D&D 3.5 The Archfey of Storms
Rillia's been attacked! Who survives?

There were a bunch of newly-turned goblins. Did any of them make it out?

No, but... +Event: Open / Prison

None of the goblins survived, but that's because of Fire Beard, not the enemy.

What about the humans? There weren't that many left.

No, and...

What about the Ranger or the bugbear? They're intelligent and capable people.

No, and...

...Oh. Wow. The entire humanoid retinue was slaughtered.

The satyr and the manticore? I don't have high hopes for them.

No, and...

Current tally of Rillia's holdings:
-The Lady Aasimar
-The Librarian
-Fire Beard
-The City Elf
-The Ferryman


Tired as we are, it takes us the better part of the day to get back to Rillia's lair. We find our young lord in a ruined clearing, quiet and still, bloody, scales missing, one wing torn clean through, and staring at the half-eroded corpse of some small creature. Bones and dead bits are scattered all over the forest. Trees have been toppled. Some are still on fire. Here and there, large stretches of the ground have been stained black.

...Another dragon had attacked. Black. Called herself Iadach. Not much older than Rillia, but old enough to do this. The clan is pretty much gone. The only ones alive were the ones not here. By the looks of it, Rillia would have died too had the Librarian not told him to summon Fire Beard. He'd called for us several times, but I guess the compulsion doesn't hold between planes. Good to know.

We presented him our treasures. He ripped the wight in half and tossed it over the trees. He halfheartedly swallows the gemstones and a few of the coins before walking off. No harm in splitting the rest between us, then?

I think we of the living deserve a [long] rest now.
Total loot for me: 12pp, 547gp, 545sp, 102cp
The Librarian has his dagger. The Lady and I look over the spell scroll. Is it a ritual?


3 = 3[d4]

Phantom Steed: a way for the wights to summon shadow horses. Useful, though I already have Rook. I might be able to use it to summon Rook temporarily, maybe make him faster. I ask the Lady if I can borrow the scroll. I want to copy it down regardless, and she can have it back when I'm done. Rillia's not in the mood to talk come nightfall and what basic encampment we had here is now destroyed.

The next morning, I offer to take the Librarian back to town. I also need to buy some ink and copy the scroll down. The Lady has some business in town as well. Rillia is sulking, but doesn't stop us. I ask him to call the Ferryman. He complies without fuss. Anything happening in town today?

No, but...

There are whispers of a dragon sighting across the river, but aside from that, the town is quiet. [150gp and 6hrs to copy the spell] The Librarian returns to his village. The Lady takes the scroll when I'm done and rides a glowing horse back to the City. I make a subdued summoning for Rook, and buy the two of us some food and a nice place to spend the night. I ask the innkeeper if he's heard of the Hunter.

No, and...

Rillia contacts me early the next day. Fire Beard followed Iadach to her home before dying and disappearing back to the talisman.

Magnificent pit.

Many miles across the river from Brightwood is a sinkhole. Fire Beard fought the dragon above the pit before disappearing. Rillia is sending him back today. And tomorrow, if he fails.

"You wanted to be my knight? Find and kill Iadach."
You'll have to give me some time. And some freedom. This isn't going to work by just rushing her; I think yesterday proved that much.
Fine. Just kill her.
I'm not even saying weeks. This might take months. Years. Hunting a dragon is no joke.
I don't /care/ how long it takes.
And do you think you can rebuild on your own? What if she comes back?
Then I poke your brain until you get here.
And if you can't reach me?
Might I recommend moving? Bring Fire Beard and the Lady Aasimar with you. Keep the Lady close. I think she'd make a good knight, too.

I'm not up for breakfast after that, but I think heading to the City would be prudent.
[arcana DC 15, concentration DC 15]

19 = 15[d20]+4

30 = 20[d20]+10

With the occasional boost from my newest spell, Rook gallops like lightning down the main road. I make it to the next town in one day. A quick stop for the night and we reach the City by lunch the next day.

I find the nice inn I stayed at last time. I don't know how long I'll be staying, so I can't pay up-front. Day-by-day lodgings for myself and my horse will cost me 4 gold per day. I have the coins, but not in the currency they want. Thankfully, the City Elf is still at this inn. He vouches for my currency and helps me trade the Shadowfell coins for more typical ones. He was having trouble identifying the coins, but them being from the Shadowfell clears a lot up. There are antique collectors in the city willing to pay for them, regardless, so I can convert currencies through him. We discuss the specifics of the pyramid and now Iadach over a game of dragonchess that night. The City Elf would really rather not get involved in a dragon turf war.

