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This is my account of my solo play-through of the first part of "The Master's Vault."  A free module available on Roll20 for D&D 5e. https://marketplace.roll20.net/browse/mo...ters-vault

At first I was using rpgsolo for rolls, but later in the session I just used roll20 for dice to make things go faster as I was getting tiredSmile you'll notice this in the text.  Overall really fun and I'm planning to continue.  I'm finding using rpgsolo for narrative and as a DM emulator and Roll20 for character sheets, maps, and dice rolling is a very rewarding solo experience. 

Without further ado.

It was six months ago that Elaria Feywing, known throughout the Kingdom of Skylark as The Master, took all of you in as pupils. The old elf woman’s skills in magic, combat, and survival are legendary. She trained Marigold the Brave, who slew the infamous great blue dragon Diraxthese, and Blouton Buttertree, who closed the Demon Portal of Nargoth, and so many other famous heroes. Of all the would-be treasure seekers, mercenaries, and do-gooders that came across her doorstep begging for her wisdom, it was you who were selected by Elaria. Why did you come to The Master’s mansion before beginning your life of adventure?
A young female halfing steps forward with an 'I dare you to fuck with me' strut. Her blond hair partially tied back in a ponny tail, bangs cover a deep scar above her right eye, and a small mole graces her right cheek. "Name's Garim Galpsi. Never new my folks, but they was also trained by Elaria Feywing. Maybe she owed em a favor or somtin or saw somtin special in me. Anyhoo I don't give a fuck, i been on the streets since I escaped the orphanage at 10 years old. Dis woman want to teach me some shit and set me up in this nice mansion with some hot food and a feather pillow, I aint gonna say no."
As if on cue, a beautiful tiefling woman with white hair, olive skin, and dark shadowed eyes steps forward. She open's her mouth and out flow's the voice of an angel singing "My name is Lillista, it's a pleasure to meet ya, I'll sing you a song, of tales long gone, I once was lost, but by Elaria was found, and saved my life, to her I am forever bound." She gives a curtsy and steps back.
An elf in wizard's robes takes a long drag from a smoking pipe. As he speaks, he exhales and the rooms swirls with a heavy pungent smoke. "My name is Zingolor and there is little in this world I don't know, but what that little is, I am curious to find out. Elaria Feywing appreciates my research and intellect and gave me a one-of-a-kind book of precious lore and to her I am forever grateful. "
Last, a yellow female dragonborn in full knights armor steps forward. "My name is Bixora, Palladin and Kight of the Poppy. My shield was given to me by my mentor, Elaria Feywing. I am honored to be here." She bows and solutes.
SCENE: Larder 2 Breakfast with the Master
Over the last half-year you’ve learned Elaria Feywing is intense, but fair and encouraging. Though The Master is over eight centuries old, her elf blood keeps her thin, lithe, and youthful which allows her to enforce your rigorous training regimen. You are each learning different skills in magic, combat, and more, but you all take your meals together.
You are sitting at a long dining table enjoying a hot breakfast together. Elaria puts down her porridge spoon and stands up, looking you all in the eye, her golden hair framing her own green orbs. She cracks a smile as she begins speaking.
“It is time for your first test in real combat. We have a rat infestation in the basement. A giant rat infestation. I managed to get them contained in the larder, but they’ll soon eat through all our supplies and the door itself if you don’t go down there to exterminate.” Her green eyes twinkle with mischievous delight as she adds, “I also seem to have misplaced the key to the larder after locking them in, so you’ll have to get through the door and past the barricade I set up before you can get to the rats.”
The Master sits back down in her chair and puts a spoonful of porridge to her lips. Before actually eating she looks at all of you and says, “Well what are you waiting for?” You know by now that’s your cue to head down to the basement.
What would you like to do?
Head to the basement
GARIM: Wait! I sneak around and try to swipe the key from her.
Dex Save beat 15
18 = 13[d20]+5
Garim stealthily sneaks around the table and gently takes the key from Elaria's pocket.
The basement steps of Elaria’s mansion lead to a stone passage ending in a wood door. You know that beyond the door is a large larder filled with all manner of cheese, grains, meat, and produce. The rats inside can live like royalty for months on all the food within.
Garim listens at the door. She hears the chatter and scurry of giant rats within. The rats are so large it sounds more like dogs running around than rodents. "Fucking hell, these bastards sound huge."
BIXORA: Back away Garim, I'll bash this door down and rain justice on these rats!
GARIM: No need, I swiped Elaria's key at breakfast.
ZINGOLOR: You scoundrel!
