit about it. I don't think it's very interesting, but it's nice to know anyway. I have a drink before going to grab my viol to sit in a corner and simply practice. (Performance)

23 = 14[d20]+9

My practice goes very well. I attract the attention of several people who ask a few requests, which I gladly play for them. I get...

7 = 7[d10]

1 = 1[d4]

...7 copper pieces as thanks. I feel like I've practiced enough for today, so I put my viol back in my room and go to explore the town.

Rescue innocent civilians from the platform. (Quest get, needed an idea. Will circle back)

The town is bigger than most I've been in, and there's a lot of people out and about. I mostly keep to myself, but I can't help overhearing a conversation between a group I pass.
"They took my sibling," one of them says. "I know they did."
"How do you know that? No one has seen them since last night," another argues.
"That's exactly how I know it was them. My sibling doesn't just wander off."
"Come to think of it," a third says slowly, "there's been quite a few people disappearing lately. I've been thinking about investigating it, but I don't know if it's what I'm up to."
"I'll come with you," the first person says. "I have to find my sibling."
I've never had any siblings, but when I was younger, I'd imagine I did. I feel bad for that person. Maybe I'll do more investigating into this town. People disappearing like that can't be a coincidence. (Investigation)

7 = 2[d20]+5

I spend all day looking for clues, but I don't come across much, just the same story of last night. It's frustrating, but maybe it's just coincidence after all. Sometimes things are, no matter how strange it seems for that to be true. I return to where I'm staying disheartened, but offer to perform again for the tavern owner in hopes it will help me cheer up some. I like performing for people. What does the tavern owner say?

(Somewhat Likely | 10[d10]) Yes, and...

...I'm again offered food. I accept, but offer some of the copper pieces I earned earlier in exchange. I'd feel bad if I just didn't pay at all. Do they accept?

(50/50 | 2[d10]) No

They insist that it's fine, and they liked my performance the night before. I thank them but admit I wasn't at my best, and mention that I hope I do better tonight. They smile and I thank them for their agreement to let me perform before I go to my room to decide what I want to perform with. (1 - voice +[roll a second time], 2 - lute, 3 - flute, 4 - viol)

1 = 1[d4]

4 = 4[d4]

I grab my viol again as I remember an old song I was taught. I hope I remember all the notes and the words. (Performance)

18 = 9[d20]+9

I do much better than last night. There's more people this time; I think my music caught the attention of some while they were passing and they came in out of curiosity. When I finally finish for the night, the tavern is busy. I get some food and find a table, talking with whoever is nearby about my performance. I'm much happier with what I did tonight, though I know I still can do better. I'll probably get there as I get more comfortable here. If I get more comfortable here, I amend. I don't think I'll be here long; most places I'm at for maybe a few weeks.
"Is this seat taken?" someone asks me. I finish my sentence before looking at them, saying, "No; go ahead."
"Thanks," she replies, sitting down. "I only caught the tail end of your last song, but you sounded pretty good."
"Thanks," I respond with a smile. "I could do better, though."
"Better than that? You'd have to add like... I don't know, magic or something."
I scoff. "Magic is a breeze," I tell her, casting a quick Dancing Lights. A few colorful orbs of light appear and make a few shapes before circling around the person sitting across from me, bringing a delightfully surprised expression from her, then vanish. "Not a bad idea, though. I'll think about that the next time I perform."
"I think you'd definitely get more people in an audience if you tossed that in here and there," she comments, still looking a bit dazzled.
"You think so?"
"Without a doubt."
I smile. "What's your name?" I ask.
"Faelin," she replies. "Yours?"
"Hail and well met," Faelin says with a bright smile. I find myself liking her, and I return the smile.
(She is part of the group I overheard talking about people going missing. Does she mention that mystery?)

(50/50 | 5[d10]) No, but...

...after a long time chatting and with the topic turning to the town, I bring it up instead.
"I heard something strange today," I tell Faelin.
"Oh?" she asks, interested.
I nod. "I was exploring the town since I'm new and I overheard a conversation about people going missing lately."
She nods too, interest turning to a more serious expression. "I've heard that too. I don't know if I believe it. People don't just go missing, after all."
"True," I acknowledge.
"For example, someone I was talking to today said their sibling went missing last night." I silently note with some surprise that she is part of the small group I overheard. "I'm not convinced they didn't just run off for a bit. Kids do that sometimes, you know. I did when I was young," she adds with a laugh.
"I don't remember ever running off, but I suppose I might've," I comment.
She shrugs. "Could be. Whatever the reason, I'm betting that person's sibling will be back in a couple of days."
"I wouldn't be too sure," someone says from a nearby table. Both of us look at the person, and I notice with a bit of a start that the tavern is much more empty. We must have been talking longer than I thought.
"What makes you say that?" Faelin says.

Extravagant relative

"I had a cousin who lived just a couple houses down from me who disappeared a couple weeks ago. I haven't seen them since. They're not the type to up and walk away; from what I've heard, not all who've disappeared are," the dwarf responds.
I frown. "Has no one looked into this?"
"I heard some of the local guard did, about three of them. None of them came back."
"Spooky," Faelin says, rolling her eyes. "I'm betting this is all just local rumors."
"I don't know, Faelin," I say. "That many people? Rumor is one thing, but if that many people are really disappearing, there might be something more to it."
"Seirin, don't tell me you're really buying into this," she says in disbelief.
"Look, I know I haven't been here long, but there's got to be some truth to it. Most stories do."
She sighs. "I'm guessing the next thing you're gonna say is something along the lines of 'we should investigate'?"
"I mean, you don't have to. We only met tonight," I point out. "But I'm going to, and you're welcome to join me. Either of you," I add, looking at the person who piped in.
"I've been wanting to for a couple days," the person responds with a wry grin. "Count me in."
I look at Faelin for her answer.

(Somewhat Unlikely | 6[d10]) No, but...

She exhales. "I'll think it over."
I nod. "Fair enough."
The other person gets up and walks over, extending a hand. "The name's Berryl."
I shake it. "Seirin."
"Nice to meet you. Personally, as much as I'd like to find my cousin, I'm not keen on starting until morning."
"Fine by me," I assure them, looking at Faelin. "Even if you don't join us, I'd like to get to know you more. It was nice to talk to someone for so long again."
She smiles a bit. "I'd be glad to indulge you there."
"I'll be off," Berryl says. "Here at say... two hours past sunrise sound like a good time?"
"That works for me," I answer.
"Then I'll see you tomorrow." They wave and make their way out.
"I had best be going too," Faelin says, yawning. "I hope I see you again."
"I plan on it," I reply with a smile.
She smiles back before leaving.
I stretch and get up, leaving a couple copper on the table. Even if the owner insisted I don't have to pay for anything, maybe it can help the bartender some.
I go to my room, turning in for the night.

Well done. Fun story and great use of the tool.

Thank you for sharing!

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