Has he made contact with the Lady Aasimar yet?
What, /the/ Lady Aasimar?
Yes. She is part of the clan after all. Keep in touch with her. She's well-informed on things, and I might be gone for a while. Speaking of information, do you know anyone who can identify poisons?

Yes, and...

Plenty of doctors and apothecaries here.
Any who deal with professional assassins or the aftermath thereof?


The City Elf suggests talking with some of the aristocrats. They probably have a better handle on this than him.
Are assassinations among nobility common here?


That's a shame. I pull out my map and ask him if he can pinpoint the location of the supposed fey crossing in the city.

Yes, and...

He pulls out his own map of the city and compares the turns in the river. He doesn't know how old the map is or how the river has changed since this drawing, but he can narrow it down to a region of Dockside blocks to check out. It's probably a warehouse now, pretty close to his workplace. He hasn't seen any evidence of 'fey crossings' as long as he's been here.

I thank the City Elf for his time and get some rest. While I wait for a pass to enter the city proper, I swing around Riverside to the Alchemists store. Do they know anything about poisons?

Yes, but...

They don't have anything to identify the poison's source. Does the Bugboss know who I can speak to if I want someone very powerful dead?


He can get me in contact with some people. In return, he wants a favor:

Blackmail the half-orc informant at the protected rock formation.

A orcish colleague of his wants out of the business. Unfortunately that's not possible. Convince him to stay.
Done. Does he know anyone who could trace the source of a poison?

Yes, and...

If it's for killing people, it's the same folks as before.
I thank him very much and return to the inn to receive my city pass.


Downtime - not really, but following the same rules!

Wealthy lifestyle: 4gp/day
Investigating Dockside for fey crossings: +1gp/day, takes 2d6 days, investigation DC 15
Gathering information on the runaway orc: +1gp/day, takes 2d4 days, investigation DC 15
[Position of Privilege] Mingling with the local aristocracy for fun and profit: +1gp/day, 1d6 days, persuasion DC 15

7 = 3[d6]+4[d6]

25 = 18[d20]+7

The crossing! Is it there? Have I found a way home?


I give Dockside a very thorough comb-over. No fey crossings. No hint of fey crossings. It's probably closed up centuries ago.

5 = 3[d4]+2[d4]

24 = 17[d20]+7

What do I find out about this orc? What can I use as leverage to get him back on the hat crew?

Haggle / Leadership.

He wanted a promotion. Really? Was not getting promoted enough of a reason to skip town?

2 = 2[d6]

17 = 10[d20]+7

Do I meet anyone noteworthy?

No, and...

So, I learn a couple things about aristocrats here:
1) They're stupid. Educated, but stupid. I'd give them 1 week in Auntie's Court before their titles are taken from them.
2) They're boring. Squeaky clean. Hung-up on maintaining their appearances. None of them are willing to get /involved/. Which is a shame, because they could do so much. Well, maybe not /them/; they're stupid. But someone in their position could.

I could really screw with these guys. But that will have to wait. I have a dragon to kill.

14 days = 70 gold. Worth it.


I ride out of the city with Rook once I'm done. The orc has run back to his tribe. Is it far from the city?


With a boost from my newest spell, we cover the distance in a couple hours. A ways off the main road is a small village protected on three sides by a wooden palisade and the fourth by a shear cliff face. Spears fly over the wall and land at Rook's feet as we approach.
[Thaumaturgy] I'm not here for a fight. I'm just looking for someone.
Begone! Outsiders not welcome!
But you'll accept on orc who lived in the City for years?

No, but...

He was once a tribesman. He can become one again. You are not and never will be.
I don't want to join you. I just want to speak to this deserter.
[persuasion DC 15]

9 = 2[d20]+7

11 = 6[d20]+5

Rook shuffles backwards as another spear comes at us. Do I know anything about orc culture? [religion DC 15]

19 = 18[d20]+1

'Honor and glory in battle' sums it all up. Or maybe 'kill it or die trying'. [Thaumaturgy] "I come as an emissary for the Deserter's prior 'tribe'." The Deserter sought a higher rank, but was found incapable. /Weak/. And, like a /coward/, he ran away. Do you really want someone like that in your tribe? That's just /embarrassing/. I'm here to bring the Deserter back, so that he can be properly punished for turning his back on the group. [persuasion DC 12, intimidation DC 12]

19 = 12[d20]+7

13 = 9[d20]+4

Feathers successfully ruffled. I can hear commotion from beyond the wall. A gate opens and several orcs step through. One of them wears a big, fluffy, fur cloak - the leader, most likely. Another, in an unbuttoned dress shirt and wrinkled hat, I assume to be the deserter.

