[Fantasy - You Know It Is] The Bachelor: A Solo Roleplay Week 4 Posted
Disclaimer:  The Bachelor: A Solo Role-Play and the game engine it is based on are fan-created projects. Neither this transcript, game engine, or anything posted in this thread is associated with The Bachelor/Bachelorette television franchise, ABC Networks, or Warner Bros. Television Distribution. 


While  The Bachelor is a show that, under normal circumstances, would not be on my radar, it is a show my wife enjoys watching. Therefore, I will happily spend time with her each Monday night watching and commenting on the men and women looking for love, but finding one big hot mess instead.

With the start of the current season of  The Bachelorette, I thought it might be fun to create a solo game engine that simulates the events of the show and play through it with my wife. For the sake of a clean narration, assume that everything you read was dictated using random generators and interpreted or massaged by my wife and I: Names, descriptions, jobs, etc.. Any time a table or randomizer is consulted during play it will be noted in the narration. Each activity, such as a date, cocktail party, or family introduction, will offer each woman a chance to earn points. While higher scores won’t necessarily guarantee success, they will improve each woman’s chance of receiving a rose at the end of each week.

The rule system is a homebrew project that is currently under development. Once it is complete I will be happy to make it available at my Solo Roleplay blog.


Let’s meet our Bachelor. His name is  John Summers and he is Radio Show Host in New York City. He is of Mediterranean heritage, standing around 6’ tall with olive skin. He has a triangular face with a pointed chin, angular grey eyes and shoulder-length, wavy black hair. He is broad-chested with strong legs and arms. His suit expresses his sense of style.


(For each woman two random words were generated. These words were used to create a unique introduction. Then 1d6 was rolled for John’s initial impression of her: 1-3=0 points, 4-6=1 point.)

The limousines pull up and the 25 bachelorettes begin to exit.

Woman 1:  Macie P (Intro words: judge like)
Macie is short and slender with fair skin. She has blue eyes and short black hair that she wears in a buzz cut. She is a Waitress and addresses this in her introduction, telling John that she tries to guess what her customers will order based on their looks. She guesses John would order a nice, thick steak and a baked potato. He responds that he does like a good steak.
Impression: 0

Woman 2:  Rosa Ritz (Intro words: eatable hate)
Rosa is just under 5’ tall with generous curves. She has caramel skin, brown eyes, and long, curly, dark brown hair. Her infographic identifies her as an “Instagram Chef”, whatever that is. She comes out wearing a chef’s coat and hat and carries a plate that displays an elaborate presentation of calamari. Unfortunately, John does not like seafood. Fortunately, he finds the gesture cute.
Impression: 1

Woman 3:  Emily L (Intro words: puncture trains)
This College Math Professor certainly catches John’s eye with her tall stature, blue eyes, and shoulder length dark blonde hair. However, what really makes an impression is that she is wearing a white wedding dress complete with a long train. After a pleasant greeting, she heads off to the mansion but the dress train catches on a rose bush.  It tears as she and John try to get it free.

Woman 4:  Sadie P (Intro words: secretary flag)
This 5-and-a-half foot tall, dark-skinned Online Influencer exits the limo wearing a dress decorated like the American flag. She tosses back her long black hair and offers to be John’s “Secretary of Date,” mentioning something about taking dictation (wink, wink).
Impression: 1

Woman 5:  Maddy Z (Intro words: depend meddle)
Maddy is tall and muscular, tanned with thick black hair and brown eyes. Back home she manages a hobby shop. During their introduction, she offers to be John’s personal spy in the house, telling him anything he wants to know about the other women.
Impression: 1

Woman 6:  Jalena M (Intro words: rightful alert)
Standing as tall as John, Maddy has pink skin and straight, blonde hair that falls in a slightly messy style. She is a Car Model who knows what she wants. In fact, she is a bit aggressive in her introduction, making it clear to the bachelor that she intends to take her rightful place at his side. As she walks away, John addresses the camera and says he needs to be on alert when she is around.
Impression: 0

Woman 7:  Kelly B (Intro words: flat rod)
A police car pulls up with lights and sirens blaring. Out steps a tall, leggy, dark-skinned brunette dressed in a police uniform, which is indicative of her profession as a Sheriff. She holds a riot stick in her hand and approaches John with an air of authority. She tries to make a joke about arresting his heart, but her delivery is flat. John appreciates the attempt.
Impression: 1