GARIM: Watch the name calling elf.
LILLISTA: Do not quarrel. Garim, open the door, but let us be prepared for battle. Perhaps a tune!
Garim takes out the key and begins to open the door.
Is it trapped?
Yes, and...
ZINGOLOR: Wait! Master always taught us to check for...cough...traps...cough...cough!"
A noxious green gas begins to spout from a small nossel in the wall.
A 10-foot cloud of poison is sprayed in front of the door. Each character in the cloud must make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw or become poisoned for 1 hour.
14 = 12[d20]+2
16 = 15[d20]+1
5 = 3[d20]+2
Zing is poisoned for one hour. A poisoned creature has disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks.
ZINGALOR: Blast...cough..cough..I don't feel so good.
17 = 16[d20]+1
The heavy smell of giant rat dung hits you square in the face as the door swings open. A scamper of feet can be heard as rodents the size of golden retrievers run back and forth at the opposite end of the room amid gnawed-open crates, barrels, and bags of food. Between the rats and you is a line of boxes set up by Elaria to keep the rodents on the far side of the room.
[Initiative rolled on roll20 turn order: Zing, Garim, Giant Rats, Lillista, Bixora]
ZING: I take a quick look at the room before acting. Perception check. DC 10 Wisdom
12 = 9[d20]+3
Zingalor notices holes in two of the boxes of the barricade.
ZING: Watch those holes in the boxes folks. The rats appear to have eaten through!
Zingalor takes a small pouch from his pocket, saying a few words in an unkown tongue, he traces his finger in the air and takes a pinch of sand from the pouch. Saying the final word he blows the sand into the air in front of him.
[Zing casts sleep: This spell sends creatures into a magical slumber. Roll 5d8; the total is how many hit points of creatures this spell can affect. Creatures within 20 feet of a point you choose within range are affected in ascending order of their current hit points (ignoring unconscious creatures).
18 = 3[d8]+2[d8]+1[d8]+6[d8]+6[d8]
Although he can't see the results, the chatter of rats has diminished significantly.
{2 rats fall asleep}
Garim's turn
As these are giant rats did they make giant rat holes through the boxes that a halfing my size could get through?
through the rat hole on the left beady eyes glare at you, through the right, a sleeping rat.
GARIM: I go through the left hole
..really? ok.
A Small character can crawl through a rat hole, by dropping prone and spending 10 feet of movement to crawl through the 5-foot hole. A Medium character can crawl through a rat hole, but they must squeeze, which means that while the PC is in the space it has disadvantage on attack rolls and Dexterity saving throws and attack rolls against the PC have advantage.
Garim crawls through the rat hole and attempts to slash the rat on the other side with her short sword.
9 = 4[d20]+5
25 = 20[d20]+5
disadvantage so she misses
Rat attacks Garim
16 = 12[d20]+4
hits for
3 = 1[d4]+2
hit points
Another Rat comes through the hole and attacks Zing
12 = 8[d20]+4
and hits his AC of 12 for damage
5 = 3[d4]+2
Zing is bloodied
You hear the scurrying of more rats behind the crates. Lillista your turn
Lillista takes a small pouch from his pocket, saying a few words in an unkown tongue, she traces his finger in the air and takes a pinch of sand from the pouch. Saying the final word she blows the sand into the air in front of her. [Casts Sleep]
16 = 1[d8]+1[d8]+8[d8]+2[d8]+4[d8]
the sound of rats behind the crates decreases. Does the rat in front of Garim fall asleep?
Bixora shouts a battlecry as she jumps into the fray, slashing with her longsword at the rat attacking Zing. Her sword swings true and gashes the rat across its back. It hisses in Anger.
Zingalor curses the rat and points a finger at its eyeball. He snickers as a magic missile shoots from his finger slamming in to the rats head crushing it dead.
[rolls now being done in roll20 to save time. Using this for narrative and to get answers. ]
Garim stabs her sword into the sleeping rat in front of her and drags herself from the whole. Only to see a snarling rat next to her.
The rest of the rats behind the crate barrier are under the sleep spell
The Rat next to Garim snaps at her little halfling leg. Garim screams in pain as the rats sharp teeth dig in to her flesh. "Help!"
Lillista squeezes her shapely tiefling body through the rat hole to assist Garim. Seeing the rat she stabs it in the side with her short sword. "Take that!"
Bixora musters her strength and makes a heroic leap across the crates to the other side. Rushing to Garim's side she takes a wild slash at the rat, missing and almost hitting Garim if she hadn't been so short.
Zingalor runs and makes a dexterous slide to the other side of the rat hole. Sing the rat still standing he shoots a ray of frost at it freezing it in its tracks.
The party easily disposes of the rest of the rats who snored comfortably under the sleep spell.
Elaria Feywing appears in the door to the larder and congratulates the group on a job well done.

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