The leader steps forward. You mock us, elf. We know of the City and its ways. There are no tribes and this one has already told us why he has returned.
Then mind telling me?
He may tell you himself if he wishes.
Regardless, the BugBoss wants him to come back. This is non-negotiable.
You have insulted us, elf. And were the truth of this matter not at debate we would kill you where you stand.
You say that, but you haven't. I take it this means you have some way to resolve this?
Yes. You and I duel. The winner has the right to this one. And when I sever your limbs and offer them to Gruumsh, I will save my tribe's honor as well.

How does Wrinkled Hat take this exchange? [insight DC 15]

20 = 17[d20]+3


He's nervous and fidgety. Good. That means the leader will keep his word. "I accept." Rules?

Yes. +Event: Befriend / Wishes

This is an orcish custom. Your elvish magic is not allowed. If you use any, you forfeit. The tribe will kill you.

[Subtle Prestidigitation - sparks flicker off me and Rook] I am /not/ an elf. I am the Archfey Rollo, nephew of the great Queen of Storms herself, heir to the Mark of the Flashing Sky. To deny me my magic is to deny the rain its water. I am no simple elven wizard who would hide behind walls of fire. I will fight you sword and shield, thunder and lightning. [intimidation vs insight, persuasion DC 15]

20 = 16[d20]+4

11 = 11[d20]

23 = 16[d20]+7

No, and...

Some of the orcs bristle. A few others hurry back behind their walls. The Leader sizes me up and glances over to Wrinkled Hat. He refuses. Fight honorably or die.
Fine, then. If there's no other way, I'll fight. [initiative: me, orc]

6 = 1[d20]+5[d20]

The leader grabs an axe from one of the others and charges straight for me.

26 = 10[d20]+16[d20]

17 = 8[d12]+4+5[d8]

7 = 5[d20]+2[d20]

27 = 18[d20]+9[d20]

24 = 12[d12]+4+8[d8]

I'm barely off Rook before the orc is on me. The barrage of blows is relentless. Fighting honorably is going to get me killed. [Subtle Call Lightning]

16 = 2[d10]+5[d10]+9[d10]

21 = 20[d20]+1

The skies suddenly darken and a bolt of lightning strikes the ground by the orc. I call to Rook to follow up.

13 = 7[d20]+6

The orc dives away from the charge, but I hop onto my horse nonetheless. The orc bellows, "Liar!" The other orcs draw their spears. Let's just grab Wrinkled Hat and run. I Misty Step the two of us towards our quarry. [more initiative: orcs, Wrinkled Hat, Rook]

31 = 17[d20]+2[d20]+12[d20]

To my astonishment, many of the orcs can keep up with Rook.

75 = 19[d20]+14[d20]+7[d20]+8[d20]+18[d20]+9[d20]

10 = 2[d2]+2[d2]+1[d2]+2[d2]+2[d2]+1[d2]

[LR - force miss one] I try to throw up a Shield, but a handful break through and hit Rook.

12 = 3[d12]+3[d12]+6

Rook, for his part ignores them and keeps running. Wrinkled Hat's turned to flee and the leader is catching up to us, which is a good thing as he passes through the mob of orcs on our tail. How many of the mob can I hit with a single lightning bolt?

5 = 3[d4]+2[d4]

21 = 9[d10]+7[d10]+5[d10]

14 = 1[d20]+13[d20]

20 = 17[d20]+3[d20]

8 = 8[d10]

One bolt fries four orcs. The leader and two others get out of it. I give a quick Eldritch Blast to the leader as he approaches. I wouldn't have bothered getting on Rook if I'd known orcs could keep pace with horses so easily.

10 = 2[d20]+8[d20]

[Shield] I tell Rook to forget them and chase down Wrinkled Hat. I've got his back.

25 = 4[d20]+4[d20]+17[d20]

[LR - force miss]

We make our way around the perimeter of the village, towards one side of the cliff. [2nd lvl > 2 sp] Lightning strikes the leader once more.

11 = 4[d10]+1[d10]+6[d10]

9 = 8[d20]+1

The orcs are undaunted. Several of them poke out over the wooden walls and throw spears.

36 = 9[d20]+2[d20]+15[d20]+10[d20]

5 = 2[d2]+1[d2]+1[d2]+1[d2]

[Shield] (Note to self: get Rook some better armor)

13 = 7[d20]+6

11 = 3[d6]+4[d6]+4

13 = 10[d20]+3

8 = 3[d6]+1[d6]+4

Rook catches up to Wrinkled Hat and tackles him to the ground. He continues on to the cliff face before turning around. The leader catches up to us and I give the orc a [Quickened] Booming Blade for his efforts.