Woman 8:  Amy N (Intro words: work drag)
This short athletic beauty has hazel eyes and long curly blonde hair that she wears in a side part. As a gift she offers the Bachelor a small worn silver coin, explaining it’s a relic she removed from an underwater wreck as part of her career as a Deep Sea Treasure Hunter.
Impression: 0

Woman 9:  Christine Dukes (Intro words: pets busy)
This Aerospace Engineer is tall with fiery red hair that is cut short. Over her shoulder is a bejeweled purse that is holds a small Pomeranian, the dog’s head poking out from the opening. She introduces John to her favorite pet named Busy.
Impression: 0  (Not a dog lover, perhaps)

Woman 10:  Isabella P (Intro words: ten press)
This tanned muscular Student has a wild side about her. This is partially evident in the patterns shaved in her short blonde hair. She is a member of her college's women’s wrestling team and attempts to impress John by challenging him to a push-up contest. First to perform ten push-ups wins. Isabella wins, hands down, despite wearing a cocktail dress.
Impression: 0

Woman 11:  Ashley V (Intro words: decisive obedient)
The almost six-foot tall tan woman exits the cab, her straight black hair falling down to her shoulders. She is a Wood Carver, but this is not evident by her appearance. Despite wearing a low-cut navy blue dress, she dons a black mask and holds a dominatrix whip. Coming up to John, she playfully “whips” him on the rump and asks if he’s interested in joining her for some “games” in the bedroom.
Impression: 1  (I guess he’s interested.)

Woman 12:  Julia D (Intro words: ice glove)
Also involved in law enforcement, Julia is a 5’ tall brunette. She is elegantly dressed in a silver gown with elbow length gloves. In one arm she carries with her a filled ice bucket containing a bottle of champagne. Her free hand holds two glasses. John pops the cork and the couple toast the start of an exciting season.
Impression: 1

Woman 13:  Rhonda D (Intro words: haircut undress)
Rhonda is another blonde with brown eyes and fair skin. She tells John that, being a Rancher, she is normally low maintenance. However, she went all out to prepare for her meeting with him by getting her hair done, buying a fancy dress, and even getting a Brazilian wax.
Impression: 0

Woman 14:  Maddie T (Intro words: obtain happen)
This well-dressed Assistant Clothing Store Manager is short but solidly built, sporting a tuft of red hair. She carries with her a garment bag. While she doesn’t show John the contents, she informs him that it contains an expensive tux worn in a 007 film that she was able to obtain through her work. If John wants to be her James Bond, she’s sure she can make it happen.
Impression: 1

Woman 15:   Beth F (Intro words: bite sticks)
This short, brown-haired Fashion Designer stumbles over an attempt at a joke about biting the Bachelor. In the awkwardness of the moment, she fails to stick the punchline. John doesn't seem phased by this and instead gives her a hearty hug, telling her it was a good joke. Perhaps he was taken in by her British accent.
Impression: 1

Woman 16:  Emma E (Intro words: industrious trouble)
This well-built woman sports short, curly brown hair and deep green eyes. She wears what at first appears to be a rather loose-fitting dress, but turns out to actually be a rather fancy Karategi, or Karate uniform. She explains to John that she teaches Karate to women and children so they can defend themselves and stay out of trouble. She goes on to warn him that if he gets out of hand and is too rough she might have to use some of her moves on him. To punctuate this, she strikes a defensive stance and puts her arms up as if she going to give him a chop.
Impression: 0

Woman 17:  Heaven Bushman (Intro words: mushy sparkling)
Heaven is a tall, attractive black Real Estate Agent with frizzy hair that is drawn back in a ponytail.  She describes her favorite past-time to John as sitting with a glass of sparkling wine and watching mushy romantic comedies. Then she suggests the two of them make their own romantic movie with a happy ending.
Impression: 0

Woman 18:  Maddy M (Intro words: bolt library)
This short, blonde woman has brown eyes, a solid build, and exudes a sense of power. When John asks her what she does for a living she tells him that even though she is a successful Blogger, she hopes to make a living as a traditional author. Her current project is a biography about Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt that she hopes will someday on bookstores and library shelves  all across the country.
Impression: 0

Woman 19:  Regina Bell (Intro: tedious concerned)
This tall Mediterranean woman certainly makes an immediate impression as she exits the limo. Instead of a gown or dress, she wears a softball uniform. Also, her brown hair is shaved on the sides leaving only a spiked mohawk down the middle. Regina explains herself, saying she plays right field for the National Pro Fastpitch softball league and her entire team, the Canadian Wild, got mohawks as a display of team unity. Why the uniform? She was concerned that John might find dress after dress a bit tedious.
Impression: 1

