For fun or for practice?
It's all about solo play here (natch), but what's your motivation for sitting in front of a screen and roleplaying with yourself?  Are you doing it because it's fun — and if that's the reason, then awesome, because it's all about fun — or are you hoping to swing your efforts into something else?

I have too many RPing stories I want to tell, and not enough players to indulge them, so I come here to do my weirder stuff with an audience who'll appreciate it (read: me).  But I also have an ulterior motive: practicing with systems I don't know well.  I'm past the age where I can easily absorb oodles of rules in a hurry, and even some shorter rulesets leave me boggled.  Playing here allows me to unpack systems which interest me and dig in with practical examples, rather than sitting in a chair, dryly trying to absorb the rules.

So, like I said, how about you?
Fun. I get to explore stories and plots that no other game can give me.
I definitely am having fun. I sort of floated around the periphery of the site for a while, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with it, but now that I'm here and posting regularly, it's turned into part of my recreational routine, and I like it. Learning the ins and outs of something like The Black Hack, which I've been using, is icing on the top.
I've was doing solo gaming before I found this site. First with Mythic. Then with a downloadable version of Mythic that ran on the PC. I later purchased the Conjectural Roleplaying GM Emulator for 25 cents from DriveThru RPG. I converted them into tables on Fantasy Grounds was using that for a while. I somehow stumbled on this site. I love how all the tools that I need are in one place. It has elements of both Mythic and the CRGME. I like table-top RPGs still, but this type of gaming appeals for a different reason. The pace is slower. Like a book, I can put it down, mull it over in my head for a couple of hours, come back to it.

It also sparks my imagination and I use it in some of my writing projects for ideas.

I haven't yet had a chance to try it in tandem with an actual RP system yet. I'd want something simple and quick but something that doesn't get in the way of the narrative. This is one of the reasons I backed Dungeon World when it was on kickstarter. The Black Hack sounds interesting and I may give a run some time. It sounds like it has a lot of expansions or source books for low cost or free for whatever genre I'd be interested in.
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When it comes to gaming value, The Black Hack definitely fits the bill.  I mean, the core system is absolutely free.  Free is, of course, the best price.

I've had a surprising amount of fun with it, since the system provides enough crunch to force a player to randomize critical elements and not simply hand-wave them for story convenience, but doesn't slow things down.  For the thread I created yesterday, The Rebel Terminator, I went with an even simpler system called FU, but I figured out fairly early on that simplicity for simplicity's sake isn't necessarily appropriate for all games or all genres.  In a more action-oriented story, a bit more dice-rolling is appropriate.  In your zombie story, on the other hand, using a story-driven mechanic could actually work well, because it's about people more than bang-bang.

I first posted here using an AD&D variant called Flying Swordsmen, which has a medium level of crunch, and it worked great.  I wish I hadn't decided to archive those threads elsewhere, because I had fun with them and they helped me better understand a system I was still coming to grips with mechanically.  That fun is the ultimate goal here, but I like learning, too.  Never know when the knowledge might come in handy for generating even more fun, except this time at a table with other human beings.

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