8 = 2[d20]+6

21 = 10[d10]+9[d10]+2[d10]

18 = 17[d20]+1

The orc parries my attack as a lightning bolt strikes the palisade. The wall shatters and the remains are set aflame. The spear-wielders run for cover further in the settlement. I tell Rook to stand his ground [Dodge]. The orc leader comes at me with fury.

20 = 4[d20]+16[d20]

[Shield] I think I'm done getting hit by you. I call another bolt down on the orcs in front of me [Destructive Wrath] before releasing the spell. [Quicken Fly] Take to the skies Rook.

13 = 12[d20]+1[d20]

Rook kicks off the cliff face and starts to climb. How's the palisade faring?

No, and...

Ooh. The fire's spread. And I see Wrinkled Hat is running out into the wilderness.
"Maybe I could call down some rain and douse this fire. Of course, I'll need payment. Hand over the deserter and no one else needs to die."

15 = 15[d20]

The orc leader bellows once more and throws his axe at us. It bounces off my Shield harmlessly.

14 = 7[d20]+7[d20]

[2nd lvl > 2 sp] The orc dances around my blasts and runs for his axe. I think we're done with the tribe; let's go after Wrinkled Hat. We catch up to him and keep pace. Several orcs from the tribe are chasing us, the furious and singed leader among them. I ask Wrinkled Hat if it's worth it to keep running from us.

No, but...

The BugBoss is willing to accept you back with open arms, as if nothing had changed. I won't tell him you tried to run.


What is it you guys even do that has you so scared? Are you going to bully some merchants? Maybe tussle with the city watch? Try working under a green dragon some time; you've got a cushy life. [Quickened Lightning Lure; grapple when he gets up]

6 = 3[d20]+3

10 = 7[d8]+3[d8]

16 = 10[d20]+6

22 = 19[d20]+3

18 = 18[d20]

I snare Wrinkled Hat and pull him towards me, but when I try to grab him and pull him onto Rook, he twists away and falls to the ground. He rolls back to his feet and turns to join the oncoming orcs.

35 = 20[d20]+1[d20]+2[d20]+12[d20]

5 = 1[d2]+2[d2]+1[d2]+1[d2]

5 = 2[d6]+3

21 = 1[d20]+20[d20]

5 = 2[d20]+3[d20]

Spears fly at us but Rook weaves between them. The leader yanks two spears from his comrades' hands and throws them as well, to little effect. We fly over the earthbound group, Thunderwave [2nd lvl], and rise up.

12 = 2[d8]+2[d8]+5[d8]+3

34 = 14[d20]+20[d20]

Most of the orcs stay down. The leader struggles to stand back up. The other tribesmen are busy with the fire. Wrinkled Hat is on the ground, looking more dumbfounded than injured.

16 = 10[d20]+6

9 = 2[d6]+3[d6]+4

The two of us land. Rook trots over and casually kicks the orc leader down. I sheathe my sword and approach Wrinkled Hat. Like I said, you /are/ returning to the BugBoss. You can do so on good terms or bad. [intimidation DC 15]

14 = 10[d20]+4

Wrinkled Hat picks up the leader's axe and swings at me wildly.

13 = 10[d20]+3

19 = 16[d20]+3

23 = 4[d20]+19[d20]

9 = 6[d8]+3

17 = 14[d20]+3

7 = 4[d20]+3

18 = 10[d20]+8[d20]

13 = 8[d8]+2[d8]+3

Wrinkled Hat has the same strength as the leader orc, but none of the practice. His attacks are predictable and leave him exposed. A single back-and-forth and I find an opening to jab him in the gut with the pommel of my sword. He collapses. I drape him over Rook and leave the orcs to clean themselves up. I hop onto Rook myself and we head back to the City at a leisurely pace. It takes several hours without Phantom Steed, but I don't want to push Rook too hard today. Good horse. Anything happen on the way back?


Wrinkled Hat wakes up. Is he cooperative?


11 = 11[d20]

Hypnotic Gaze keeps him in line, at least till we get to the Alchemist's Store. Dour Hat is there and wordlessly takes Wrinkled Hat from my custody. I head upstairs to the BugBoss. One orcish ex-colleague, as promised. I recommend staying away from the nearby orc tribes for a bit, though. The BugBoss says he's arranged a meeting for me.

Strategically important inn.

They'll find me at my inn when they're ready. I thank him and leave. Again, I'll probably be in the City for a while longer. If you have anything that needs doing, feel free to call.

Before I return to the inn, I want to get Rook fitted for something more substantial than cloth padding (300 gold for chain mail barding). I'll pick up the armor in a couple days while waiting for the assassins to show up. How long does it take them?