Woman 20:  Sydney K (Intro words: typical button)
The next bachelorette is a slender tan woman with hazel eyes and straight, dark brown hair. She tells John that she sometimes has trouble getting to know men because, being an Astrophysicist, a lot of the guys she dates can’t see past her button-down exterior. While on the show she hopes to loosen up a bit in the hopes that John will realize she’s not your typical scientist.
Impression: 0

Woman 21:  Andrea J (Intro words: wrist price)
Andrea is black, dressed in a striking red dress and stands just a couple inches shorter than the Bachelor. She is a nurse and offers to take John’s pulse. He holds out his wrist for her and she checks his vitals. When she finishes, she tells him it will be a $50 copay. After a moment she laughs and says she’ll accept a date instead as payment.
Impression: 0

Woman 22:  India V (Intro words: delicate cheap)
This brown skinned, black haired lady walks from the limousine in a slightly arrogant manner. This makes sense, as she comes from a wealthy family and is basically living off her father’s money. When she and the Bachelor hug, John accidentally crushes the wide-brimmed hat she is wearing. Half-jokingly (John hopes), India complains that that was an expensive hat and now he owes her. Perhaps there is some way he can pay her back, she suggests with a wink.
Impression: 0

Woman 23:  Martha V (Intro words: discussion hysterical)
Diminutive with reddish-brown skin, this Inventor has brown eyes and long black hair she wears in twists. She fumbles her introduction and stumbles over her words. She’s flustered and apologizes so much she almost comes off as hysterical.
Impression: 0

Woman 24:  Irene B (Intro words: deeply fantastic)
This 5-foot dark-haired woman has had an exciting life as a Travel Agent. As part of her career, she has traveled the world and mentions to John several of the fantastic, exotic places she has been.  She deeply hopes the two of them can one day visit them together. John says, “Who knows, we may visit some soon,” referring to the trips taken during the show.
Impression: 1

Woman 25:  Sophia H (Intro words: fertile mine)
Stepping out of the limo, John can see that the last woman is a striking blonde with expressive blue eyes. She reveals that she is a High School Biology Teacher, adding that she would love to have John sit in on one of her Sex Education classes. Perhaps after class, he could earn some extra credit.
Impression: 1

Cocktail Party:

Now the twenty-five women get to mingle with the Bachelor. For simplicity sake, each woman will get a single opportunity to speak with John. Each encounter will earn the women -1 to 3 points. Points are determined by rolling on a weighted scale, with a score of “1” having the highest chance of being rolled, and the extremes (-1 and 3) the lowest. No information about the topic of conversation will be generated unless the woman earns a “3”. In that case, random words will be generated and an explanation derived to explain what was so impressive about her.

Results will be listed in the following manner:
Name:  (Cocktail Party Score) + (Impression) = (Total Points)

Marcie P:        0 + 0 =   0 Total
Rosa Ritz:       1 + 1 =   2 Total
Emily L:         2 + 0 =   2 Total
Sadie P:         1 + 1 =   2 Total
Maddy Z:         1 + 1 =   2 Total
Jalena M:       (-1) + 0 = (-1) Total
Kelly B:         1 + 1 =   2 Total
Amy N:           0 + 0 =   0 Total
Christina Dukes: 1 + 0 =   1 Total
Isabella P:      1 + 0 =   1 Total
Ashley V:        1 + 1 =   2 Total
Julia D:         0 + 1 =   1 Total
Rhonda D:        2 + 0 =   2 Total
Maddie T:        1 + 1 =   0 Total
Beth F:          2 + 1 =   3 Total
Emma E:          2 + 0 =   2 Total
Heaven Bushman:  1 + 0 =   1 Total
Maddy M:         1 + 0 =   1 Total
Regina Bell:     0 + 1 =   1 Total
Sydney K:        0 + 0 =   0 Total
Andrea J:        1 + 0 =   1 Total
India V:         2 + 0 =   2 Total
Martha V:        2 + 0 =   2 Total
Irene B:         2 + 1 =   3 Total
Sophia H:        0 + 1 =   1 Total

First Impression Rose:

The first impression rose goes to the woman with the highest score, using a randomizer to decide ties. The first impression rose goes to:

Beth F.  (I guess John was “bitten” by the love bug.)

