(Dnd 4e) Without Identity
It's been like a while since I've done anything with RPGSolo, but I decided to do an experiment with it. I played as a smaller party, only two PCs this time, in order to make battles easier to manage. For the PCs, I went with some more out there choices which will become quite apparent. Instead of straightforward battle and adventuring, the game focuses more on stealth and subterfuge. Lastly, I decided to write everything as diary entries in the hopes that would require less writing overall, but that kinda ended up not being the case as you'll soon see lol. Anyway, here is the story of two assassins for hire, Fel and Ember, as they work to make ends meet in the winter-locked Delkraz Swamp! Let's see how long I pay attention to this.

As always with my adventures, I will provide the raw session logs along with the writeups in case you want to see my creative process.

Entry 1: The Worth of 70 Gold Pieces
(Session Log)

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