1 = 1[d4]


Level up! 24,150XP in total

HP increase:

15 = 7[d8]+2[d8]+6

-Aura of Warding [Ancients Paladin 7]
-Expertise:insight [Rogue 6]

-known: 8+4=12
-slots: 8 1st lvl, 6 2nd lvl, 3 3rd lvl, 1 4th lvl
-Dropping Sleet Storm
-Learning Ice Storm, Confusion


Evasive warlock.

Coolly / Modern.

[insight vs deception]

7 = 1[d20]+6

8 = 3[d20]+5

The assassin representative meets me the next day. There's something familiar about his clothes, though I can't quite place my finger on it. He already knows I'm not here to hire them. I show him the poison vials and ask if they can identify their source.

Yes, and...

The Representative takes one vial from me and opens the plug. He sniffs the liquid, then takes out a sheet of paper and tips a drop of poison onto it. He waves the paper in the air for a bit before showing it to me. A small hole is burned through the sheet. The Representative says this is distilled wyvern venom - extremely potent stuff. One drop is usually enough to kill a man. A vial-full could knock out a giant. Extremely obvious, too. The venom is painful to touch and can cause permanent damage if it gets under your skin.

I expect wyvern venom isn't all that common?


Not rare, but very hard to get. Trained and captive wyverns are even less cooperative than their wild kin.
Any chance you can tell where this came from?


Aside from a wyvern's tail, no. The venom doesn't degrade much, so I can't tell you how long ago it was extracted.
Is there a market for wyvern venom?


This is not something sold lightly. Or at all. It is found and it is used.
Then how much do you think I could get for one of these vials, assuming I had a buyer?
If you're selling, we are willing to pay 1200gp for both vials. It would be more, but both are used, slightly denatured, and of suspect purity.
And how much would it take to hire one of you?
To justify use of the venom? Nothing less than 5,000 gold pieces.
I thank the representative for his time. Would he be able to take the vials off my hands? I have no use for them.

No, but...

He could, but doesn't have the pocket change needed to pay for them. He asks if I mind walking with him to the Castle District bank. [passive insight vs deception]

17 = 12[d20]+5

Sure. I've nothing pressing to do today. On the way, I ask the Representative if he knows of any wyverns nearby.


A quick carriage ride that my companion so graciously pays for takes us to one of the many banks in the Castle District. The Representative informs me that the third floor of the building is home to one of the guild's offices. We can have large-coin transactions and talk freely in the open there. We make our way up. The second and third floors are a lot less crowded than the first.

The Representative ushers me into the central space on the third floor while he approaches the sole teller. There's a hushed conversation and the teller leaves the counter and exits through a door at the back of the bank. The only other person in the room is a man sitting in a corner with a book in his hands. When the teller leaves, he gets up and walks through a nearby door as well.

I'm regretting not bringing my combat gear with me. Before this setup is taken to the obvious conclusion, I ask the Representative who was stupid enough to try and have me killed twice.


"Sorry, sir. Guild rules." A silver sword fades into his hands, one edge black, the other green. [initiative]

19 = 11[d20]+8[d20]

[Arcana DC 20]

14 = 10[d20]+4

Magic, obviously, but I'm not familiar with the details. No matter. Can I reach the window in one turn?


What if I Misty Step?

Yes, but...

Yes, I understand that I'm a couple floors above the ground. With my crystal firmly grasped, I Dash for the window, Misty Step outside, and Feather Fall to the ground. The assassin opens the window and jumps out with rope in hand. The rope goes taught halfway through the fall and stretches, slowing the assassin's descent. We land on the ground at the same time, mere feet away from each other and in a crowd of very surprised bank-goers.

I cast a Subtle Confusion centered on the two of us. How many others does it catch?

20 = 20[d20]

A crowd of onlookers watched me fall. Now they're part of my escape plan. Nearly everyone in the area will be affected. Hopefully, I'm not one of them.

9 = 2[d20]+7

[LR - force success]

10 = 10[d20]

162 = 1[d20]+1[d20]+15[d20]+8[d20]+2[d20]+4[d20]+17[d20]+3[d20]+2[d20]+16[d20]+6[d20]+9[d20]+5[d20]+2[d20]+1[d20]+14[d20]+13[d20]+13[d20]+13[d20]+17[d20]

[assassin + 17/20 affected]

Well, the spell caught. I'm just gonna run before this turns bad.

7 = 7[d10]

11 = 11[d20]

91 = 9[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]+5[d10]+10[d10]+1[d10]+10[d10]+2[d10]+4[d10]+1[d10]+8[d10]+4[d10]+5[d10]+9[d10]+8[d10]+9[d10]

152 = 11[d20]+17[d20]+8[d20]+15[d20]+4[d20]+7[d20]+11[d20]+6[d20]+4[d20]+10[d20]+10[d20]+15[d20]+17[d20]+8[d20]+7[d20]+2[d20]

[2 run away. 7 stand around. 2 attack randomly. The assassin guts someone.]