Rose Ceremony:

This week five women will be going home. In this game, high scores do not guarantee roses, nor does a low score necessarily doom a bachelorette to elimination. Instead, accumulated points affect their chance of receiving a rose. Each woman will roll 1d6 on a table. The more points they have, the lower the number they need to meet or beat to receive a rose.

After all the women have rolled, if more or less than five women have not received roses, additional roses are awarded or taken away until exactly five have been eliminated. This decision is based on each woman’s total points. For example, if six women do not have roses, the woman with the most points among those six will end up getting a rose. Alternatively, if fewer than five women are without roses, the lowest scoring woman among those who were awarded roses will have her’s taken away. Ties are resolved with a randomizer.

The women who receive roses are (in no particular order):

Beth F. (first impression rose)
Emily L
Maddie T
Kelly B
Emma E
Julia D
Maddy Z
Rhonda D
Rosa Ritz
India V
Andrea J
Sophia H
Martha V
Ashley V
Isabella P
Heaven Bushman
Maddy M
Sadie P
Irene B

And the final rose of the evening:

Regina Bell

Women who did not receive roses and are going home:

Jalena M
Macie P
Amy N
Sydney K
Christina Dukes

Thank you for reading Week 1 of The Bachelor Solo Roleplay.

This week, John Summers, our Radio Show Host Bachelor, will be taking the women on dates around the Los Angeles area. There will be two group dates and a single One-on-One. Since there are 20 women remaining, three of the women will not be getting dates.

First Group Date:

[Eight women are picked randomly using rpgsolo.com’s custom list option.
Three random words were generated to inform the date: Puzzling Future Bless
A little internet research was done to fill it the gaps with locations and other details specific to the area.]

The following women are chosen for the first group date:

Kelly B, the tall, leggy sheriff with curly brown hair.
Maddie T, the red-headed clothing store manager.
Regina Bell, the Medeterrainian right fielder for the Canadian Wild Pro Softball team.
Rosa Ritz, the dark-haired Instagram Chef.
Irene B, the travel agent.
Emily L, the tall, blue-eyed college math professor
Maddy Z, the tanned hobby shop manager.
Heaven Bushman, the attractive black real estate agent who likes romantic movies.

The eight women are driven to the Albertson Wedding Chapel, one of the most highly recommended wedding chapels in Los Angeles. They meet John outside, but when they enter the main event room they are greeted by 7 men dressed in tuxedos standing to their left, 7 women dressed in wedding gowns standing to their right, and Patti Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker, standing between the two groups. [Yes, we know Patti is now based out of New York, but celebrities can fly...on a plane...not literally.]

Patti explains to John and the girls that an important part of a relationship is compatibility. To test if the girls have what it takes to determine compatibility, they will be taking a test. Each of the 7 grooms and 7 brides in the room are part of a currently engaged couple. It will be the bachelorettes’ job to determine which groom goes with which bride. Each woman will have three minutes to speak with each groom and bride in a speed dating type situation. After everyone has been interviewed, the women will make their guesses. The girl who gets the most correct wins some extra alone time with John.

[The number of correct matches was rolled randomly for each girl.]

The winner was Maddy Z, with a perfect score of seven correct matches. (For anyone interested, Regina was next with 6, Rosa Ritz did the worst with 1, and everyone else was in the 3-5 range.)

After the results were read, the bachelor and bachelorettes were invited to stay to witness the group wedding for the seven couples. [Please ignore the logistics of how you can have a wedding for seven couples in a venue that accommodates a maximum of 40 guests. This is a fantasy, after all.]

Later that night, John and the women meet for drinks and additional alone time. [Same rules as week 1’s cocktail party. Each girl gets time with John and earns an impression score between (-1) and 3.  Scores are listed below.]

KELLY B        2
MADDIE T       2
ROSA RITZ      0
IRENE B        0
EMILY L        1
MADDY Z        0

John offers Regina Bell the group date rose. [Random choice from the highest impression scores].

One-On-One Date:

[One woman is chosen randomly and the date setup is the same as for the group date.]

Maddy M, the short blonde blogger/aspiring author, is chosen for the first One-On-One Date.

[Random Words: bells wing desire]

John picks Maddy up the next day in a sleek, black convertible. The two speed down the highway to a small airfield and stop near an old restored bi-plane. The two hop in the vintage vehicle and take off for some sightseeing.  Caught up in the romance of the moment, John and Maddy are able to maneuver enough in their seats give each other a quick kiss, the first kiss of the season. When the tour is over, the plane lands in San Francisco.

