Darkness Rise
Inspired by the Magic: The Gathering card named "Village Survivors", I decided to make a game about... villagers surviving on a forest teeming with werewolves. You know that girl of the card? She will be my character. I will use the Risus system.
Jane: Candlemaker 4, Healer 3, Cook 2, Tracker 1 (WTF these clichés? XD)
The forest is dark, creepy, eerie. We are a small group of survivors from a werewolf attack on our village. It's cold, so some of the villagers made a small bonfire. Everyone is tense and scared. Some tent are being build. I search for the one who guided us to this forest.
I say "Joe, why did you bring us to this forest?"
Joe says "We should be fine for a while. As a hunter, I know a bit about these woods. But we have little time until the werewolves find our hideout."
"And then what? We stay and die?"
"We can build a barricade of spikes and traps... We have some tools like axes and sickles. We can lit torches."
"These people are peasants, not warriors!"
Joe stands up. He seem as ansgry as I am.
"They will have to learn how to fight or we won't live until tomorrow!" he screams. Everyone is looking at us.
I sigh. "...Fine. So, what kind of barricade you have in mind?"
Joe asks for attention. "Listen, everyone. We will make a barricade of spikes on the ground. If anyone has strength and a blade, start by gathering logs to make the spikes. Spread them around the camp, and please, do not die."
Some of the people obey, others not. But no one discuss with Joe. He picks his axe and go chop tree.
I will look for food on the camp. What we have?
We have ham?
We have beans?
We have rice?
We have potato?
Yes, but...
Yes, but the potato is not sufficient for all people.
Whatever, I will cook the food. I start to use the fireplace with
The game begun at 14 o'clock. I will spend 3 hours of cooking.
Rolling the Cook skill. Difficulty 8.
7 = 2[d6]+5[d6]
I almost made it! The beans and rice are good, but the potato was a thrash.
I distribute the food for the survivors. I will also give some for Joe, who was choping trees. Is he fine?
"Here is your meal, Joe."
"Thank you. Seems good."
"The potato was wasted, though. Sorry, I'm not used to cook without an oven."
"No problem. At least we have the sufficient for the day."
Meanwhile, the villagers are building the barricade. It took 5 hours to chop trees, slash wood, make the spikes and spread on the ground. The barricade is finished at 19 o'clock.
It's dark. Everyone is gathered around the fire, having the night meal. Some of the people are armed with anything they could use as a weapon. I am using the cooking knife, but I do not have any battle skill. I'm just a candlemaker.
We were found?
Thanks goodness. We have one more hour before I ask again.
In this time, I will ask Joe to teach me how to find to defend myself from the werewolves.
He will teach me?
Yes. I spend one hour training with Joe. I have now the skill Knife-User 1, but it will not last much.
I ask again. We were found?
Yes, and...
Yes. And it was a sneak attack.
No one saw the werewolves stealthly approaching the camp, evading the spikes, but then they suddenly jumped from the grass and started slashing.
Chaos rised on the village. There are people running arround, trying to flee, werewolves howling and impaling them with their claws. There are no more hope!
I gather my sack and try to run while people is distracting them! I will use my Tracker skill for find a track on the forest. Difficulty 5.
1 = 1[d6]
Nope. I can't find any track with all this confusion and panic.
Am I attacked?
No, and...
No, and in fact, no werewolf saw me running. They are too busy killing the other survivors.
I look for Joe. Is he still alive?
No, and...
No, but he is not dead either: He becane a werewolf!
"Darn it! Screw you, werewolves!"
I run to the forest. I will run in the darkness of night (now is 20 o'clock) until I am too distant to be found. I will make a Tracker check to not get lost on a dangerous place. Its not to hard, we chosen this forest to hide because it was secure, so, Difficulty 4.
6 = 6[d6]
Excellent, after run like hell, I found myself on a riverside, far from the camp. The ground is gravel and grass, so I will rest here for the rest of the night.
Jane: Candlemaker 4, Healer 3, Cook 2, Tracker 1
Gear = 10 candles, healer pack, cook utensils, sack and clothes
Your forgot Knife-User 1 in your list of skills. And as long as you have Knife-User 1, theres a good chance you have a knife to go with it.
Did the werewolves pursue? I mean, they have the advantage of following by scent, although if it rained, tracking by scent may no longer be an option for them. Unless theres a breeze, of course.


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