4 = 4[d10]

10 = 10[d20]

79 = 8[d10]+4[d10]+7[d10]+1[d10]+9[d10]+7[d10]+10[d10]+10[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+5[d10]+8[d10]

123 = 19[d20]+11[d20]+11[d20]+5[d20]+10[d20]+16[d20]+6[d20]+1[d20]+18[d20]+11[d20]+2[d20]+13[d20]

[1 runs away. 4 stand around. 4 attack randomly. The assassin stands around]

I'd say this is enough for a riot. I move with the others running away and holler for the guards. This is a bank, I assume there is some security here.

No, and...

I find no guards. Right, if the assassins do call this place home, they most likely keep the Watch away. After taking a couple turns, I try to blend into the crowds. I head towards the inn as fast as I dare. The spell ends eventually, and I have no idea what became of the assassin. I think it's time I pack up and go. I set Alarms throughout my room and sleep with my sword close at hand. Does the assassin come for me that night?


Rook and I set off at an easy pace early next morning. We head across the river and follow the main road whichever way it's going. How long till the next big city? Is it far?

No, and...

One day's ride. Anything happen on the way?


PC positive.

Haggle / Magic.

I find a merchant on the road selling curios. Does he have anything of interest for me?

Yes, but...

[arcana DC 14]

20 = 16[d20]+4

Does he have any spell scrolls? Specifically along the lines of Pass Without Trace?


Shame. Well, what does he have?

Quill and ink.

Musical instrument.



Nothing I much want. Is he willing to buy the wyvern venom? I talk him up with my recent run-in with assassins, the potency and rarity of the venom, the /bargain/ of a price I'm giving him - mainly because I have no use for it myself.

81 = 83[d100]+1[d20]+7-10

66 = 66[d100]+3[d20]+7-10

-1 = +0 -1 +1 -1

0 = +1 -1 -1 +1

-3 = -1 -1 -1 +0

We settle on 597gp for both vials. The merchant seems really pleased with himself and pays mostly with platinum coins.

We reach the new city before sunset. What is it like?

Generously / Dull.

'City' is a bit of an overstatement. This is more of a sprawling village. Are there any inns to my standard?


I suppose I'll make do with the best one they have. I've gotten a little off-track, though. We ran in more or less the right direction, but where is Iadach's lair from here? Is it far?

Yes, and...

2 = 2[d4]

It's about two weeks on foot. Is there any settlement nearby?


There are settlements on the road, but the sinkhole is in the middle of nowhere. I'll have to spend some time wandering the forest. Any fey crossings this side of the river?


Where's the closest?

Vine-choked home.

Is it near the Sprawling Village?