A limo whisks them away to picturesque Coit Tower, a favorite location for the Bachelor franchise.  At the top of the tower a table is set for two and they enjoy a meal and conversation while looking out over the city.

[John’s impression of the date is determined by a 2d6 roll on the weighted One-On-One table. The date can score from 3 to (-1), with (-1) having a 50/50 chance of not receiving a rose and going home. If two 1's are rolled, the woman automatically does not receive a rose and must leave. Random words are generated to determine why.]

[Impression roll = double 1's (Automatic No Rose)  Random words: ripe cherry]

Over dinner, whether it was because she was feeling the moment or feeling the wine, Maddy speaks a lot about how much she enjoyed the kiss on the plane...and I mean a lot. She leans in often for more kisses and gets one or two, but then she begins to tell John how sexy he looks and how she can’t wait to get under the sheets with him. Maddy doesn’t stop there but begins to speculate on how great their lovemaking will be once they are married. John is really turned off by Maddy’s aggressive amorosity. “I’m not here looking for sex,” he tells her. “I’m searching for love and romance.” With that he explains that he believes they are on different pages and he can’t see giving her a rose tonight.

Maddy leaves Coit Tower alone.

Second Group Date:

[Same setup as the first group date, choosing only from the remaining women.  Random Words:  Pine Obeisant Cub  (We had to look up Obeisant to learn it meant “to bow before a king”)]

The eight girls going on this group date are:

Julia D, the brunette police officer.
Beth F, the British fashion designer who received the first impression rose.
Isabella P, the blonde college wrestler
Rhonda D, the blonde, brown-eyed rancher.
Emma E, the brown-haired Karate instructor.
Sadie P, the black online influencer.
Andrea J, the tall nurse.
Ashley V, the woodcarver with long, black hair.

(Women not receiving a date this week are India V, Martha V, and Sophia H.)

The women are told to dress for the outdoors and a limo bus picks them up at the mansion for their date. It takes them to meet John in the Angeles National Forest. They are dropped off near a trail that is lined with tall, majestic pine trees for a day of hiking and enjoying nature.  The hike ends at the Wildlife Waystation Animal Sanctuary where John and his dates have a chance to see many of the creatures that are being cared for there. One of the biggest attractions is a newborn lion cub that the girls get to take turns holding and feeding. The day ends with drinks and conversation around a campfire at a nearby campground.

Impression scores:

JULIA D    1
BETH F     0
EMMA E     2
SADIE P    0

Emma E wins the tiebreaker roll and receives the group date rose.

Cocktail Party:

This will follow the same rules as the first night Cocktail Party.  Each girl will have an opportunity to speak with the Bachelor and earn an impression score from (-1) to 3, based on a roll on a weighted table. That score will be added to her date score and her total from the previous weeks.

Results will be listed in the following manner:
Name:  (Cocktail Party Score) + (Date) + (Previous)  = (Total Points)

Rosa Ritz:      1 + 0 + 2 = 3 Total
Emily L:        1 + 1 + 2 = 4 Total
Sadie P:        1 + 0 + 2 = 3 Total
Maddy Z:        1 + 0 + 2 = 3 Total
Kelly B:        2 + 2 + 2 = 6 Total
Isabella P:     1 + 0 + 1 = 2 Total
Ashley V:       0 + 1 + 2 = 3 Total
Julia D:        1 + 1 + 1 = 3 Total
Rhonda D:       0 + 2 + 2 = 4 Total
Maddie T:       1 + 2 + 2 = 5 Total
Beth F:         1 + 0 + 3 = 4 Total
Emma E:         0 + 2 + 2 = 4 Total
Heaven Bushman: 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 Total
Regina Bell:    1 + 2 + 1 = 4 Total
Andrea J:       0 + 1 + 1 = 2 Total
India V:        1 + NA + 2 = 3 Total
Martha V:       1 + NA + 2 = 3 Total
Irene B:        1 + 0 + 3 = 4 Total
Sophia H:       1 + NA + 1 = 2 Total

Rose Ceremony:

Since Maddy M went home during the One-On-One, only two more women will be going home after the Rose Ceremony. Women getting roses will be determined in a similar manner to week 1. The main difference is that a d8 will be rolled (instead of a d6) on a weighted table. The higher a woman’s total score, the better their chance of getting a rose. If more or less than two women have not received roses, total score will be used to determine which women on the bubble receive roses and which do not. See week 1 for more details.

