Classic Fantasy When the leaves are brown and the sky is grey
Lay siege to the cold cave.

"Here's the job then lads, go up the bloody path after those murderous bastards and shut up that freezing hole until they either starve or they crawl out on their bellies begging for mercy!" The dwarven sargent hefted a bag of gold in his right hand. And it clinked pretty good.

{Click an NPC now}

Flexible female paladin

And yes, I registered that seductive clink clink as I hurried, head-down across the muddy square at the center of the camp. Damn it all though, why did I even lookup? The gold would never have stopped me, it would never have even slackened my pace. But at the dwarf's side, fully twice his height and twice as golden as the promised coin, stood Lady Alberia Eir Kandezansa herself.

{Do I care that Lady Alberia Eir Kandezansa is here for the same reason as everybody else does: VU}

No, and...

She wasn't looking for me here, that I knew. I wasn't even here, was I? Not at least the "me" she would care about. In fact, whatever I was hereabouts was of no concern to a Lady of Light whatsoever. 

So why was she here? This dwarf and his gold alone would be enough to mobilize a squad of muddy goons to the task of hunting brigands in a cave.

Move away from goal

{If I drop everything and follow up on what Alberia is doing will it cost me? ST}


It started to rain as I trudged into the goon line. As I closed my eyes against the drizzle, my minds eye roamed through the camp and forged its way through the forest, racing away downstream to the little cabin atop a crumbling, silver laden, gulch. And I whispered resigned prayers of release to the elementars guarding my claim.

As the final breath of prayer left my lips, a thunderclap broke over the forest and with elemental unconcern, my little cabin was blended with landscape. Mud was mud, silver was silver and artifice was nought. With effort, I snapped my attention back to the camp, which all of a sudden had become a militia. Sensible folk, competent folk, all bristling with purpose and resolve were now organising and officiating. Needlessly to say  the dwarven sargent atop the tribunes stage, still exhorted all comers to join the cause - however, all had.

{Was I in love with Alberia? SL}


I was never in love in with Alberia - and that would come as a surprise to most people who knew us. Because it is true that I was devoted to her. And now, even as I stood there in the soft incessant dampening of the day, despite the cold of the job ahead, despite the bonanza claim lost in the forest, there was right there, the undeniable, sustaining warmth of her presence.

{Is the enemy apparently stronger than the camp? U}


{Do I have a good comrade in the camp? SU}

No, but...

{Is the enemy actually stronger than the camp? U}

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