How do I solo role-play?
In traditional role-playing there are the players and the person guiding the play. The person guiding the play is called either a Game Master (GM) or Dungeon Master (DM).

The GM would tell the players what they see, answer their questions, and tell them the results of their actions.

With the "RPG Solo Game Engine" becomes your "Virtual Game Master". It can tell you what you see, answer your questions, and tell you the results of your actions.

The difference is that while the human game master may use his imagination to describe something in detail to you, the virtual GM expects you to use your imagination to interpret what he tells you.

Interpreting an answer requires both logic and creativity -- it's an art.

While a human GM may have his own agenda which may cause you to feel that the game is too hard, too frustrating, or moving too slowly, the virtual GM allows you to make the game as difficult as you want, move as quickly or slowly as you want, and even go in the direction you want.

In a way, you are not only the player, but co-GM with the virtual GM.

For example, if you are playing and ask the virtual GM, "Does the elf seem happy to see me?" and it replies, "No, but..." now you have to use your logic and imagination to determine what that means. So, for example, you interpret this to mean,

"Although the elf is not happy to see me, he is not hostile. I think he is just wary of me. I tell him that I wish to join him. Does he react positively?"

Then you let the virtual GM provide you with another answer. Now you are solo-role playing.

This is really all you need in order to play but there are more advance things you can do. If you wish to learn more, check out the other posts in the documentation section of this forum.

I hope you have a fun time!
For deeper information on getting started, please check out this thread by long time member Jingo who created an awesome guide:

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