The women who receive roses are (in no particular order):

Regina Bell (date rose)
Emma E (date rose)
Heaven Bushman
Maddie T
Beth F
Julia D
Ashley V
Kelly B
India V
Sadie P
Rhonda D
Martha V
Irene B
Emily L
Maddy Z
Rosa Ritz

And the final rose of the evening:

Sophia H

Women who did not receive roses and are going home:

Isabella P
Andrea J

Thank you for reading Week 2 of The Bachelor Solo Roleplay.

Yes, this is still a thing. Sorry for the delay in posting this installment, but, since I am playing this with my wife, game sessions are dependant upon when we both have time and are in the mood. As any of you who are married know, finding time when both partners are in the mood can often be challenging.

As way of recap, let me remind you of which seventeen women remain and their current point total.

Kelly B (6 pts) - The brunette sheriff
Regina Bell (4 pts) - The mediterranian fastpitch softball player with a spiked, brown mohawk
Emma E (4 pts) - the karate instructor
Maddie T (4 pts) - the red-headed assistant clothing store manager
Beth F (4 pts) - the British fashion designer
Rhonda D (4 pts) - the rancher with the Brazilian wax
Irene B (4 pts) - the travel agent
Emily L (4 pts) - the blonde college math professor
Julia D (3 pts) - the short brunette police officer
Ashley V (3 pts) - the tall black-haired wood carver with a thing for “bedroom games”
India V (3 pts) - the raven haired woman from a wealthy family
Sadie P (3 pts) - the dark skinned online influencer
Martha V (3 pts) - the inventor
Maddy Z (3 pts) - the tall, athletic hobby shop owner
Rosa Ritz (3 pts) - the Instagram Chef with long, curly brown hair
Heaven Bushman (3 pts) - the attractive real estate agent
Sophia H (2 pts) - the blonde high school biology teacher

This week John and the girls will be travelling to Albuquerque, New Mexico for two group dates and one one-on-one. At the end of the week, three women will be going home.

First Group Date:

The eight women going on the first group date are: Maddy Z, Irene B, Regina Bell, Heaven Bushman, Kelly B, Rosa Ritz, India V, and Sophia H.

Random Words: Complain Youthful Jelly

The group spends the day in Albuquerque's Old Town, a historic village full of Spanish style adobe buildings. The first stop on the tour is the American International Rattlesnake Museum (introduced by a montage of various snakes).

[Image: 04.jpg]

 This makes for several cringeful moments as many of the girls complain that they are afraid of snakes. Despite that, however, they laugh nervously and push through.  After the museum, the group tours one of the majestic landmarks in Old Town, the San Felipe de Neri Church.

While most of the girls are having a great time with John, Kelly B seems to be pouting, at times rather immaturely (youthful).  John takes her aside to find out what is wrong. Kelly admits that she is feeling jealous (jelly) of whichever girl got the one-on-one date. John reassures her that he likes her, is having a good time, and that she shouldn’t worry and just enjoy the day. This seems to pacify Kelly for the time being.

During the evening cocktail party, Maddy Z makes an impression on John (3 points) by sharing with him some rattlesnake jerky she bought at the museum. (based on random words: tasty perform)

Impression Points for the Group Date, per a roll on a weighted table:

Maddy Z          3 Points
Irene B          0 Points
Regina Bell      2 Points
Heaven Bushman   1 Point
Kelly B          0 Points (Maybe pouting was a turn off after all)
Rosa Ritz        1 Point
India V          1 Point
Sophia H         1 Point

Maddy Z get the date rose for having the highest impression score.

One-On-One Date: 

The woman John chooses for the one-on-one date is Sadie P.

Random Words: Replace Donkey Pour

The date starts early in the morning when Sadie is driven from the hotel to meet John by the side of a country road. As she gets out of the limo, she sees John standing next to two donkeys. He tells her that they are going on a donkey ride. Sadie and John mount their animals and head off down the path, or at least make an attempt. Sadie’s donkey is stubborn and won’t move. Fortunately, the handlers have a replacement donkey and soon John and Sadie can continue with their ride.

After a while, in the distance they see several hot air balloons rising over the tree line.  They ride closer and find themselves in a field amidst a large crowd and hundreds of colorful hot air balloons. It is the Albequerque International Balloon Fiesta.

[Image: Balloon-Fiesta-Albuquerque-01-560x250.jpg]

They dismount near a special balloon that is reserved just for them. They get in the basket and the balloon rises into the morning sky. John pulls out a bottle of champagne, pops the cork, and pours both of them a flute. They toast their relationship as they gaze at the other balloons and New Mexico spread out below them.