Another dead lead, I predict. That's a task for tomorrow, however.
Anything happening in the village this morning?
Close an event.
[perception vs stealth]
20 = 20[d20]
21 = 12[d20]+9
The 'elven knight' really stood out among the rabble in this village. It's no wonder the assassin caught up to me. A dagger out of the shadows in the middle of the street...
13 = 11[d20]+2[d20]
37 = 19[d20]+18[d20]
53 = 6[d6]+5[d6]+3+6[d6]+2[d6]+1[d6]+5[d6]+2[d6]+5[d6]+1[d6]+4[d6]+6[d6]+4[d6]+3
19 = 9[d20]+10
22 = 4[d6]+1[d6]+1[d6]+6[d6]+2[d6]+6[d6]+2[d6]
14 = 4[d20]+10
26 = 5[d6]+2[d6]+4[d6]+6[d6]+6[d6]+2[d6]+1[d6]
...My neck is bleeding. I'm still alive, but I'm not going to be for much longer. I recognize that black-and-green-edged sword, but not the cowherd wielding it.
9 = 7[d20]+1[d20]+1[d20]
I Quicken a Fog Cloud and heal [Lay on Hands] this injury before it becomes something serious. And to take away the sting of wyvern venom - I swear, if that merchant sold /my/ venom to my assassin - ! I take a few steps back in the fog, so that Rook is behind me. The people in the street are starting to panic. I drop the fog. Where's the assassin? [passive insight vs deception]
12 = 7[d20]+5
Nervous carriage driver.
The cowherd's gone. There's a man on a carriage who's not panicking like the others.
23 = 16[d20]+7
I see through that abysmal illusion. I'm not pleased. Quickened Lightning Lure.
13 = 13[d20]
7 = 4[d8]+3[d8]
I drag my would-be killer to me. The carriage driver looks startled and begins to complain, but I'm not having his bullshit. He realizes and his fancy sword appears in his hand.
14 = 12[d20]+2[d20]
31 = 19[d20]+12[d20]
25 = 1[d8]+3+8[d8]+8[d8]+2[d8]+3[d8]
29 = 5[d8]+3+3[d8]+3[d8]+7[d8]+8[d8]
22 = 16[d20]+6
29 = 4[d8]+3+1[d8]+2[d8]+7[d8]+6[d8]+6[d8]
[attack + Quickened Booming Blade; 3rd lvl Thunderbolt Strike on all of it]
I slap the sword out of his hands with my shield and stick him through with my own. A surge of lightning and the assassin is no more. I clean the viscera off myself and Rook with Prestidigitation. I search through what remains of the body. If he's like the previous, he won't have any incriminating notes, but maybe I can find something of use. He did have a fancy sword on him, but it's not here anymore. Could have been a conjuration, for all I know.
28 = 28[d100]
16 = 4[d6]+4[d6]+5[d6]+3[d6]
A handful of coins. No notes. There's also no way for anyone to identify the body. Hopefully, that sends the proper message to my would-be killers. Meanwhile, this part of the street has emptied spare the guards very shakily pointing spears at me. There's ten of them, but after my display, not one seems keen on approaching. I drop my shield and sword with Rook and fish out my pedigree scroll. [Position of Privilege] I claim to be a traveling nobleman from a distant land. The fleshy bits belonged to my assassin. I'll gladly cooperate if you give me a moment to catch my breath.
[short rest]
[2 2nd lvl + 1 1st lvl > 1 3rd lvl]
[2nd lvl + 1st lvl > 3 sp]
31 = 1[d8]+6[d8]+8[d8]+4[d8]+12
[persuasion DC 15]
9 = 2[d20]+7
The guards don't believe my story. To them and everyone else on the street this morning, I blew up a carriage driver. Nobility or not, that's murder and I should be hanged for it. May I plead my case with the guard captain?
Yes, but...
The captain is currently out cleaning up the mess in the streets.
Tell him I want a word when he's done. And if you insist on keeping me here today, I expect to be served lunch.
The captain finally sees me in the early afternoon.
[Subtle Thaumaturgy: glowing eyes and a disquieting echo] I lied. I'm not a noble. I'm an emissary of (Sylvan for drizzle), god of rain. If you would rather this city not face a centuries-long drought, I suggest you let me be on my way.
[deception vs insight; intimidation vs insight]
20 = 10[d20]+10
14 = 14[d20]
14 = 10[d20]+4
10 = 10[d20]
The captain apologizes profusely. I tell him this was supposed to be a secret, and I expect him and his men to honor that. The captain nods in agreement.
Patrol the enchanted lake.
After a brief moment of hesitation, the captain asks for a favor. A basilisk has taken up residence by a nearby lake, a popular fishing spot. Seeing as how I'm an angel and all, the creature's stone gaze shouldn't affect me. I'll do it, but I expect to be compensated. And, /again/, my existence is a secret.
What do I know about basilisks? [nature DC 15]
17 = 16[d20]+1
They can petrify things with their sight, and basilisks /do/ kill each other this way over territory. This seems like a simple enough task. I just need a mirror. 10 gold pieces at the marketplace finds me one about the size of a window pane. My unseen servant may carry that as we head out of town towards the lake. No Rook this time, I don't want him turned to stone. Is the lake far?
Playfully / Ancient.
An easy bit of walking along a well-traveled path gets us to a gorgeous lake. A light mist hangs in the air, sparkling ever so slightly. Lush green grass and trees surround a near-perfect circle of absolutely still water. There are a couple islands on the lake with crumbling stone buildings on them. Any sign of the basilisk?
Yes, but...
I find pieces of light, brittle, white-brown stone that I recognize as from the basilisk, but I don't see the creature or any intact victims. I lean the mirror against a tree, Fly to the top, and wait for the basilisk to show itself. Does it take long?
No, and...
The lizard appears as soon as I take a seat. It emerges from the wood and laps up water from the lake. Servant! Grab that mirror and taunt the creature. I fly above the mirror, and when we get sufficiently close, I Eldritch Blast the ground next to the basilisk. Does it turn to face the mirror?
