Different ways to start an adventure
Here are some ideas for how to get started:

Use your imagination.

Just make the starting scene up in your head. Whatever you can think of -- any place, any time, any circumstance. Here are four different examples:

-- "My ship is low on energy and both lasers are busted. I use the radio and to call for help. Does anyone hear me?"

-- "I've been crouched down behind this trash bin for hours hiding and waiting -- waiting for a chance to make a run to the shelter. But I know they're still out there -- looking for me. I don't know if it is safe yet but at least it's getting dark. I poke my head around the side of the trash bin. Do I see anything?"

-- "I yell into the cave as I check the rounds in my revolver. 'Black Bart, I know your hiding in there. I'd really like to get home for some dinner and I'm about ready to just throw this stick of dynamite in there and call it a day.' Does Black Bart reply?"

-- "I put my hand on my sword and tell the hobbit to return my silver. Does he admit to stealing it from me?"

The possibilities are limitless.

Use the "Get Started" button.

The "Get Started" button provides you several things to put your character in a place with a goal. However, you don't need to take the generated words literally if you don't want to. Use the words symbolically or metaphorically. If one part makes no sense to you in the beginning then ignore it. It might make more sense later as your world and your character grow.

Use the "Get Place" button.

-- "I wake up and look around. Where am I?" (...click "Get Place")

-- "I step through the portal and look around. Where am I?"

-- "I crawl out of the wreckage. Where am I?"

Use the "Get NPC" button.

-- "They told me to wait here for further instructions; that someone would contact me. Finally, someone sits down at my table. Who is it?" (...click "Get NPC")

-- "Who could be knocking at this time of night? I rub my eyes to try and force them to focus while pulling on my robe. I look through the peephole. Who do I see?"

Use Mark's Adventure Questions.

-- Mark's Adventure Questions

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