Impression points rolled on a weighted table: 1 point

Sadie P gets the date rose.

Second Group Date:

The rest of the women going on the second group date are Ashley V, Beth F, Emily L, Emma E, Julia D, Maddie T, Martha V, and Rhonda D.

Random Words:  Hand Rake Drawer

The group meets John at Explora!, a science center with lots of hands-on experiments. The girls and John have a good time trying out many of the exhibits on display. One of the favorite rooms is Sketch Theater where each of the women get to create their own animated character (drawer).  Ashley V draws a stick figure with short legs and long arms hanging at its sides. Some of the other girls laugh and say it looks like a rake.

Impression Points for the Group Date, per a roll on a weighted table:

Ashley V  2 Points
Beth F    1 Point
Emily L   0 Points
Emma E    1 Point
Julia D   0 Points
Maddie T  1 Point
Martha V  1 Point
Rhonda D  0 Points

Ashley V get the group date rose (for having the most impression points)

Cocktail Party: 

(Each woman scores cocktail party impression points based on a weighted table roll. If they get a score of 3, the maximum possible, two random words are generated to explain why they made such a good impression on John.)

This week there are a couple of standouts during the cocktail party.  The first is Sadie P. Coming off the romantic hot air balloon one-on-one, she continues to impress the Bachelor. (Random words: bare, intelligent) During their discussion time she opens up and bares her soul regarding her difficult life experiences and how she hopes that sharing with others, through her online internet projects, she can inspire them to overcome personal challenges and obstacles. Hearing this, John gets better insight into Sadie and realizes that she’s not some vacuous online personality, but an intelligent and highly motivated woman.

The other woman who catches John’s attention is Maddy Z. (Random words: street, whisperer) For her alone time, she leads John outside and they take a walk along the Albuquerque streets. Hoping to have a private conversation, Maddy often speaks in a whisper, resulting in a lot of on-screen subtitles. 

(Cocktail party impression scores rolled on a weighted table. Results are shows as follows:
Cocktail Party + Date + Previous = Total)

Rosa Ritz      1+1+3 = 5 Total
Emily L        1+0+4 = 5 Total
Sadie P        3+1+3 = 7 Total
Maddy Z        3+3+3 = 9 Total
Kelly B        2+0+6 = 8 Total
Ashley V       2+2+3 = 7 Total
Julia D        2+0+3 = 5 Total
Rhonda D       1+0+4 = 5 Total
Maddie T       2+1+5 = 8 Total
Beth F         2+1+4 = 7 Total
Emma E         2+1+4 = 7 Total
Heaven Bushman 2+1+3 = 6 Total
Regina Bell    (-1)+2+4 = 5 Total
India V        0+1+3 = 4 Total
Martha V       1+1+3 = 5 Total
Irene B        1+0+4 = 5 Total
Sophia H       1+1+2 = 4 Total

Rose Ceremony:

(See Week 2 for details about how roses are handed out during the ceremony.)

Women receiving roses this week, in no particular order, are:

Maddy Z (Date Rose)
Sadie P (Date Rose)
Ashley V (Date Rose)
Regina Bell
Maddie T
Julia D
Emma E
Rhonda D
Heaven Bushman
Beth F
Kelly B
Emily L
Irene B

And the final rose goes to:

Martha V

The women who did not receive roses and must say their good-byes are:

Rosa Ritz
India V
Sophia H

Thank you for reading Week 3 of The Bachelor Solo Roleplay.
This is very cool. By they way, the Mythic C.D. button might be handy here.
Thanks Mark.  The main tool I've been using is the custom list button to choose names.  I will keep the C.D. in mind for some of the quick descriptions. For the dates, however, my wife and I have found that it is better if we generate 4 or 5 words and choose the best 3. When we attempted to limit ourselves to exactly 3 random words, we sometimes had difficulty making them work naturally (or even "unnaturally") with the real-world locations and situations we were picking. (But shhh!  Don't tell anyone.  Wink)
Hehe, nice.   Rolleyes

The remaining women and their total scores at the beginning of week 4 are as follows:

Maddy Z (9 pts) - the tall, athletic hobby shop owner
Kelly B (8 pts) - The brunette sheriff
Maddie T (8 pts) - the red-headed assistant clothing store manager
Emma E (7 pts) - the karate instructor
Beth F (7 pts) - the British fashion designer
Ashley V (7 pts) - the tall black-haired wood carver with a thing for “bedroom games”
Sadie P (7 pts) - the dark skinned online influencer
Heaven Bushman (6 pts) - the attractive real estate agent
Regina Bell (5 pts) - The mediterranian fastpitch softball player with a spiked, brown mohawk
Rhonda D (5 pts) - the rancher with the Brazilian wax
Irene B (5 pts) - the travel agent
Emily L (5 pts) - the blonde college math professor
Julia D (5 pts) - the short brunette police officer
Martha V (5 pts) - the inventor

This week John and the girls will be traveling out of the country to Trinidad & Tobago for two one-on-one dates and one group date. At the end of the week, three women will be going home.