Is it fooled?
5 = 3[d20]+2
9 = 7[d20]+2
And like that, we have a new statue. I can't believe the townsfolk had problems with this. I tell my Servant to prop the mirror up so it won't be damaged and fly over to the islands while I still can. Is there anything of obvious note from the sky on either island?
No, and...
Trees block most of the view. I'll just land on one of the islands, then. Can I tell what the building was supposed to be?
Three crumbling walls and a bush growing on the inside leaves nothing much identifiable. Is the house large?
A manor on the lake for some noble, I would guess. Whoever owned it hasn't been here in decades. I poke around the island and the building. Is there anything of interest?
PC negative.
Praise / War.
Goblin hoard.
The island is larger than it looks from the lake shore. And home to several wolf-riding goblins who confront me when I start to poke around the manor. "Pardon me." I didn't realize anyone was living here. Before you attempt to kill me, maybe you want to thank me for dealing with the basilisk?
These goblins are a lot more serious-looking than the ones in Brightwood. One of the goblins makes a hand gesture and two members of the group run over to the lake shore. They return in a minute with nods and goblin words. I introduce myself as Rollo of the Cloud Court. I'm not here to cause trouble. The guard captain at the Sprawling Village asked me to drive away the basilisk. I just wanted to enjoy the atmosphere on these islands afterwards. The goblins mutter among themselves for a while. I ask them if they plan on letting me go anytime soon.
They say I am liable to reveal their position.
Why would I do that?
It's just what you elves do.
You didn't hear me the first time: I am the Archfey Rollo. Arch/fey/. Not elf. I have other things to do today, so if you would please...
The goblins keep me 'captive' until sunset. A lone wolf runs up and says some goblin words, and my escorts decide it's time to move me. [nature DC 15]
11 = 10[d20]+1
I'm suddenly wondering whether all of the wolves around me can also talk. Would it be rude to ask? The goblins take me to a row boat on the other side of the island. I am intensely curious about what they plan on doing with me and happily follow. There's a manor on the other island, nearly a mirror image of the other, but in considerably better shape. A wolf-and-goblin village takes up the manor grounds, cleverly concealed by bushes and trees. I'm liking the Goblin Manor a lot more than the Sprawling Village.
None of the residents pay me any mind as I'm escorted to an ex-tool shed. Inside, a wolf and two goblins are standing around a table with a map discussing something.
My escorts hand me over to these three who then take me to another shed. [religion DC 15]
12 = 11[d20]+1
A shrine to some goblin god is set up in this one. Goblins and wolves occasionally pass by, bow, and leave. My new escorts speak with the goblin sitting on a chair by the shrine. This new goblin waves his hands in the air. [arcana DC 14]
20 = 16[d20]+4
24 = 13[d20]+11
A Zone of Truth can't hold me, and I say as much. Again, fey. If you want to chat, let's do so.
The goblins talk among themselves again before turning to me.
Are you allied with the humans?
No. [persuasion DC 15]
25 = 18[d20]+7
I was just passing through the town and was asked to solve their basilisk problem.
You are otherwise a mercenary, yes?
I suppose. But I am spoken for long-term.
May we ask by who?
The Bright Snake, if you know the name.
No, but...
Doesn't sound like a human title.
Definitely not, no.
How much for your services?
Depends on the task.
Travel to the enemy quarry.
With the basilisk gone, its lair is undefended. We believe it recently laid eggs and would like to retrieve them. Unfortunately, the lair is under this lake.
My expertise is in the sky, not underwater.
You are a clever and resourceful adventurer. Surely, you can help us retrieve the eggs before they are eaten.
Basilisks are not amphibious. Are you sure you know where the lair is?
No, but...
There are natural cave systems underneath the lake surface. We are sure it nested somewhere there.
Anything in particular preventing you from searching with divers?
Yes, and...
Dire animal.
A sea dragon in the lake makes a simple scavenging run difficult. [nature DC 15]
4 = 3[d20]+1
Hopefully you don't mean a /dragon/ dragon.
No. It is a large snake-fish. A predatory animal, nothing more.
How long do you think the eggs will last on their own?
3 = 3[d4]
Another goblin conference. About three days before we should stop trying.
If you have divers - better swimmers than me - I can keep the sea dragon off them while they search for the cave. That's about all I can offer unless someone has a way to breathe underwater.
That seems acceptable. With the sea dragon distracted, the divers can find the eggs.
Basilisks are neither amphibious nor strong swimmers. If you are /sure/ it's laired at this lake, we should comb the shoreline. It should be close to the surface, too; any cave your divers have to strain to reach is too far. [investigation DC 15; nature DC 15; insight DC 15]
16 = 9[d20]+7
12 = 11[d20]+1
23 = 17[d20]+6
The goblins give me a tent to stay under and have a couple wolves watch over me that night. [long rest] I spend most of the night studying a map of the lake. I can eliminate large tracts of coastline, but the rest of it we're going to have to search manually.

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