First One-on-One Date:

The woman invited on the first one-one-one date is Regina Bell.

Random Words: Dirt, Damage, Stormy

John takes Regina on a tour of the Royal Botanical Gardens. While the date started out with clear skies, but the end of the tour the skies darken, winds pick up and rains begin to pour down.

[Image: fs_botanic-gardens-IMG_6030-1600x1067.jpg]

Because of the storm dinner plans had to be changed. Originally, the two were supposed to share a romantic meal in the Gardens under the stars. Instead, they moved indoors to a nearby restaurant named Chaud.

(Impression rolled on a weighted table: 0)

John gives Regina the date rose.

Group Date:

The twelve women chosen for the group date are:

Ashley V, Emily L, Emma E, Heaven Bushman, Irene B, Julia D, Kelly B, Maddie T, Maddy Z, Martha V, Rhonda D, Sadie P

Random Words: Force, Hospital, grandiose 

The limos take the girls to a sports field where they are introduced to the country’s professional cricket team, the Trinidad and Tobago Red Force. 

[Image: Red-Force-2017-team.jpg]

The team teaches them the game of cricket and then the girls are divided into two teams to compete against each other. During the game Sadie P twists her ankle and is taken to a hospital to be checked out. That evening John and the women spend the evening at the Hyatt Regency talking and checking out the grandiose views of the city from the hotel’s roof.

Impression scores based on a weighted table:

Ashley V       0 Points
Emily L        1 Point
Emma E         1 Point
Heaven Bushman 1 Point
Irene B        1 Point
Julia D        1 Point
Kelly B        0 Point
Maddie T       0 Point
Maddy Z        1 Point
Martha V       0 Points
Rhonda D       1 Point
Sadie P        1 Point

Rhonda D gets the group rose (randomly chosen from highest impression scores)

Second One-on-One Date:

Beth F will be going on the final one-on-one date with John.

Random Words: Border, scarf, vase

The limo drops Beth off at the airport where John is waiting for her. The board a small plane and fly to Tobago where they spend the day snorkeling and laying on the beach at Pigeon Point.  

[Image: Origins-of-Awe.jpg]

Dinner is at the nearby Seahorse Inn. The table is decorated with a vase of flowers and Beth wears a fashionable scarf.

(Impression roll on a weighted table: 2)

Beth gets the date rose.

Cocktail Party:

As in the previous weeks, each girl will get one-on-one time with John during the cocktail party. Each woman receives an impression score rolled on a weighted table. There are no standout conversations this week. Results are listed below in the following format: Cocktail Party + Date + Previous Score.

Regina Bell    1+0+5 = 6 Points Total
Rhonda D       0+1+5 = 6 Points Total
Beth F         1+2+7 = 10 Points Total
Emma E         0+1+7 = 8 Points Total
Heaven Bushman 2+1+6 = 9 Points Total
Maddie T       2+0+8 = 10 Points Total
Julia D        2+1+5 = 8 Points Total
Ashley V       1+0+7 = 8 Points Total
Kelly B        2+0+8 = 10 Points Total
Sadie P        1+1+7 = 9 Points Total
Martha V       1+0+5 = 6 Points Total
Irene B        2+1+5 = 8 Points Total
Emily L        1+1+5 = 7 Points Total
Maddy Z        0+1+9 = 10 Points Total

Rose Ceremony:

(See Week 2 for details about how roses are handed out during the ceremony.)

Women receiving roses this week, in no particular order, are:

Regina Bell  (Date Rose)
Rhonda D  (Date Rose)
Beth F  (Date Rose)
Maddie T
Heaven Bushman
Maddy Z
Irene B
Kelly B
Sadie P
Emily L

Final Rose goes to:

Ashley V

Going Home:

Martha V
Emma E
Julia D

Next time on The Bachelor: A Solo Role-play, the dreaded Two-On-One date.

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